Courageous Christians

Date: 08/07/2016 
Most people picture retirement as a time to relax, visit the grand kids, and maybe take a long cruise. In fact, evidence has shown it's cheaper for seniors to live on a cruise ship than in a nursing home. Aleksander Doba of Poland has a different kind of retirement cruise in mind. At 64, this mechanical engineer made his first Atlantic crossing alone in a kayak. Setting out from Senegal, Africa in 2010, he paddled his 20-foot kayak 3,300 miles across the Atlantic.
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Advertiser 1: Welcome to Bible Answers Live, where you'll get honest answers to your bible questions. Let's face it. It's not always easy to understand everything you read in the bible. With 66 books and more than 700,000 words, the bible can generate a lot of questions. If you'd like answers to your bible questions, you've come to the right place. Now, here's your host, Pastor Doug Batchelor, president and speaker of Amazing Facts.

Pastor Doug Batchelor: Hello, friends. Would you like to hear an amazing fact? Most people picture retirement as a time to relax, visit the grand kids, and maybe take a long cruise. In fact, evidence has shown it's cheaper for seniors to live on a cruise ship than in a nursing home. Aleksander Doba of Poland has a different kind of retirement cruise in mind. At 64, this mechanical engineer made his first Atlantic crossing alone in a kayak. Setting out from Senegal, Africa in 2010, he paddled his 20-foot kayak 3,300 miles across the Atlantic.

For 99 days, he fought off sharks, dodged whales, and played with sea turtles. Eventually landing in Brazil. Not ready to retire, Doba planned another transatlantic cruise. In October 2013, the 66-year-old Doba, left Portugal in his kayak enduring months of powerful storms, opposing currents, and equipment failures. In fact, for 147 day stretch, he lost all communication with the outside world, because his home crew forgot to pay his satellite phone bill.

Finally, on April 2014, 167 days later, he completed the epic transatlantic adventure paddling 7,700 miles to Florida. On this trip, he set a record for the longest open water crossing ever undertaken by a lone kayak-er, and he became National Geographic's 2015 Adventurer of the year. Now, at 69 years of age, this fearless traveler has just attempted his third Atlantic crossing departing May 29th from Liberty Island, New York hoping to reach Portugal by his 70th birthday.

Unfortunately, a few days into his trip, his kayak was capsized by a wave and damaged. When rescued, he was asked if he was giving up. Aleksander responded, "Absolutely not, 95% of people die in their beds. I will fix my boat and try again next year." You have to admire Aleksander for his dauntless courage. The bible says that Christians should be the most courageous people of all. Stay with us friends. We're gonna learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.

Advertiser: You're listening to Bible Answers Live, honest answers to your bible questions. Our phone lines are now open. If you have a bible related question, call us at 1-800-GOD-SAYS. That's 1-800-463-7297. Let's get to our first bible question with Pastor Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Doug: Welcome listening friends to Bible Answers Live. If you have a bible question, we have lines that are open. As you heard the number 800-GOD-SAYS. That's 800-463-7297. Plenty of phone lines open if you want to ask a question relating to the word of God or living the Christian life. We don't claim to have all the answers, but we'll do our best together. I've got a laptop here at my fingertips with many bible versions and search resources. The Hebrew, the Greek and we'll do our best to find the truth.

It promises if you seek, you will find. Give us a call. One more time, 800-GOD-SAYS, 800-463-7297. Excellent opportunity to call now, get your question on tonight's broadcast. I'm Doug Batchelor, and Pastor John Ross is on vacation right now. And so we're going to begin the program with prayer.Father in heaven, we're just so thankful for your word, and for the hope that we have in Jesus, and the opportunity for knowing you, and having everlasting life. We pray, Lord, that this program tonight will be the vehicle to communicate truth and new hope into the lives of others. Bless everything that is said, and that it might be in harmony with your will, we pray in Jesus's name. Amen.

Well, friends, I was inspired by the testimony of Aleksander Doba, this Polish gentleman who just decided, "I'm not going to retire. I want to start traveling." He considers himself a tourist, but he kayaked alone. I've done some kayaking, a little bit of ocean kayaking. Most of what I've done is river kayaking. My kayak was like 7, 8-feet long. To be kayaking with a 20-foot long kayak loaded with all of your food, water, communication gear, sleeping spot that you're going to need for over a hundred days at sea, sometimes out in blistering oceans. Boy, I tell you, you must be a very intrepid traveler to do that. He did not believe in retiring once he turns 65. That's for sure.

The bible talks about Christians also being willing to take an adventurous journey. Make it up your mind to be a Christian. It's a walk. It's a journey. You don't always know what's coming. When the children of Israel came out of Egypt, they did not know from day to day where they were going. They would follow this pillar of cloud. God said, "Put on your shoes. Get your staff in your hand, and follow me." It was an adventure. In the same way when they entered the Promised Land, God said to Joshua, Chapter One of Joshua, verse nine, "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and have good courage. Do not be afraid or dismayed for the Lord, your God, is with you wherever you go."

