Persistent Prayer

Scripture: Matthew 27:52-53, Ezekiel 23:19-20, Revelation 13:1
Date: 09/20/2015 
Larry Swilling's wife, Jimmie Sue, was born with only one kidney. They weren't entirely surprised when later in life, Jimmy Sue's kidney began to fail. Eventually, doctors told the couple her only hope would be a kidney transplant, but then they learned there were 96,000 other Americans waiting in line ahead of them. With his wife at age 76, Larry realized she probably would never get on the kidney transplant list.
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Pastor Doug: Hello friends, this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? Larry Swilling's wife, Jimmie Sue, was born with only one kidney. They weren't entirely surprised when later in life, Jimmy Sue's kidney began to fail. Eventually, doctors told the couple her only hope would be a kidney transplant, but then they learned there were 96,000 other Americans waiting in line ahead of them. With his wife at age 76, Larry realized she probably would never get on the kidney transplant list.

He would gladly have offered one of his kidneys, but unfortunately, he was not a match. After 57 years of marriage, Larry was not about to give up. He created a large sandwich board sign to wear over his shoulders with the words, "Need kidney for wife", written on the front and the back with a phone number. Then he began to daily walk the streets of Anderson, South Carolina, pleading for someone to donate a kidney to his wife. On some days 77-year-old Larry walked with his bad knees as much as 15 miles and sweltering heat. And mind you, this is after completing a full day at work.

What's more, because of his determined love for his wife, Larry did this for an entire year. Eventually, a local news station ran the incredible story. More than 2,000 phone calls came in, and about a hundred people went through the testing to see if they were a match for Jimmie Sue. Eventually, a retired Navy lieutenant, Commander Kelly Weaverling, was found to be a match and offered her kidney.

The successful operation took place on September 11, 2013, and both parties fully recovered. A teary Swilling could barely contain himself in the news interview, but his spouse Jimmie Sue, summed it up best. "I knew it was going to happen, because I know him. He wouldn't have stopped until he got one." Most people won't even give their pocket change to panhandles, but here's a person that gave one of their vital organs to save a stranger, all because Larry would not quit asking until he received.

Friends, the Bible says, "Ask and you'll receive." But you need to ask persistently. Stay with us we're going to learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.

Pastor Ross: Welcome to Bible Answers Live with author and evangelist Pastor Doug Batchelor. Is understanding God's word a challenge? Are there passages of scripture that are a mystery to you? Maybe it's difficult to reconcile what you've read in the Bible to what you've always believed. If you have Bible related questions, stay tuned to get honest, practical answers, straight from the Word of God on Bible Answers Live. Bible Answers Live, is a production of Amazing Facts ministries, dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire world.

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Pastor Ross: My name is John Ross, good evening listening friends and Pastor Doug. As usual, let's begin a program with prayer. Dear Father in Heaven, we thank you that we have this opportunity once again to spend some time studying the Bible together. We ask for the Holy Spirit to once again guide our hearts and our minds, and be with those who are listening, wherever they might be, and lead us Lord into a clearer understanding of your word which is truth. Thank you for hearing our prayer in Jesus name, Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Ross: Pastor Doug, you opened the program by telling about this tremendous devotion and love. You have the story of a gentleman by the name of Larry who persistently asked somebody to donate a kidney for his wife. That's not a little thing. That's not pocket change. That's not just a little bit of help. That's a real commitment that he's asking somebody to make. And sure enough, his persistence paid off.

Pastor Doug: Yes. Well, Larry and his wife were believers, and they thought there's got to be somebody out there that will believe that, yes, it is a big sacrifice, but it's going to save a life. And who knows, she may live to 90, and think about all the years that it would save her. When you love somebody, you persist. And some people have persisted in asking for life for someone they love for years. There are parents out there that have been praying for their children. You might have an unbelieving spouse, or some friend, and you've been praying for them.

When we persist in prayer, God answers. And Jesus said, ask and this is Matthew 7:7. Easy to remember, Matthew 7:7, "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be open." In the Greek here when it says ask, it doesn't mean ask like singular one time, but it's continue to ask. It's an ongoing, a verb. Continue asking God. Don't give up. Continue knocking, continue seeking, and your persistence will be rewarded.

It reminds me of that parable, I think it's found in Luke 18, of the widow who there was this unjust judge that would not avenge her of her enemy. She kept coming, but because she couldn't bribe the judge, he ignored her, but she kept coming, and she kept coming. And finally, the judge said, "Well, I don't regard God or man, but this widow is going to wear me down if I don't give her what she's asking for."

He finally dealt with her request. And Jesus said, "Look, if an unjust judge will do that for somebody persistent, how much more will your Father in heaven if you persist with a good prayer?" Don't give up friends when you're asking. Prayer is a powerful business. Sometimes, we'll say, "Well, all we can do is pray." As though it's like one of those fire extinguishers behind a piece of glass where it says break in case of an emergency, and we just save it for the most of desperate times. "Well, I guess we'll pray."

Prayer is a powerful business. It really does make a difference and it's something we should do continually. God does things when we persistently pray that otherwise he will not do. We have a free offer that will talk to you about the power of prayer, and the blessings of prayer. All you have to do is ask for it.

Pastor Ross: Our free offer today is a book written by Pastor Doug called, Teach us to pray. And we will be happy to send this to anybody who calls and asks. The number to call for our free offer is 800-835-6747. And you can ask for the book, Teach Us to Pray. We'll send it to you absolutely free. The number again is 800-835-6747. That is our resource line. And if you have a Bible question, the phone line here to the studio is 800-463- 7297, 800-463-7297. And that'll bring you through here to our studio, and you'll be able to ask your Bible question.

