The Story of Jesus

Date: 12/21/2008 
He was born in an obscure village, a child of a peasant woman. He grew up in another despised village. He worked in a carpenter shop until he was thirty and then for 3 and ½ years he was an itinerary preacher.
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? He was born in an obscure village, a child of a peasant woman. He grew up in another despised village. He worked in a carpenter shop until he was thirty and then for 3 and ½ years he was an itinerary preacher. He never owned a home. He never wrote a book. He never held an office. He never had a family. He never went to college. He never put His foot inside a big city. He never traveled more than 200 hundred miles from the place that He was born. He never did any of the things that usually accompany greatness. He had no credentials but Himself.

While still a young man the tide of popular opinion turned against Him. His friends ran away, one of them denied Him. He was turned over to His enemies by another. He went through the mockery of a trial. He was nailed upon a cross between two thieves. While He was dying the executioners gambled for the only piece of property that He had on earth, His coat. When He was dead He was laid in a borrowed grave through the pity of a friend. Nineteen long centuries have come and gone and today He is the centerpiece of the human race and the leader of the column of progress.

I’m far within the mark when I say that all the armies that ever marched and all of the navies that were ever built and all the parliaments that ever sat and all of the kings that ever reigned put together, have not affected the life of man out upon this earth as powerfully as that one solitary life. Stay with us friends we’re going to learn more as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: I know that we have new listeners every week, but I really know that we have new listeners tonight. On the way in we passed a lot of the holiday shoppers out there and if you’re listening in your car and you’re listening for the first time, you’re listening to “Bible Answers Live.” This is a live international interactive Bible study and you’re invited to call in with your Bible questions. It’s a toll free number and that number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS which is an acronym for 1-800-463-7297 got some lines open now. Call in with your bible question and you can get it on tonight’s broadcast. We’re going to give some preferential treatment to first time callers tonight. The number is 1-800-463-7297 with your Bible question and my name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is Jëan Ross and good evening listening friends and Pastor Doug. Let’s start with prayer. Dear Father we thank you again for this opportunity to have this Bible study over the airwaves. We ask your blessing upon this program. We ask that you be with those who care listening and those who call in. Lord we ask for wisdom as we search the pages of scripture for the truth. For this we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Ross: That was a beautiful opening that you spoke of. It’s a well known verse talking about Jesus. The most influential figure that has ever walked the earth and it’s this time around in the year that people are talking about the birth of Jesus. And for a lot of people it’s a puzzling question how God became a man. How Christ was both God and man combined.

Pastor Doug: You know it is a wonderful thought, but the Bible calls it a mystery. The mystery of God is and the Bible speaks of the mystery of iniquity is why the creation would want to destroy the creation and be god. Lucifer or Satan wanting to be I God’s position is the mystery of iniquity. The mystery of God is how God could become a man. And be 100% man and still be God. And our minds cannot take that in. And so God says my ways are far above your ways as the heavens are above the earth, but God did come to earth. He assumed the life of man and He became a man. And he lived among us for—as we read in this excerpt from a sermon by Dr. James Allen Francis, he lived among us for 33 and ½ years. And all of history is now dated from his birth. Simple life 3 and ½ years of public ministry transformed human history and we don’t know what he looked like. No photographs, no sculptures or paintings of course, just the renderings of imagination. And all we really know is what He said is so powerful. And that’s contained in the words of the Bible. People wonder often, how did God become a man and was He just like us and how was He different?

And you may have questions about that friend. We have a study tonight that helps explain and while we don’t have all of the answers; we’ve got a lot of them in this book by Joe Crews, dealing with Christ’s human nature. How God can become a man and still be one of us.

Pastor Ross: Again the book is called “Christ’s Human Nature” and to receive our offer, call our resource line it’s 1-800-835-6747 and it is free. Ask for our book, “Christ’s Human Nature” and the number again is 1-800-835-6747.

We’re going to go to the phone lines now. Mark is listening on WITA from Knoxville. Tennessee. Mark welcome to the program.

Mark: Alright in light of the fact that’s there is no burning hell, I am curious as to how ungodly people who are on their deathbed have visions of being pulled into hell. Like one had a heart blockage and he begged the doctor to resuscitate him because every time he “died” he went to hell. And then there’s a book out and video on You Tube by Bill Weiss called 23 minutes in hell and when this is a minister that claims to have; God took him to hell and he saw graphic images of people burning and.

Pastor Doug: Well now first of all just for clarification Mark the Bible does teach there is a lake of fire and the Bible does teach that the wicked are punished; every man according to what he deserves. What the Bible does not teach is that hell is burning right now because the resurrection and the judgment have not taken place yet. It is true that if you die because you have no consciousness of time in posing and you no longer live in the time we live in. If you die your next conscious thought is the resurrection and your reward; whether it is ever lasting life or everlasting death.

Mark: Well how can people go to hell right now if there is no hell?

Pastor Doug: Well that’s the point they can’t go to hell right now. The Bible is really clear. Jesus said in oh—

Mark: Have you ever heard of that video?