Especially in our day and age, when there's so much compromise in our culture and we're living in such a hedonistic society, Christians are not popular, true Christians in particular. It takes courage to say, "I follow Jesus. I'm going to be a Christian." You really have to go against the current. If you'd like to know how can I be a courageous Christian in this wicked world that we're living in today, then we have a book that you'll enjoy. It will be a blessing. I really recommend you read this one. It's called Culture and the Christian. Culture and the Christian written by Joe Cruz, it is a classic. If you have not read it, you should, and we'll send it to you for free. Just call the resource number.

This is a different number than the one that comes to our screeners. The call number is 800-835-6747. Ask for the book Culture and the Christian, 800-835-6747. Of course, you can also go to and look under our free book library, and I think you can read it there. Some people still like to hold one in their hands, and then read it, and share it with a friend. Just call 800-835-6747 for Culture and the Christian.

With your bible questions, line is still open, 800-GOD-SAYS. That's 800-463-7297 brings you to the studio. As mentioned, I'm Doug Batchelor, and we're going to go to our first phone call talking next with Michael, who is calling from Miami, Florida. Welcome, Michael. You're on the air with Bible Answers Live.

Michael: Hello, Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Hi.

Michael: Good to talk to you again. My question was -- I hope this doesn't seem too odd a question, but my question was about Christians and sports, I guess. I once heard from somebody talking about Christians -- well competitive sports particularly saying that a Christian should not be engaged in. I guess basically, on the idea that it harbors a spirit of competition and trying to dominate other people rather than build each other up. I guess I found that was little -- a bit of generalization, because I know some people play, even competitive sports to more or less challenge themselves in that arena. I just wanted to know if there was any biblical comment or if there was any thought you had on the matter, on the issue of Christian playing sports or competitive sports in general.

Pastor Doug: That's a great question, yes, a very good question. A very relevant now since the International Olympics have just launched in Rio this week. How should a Christian relate to sports? Well, let me give you a bible answer. The bible, of course, does refer to the Christian life as running a race. Paul talks about boxing the air. There are references to sports, but it doesn't mean that God is making a wholesale endorsement of sports. I think there are a lot of competitive sports. Let's face it. The gladiators and when they were burning Christians in the coliseum, they did that for entertainment. They were certainly violent.

There are some sports that are violent. They don't build up. They break down. I know I'm probably going to get some phone calls on this, but a lot of the sports were -- it's [sic] almost turns into a religion. You've heard about the football stadiums. When I say football, internationally football is soccer. In America football is American football. Either way, one team wins; another team loses, and there's a riot on the field. There are some valid things. I play racket ball with my co-host, Pastor Ross sometimes once or twice a week, and then we get out. We actually pray before we play. We get some exercise. It's great you can play year round and my conscience doesn't bother me in doing that. I think of it, when you get out there, if you're going to be doing something with others for exercise, the idea of pride and domination, those are of course traits that are Christians avoid. The idea that anything would replace, people would go to a football game in the rain and scream at the top of their lungs for their favorite team but they will sleep in for church and you can't hardly get them to say Amen. In many ways, sports is sometimes-- there are more, what do they call these, sport channels then the virtually any other kind of channel.

You got a cooking channel and they got channels that have to do with building and housing. Man, they got tons of sports channel so it's almost is a religion for some people. I've never been much of a spectator of sports. There's nothing wrong with playing the game with a ball and get in some exercise. I think folks are getting the idea of the principle. Does that makes sense Michael?

Michael: I think it does. Yes. It does makes sense I was asking particularly because we had heard that, thought I've said I heard from somebody else during a Bible study. It caused a major concern with me because I'm the president of a ping-pong club at my local college. It just made me question being a Christian. How I should [unintelligible 00:11:29] about handling that. [crosstalk] sports. [laughs]

Pastor Doug: I would love to have you come to California play ping-pong with me. I got a ping-pong table in my house. That'd be a lot of fun. With anything whether it's ping-pong or whatever it is, if people get competitive and ugly, you're probably seeing that, that's the wrong spirit. If people are playing an interesting game that's teaching them coordination and physics, everybody needs some healthy diversion. I won't see a problem with that.

As long that it has to do with the attitudes and whether we're doing it. The bottom line is what would Jesus do? These crowd dances that football players make when they get a touchdown kind of gloating, that's, there's something wrong with that. Anyway, I appreciate your question Michael. We had a few people called in. We're going to the next call. Talking next with Grace calling from Richland, Washington. Grace, you're on the air with Bible Answers Live.

Grace: Hello. Thank you for answering my call.

Pastor Doug: My pleasure.

Grace: I've always grown up wearing jeans. Lately the topic Dress reform has been on my mind and my heart. I just don't know if it is in for me to wear jeans or do I have to wear skirt?

Pastor Doug: The principles in Christian dress you're going to find in the Bible in the book of Deuteronomy. It says that a man shall not wear a woman's clothing neither shall a woman put on a man's garment for all that do these are an abomination. One principle is there needs to be a distinction between the clothing of men and women. That's almost going out the window in our culture.