Well, Pastor Doug, we're ready to go to the phone lines?

Pastor Doug: All right.

Pastor Ross: We've got Darryl listening from Gulf Breeze, Florida. Darryl welcome to the program.

Darryl: Hi, Pastor Ross and Batchelor. I have a question about Daniel 9:27. I'm unsure what the Covenant is for one week that Jesus is confirming in a kind of know, but not really. And the midst of the week, he shall cause the sacrifice and offering to cease. I'm assuming that's when Jesus dies on the cross, but then the latter part of that verse, "And for the overspreading of abominations, he shall make it desolate." I don't understand that, and the rest of even.

Pastor Doug: All right. I'll do my best. First of all, the covenant that is being confirmed, is the Covenant that God makes to save his people. You can read in Deuteronomy, it tells us in chapter four. He declared unto them his covenant, even 10 commandments. That's the Old Covenant. The Old Covenant was based on the people's promising all the Lord has said we will do. The new covenant God says, "I'll now write my law." Same law, but he writes it in the heart. And he says "I will cause them to walk in my ways, because of love for him."

Jesus said, "If you love me, keep my Commandments." The New Covenant is written in the heart, and Jesus came to confirm that covenant with God's people for one week. Now, the purpose of the Jewish nation was the Messiah would come through the seed of Abraham and the seed of David. When Christ came, they declared that, they proclaimed that Jesus from the time of his baptism, he was anointed with the holy spirit. In person, for three and a half years, he confirmed the Covenant of Jehova with his people.

When he died, then he confirmed the covenant for three more years and it says, it's at Hebrews Chapter 2, it says, "Through those that hurt him."

Pastor Ross: Through the apostles?

Pastor Doug: Yes, and he confirmed the covenant then through the apostles until the stoning of Stephen.

Pastor Ross: Yes, you had a question also about the second half of the verse. That caused some confusion as to who the second he is in verse 27, where it talks about the abomination of desolation. He'll confirm his covenant with many for one week, and then it talks about, "And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate." There's two subjects being addressed in this passage. The one is the Messiah, which is the first part talking about Jesus.

The other subject addressed, is the destruction of Jerusalem. And you'll find that also in the first part of chapter 9, where Daniel is praying, and he's praying for the city, Jerusalem. And then the angel comes and explains the 70 week, or 490-year prophecy. There is a very literal fulfillment to the end of that verse in 70 AD where you have the destruction of Jerusalem. Jesus refers to this in Matthew 24 when he talks about the abomination of desolation. And then Luke explains even a little further, I think it's chapter 21, where Jesus talks about the armies surrounding Jerusalem.

Pastor Doug: Now, we have a lesson, Darryl that goes into more detail called, Right On Time, with the 70-week prophecy, an a number of the verses that we're giving are explained in there. If you like a free copy of that, we'll send it to you. It's called Right On Time.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747. Darryl, you can ask for the study guide called Right On Time. We'll send it to anybody who calls and asks. By the way, you can also read these lessons and study them for free online at You can enroll in our free online Bible school, or when you call our resource line, just ask folks how you can enroll in the correspondence Bible school. It's absolutely free, and you'll learn so much as you study through these various themes in scripture.

Ready for our next caller, we have E Frank from New York. E Frank welcome to the program

E Frank: Yes, good evening Pastor Doug, and good evening Pastor Ross. My question for you gentlemen this evening, is specifically I know that in the Bible it doesn't indicate that human beings should have pets or animals were kindred to, because I made a previous call months ago in regards to this, but I have another question in regards to how animals recognize human beings. And my specific question tonight, is do animals recognize human beings that have attained salvation?

Pastor Doug: That's an interesting question. Well, did the lions know there was a difference between Daniel and the scoundrels that were thrown into the den after Daniel? Well, they protected or they left Daniel alone, and they ate the other guys. The donkey of Balaam spotted the angel that Balaam didn't spot. I think animals have a discernment of God's presence with protected people. Do they recognize those that are saved and those aren't saved? I think just as angels may be around them, or God's Spirit may protect people, I think they see it.

I may have mentioned there's a good book out there. I think you can order it from Amazing Facts, written by our friend, Steve Wohlberg, and it's called Will My Pet Be in Heaven? He goes through a number of verses in the Bible that talk about this issue. It's called, Will My Pet be in Heaven? It's a book that is actually owned by another author, so we can carry it, but it's not something we can give away.

If you go to Amazing Facts, or if you just type that title in, you'll find that E Frank, and it's got a lot of scriptures on pets and animals and their perception. I've heard a lot of stories about God's speaking through animals. I don't mean like Balaam's donkey, but just doing miraculous things saving people through animals. Stories of dolphins saving drowning swimmers. And Elian Rodriguez and others. I think that animals have a discernment sometimes that people don't have. Hey, I appreciate your question E Frank, and glad you're staying connected.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Daniel listening from Westchester, New York. Daniel, you are on Bible Answers Live.

Daniel: Hello, Pastor Ross, Pastor Doug. My question is, What is the Sabbath day in Australia?

Pastor Doug: Well, it's interesting as you go around the planet, you've got the International Dateline. Now, Australia is not really a problem for this. Right now Australia is a day ahead. I'll be in that country in just a few weeks. There are some islands around Fiji and Samoa, where you've got the International Dateline and you can literally look from one island to the next, and you're looking into tomorrow or yesterday depending on which island you're on. When they finally needed to pick where does the day begin and end, they look for the most uninhabited part of the world to be that boundary and they drew a line through the Pacific, the vastness.