Pastor Doug: Yeah. I did. I didn’t see the video; I think I saw he was being interviewed on some TV stations. Or maybe on the radio; that’s where I heard him talk about it on the radio. But, the bottom line is; do we base our theology, Mark, on a dream whether it is a pastor or anybody.

Mark: Or even a sinner who claims to have gotten 48 hours in hell?

Pastor Doug: Yeah. Well, there are people who are Christians who say they died on the death bed and they went to a circus. There are all kinds of claims who when your mind is robbed of oxygen because you had a heart attack or your heart has stopped beating.

Mark: Blockage?

Pastor Doug: Yeah whatever. You can have all kinds of colorful hallucinations. I’ve had a lot of doctors to explain to me and a lot is in writing that it is just a very common for people to have all kinds of hallucinations.

Mark: How about the death of a mailman frightens the doctor so much that he gets converted. So he can avoid going to hell?

Pastor Doug: Well you know the Lord could do whatever He wants and in other words the Lord can give a vision to someone that may not be real if I have a dream because God is speaking to me personally through a dream He gives me; it doesn’t replace Scripture. And I don’t interpret Scripture based on Doug’s dream.

Mark: Why would God give a false dream?

Pastor Doug: Well God sometimes gives dreams in allegories. Sometimes God will give a dream to somebody, Pilgrim’s Progress, I don’t know, have you ever read or heard of the book called Pilgrim’s Progress? But, it is a vivid dream and it goes through just all kinds of allegories. But, I’m not sure if the whole thing was a dream, but he writes it as a dream. But, they tell about salvation. Well, you don’t interpret salvation by dragons and serpents and lions that he saw in his dream. And we shouldn’t interpret truth based upon; it doesn’t matter if it is a Pastor, Priest or Hindu or Buddhist Monk that has a dream and is experienced on a death bed. What does the word say?

Now on the subject of hell; we actually have a website we recommend to people and we have something we’d be happy to send you, Mark. On the subject of hell the Bible is very clear there is a lake of fire and the wicked are punished, but it doesn’t burn through endless ages and no one is burning there yet because I am thinking about the verse Pastor Ross where Jesus said, so it will be at the end of the world when the wheat and the tares parable at the end of the world Jesus says the wicked are gathered and burned. Not now; at the end of the world.

Pastor Ross: That’s Matthew Chapter 13:40.

Pastor Doug: Hopefully that will help and our website, Mark, is called “Hell Truth dot com”, “Hell Truth dot com”.

Pastor Ross: We also have an “Amazing Facts” study guide dealing with hell and it is called, “Is the Devil in Charge of Hell?” And for anyone listening if you’d like more information on that call our resource line, 1-800-835-6747. You can ask for the study guide, “Is the Devil in Charge of Hell?” or you can go to the website, “Hell Truth dot org” for more information.

David is listening from New Jersey on the internet. David welcome to the program.

David: Yes, how are you doing? My question is in reference to Genesis 6:4 where it talks about Nephilim. Were the angels that produced Nephilim were they the angels that were persuaded by Satan because we know that for a period of time Satan persuaded angels to take angels with him? Or were they already demons?

Pastor Doug: Alright can I back you up David just a little bit if you are going to look into Genesis 6:4 we have to start with Genesis 6:2 , where it says, “The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were beautiful. Now the sons of God in the Bible sometimes refer to angels. Sometimes in the Bible sons of God refers to people who belong to God or who have committed themselves to God. And there are 10 references to the sons of God in the Bible.

For instance, Matthew Chapter 9:5 Jesus says, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God.” And if you look in Luke Chapter 20 or let me see here. Romans Chapter 8: “for as many are led by the Spirit of God; they are sons of God.” And some people say that it is saying that angels had sex or intimate relations with humans and they had these children that were giants. That is not what was really happening. Back in Genesis Chapters 1 through 5; you’ve got, after Cain kills Abel, Adam and Eve have another boy and his name is Seth. The world begins to be populated by these two young patriarchs.

The children of Cain, they turned their backs on God and Cain he basically led them to a whole nother land. The children of Seth they continued to sacrifice like Abel did and Adam and Eve. And they remained true to God. They believed in the plan of salvation. As long as they remained separate the children of Cain were the children of men the sons of God—I am sorry the children of men were the children of Cain, the sons of God were the children of Seth. As long as they remained distinct they were safe. But then it says that the sons of God meaning the children of Seth who believed in God began to intermarry into and intermingle with the daughters of Cain. After several generations of being separate they began to intermarry. The children of those marriages were very powerful and strong. And that is a very simple law of genetics called genetic vitality. It’s just telling us that once they began to intermarry that they lost their distinction and you’ll notice what happens after that; God says the thought so men’s hearts were evil continually because believers began to intermarry with the unbelievers. They lost their faith.

David: Yes, but doesn’t the word Nephilim mean half angelic and half human?

Pastor Doug: No. Let me look this up because I don’t believe it means that.

David: Because there’s two words there, the Nephilim and the Raphaim. Okay so in Hebrew Nephilim is half angelic and half human and as we see in Abraham when the angels came before Lot, we saw that angels were able to come down and transfer themselves to human beings.