Grace: Okay.

Pastor Doug: All right. Let me give you some others. Paul and Peter talked about being adorned in modest apparel. We do not only wear clothing to protect us from the environment because it's too hot or cold. When Adam and Eve first put on clothes they had nothing to do with the temperature. It had to do with modesty. Men and women, men more so than women, are attracted to the figure of the opposite sex.

When a woman, like I said men can do this too, but when a woman is wearing clothing that is designed specifically to look sexy and to attract the opposite sex, that's not Christian. Jesus said, "It's a sin for men to look on a woman and lust in his heart. What would it be then if a girl deliberately dresses in a way to try to get men to fall into sin in that area." Obviously, that's not good. There ought to be a modesty in the attire. Now, I have seen immodest dresses and I have seen modest pants.

The question is not pants or dresses. If you're going to ride a bicycle or climb a mountain it's a lot more practical for a woman to wear pants than a dress. Sometimes a dress can be immodest if you know what I'm saying. It's the principles that a person needs to follow. Is it, Christians should of course be clean. We don't need to wear fashions that are 80 years old. I think Wesley said we should not be the first one to adopt a new fashion neither should we be the last. You don't want to stand out because you're weird.

Christians you wear tasteful clothing it should be neat and clean, modest and there should be a distinction. Is it a man's clothes or is it a woman's clothes. The Bible is really clear that if a man is wearing a woman's clothes or if a woman is wearing a man's clothing, it is an abomination. That's the strongest word God uses to express displeasure in the Bible.

Grace: Okay.

Pastor Doug: I have a book that I can send you on that. It's actually called The Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry but the book goes into the principles of dress as well. If you like a free copy of that, all you got to do is call our resource number 800-835-6747. If you like that, Grace, 800-835-6747 ask for the Amazing Facts book on, it's called Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry but it goes into the principles of Christian dress. Thank you for your call, appreciate that. And with that, we're going to talk next to Stephen who is calling from Mariposa, California. Stephen, you're on the air with Bible Answers Live.

Stephen: Thank you, Doug. And it's Stephen. S-T-E-P-H-E-N.

Pastor Doug: I'm sorry. Okay.

Stephen: No problem there, my friend. Colossians 2nd chapter, second verse.

Pastor Doug: You want to read it or do you want me to?

Stephen: My most understanding and the confusion seems to be in the last three sentences. The acknowledgement of the Mystery of God and of the Father and of Christ. Is that a typo or is this Mystery of God supposed to be the Holy Spirit?

Pastor Doug: Well, it's interesting you would ask that question because I was listening to a radio program on my way over here, where they were talking about this. [laughs] I listen to Christian radio, too. Think of the word God, sometimes the apostles use the word God the way we would use the last name in a family. When you say God, you've got [inaudible 00:16:41] is a plural. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. God said let us make men in our image. You got God speaking of himself in the plural. When Paul says, God the Father and Christ in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, he's not belittling the spirit. He's just writing the letter, teaching the Colossians that Christ is God as well as the Father.

Stephen: Yes. Well, I understand that pretty much just the way the sentence was put together, when it said Mystery of God and of the Father and of Christ.

Pastor Doug: Right. Will you would agree that the Father is God.

Stephen: Absolutely.

Pastor Doug: The fact that Paul is separating now the Father and of Christ is talking about the Father and the Son.

Stephen: Yes.

Pastor Doug: You're right. It is a unique wording and sometimes it comes out that way when you translate from Greek to English. There are certain structure isn't exactly how we would say it. What you might do is take a look or I might do it for you really quick here, I'm just curious what the English standard version says. Yes. It says, "That their hearts might be encouraged, being knit together in love to reach all the riches of full assurance of understanding and knowledge of God's mystery which is in Christ." See, the word it a little differently there.

Stephen: Yes.

Pastor Doug: That was the English Standard Version. It almost sounds a little clear. Well, I hope that helps a little. I do have a book, if you're interested on the subject of the Trinity. It talks about God the Father, the Son and the Spirit. We'll be happy to send you a free copy, Stephen. That would be, just call 800-835-6747. Ask for the book On the Trinity. Appreciate your call. With that, we're going to move on, take another caller to before our break and talk with Ronald. Ronald is listening from Everett, Michigan. Is that right?

Ronald: Yes, it is, Pastor Batchelor. My question is about the abomination of desolation. I've always thought there's a future component to this. Recently I've been told that's wrong. It's found in Mark 13, 14 and Danielle 12 and Matthew 24, 15 and it's-- I've been told that it's all pass but then again in Revelation 11, it sounds like there's going to be another temple there cause the Lord tells to Daniel to measure it.

Pastor Doug: Right. Tell you what, let me just jump in real quick if that's okay, I agree with you that while there is a pass fulfillment of the abomination of desolation-- let me explain that, Jesus in, not only Matthew 24:15 and Mark Chapter 13 and Luke, I believe it's Chapter 17, Jesus said when you see the abomination of desolation, those who be in Judea flee to the mountains. That's what he says in Mathew 24:15. In Luke, he says, "When you see Jerusalem encompass with armies, let those that be in Jerusalem flee into the mountains." The disciples are asking Jesus two things. He's answering their question. One question is when will this be where there's not one stone left upon another in the temple, that God's people would be desolated. He's talking about the destruction of Jerusalem is the first part, that is in the past.