There's a few islands there, but it's a pretty vast empty area. Australia, right now is a day ahead of us. I know because we get on the phone every now and then with Australia, we just have to look at the calendar. When it's about 2:00 in the afternoon, they're just waking up up over there in Sydney. Australia is big enough that you got about three-hour, or four-hour time difference from one side to the other too like America. I don't know if does that answer your question? That Saturday in Australia is the same day that Saturday is here.

Daniel: How could that be?

Pastor Ross: Well, what I mean, is that if you get on an airplane, and you take off and you start flying west, you're going to have a very long day, because you're flying the same direction that the Sun is going. I actually had a friend that flew an SR-71 Blackbird. And that plane went so fast, that he could fly from west to east and he would see the sun go down and come up again.

It was pretty amazing. Of course that was up near the northern hemisphere. Yes, wherever the day is, they get the six days of the week that are registered there. Thanks, appreciate your call, Daniel.

Pastor Ross: Next caller is Mavis, listening from Paradise, California. Mavis welcome to the program

Mavis: Yes, I'm inquiring about the Cherubim and the Seraphim. Are they part of the heavenly host, or what actually are they in God's terms? I'll take the answer on the air.

Pastor Doug: Yes, you find the word Seraphim and Cherubim in the Bible, and the Seraphim, they are the burning ones, as I think a more literal translation. You've got different names for the angels, the ministering spirits. Probably there are hundreds of different categories and ranks of angels that we just don't know about. God trying to explain all that to us, it would be boggling for us to understand it, not seeing that dimension.

When you get to Revelation, it talks about the creatures around God's throne, and 10,000 times 10,000, and thousands of thousands of ministering spirits. These are just some of the terms. You've got one, and some of them talks about the two wings of the angel, like the ones on the ark, but then you read in Isaiah 6, it says they got six wings. There's some different ones up there.

Pastor Ross: In Revelation chapter 4, describes these four living creatures surrounding the throne of God. Talks about the first one having the face of a lion, and a face of an ox, and then another one a face of a man, and the fourth the face of an eagle. They form almost the throne of God, and they're continually crying holy holy holy. We can just try and imagine what these angelic beings are like right there in the very throne room of God.

Pastor Doug: A cherub is an angel, a Cherubim, is actually the plural for these angelic creatures.

Pastor Ross: I think a cherub is a covering one. Of course on the ark, you have the two angels referred to as cherubs.

Pastor Doug: Yes, there's some of the covering angels of God. Cherubim would be two of them, any more than one. Thank you very much, we appreciate your questionMavis.

Pastor Ross: We have Mark listening from Orlando, Florida. Mark, welcome to the program.

Mark: Hello hello.

Pastor Doug: Hi.

Mark: Hi, I have a question about Revelation 13 the second beast, and I guess that's also connected or called the false prophet right?

Pastor Ross: Yes.

Mark: I'm familiar with the idea that the first beast is the Roman Catholic Church, which I subscribe to, but what is your view of the identity of the second beast and the mark of the beast and all that?

Pastor Doug: Well, it'll be hard to cover everything you're asking in just-- we usually budget about 3-4 minutes per question. I'll give you a quick answer, and then we'll send you a study guide that gives you more detail. Very directly, most Protestants at least used to believe that the first beast in Revelation was speaking of what happened to the church in Rome. We think of it now as the Roman Catholic Church, but you can read also in Revelation 17. It talks about this woman with a golden cup among seven hills, golden pearls, and there's just so many things that just hearken to what happened to the church during the Dark Ages there.

It became a leading power. I don't know if you've ever played chess before Mark, but just to the right of the King and the Queen, you had a bishop. The church really did control and at least counsel the state. That represented the Christian leadership or power in the old world or Europe. What's happened the second beast, is America and it's the Protestant leadership of Christianity, the number one country that sends missionaries around the world today is the United States.

They invest more, and the Protestants in the United States are more active in sending missionaries in any other country in the world. What's going to happen is the same way there was an apostasy are drifting from the word with the church in the old world. There's a drifting from the Word of God with the church in the new world. These two will form an alliance. Very interesting you'd ask that question the week that Pope Francis was getting ready to make his first trip to the United States and make his first address to our highest power, president, vice president, senate, congress, and the United Nations.

There's this reaching out of these two groups, and maybe there'll be a threat coming from Islam, or there'll be an international disaster, but there'll be a confederacy of these two religious groups, that will then persecute Bible Christians that don't go along with this new world order, a government they're going to form.

Pastor Ross: In Bible prophecy, a beast represents a ruling power, and just recently Pastor Doug, we put together a video actually about a year or so, it's a documentary. About a week ago, we released it on YouTube for free. Anybody can take a look at it, we just feel it's very timely, it's called, Revelation, The Bride the Beast and Babylon.

Pastor Doug: Well, all they have to do, is they can go to the website, Revelation Mystery.

Pastor Ross: That's right, it's right there and they can view it.

Pastor Doug:

Pastor Ross: One-hour documentary Mark. If you haven't seen that, you need to take a look at it. Take a look at it this evening and share it with your friends, very informative and it deals with Revelation chapter 13, revelation 17. It'll answer the question very clearly if you take a look at that documentary.

Pastor Doug: And We also have a lesson called Who is the Antichrist. We can send that to you as well Mark, we appreciate your call.

