What about paganism in the church?

What about paganism in the church? There are a few books that are very helpful on this topic. When you share your convictions with others in your church, do it in a loving way. Present evidence and do so in the right spirit.
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Caller:  I was recently baptized and became a Christian, and I get a little confused on what I read and then what I see. 

Pastor Doug:  Welcome to the Church.

Caller:  Thank you.  As far as some of the stuff, like what I consider pagan stuff, like wearing jewelry or a church promoting a Christmas parade…

Pastor Doug:  Yes?  Are you wondering?  You know, I offered—there’s two books I can think of and I’ll try to answer your question more specifically because you’ve waited, but there is a book I offered earlier called “Baptized Paganism” that’s right up the alley of what you’re asking abouthow to deal with that.  On jewelry there’s two books and we’ll send this to people who ask. 

There’s a book I wrote called “Jewelry How Much is Too Much?” and then Joe Crews has his classic called “Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry” and he talks about the Christian and jewelry—how do you relate.  Another book you can read this on the internet for free, friends, it’s “Culture and the Christian”.  How do you maintain Christianity and still be good culture, I mean you fit into the culture without compromising your values.  So that’s what I’m saying.  Now, anything else specific that I can address?

Caller:  Well, as a new Christian, I mean, like I’ve asked elders and stuff like that about this kind of stuff and I get different answers and stuff, but I feel compelled to say something, but on the other hand, you know, should I or should I not? You know?

Pastor Doug:  Well, you want to be—state your case and share your conscience in as loving a way as you can because if the only people speaking up are the ones compromising, then they take control and God needs His people that will speak in a loving way.  The worst thing you can do is have the truth and a bad attitude.  But if you have the truth and a good attitude and the mind of Christ, it’s very powerful in a loving way, and then present evidence. 

That’s one reason why I mention these books right away.  You look at the books and you’ll see Scriptural evidence for how does a Christian dress? are we to dress different? are we to behave differently?  How far do we go in engaging in some of the popular pagan customs, and that kind of thing.

Caller:  Okay.

Pastor Doug:  Look at these.  Get the Scriptures, and then, in a loving way, go to those in leadership and say “You know, I’ve got a concern, brother, elder, pastor, what do you say about this?”  And if they hear enough voices they’ll say “Maybe we need reform maybe we need revival”.  Okay?

Caller:  Thank you very much.

Pastor Doug:  Thank you and thanks for waiting.

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