There's still something coming in the future when God's people are going to be surrounded with the laws of the beast and be forced to flee for their lives. Those that be in Judah flee into the mountains. There is still a future fulfillment to this. We have a book I'll send you a free copy and the name of the book is the Abomination of Desolation. Would you like a copy of that Ronald?

Ronald: I'd love that.

Pastor Doug: It's free and it's a good book by Gery Gibbs my friend. Just call this number. And the number is 800-463-7297. Tell them you're listening to Bible Answers Live, you'd like a copy of that book Abomination of Desolation. We'll send it to you. If you are in a hurry you can go to and you can read it online right there. Just go to our free media library and we appreciate your call. That does free another line and if you have a bible question there is still time give us a call 800-GOD-SAYS, 800-463-7297. Going to talk next with James, calling from Kent Washington. James you're on the air with Bible Answers Live.

James: Hi, Pastor I appreciate you taking my call.

Pastor Doug: Thank you for calling.

James: Well I was raised Roman Catholic. I identified myself as christian. I accepted Jesus just recently and I was--

Pastor Doug: Praise the lord.

James: Thank you, thank you, God is good. I still have these back and forth with my mother she's catholic. And I was wondering how mortal sin do we view mortal sin as a christian, my question.

Pastor Doug: All right well, first of all the word mortal means deadly. Matar means death in Latin or Spanish and for it you get the word matador. When you say mortal sin you mean deadly sin. All sin is deadly because the wages for sin is death, is what Romans chapter three tells us. The idea that there some sins that are not deadly-- actually it's Roman 6:8 misquoted before.

I think what they believe in the catholic church is that there are some sins that are more serious. It is true that murder is more serious than maybe stealing. You steal a loaf of bread consequences are pretty small. You can take someones life there's a pretty serious consequences. Is she saying that you've committed a mortal sin?

James: Yes, she insinuates it yes.

Pastor Doug: Yes. When you accept eternal life there's not a mortal sin about that. Now Jesus does talk about the unpardonable sin. I think the Catholics maybe took some of those principles about the unpardonable sin and then they put certain names to it. There are what they call seven deadly sins that you find listed in proverbs. Where he says six things the lord hates, yes seven are an abomination. And [inaudible 00:23:51] talks about the proud look and the lying tongue so forth.

That doesn't mean that lying can't be forgiven or proud look can't be forgiven. It just saying that this sins, God hates. They built the whole doctrine out of certain sins being deadly sins. The unpardonable sin, is basically a sin you will not repent of, so you cannot be forgiven. You see what I'm saying?

James: Right, that would be the sin that leads to death.

Pastor Doug: That for which there's no forgiveness John talks about. I've got a book that I've written about the unpardonable sin. I'll be happy to send you a free copy it's called Beyond Mercy what is the Unpardonable sin. Now, there are sins that are very serious, you can think about murder. Well do you know God forgave a couple of murders in the bible. King David, Manasseh, Moses killed a man once. Murder is a sin but people were forgiven. Adultery is a sin, but there are several adulterers in the bible. Samson, David that will be forgiven. Lying is a sin. Peter lied and he denied he knew Jesus but he was forgiven. The idea of backsliding from the church being a deadly sin, you've probably heard the parable of the prodigal son James?

James: Yes.

Pastor Doug: He left his father's house and went off to the pig pen for years, but he repented and came back and his father accepted him. Even if someones supposedly leaves the church it's not a deadly sin. Now, I don't believe you've left the church. It sounds like you come into Christ. Love your mother, be patient with your mother. She has a a deeply ingrained believe. One commandment is to honor your father and mother. You need to respect her.

One of the best ways to help her is by putting Christ and his word first. Would you like that book I'll be sending you a free copy of the book Beyond Mercy What is the Unpardonable Sin. Just call our resource number. Now this one is not online but we'll mail it to you. 800-835-6747, it's a great study I wrote this. That sounded kind of patronizing and I wrote it it's great, didn't mean it that way. It is good. 800-835-6747 What is the Unpardonable Sin we will send that to you.

You know friends I see that we've got a brake coming up in just about a minute. We're going to take more bible questions. They're telling me I might have time for one quick bible question. All right Tom is calling from Louisiana. Tom can we ask our question quickly before the break?

Tom: Yes, thank you. I would like to know the difference in the Sabbath and the Lord's Day. Do we celebrate one or the other and why in the modern or in the church age that we're in now.

Pastor Doug: That's a great question. There's a very popular misunderstanding, that there's a difference between the Sabbath day and the Lord's Day. Some people say Sabbath Day seventh day of the week, Lord's Day first day of the week. In reality, the only day that the bible calls the Lord's day is the Sabbath. Let me give you an example. In the 10 commandments it says but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the lord. That would be the lord's day.