Pastor Ross: We actually have two, we can send the USA in Bible Prophecy, and Who is the Antichrist? We have to send it to anybody who calls and asks. The number to call is 800-835-6747, that is the resource line. As for the study guide called The US in Bible Prophecy, and the study guide called, Who is the Antichrist? We'll be happy to send it to anybody who calls and asks. Be sure to take a look at that website. Revelation, the Bride the Beast and Babylon. You'll find it very fascinating. Our next caller is Dennis listening from Evelyn Park, Florida. Dennis, welcome to the program.

Dennis: Yes. Thank you Pastor Doug, and pastor John. I have a question about repentance. I have a friend that he believes that when you repent, that will cover all future sins, so you really have to repent more than once. I believe that that's probably not right that is-- I know Acts 3:19, Peter says, "Repent and be baptized," how should I answer him about that?

Pastor Doug: Well, that's your perceptive, there is something wrong with that concept. It is true when you first come to Jesus, there is a general repentance of all your past sins, when you first come to the Lord. He forgives all your past sins, and He gives you grace for the future. If you sin, we have an advocate with the father, if you repent of your sin. Whenever you sin, you should always confess, and there's a number of Bible examples.

King David was a godly king, he had repented and accepted the Lord, he was filled with the Holy Spirit, he was anointed king, but then years later he committed a specific sin by taking someone's wife. He repented of that sin, that's called Psalm 51, I think he also wrote about it in Psalm 32. Then later, he sinned again and he numbered Israel, and he repented of that sin.

Whenever we sin, we should repent. If I can tell my wife when I marry her, "I want to tell you now, I'm sorry for anything I might ever do to you during our years of marriage. Okay, we got that covered, don't ever ask me to apologize again for anything that I might do." Well, then as the years go by, I do all these terrible things, I said, "Look that's covered, I don't need to apologize anymore."

That's absurd, it's just good manners when you offend somebody to apologize. Whenever we sin, after we've received grace and forgiveness, we want to keep the slate clean, repent of that sin, ask God to forgive you and change your heart, tell Him you're sorry, and He'll cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

Pastor Ross: The word repentance in the Bible comes from a root meaning of making a u-turn. In other words going one direction, realizing you're going the wrong way, and then doing something about it, making a change. When we sin, we come to God recognizing that sin, and part of repentance is making a change. If somebody's asking for forgiveness for sins they haven't even commit, then how can they really make changes when they realize that what they're doing is wrong.

Pastor Doug: That makes sense Dennis?

Dennis: Yes it does, it fits my ideas.

Pastor Doug: Appreciate that, we've got a book we can send you on Three Steps to Heaven, talks about the process of repentance and forgiveness.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747, that is the resource line. You can ask for the book called, Three Steps to Heaven, we'll be happy to send it to anybody who calls and asks. Our phone line here to the studio is 800-463-7297. We have Patrick who is listening from Fort Lauderdale, in Florida. Patrick, welcome to the program.

Patrick: My question is with regards to Revelation 12, which speaks of the pure woman. I understand that women represent the church, which is the Bride of Christ, but what I don't understand is why is it that on that same woman gives birth to Christ, wouldn't that make her his mother?

Pastor Doug: Well, not really, First of all, you've got seven women in the Bible that have miracle births. All the miracle births end up having boys. Those boys are all types of Christ in the Bible. Whether it's Isaac, or Samson, or Samuel, their mothers were all barren and then through a miracle, they gave birth. This woman who is bringing forth, just like Mary was a virgin, Mary's a type of that woman, but the reason we don't think it's Mary in Revelation 12, is because later it says that, "The child is caught up to the throne of God." That's Jesus died, and He ascended to heaven. And then the dragon makes war on the woman, and she flees into the wilderness.

Well, Mary never did any of that, but the church had to flee from persecution in the prophecy. Revelation is full of symbols. Keep in mind the woman in Revelation 12, is the opposite of the woman in Revelation 17. The woman Revelation 17 is certainly not Mary, it says she's a harlot. The woman in revelation 12, is clothed with the sun, moon, and star. She's a symbol of the church, which is the light of the world, Jesus said. That DVD that we just talked about Pastor Ross and that website, goes into revelation 12 in great deep, that starts with that woman in Revelation 12. Patrick you would really enjoy watching that if you can get online, anybody, Revelation Mystery.

Pastor Ross: We have a study guide called, The Bride of Christ, that also focuses on Revelation Chapter 12. Just give us a call on our resource line, 800-835-6747. You can ask for the study guide called, The Bride of Christ. We'll be happy to send that to you Patrick or anybody else who calls and asks. Our next caller is Valerie, and she's listening from Reedy, West Virginia it looks like. Valerie, welcome to the program. Valerie, are you on the air?

Valerie: Yes, I am. My question is pertaining to Matthew 27:52 and 53. I was just wondering what happened to the Saints that arose when Christ was resurrected, did they die a second death?

Pastor Ross: No, we believe that-- it says after they came out of the graves, they went into the holy city, they appeared to many. When Christ ascended to heaven that Sunday morning, I think they were only there briefly which is why they're not mentioned by Mark, John, and Luke. I think what happened then is they ascended to heaven with Jesus when He ascended. Once they come out of the graves with glorified bodies, that'd be really a downer to have to then die again and get resurrected again.

Yes, I think Valerie, that those Saints were raised, they went and appeared to people in the city. We don't know who they were, it might have been John the Baptist, or Jeremiah, or some of them that died around Jerusalem. They ascended to heaven in a special resurrection. You're listening friends to Bible Answers Live.