Isaiah tells us in chapter 58, that he says you've put aside my holy day. New testament Jesus is son of man is lord of the Sabbath. All through the bible and when John's in the vision in John Chapter Revelation chapter 1 verse 10. On the lords day it was a Sabbath day. Nowhere does the bible call Sunday the lords day. We've got a free book on that we'll send you on which day is the lords day. You just call the resource line right back in a moment.

Advertiser 1: Stay tune, Bible answers Live will return in a moment.

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Pastor Doug: Welcome back listening friends to Bible Answers Live and if you have a Bible question, just give us a call. We have a couple of lines still open 800-GOD-SAYS. 800-463-7297, I am Doug Batchelor. Pastor Jean Ross is on vacation tonight, well earned. With the help of our studio crew, we're going to do our best to do this octopus maneuver where I use my hands to operate the computer and the telephones. It does takes-- it's hard for me to chew gum and walk at the same time, you all pray for me. We're going to go next and talk with, let's see whose next in line? Talking to Brandy whose calling from, how do you say that? Wamster, Wyoming? Brandy, you're on the air. Hello?

Brandy: Wamsutter.

Pastor Doug: Wamsutter [laughs] Sorry.

Brandy: It's in the middle on IAD.

Pastor Doug: All right, and you-

Brandy: I thank you for taking my question.

Pastor Doug: Sure.

Brandy: My question is, how do you know the difference between when you're having a relationship with Christ, words becomes legalism towards an actual relationship and I maybe not worded that right but it's kind of where I'm going.

Pastor Doug: Well actually, I think you did a good job wording that. Have a relationship with the Lord where you're obedient but you're not doing it out of legalism but you're doing it because of love for the Lord. Jesus said, "If you love me, keep my commandments." In John chapter 14. The reason to obey God is because you love Him. If you're doing all the right things in the Christian life for the wrong reason, it quickly can become a legalistic relationship.

Now, if you're going to do the right things and your motive isn't the best motive, you should still do the right things. If you're not killing somebody because it's against the law, you'd really like to kill him but you don't want to go to jail, well that's the wrong reason not to kill them but you should still not kill them. You see what I'm saying?

Brandy: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Even if you're doing the right things and your reasons are legalistic, you should always try and do the right thing. What you want to pray for then is that you develop a relationship, so it becomes a joy to do it for someone you love.

Brandy: Yes.

Pastor Doug: When mothers love their children and they love their babies, they do all kinds of sacrificial things because they love the babies. It's not because there's a law that says you need to take care of your children. Even if there was no law, they would feed their children. You know what I'm saying? You want to love the Lord and if you know Him, you'll love Him. The way you get to know Him is through communication.

You talk to Him when you pray, He talks to you through His word and as you spend time communion with the Lord, you'll know Him better, you'll love Him more, then you'll want to obey Him. The great commandment is, "Love the Lord with all your heart" because if you keep that commandment and you'll love the Lord, all the other commandments fall into place. Does that makes sense, Brandy?

Brandy: Yes, it does.

Pastor Doug: Well, Bless you heart. There's a book we'd like to send you. If you've not read it before, it's called, Three-Steps to Heaven. We'll be happy to send you a free copy of that. It really talks about that love relationship with the Lord and just call the resource number 800-835-6747. Tell them you're listening to Amazing Facts and that we've offered you the book, Three-Steps to Heaven. We'll be happy to send that to you. Next, we're going to talk with Sam, whose calling from Calgary, Canada. Hi Sam. You're on the air with Bible Answers Live.

Sam: Hi. How are you?

Pastor Doug: Doing well. How are you?

Sam: I'm good, thank you. My question is, is it forbidden to smoke or drink in Christianity?

Pastor Doug: Well of course, in the Bible and Christianity needs to be based on the Bible, they didn't smoke back then. That was pretty much discovered by Sir Walter Raleigh in one of his early visits to the Carolinas. He brought tobacco back to Europe during the time of Queen Elizabeth, I believe. The Bible's never going to mention smoking because it's comparatively a new habit. Drinking does goes back to the Bible. I'll tell you what is says. It tell us in the Bible, wine is a mocker.

Strong drink is raging and whoever's deceived thereby, is not wise. You look at the history, it says, Noah got drunk and he stumbled around naked. Lot got drunk and he slept with his daughters. David tried to get Uriah drunk, so that he would go against his conscience. The Bible said, "Give wine to those that are ready to perish." They offered wine to Jesus on the cross and once he tasted it and saw that it was fermented, he wouldn't drink it.

A quick answer would be, as a Christian, you want to be able to resist temptation. When a person is drinking alcohol, it lowers your ability to resist temptation. Not a good thing. Now, I'm sure there'll be people in heaven that didn't know better, smoking obviously. The Bible says, though shall not kill and that would include yourself. I used to smoke and I know the Lord accepted me when I first came to Him but he convicted me, I needed to quit because it's just wasn't a good witness, it's not good for you and it's a big waste of money.