Pastor Ross: Bible Answers Live, will return in just a moment. If you're looking for Bible based materials for further study, sign up for Amazing Facts free, correspondence Bible study course, or check out our sale catalog featuring hundreds of inspiring books and tapes. To order call our resource line at 800-835-6747, that's 800-835-6747. Amazing Facts is a faith-based listener-supported ministry operating exclusively through the generosity of your prayers and financial gifts.

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Pastor Doug: Welcome back listening friends, this is Bible Answers Live, and if you tuned in somewhere in route, this is a live international interactive Bible study and you can call in your Bible questions, it's a free phone call. We just invite you to call if you have a legitimate question about the Bible, something you've been wondering. And chances are, if you've been thinking about it, others have too, or just living the christian life. The number to call in, we have some lines open, 800-463-7297. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is John Ross, and we're going to go straight back in the phone lines. We have Mike, listening from Rockville, Maryland. Mike, welcome to the program.

Mike: Hi good evening.

Pastor Doug: Evening. Get real close to your phone.

Mike: Okay, is this better?

Pastor Doug: That's more gooder.

Mike: I have two questions. I think they're quick, but I'll start with the first one, in Colossians 2:16. Some scholars suggest that the original language for the word Sabbath in that verse, means and refers specifically to the weekly Sabbath. Now, I didn't really see it that way, but I don't have an understanding of original biblical languages. I was wondering if you can help me, what's an argument against that specifically regarding the original languages there?

Pastor Doug: There's two or three things, it tells us what kind of Sabbath its talking about. Let me read it for our friends that are listening. A lot of folks are driving down the road, so I like to read the verse. Colossians 2:16, "So let no one judge you in food, or drink, or regard to a festival, or new moon, or Sabbaths, which are shadow of things to come, but the substance is of Christ." Where it says Sabbaths here in this verse, it's not talking about the weekly Sabbath of the ten commandments.

There were a number of Sabbaths the Jews were aware of. One was the Ten Commandments, which was for all men. Right at the beginning, God told Adam and Eve about the Sabbath, because it was the seventh day of creation. God rested, and man was made in God's image. He blessed it right there in the beginning and it made it holy. He expected them to keep it holy. The word there is Sabbatismos, and it's the plural for Sabbath.

There were the annual Sabbath days that were a part of the Levitical law, and these were nailed to the cross. When it says, "New moon or Sabbaths which are shadows of things to come", these were the symbolic Sabbaths that pointed to Christ. They're not the Sabbath of Ten Commandments that existed before there was even sin. That's a couple of arguments, a big difference between the two.

Pastor Ross: Just to add to that, the commandment, the fourth commandment that talks about the Sabbath, the reason given for the Sabbath there is that God is the creator. And in keeping the Sabbath, we're remembering that He made us. Instead of the Sabbath looking forward, it looks back and reminds us that God is our creator. He's also our redeemer. Whereas the ceremonial Sabbaths pointed forward to a time in Jesus would come and die on the cross.

Pastor Doug: Good point, does that help a little? You said you had two parts to that question, Mike?

Mike: Yes. Well, one thing one more on that is the argument is that the Sabbath is looking forward to the rest in Chris is what I gathered back from when I say with what you just said. Let me go to my second question real quick. Which is what you're just talking about. Some say there's a gap between when Christ or when God left the Sabbath at creation, and when they started observing it around the Exodus.

Again, I didn't believe that. I thought the commandment back to creation like you just said, but they'll say it's just after the order of those things. I was trying to figure out some thoughts about that as well.

Pastor Doug: Did the Jews keep the Sabbath before it was given at the Ten Commandments? We think, yes, for a couple of reasons. One, is in the commandment, you don't ever ask somebody to remember something, and to keep something that did not exist prior. He's chastising them not to forget it, because they had forgotten it. The other point, is that in Exodus maybe chapter five, when the Pharaoh said to Moses, "I'm not going to let the people go, because you make them rest. I'm going to make them work harder."

And the word is, you make them Sabbath. Even the Pharaoh acknowledged that when Moses told the people to turn back to God, he was going to deliver them. They started to keep Sabbath again, and they never even got to the Ten Commandments yet. Then, in Exodus 16, keep in mind, the Ten Commandments were in Exodus 20. Before Exodus 20, in Exodus 16, "When the man began to fall from heaven, God said, "Of course, there won't be any on Sabbath. I'd give you twice as much on Friday, because there'll be none on Sabbath." When they went looking for it on the seventh day of the week, God said, "How long will you refuse to keep my laws?"

God is telling them, "You know this is a law of mine", and he hasn't gotten to Mount Sinai yet. I think there's strong evidence that it existed even before.

Pastor Ross: On one of the verse, we have Genesis 26:5, it says, "Abraham obeyed my voice, kept my church, my commandments, my statutes and my laws." Here we have Abraham who kept God's commandments. He must have been aware of the Ten Commandments including the fourth.

Pastor Doug: There's a few thoughts, and Mike, we do have a lesson that is called, Resting in the Land. It's one of our historical lessons, and it goes into some of the evidence that we just talked about. Appreciate your call, and hope that helps. By the way, there's a great website for anyone who is wondering about the Fourth Commandment, largely been forgotten by many Christians, it's being rediscovered now. It's called, Sabbath Truth.

It's actually the most popular website on the internet,

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747. You can ask for the study guide called, Last Day of History, and you can learn more about that. Also, take a look at the website,, or .com. Our next caller is Bruce, listening from Alabama. Bruce, welcome to the program.

Bruce: Yes, hello, how are you?

Pastor Doug: Doing good, how are you?

Bruce: I'm doing good. I just got a question on Matthew 6:14.

Pastor Doug: Let me go there real quick.

Bruce: In the King James version of the bible, the King James version, it says, "For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, forever and ever, Amen." All the other translations leave that out. Was there a specific reason for that?

Pastor Doug: Well, it's not all the-

Bruce: The NIV, I read the NIV, but I do have the King James version, but I read the NIV, because it's a little easier to understand. When I read Matthew and gotten to that, it left it out. I was going, "That can't be right there."

Pastor Doug: Right. Well, I think you're going to find it's also in the new King James version. If I'm not mistaken, it's in the English standard version, the New American Standard. Many versions do still keep it, because it's in the Textus Receptus Manuscripts.

Pastor Ross: There's two families of original Greek Manuscripts that have been collected. The one that Pastor Doug referred to, the Textus Receptus, forms the foundation of the King James, the new King James. Some of the newer translations though, use the Nestle-Aland, group of text, which there are some slight differences, the vast majority of course is the same, but there are some portions that are left off, or maybe translated a little bit differently. The NIV, uses the Nestle-Aland, whereas the King James, new King James, uses the Textus Receptus. That would explain the difference.

Bruce: Yes, sir. I was just wondering about that, because I've read Revelation, and I've read the New Testament two or three times. It says in Revelation, do not add, nobody will add or take away. To me, even though it's a different translation, it's saying to me that was taken away, and I'm just going to take my NIV, and just put it down, and start reading my King James.

Pastor Doug: Well, NIV is not my favorite version. Now, I made a statement earlier I want to correct. The New King James version, does include, "Yours is the kingdom and the power." The new American standard version, does include it. The English standard version, does not include it."

Bruce: It doesn't include it on the NIV.

Pastor Doug: The many versions do also include it. You just got to go one by one through them, and it lets you know there. By the way, the new revised standard version, does not include it. I guess it's 50-50 out there. Hey, I appreciate your call. By the way Bruce, we do have a book that talks about the scripture, and it's called, The Ultimate Resource. We'll be happy to send you a copy if you call and ask.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747, that is the resource line. You can ask for the book called, The Ultimate Resource. All about the Bible, and a little bit about the different translations. Again, it's 800-835-6747. Ask for the book called, The Ultimate Resource. Our next caller is Juan, listening from Columbus, Ohio. Juan, welcome to the program.

Juan: Hi, I have a question about, it's a disturbing verse in the Bible, Ezekiel 23:19-20. I don't know if I should read it here, but I want to ask why does the Bible say this, and the NIV version is a lot more troubling.

Pastor Doug: Ezekiel 23, you said?

Juan: 19 and 20, yes. On the NIV version, it's more disturbing.

Pastor Doug: Well, I know what you mean.

Pastor Ross: We can probably read 19. Let me read it for you in the King James I have, the New King James it says, "Yet, she multiplied harlotry in calling to remember the days of her youth when she played the harlot in the land of Egypt." Go ahead, Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: : Well, and then it refers to that, one of the things that Moses warned the children of Israel against was not only homosexuality. He warned them against bestiality, which was practised by some of the pagans. And God is saying that not only did Israel spiritually go after other lovers, but he makes a comparison here to even the bestiality of it. It's kind of graphic, but that's what happened when the nation committed adultery on God, by worshiping other gods.

Pastor Ross: And of course, remember in Symbols, in Bible prophecy, a woman represents a church. The woman is to be married to other churches to be married to Christ. When she leaves her allegiance to Jesus and forms an alliance with some other power, political or secular, she's guilty of committing spiritual fornication. We find that same theme in warning, not only in the Old Testament, but even in the New Testament, referring to churches that have left the truth of God's word and have gone after different political powers to enforce their teachings and decrees.

Pastor Doug: And Ezekiel also is an apocalyptic book. He, like Revelation, and Daniel, and Zachariah, they often use symbols. And horses and donkeys were unclean animals. And so it's using that also to specify that she was going after the pagans. This church, going after the pagan lovers that were unclean. This is one more thought. Yes, you're right, that's a difficult passage, but the Bible tells it straight.

Pastor Ross: It's there.That's right. The next caller is Jason, listening from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jason, welcome to the program.

Jason: Hey. Good evening. Thanks for taking my call. Just listening, I heard another caller talking about repentance. I've always wondered, what is the proper way to ask for repentance, because sin comes in many forms, and thoughts come across my mind sometimesthat probably are not right. I'm not a bad person, but I'm just asking, do you ask for forgiveness for a sin, or do you just ask for forgiveness God knows what's on your heart, why you're asking for forgiveness? I'm just unclear about that. I appreciate you taking my call.

Pastor Doug: Absolutely. Repentance is of course, a very important biblical truth. You think about it in the first word. The very first word John The Baptist began to preach. He said, "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand." And then when Christ began his ministry, it said, "From that day, Christ began to preach, Repent. For the kingdom of heaven is at hand." And then at Acts 2, when Peter was preaching and the people said, "What must we do?" He said, "Repent and be baptized."

And so, repentance is appropriate at any time of prayer when there's things, and there usually are, that we need to say, "You know Lord, forgive me for my selfishness." Being specific in repentance is I think good. You know it's okay to do it generally and say, "Forgive me for my sins." Because that a comprehensive broad way to say it. When you're specific and say, "Lord forgive me for my gossip, or saying negative things about people." Then you're giving the Holy Spirit permission next time you're tempted to say something negative about someone, to nudge you and say, "Hey. Don't say that."