I think, it's not a good thing for Christians to drink or smoke. Sam, we've got a book also and your free copy. It's called, Alcohol and the Christian and you just call anyone that wants to know about that. Call 800-835-6747 and we'll be sending you a copy of that book. All right, we're going to talk next to Anna, calling from Medford, Oregon. Anna, you're on the air with Bible Answers Live.

Anna: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Hi. How are you doing?

Anna: I'm pretty good. Thank you for accepting my call.

Pastor Doug: Absolutely and your question?

Anna: My question has to do with women ruling? It's in 1st Timothy 2:12, what I [unintelligible 00:36:10] not a woman to teach nor to insert authority over the man but to be in silence. Does this include in a marriage?

Pastor Doug: No. Does it mean that a woman in a marriage can't talk or can't say or teach? Because a woman does a whole lot of teaching in the home.

Anna: Can a woman control a house?

Pastor Doug: Sure. Now when you say control the house, whenever I'm-- I think the Bible is pretty clear, I know it's not popular and I know it's culturally, politically incorrect to say this in our day and age. I've just got to tell you what the Bible says.The Bible in my opinion is exceedingly clear that God has made men and women different and that God asks men to be the spiritual protectors and leaders of the family and to provide. That doesn't mean that a woman can't work, it doesn't mean that a woman can't lead. In our family, my wife respects me as the spiritual leader in the family.

That doesn't mean we don't discuss things, it doesn't mean that I don't respect her opinion and give in to her opinion frequently. It doesn't means that she doesn't have the right to be upset. [laughs] It's not like a dictatorial relationship. Sometimes, you need to have somebody who is the final word. God, through the Bible, the men were the patriarchs of the family. They were the priests of the family. They were the leaders and men would often lay their lives down and fight for their families and die.

God made men a little bit stronger physically and that was to protect. That doesn't mean that women can't teach or they can't speak but they weren't to do it and over-rule the authority of their families. I don't know if that made sense. You're still there, Anna?

Anna: Yes, I am.

Pastor Doug: Is there a specific scenario in the marriage you're wondering about?

Anna: Yes. Where, do I have the authority with my future husband to have the final say, to always lead him, to basically control him, make him do what I wanted to do in all times?

Pastor Doug: [laughs] No. [laughs] First of all, I think that if you're marrying the right person, he is going to respect your opinions. There are areas of domain that I think a successful family, husbands and wives will recognize the spiritual gifts of one another. They will surrender certain areas of the family and responsibilities to that person. I actually-- My wife takes care of the finances in the family. I work and the paycheck comes home but Karen takes care of paying all the bills and dealing with the finances.

I just give her that leadership. It doesn't mean she doesn't accept my opinion on that. Men should be spiritual leaders in the family. That's the scenario that we find in the Bible. I've got a book, I'll send you a free copy, Anna. If you like it and it's called, Women and Ministry. It talks about what the Bible says about the relationship between men and women. If you call our resource number, 800-835-6747 ask for the book, Women and Ministry. It helps answer some of these questions like the one you just asked from 1st Timothy. We'll send that to you. You can also read it online at Well friends, that does free up another phone. If you got a Bible question, just give us a call. Good chances we'll get on tonight's program 800-GOD-SAYS, 800-463-7297 brings your question to our studio. Talking next with John, who's calling from needles California. John, I know where that is. How are you doing?

John: Hello. Pretty good. I have two questions for you. The first is why do you think God only had a son and not a daughter. The 2nd is, in the bible, they don't count women. It seems when Moses walked to the red sea and got part of it, they only counted the men. When Jesus spread the multitude, they counted the man. I think in the genealogy, they gave the names of men. I was wondering is it a superiority thing or what is your take on why they don't count the women and they count the men?

Pastor Doug: Good question. That's somewhat related to our last question. In the genealogies of Jesus that you find in Matthew, it does primarily trace the lineage of Jesus through the men. It was through the household of the men. It does mention four women in the genealogy of Jesus. Let me see it. I think it mentioned Rahab, Tamar, Ruth, and Sarah. Of course, Mary is mentioned there. There are women who figured prominently in the genealogy of Jesus that are specifically mentioned. They typically trace and even Adam's genealogy or Abrahams genealogy you find in like Genesis 5, goes up to the tower of Babel. It traces it through the men.

They were patriarchs that relate the bible is definitely a book that follows that patriarchal model as supposed to a matriarchal model. You're asking why did God say that he gave his only begotten son as supposed to his daughter. Hypothetically, you could ask the question why do we pray our Father in heaven instead of our mother in heaven? Well, God is showing his leadership and in that the bible was written with a patriarchal perspective. The Father was considered the supreme leader of the family, the spiritual, the priest of the family, and God is the ultimate leader, and he had a son. The first born son was the one that the Father off and gave everything to.

Jesus came in a symbol of the first born son. He existed before he was born as a human, but he was Mary's only child. Joseph had other children from a prior marriage. He was Mary's first born as well. Anyway, I don't know if that's helped and answer. You may also enjoy the book that we just offered to our previous caller, John, talking about women and Ministry, answers some of these delicate questions that the bible talks about the relationship between husband and wife, what does it mean, when it says submit the relationship between women and men and ministry. Of course, I believe every believer called to use their gifts in ministry.