And so, I find it's helpful to be specific when I repent, because then, I'm asking God to help me with a specific problem in the future. I'm not just saying I want mercy so I can go do it again, I'm admitting something's wrong when I specifically repent. If the Holy Spirit brings conviction, and Jesus said that's one of the jobs of the spirit and says, "This is wrong in your life or it needs changing," repent of it. Invite God to give you power, and you start seeing progress. You want to add to that Pastor Ross?

Pastor Ross: I was just going to mention a verse in Acts 5:31, speaking of the work of Jesus through the Spirit, it says, "Him, God has exalted to His right hand, to be prince and savior. To give repentance to Israel and the forgiveness of sin." Even repentance comes through the grace of God. It's the moving of the Holy Spirit upon, and we can ask for repentance. We can pray unto the Lord, "Please give me that gift of repentance, that I come a sincerity." If there is not a change of heart, there's no real change of behavior.

Pastor Doug: Repentance is the opposite of hardening your heart. It's softening the heart, so it's a good thing. All right Jason. I appreciate that and that offer that we're making available tonight about prayer, I think it also touches on that. We'll send you a free copy if you ask.

Pastor Ross: The number to call. 800-835-6747. You can ask for the book called, Teach Us to Pray. We'll be happy to send that to you Jason, or anybody who calls and asks. We have Stacy listening from Utah. Stacy, welcome to the program.

Stacy: Yes. My question is about Revelation 21:2.

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Stacy: And dispensationalists use that as a way to say that the church is what's going to descend out of heaven. Yet, the scripture clearly says that it's Jerusalem that we see descends out of heaven. Can you clarify that for me, because I'm confused between these different-

Pastor Doug: There is a very real city that Christ said, "I've gone to prepare a place for you", and then, where is it Pastor Ross where it says that he looked for a city that had foundations whose builder-- is that Hebrews 11?

Pastor Ross: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Whose builder and maker is God. Is that Moses?

Pastor Ross: Speaking of Abraham.

Pastor Doug: Abraham. He looked for a city whose builder and maker is God. All of the patriarchs that looked ahead, were looking for this new kingdom. The new Jerusalem, a very real place, a real city, that comes to this earth at the end of the 1,000 years. The same way, if God can bring the new Jerusalem down, he can bring the garden of Eden up before the flood, because the tree of life is in the new Jerusalem. He's going to bring the new Jerusalem down at the end of the 1,000 years and it's going to be the real place.

Describes it. It measures it. It goes onto great detail. You not only find that information in Revelation, it's in Ezekiel. I forget if it's chapter 40, it's in the last chapters where he measures the city with a reed, just like the angel in Revelation.

Pastor Ross: Jerusalem, just like when Jerusalem during the time of the Old Testament, Jerusalem served as the capital of God's kingdom here on earth through the Jewish people. The new Jerusalem represents the capital of Christ's kingdom established here on the earth at the end of that 1,000 years when there will be no more sin and sorrow and death, but God creates all things new. And the redeemed will have a home in that new Jerusalem.

And it's described so beautifully in Revelation chapter 21. It's described as a bride adorned for her husband. The kingdom is Christ, and it's symbolized by the new Jerusalem. Of course, the kingdom will be comprised of you and I, the citizens of that kingdom. Those who love the Lord.

Pastor Doug: Hope that helps.

Pastor Ross: We have a lesson dealing with that. I just thought of that. It's called, Colossal City in Space. It's all about heaven and new Jerusalem. Stacy, I think you'll really enjoy reading that. Just call and ask. The number to call is 800-835-6747, and you can ask for the study guide called, Colossal City in Space, all about the new Jerusalem in heaven.

Pastor Doug: Thank you, Stacy.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Tom, and Tom is listening from Carolina. From Banks, North Carolina. Tom, welcome to the program.

Tom: Good evening pastors. Two quick questions about Noah's Ark. When God closed the doors to Noah's Ark, he waited seven days before he started the rain to fall. I just wondered if there's a reason he'd done that, or a symbol? And also, does the Bible mention anything on how the population on earth that time of Noah?

Doug: All right. First question, why did God put Noah in the ark, seal it and let life go on for another seven days? Probably a couple of reasons. One is that the wicked outside the ark, even after the door was shut, they had no interest in knocking and trying to get in until the rain actually started. They were mocking Noah. They didn't believe. It was proving that they were lost. It also was a time of testing of Noah on the inside, and it's also a summation of the weekly cycle, because they were in the ark for six days, and then on the seventh day, the end came.

John: Pastor Doug, you mentioned that it was a time of testing for Noah and his family inside the ark. It sort of brought to a completion, or at least to a fruition, a demonstration of their faith. Their faith was tried. It also revealed the hardness of the hearts of those outside the ark. When the animals miraculously entered into the ark, that must have caused some of the wicked to really begin to wonder, "Well, maybe Noah was right." When the door was closed on the ark, and nothing happened for two, three days, well that revealed the rebellious spirit of the wicked, and they probably mocked Noah and his family, and banged on the side of the ark and said, "Hey, what's it like in there with all those animals?"

It really demonstrated the spirit of the redeemed versus the spirit of the rebellious, and that came to fruition. We find the same thing just before Jesus comes the second time. There is a closing closing of probation, and a demonstrating of character amongst the righteous and the unrighteous.

Pastor Doug: You may have had two parts to that question. I wonder did we get them both?