There's a difference then, when it's talking about whether men and women should be ordained as pastor. You find the distinction in why did Jesus picked 12 of apostles. Why 6 men and 6 women? Why were they all men? It answers some of those things. If you want a free copy of that, women and ministry, call 800-835-6747. If you want to call in a bible question to the studio, the other number, 800-GOD-SAYS, 800-463-7297 comes to the studio. Thank you, John. I hope that helps a little. With that, we're going to talk to Topeka Kansas. Alex is waiting. Alex, welcome to Bible Answers Live.

Alex: Hi. Thank you [inaudible 00:43:52] . I just want to know what's [inaudible 00:43:54] anything with scriptures that about common law marriage.

Pastor Doug: All right. What does the bible say if anything about common law marriage? In other words not going through the legal ceremony? If people are married or just leaving together for a few years, they have kids, do they ultimately get to the point where they're recognized as married. Well, variant states have different laws on these. Actually, very few states, and I don't know remember which ones in North America recognize common law marriage. I've heard all kinds of people quoted, but if you actually look at the laws, you'll find there's really very few states.

In the beginning, when God married Adam and Eve, God gave Adam his wife. He conducted the first marriage ceremony. The first miracle of Jesus was Adam marriage ceremony. As society grew, when their tribes were pretty small, when Isaac took his wife, it simply says, "Isaac took Rebecca into his mother's tent and she became his wife." It doesn't sound like they had a big ceremony. By the time you get to Jacob, there was a marriage ceremony. Basically, it was really important when two people made this covenant. Marriage was a covenant, that it was registered with everybody else so that women would not be going after some other woman's husband, and men would not be going after some other man's wife.

They were socially registered when they were married. By the time of Jesus, you see that Joseph was engaged to Mary. There was a whole public process and they had a ceremony and then the engagement was registered and consummated. I think that you are either legally married, or you're not legally married. It's important for Christians to live and obey the laws of the land. Some of the laws about marriage were designed to help protect children so that fathers, when they had children, were responsible for them. Did I lose Kevin? Alex and Topeka, something happened to your call. Alex, are you still there?

Alex: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Sorry, I think a bump the button and you were on mute. Does that make sense?

Alex: Well, I've tried it [inaudible 00:46:06] I live in a state that does recognize common law marriage, and I'm not reading in the scriptures was that you have sort of marriage ceremony. It's confusing to somebody who wants to do something right.

Pastor Doug: Let me ask, what would be the reason you wouldn't want to go through a marriage ceremony?

Alex: The question should be reversed, why would I want it? Is this a government business? I'm thinking it is just a spiritual commitment not a legal matter with the government fee.

Pastor Doug: I would respectfully disagree. I think that it is a spiritual commitment, I agree, but I also think marriage is a civil covenant that is recognized by society. When two people get married, they do it publicly. It's not a secret. You want people to know you made these covenants, that you are going to be a new family unit. There's nothing wrong with that being registered. If you aren't married legally, you don't ever have to hang your head and announce, "Yes, we're married." If you're always having to explain, well, it's common law marriage, and you got to make arguments, it always creates doubt about whether you're really married or not.

When I was a young hippie, I used to make all these creative arguments about common law marriage. As I have lived a little longer, and I've looked at the fallout from that, I believed that there's wisdom behind being legally married. That's great. You can be legally married in a church. It's a spiritual event, but it's recognized by society, and it's protected, at least it used to be. I have a book I'll be happy to send you, Alex, and it's called Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage. This is a full book. You can't read it online, but I'll send you a free copy. Call 800-835-6747, ask for the book on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage, and good question. I appreciate your call.

Got to go to another line though and talking next to Sandra, calling from Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Sandra, you're on the air.

Sandra: Hi there.

Pastor Doug: Hi. Thanks for calling.

Sandra: Yes. I'd like to know if today we still have to give our tithe like it says in Malachite.

Pastor Doug: Well, I think that tithe really would be the minimum daily requirement as they say with vitamins. The Bible specifies that there is a program that God has for supporting the spread of the gospel, the support of the ministry. In the old testament, and this goes back before the Jewish nation came out of Egypt, Abraham gave a tithe to the Melchizedek. Then you have an example where Jacob gave tithe when he came back safely to the promise land. You definitely have tithe in going back. Christ says in Matthew 23:23, you pay tithe of mint innocent, but you've omitted the weightier matters of the law. He doesn't say tithe doesn't have weight. He says you're omitting the weightier matters of the law, justice, mercy, and fate.

In the new testament, it actually goes beyond tithe. When the holy spirit is poured out, no man said that anything he had was his own, but they sold their houses, their lands, and they shared so that everyone could get to hear the gospel. The sacrifice level of the new testament goes beyond 10%. They were pouring their hearts and lives into spreading the gospel. I would think for a Christian, we should never flinch when we hear about 10%, that's sort of a basic starting point. Does that make sense?

Sandra: Yes, thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Let me -- tell you what, let me send you a free book on that. It gives you all the scriptures and many more than I have time to quote, and it's called, In God, we trust. It's a great study with pictures and everything. In God, we trust just call 800-835-6747 and ask for that. We'll send it for you for free. Thank you, Sandra. I appreciate your question. Talking now then to Peter, who's calling from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Welcome, Peter. You're on the air with bible answers live.

Peter: Hi, Pastor Batchelor.

Pastor Doug: Hi.

Peter: Good to talk to you. Thank you. I have a question, when God gave to Adam the breath of life. I know that every time you answer this question you say, "The breath of life is not the Holy Spirit.", but could it be?

Pastor Doug: Well, certainly when God breathe in to Adam the breath of life. I think the word there in Hebrews is ruach and it does mean breath. There are other words that describe the Holy Spirit, but it's often described as breath. Certainly, when He breathed his breath into Adam, He also gave him his spirit. When Adam's eyes twinkled opened for the first time, and he recognized the face of God looking down at him, and he inhaled. He had the Holy Spirit because he was sinless at that point, right?

Peter: Yes, absolutely.

Pastor Doug: I don't know if [crosstalk] believe in, that the God gave Adam the Spirit simultaneously when he breathe, when he aspirated his breath into him.

Peter: I guess, it's my desire that I want to be alive because of the in dwelling Holy Spirit, and be it only a measures to suffice for life. The functions, the physical and physiological even that is him. That our need of God is so far beyond our comprehension. Still --

Pastor Doug: Let me just think about something. Are there some people that have a grieved away the Holy Spirit but they're still alive?

Peter: Yes. That's what I am stating by saying only a sufficient measure of the Holy Spirit to keep us alive. Now, that is so contradictory because you can't picture the Holy Spirit dwelling in something so evil. As us though our wickedness is- [crosstalk]

Pastor Doug: Yes, but you know--

Peter: -here you have this -- go ahead.

Pastor Doug: I just going to say even the sinners who understand about Jesus calling them. When the Holy Spirit begins to convict the sinner, you got the Spirit of God coming into the heart of the wicked person, bringing them conviction. God's spirit even makes its way into the darkness of people that are wicked, and selfish and lost, and that's one of the miracles of his grace. The fullness of the Spirit is different. Even the disciples were later baptized in the Holy Spirit, which was beyond what they received when Jesus breathed on them on the upper room.

[music playing]

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Pastor Doug: Friends, are you afraid of heights? If so, you might want to look away right now. One of the most famous attractions in the San Francisco Bay Area is the Iconic Golden Gate Bridge. While this world famous bridge was named as one of the seven wonders of the modern world, few people know the story of the brave man who were involved in the construction and also known as the Half Way to Hell Club. Designed by a group of visionary engineers at 420,000 ft, from end to end. The Golden Gate Bridge was at one time, the longest suspension bridge in the world. Doing its construction from 1933 to 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge had one of the best safety construction records of any project during that time.

Keep in mind there would factor and calculate that one man would die for every million dollars that was spent. The budget of $35 million, they knew that loss of life would be unacceptable. This is why the Chief Engineer, Joseph B. Strauss was absolutely adamant about using the most rigorous safety precautions that have ever been used in bridge building. He had a local manufacturer's safety equipment, designs special head gear that he insisted to be worn every job. This became the prototype for the modern hard hat, worn for the first time ever. The safety precautions went even further. Strauss provided a special hand and face cream to protect the skin from the cold bite wind and glare free goggles to protect their eyes.

In addition, they also ate a special diet to help worn off dizziness, when they were working on epic heights. The most conspicuous safety precaution, was a gigantic net, that was suspended from end to end on the entire construction area of the Golden Gate Bridge. In fact, during construction, these nets save the lives of 19 men who later became known as the Half Way to Hell Club. Now, you need to keep in mind, these are some of the most dangerous construction conditions you can even imagine.

The wind was constantly blowing. They were walking around on Iron that sometimes had ice from the freezing fog. In places, there were over 700 ft. above the icy waters. Yet the man coming from all walks of life who willing to take this risk because he was doing a great depression and they get paid up to $11 a day which was a fortune back then.

What are the other benefits of the net?

They discovered that the men were much more courageous even though they were walking high on the slippery surfaces because they knew there was a mechanism to protect them if they should fall. These gave them the confidence and the courage to press on, and get the bridge built in record time. Friends, as Christians, we had a great work to do. The Bible tells us that we got to participate with Jesus in building the bridge that connects heaven and earth. There are dangers along the way.

The devil would like to paralyze us with fear, that might fall and make a mistake. We know that Jesus has provided a safety net for us, and we don't have to be afraid. We can press on with confidence because the promised is in the book of Job verse 24, "He is able to keep us from falling", but sometimes, we make mistakes. Still don't be discouraged friends. If you read in 1st John chapter two verse one. The Bible says if we fall, if we sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ. Let's press on together and build that bridge with Christ.

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