Tom: I was always curious too. We were at Bible study one night, and we were asking the population at that time-

Pastor Doug: That's right. The Bible doesn't tell us what the population was, but I think it's a lot more than most people think, because in those first seven or eight generations, I think there may have been eight generations before the flood, because Enoch was the seventh. They lived hundreds of years, and they were fertile and productive. Well, you figure three quarters of their lives, and they were told to be fruitful and multiply, and you do the math.

The children of Israel, they went to Egypt, and they had 70 people. And in 200 years, there were 2 million. The people living in the days before the flood, there may have been millions of them. We just don't know. Good question. Thank you, Tom.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Kathy, listening for Illinois. Kathy, welcome to the program.

Kathy: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Evening.

Kathy: Yes, you guys do a good job. Keep up the good work.

Pastor Ross: Well, thank you. Your question.

Kathy: Lucifer, I know he's angry because he tried to take over God's throne. God should've killed him right there, finished him off, but he was merciful, so he kept him down here. I don't understand why now, Lucifer gets all the blame for everything. Men and women sin on their own. I don't quite understand. I know he's [unintelligible 00:51:40] and I know he causes trouble, but he has to have goodness in him someplace. After all, God did create him to be his special angel. I don't understand that part.

Pastor Doug: Well, first of all, we have a lesson we'll send you that is very important. It answers that completely and it's free. It's called, Did God Create a Devil? God created a beautiful angel that was good, but he just nurtured and selfishness and pride, so that he has so thoroughly grieved away the Holy Spirit now that he is the embodiment of selfish and evil. I don't think there's any good thing left in Lucifer anymore, because God has completely withdrawn his spirit from him.

When people do evil, it is true that, just like Satan and his angels, people have a free choice. Often when people do evil, it's not the devil personally tempting them. Sometimes the devil's working through fallen angels, but people do get to make choices too.

Pastor Ross: There's a verse in James 1:14, Pastor Doug, you're probably referring to this. It says, "But every man when he's tempted, he's drawn away of his own lust and enticed." Yes, the devil does tempt, but like you say, a lot of this sin that's committed is people being drawn away by their own selfishness.

Pastor Doug: Their own inherent sin that they have within them. Pastor Ross, I want to share with people something important coming up. We've only got a couple of moments left. I hope those that might be hanging on the line with forgive us and give us another chance. We have a special program that is going to be beginning October second. It's called Heroes of Faith.

Now, first of all, if you want to find out more about the program just go to the Amazing Facts website, and top right corner, you're going to see a peel down page that tells about this special series. It's for families. It's a special evangelistic revival program. You can bring your friends. You can bring your kids, and we're going to take ten of the prominent Bible stories and the heroes of the Bible, and be teaching the whole plan of salvation from the catalyst of these stories.

It's a great experience together. These programs have been well-attended and very inspiring. We have a great time. Heroes of Faith, we'll be broadcasting live from Lansing, Michigan. We're telling you because you can watch anywhere on the world online. Just go to AFTV, that's It'll be on 3ABN, and you can watch there as well. The program will be October second through October 10. One hour program. You can turn on your satellite dish, and watch in your homes and in your churches and receive a real blessing.

Heroes of Faith. I also hope that you'll pray for this program. There's a special workbook, study book that goes with it, and a lot of great material. Hope you'll tune in. Well, we're out of time for our questions this week. God willing we'll be studying his word together next week. Thank you.

Pastor Ross: This has been a pre-recorded broadcast of Bible Answers Live. A production of Amazing Facts ministries. If you would like to order the materials mentioned on this broadcast, call 800-835-6747, from 8:00 AM to midnight, Eastern Standard Time. That's 800-835-6747. If you've missed an episode of Bible Answers Live, you can find it on our website,

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Speaker 3: I grew up in a church-going family. We were at every meeting. I sang in four of the choirs there. I directed three. Very involved. Very active. It almost seemed like busy work sometimes. I went to Sunday School. I knew about God. I knew about Jesus, but I didn't have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My senior year in high school, I got the news that my father had been murdered. I played it off well. No one really saw that I was struggling with it.

It just really felt like there was a hole that needed to be filled. I tried to fill it with drugs, with alcohol, with partying. And after college, I just stopped going to church altogether. One day on a Sunday, because I didn't feel like going to church with my mom, I thought, "I should get a little bit of work." She had the satellite system hooked up, and I'm flipping through channels, and then the logo pops across, Amazing Facts presents.

I've listened to a lot of different ministries, but this was the first time that he's actually saying something where I had to grab my Bible and actually pick it up and, "I've never heard this before. Let me look through and find this." I went through all the historicals, I went through all the study guides, and I just couldn't get enough. And then the Sabbath came up. He's going through the appeal and I'm just going, "Lord I hear you. I have to go to the church," so I show up.

It was funny. I didn't feel like I was going to be judged, anything judgmental, anything. I walked in the door and I just felt at home, but there's still a problem. I'm still partying. I was still going out to the bars. At this time, I was selling cocaine to pay my rent. 16 days later, I find myself in a life-or-death situation. I had just came back from a liquor store and I grabbed a bottle of vodka. There I am, high off cocaine, with my Bible in hand trying to do a Bible study.

I heard an audible voice, "Just look at yourself." And I did. I was like, "What am I doing?" And I got on my knees and I said, "Lord, if you do not take this away from me now, I'm going to kill myself. I was going to continue this lifestyle, and I was going to end up overdosing, having a heart attack, whatever it was, you have to take this away. All of it."

That day he lifted all of it away from me. It was all God. When God does something in your life, he does it complete.

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