Pastor Doug: Okay let me give you the—I’ve got the Strong’s here with the Hebrew. And I didn’t want to speak too confidently until I had it before me, but the word “nephilim” is translated a “feller” as in a wood cutter or someone who cuts wood or falls trees or a bully or a tyrant or giant and so that’s why it is translated in the King James “giants”. It could also mean bullies or tyrants or rough. But, the scholars translated it “giants” and I believe there were giants. I mean you go back to when the children of Israel first entered the Promised Land; there were the children of Anak and they were very tall and hey said well we felt like grasshoppers. But, they weren’t half angel; Jesus said Spirits do not have relations with women. It says angels neither marry nor are they given in marriage. Nothing in the bible tells us they have that kind of plumbing.

David: Yes, but the Bible says I believe in Job that they got away from their natural state these angels who rebelled against God.

Pastor Doug: Angels who fell from their first estate I think is in the book of Jude is what you’re thinking of. But, there is nothing in the Bible which leads us to believe and angels which are spirits in the Bible says can have physical, biological reproduction with humans. Most of the scholars that I have read believe this is talking about the two races that lived I the world back then were the children of Cain and the children of Seth. They began to intermarry and they lost their Godliness. The thoughts of men’s heart were only evil continually. God destroyed the world because they were evil not because they had co mingled with half spirit and half human. So some have wondered if the sons of God were aliens, so I’ve heard all kinds of strange theories. But, it tells us that the sons of God were the believers. Another Scripture would be 1 John Chapter 3, “behold what manner of love the father has bestowed on us that we should be called sons of God.” so I hope that helps a little bit David, we probably need to move onto another caller.

Pastor Ross: Kerry is listening on SAB and Kerry is calling from Jamestown, Tennessee. Kerry welcome to the program.

Kerry: Thank you Pastor Ross. Good evening gentlemen.

Pastor Doug: Good evening.

Kerry: I am in Revelation 21 and I wanted to understand the New Jerusalem I know we spend a millennium in the new Jerusalem and when it comes back down to earth, why do we have a city back on earth and especially in verse 25 of Chapter 21 it says, “And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day for there shall be no night there.” I understand that in the city. Outside of the city is there still going to be day and night?

Pastor Doug: Probably. Well a couple of things to address here, you talked about a city. Cities in this world are usually despised because they are concentrations of people. And if people are unconverted which most people are then that means they are concentrations of evil because without God our hearts are desperately wicked and so there is a lot of evil. But, in God’s city everybody is going to be good and no police station, no cemeteries, no hospital because it is going to be a whole different paradigm that we’re not used to where everything is pure and everything is good.

I already forgot the first part of that. Oh will there be day and night outside of the city? There isn’t going to be any day or night because the presence of God is there and so the city is illuminated by the light of God. Now let me give you something to think about Kerry. When God first began to make the world; He said let there be light. Is that right? And He began to rotate the earth and it says there was day and night. But, He hadn’t made the sun yet. The sun wasn’t made until the fourth day. So what was that source of light when He first began to create the world? He was. The Bible says in Malachi 4 the son of righteousness will arise with healing in His wing. And that’s one of the titles for Christ. So the glory of God is brighter than the sun the Bible tells us. So there’s no night in the city if God is there and His light is reverberating in and through across all of the minerals in that city. Outside the city there still probably will be some lighter and darker times, but I believe it is Isaiah and Pastor Ross might find it where it says the sun is seven times brighter and the moon is as the sun. In other words the brightness of our sun today is about how bright the moon will be in our new earth and the brightness of the sun today will be seven times.

Pastor Ross: That is Isaiah Chapter 30:26.

Pastor Doug: So boy that is going to be exciting. So when it’s as bright as it is now during the middle of our day. That’s night now. And when it is really the zenith of the day; it’s going to be brighter than we can even imagine.

Kerry: But, are we going to live in the city?

Pastor Doug: We’re going to go—the Bible says in Malachi Chapter 4, it says, “Then the righteous shall go forth.” So we’ll have a city home Jesus has prepares mansions for us in the city, but it says in Isaiah is it Chapter 64: or 65: that they will build houses and inhabit them, they will plant vineyards and eat the fruit of the vine, and enjoy the work of their hand. So inside the city we’re going to be building our own houses.

Kerry: Right, well that’s what I thought.

Pastor Doug: So we’ve got a country home and a city home.

Kerry: Wonderful.

Pastor Doug: And so everyone will be happy. We’ve got a lesson on that Kerry, we’d be happy to send you and it’s called, “God’s City in Space”.

Pastor Ross: That’s right. That is “Amazing Facts” sturdy guide called “Colossal City in Space” and it is free Kerry if you’d call our resource line, 1-800-835-6747.

Pastor Doug: We also have that book by Joe Crews, “Heaven is it for Real” and take your pick which one you want.

Pastor Ross: And that’s 1-800-835-6747. Joseph is listening from WMCA in New York. Joseph welcome to the program.

Joseph: Good evening Pastors.

Pastor Doug: Good evening,

Joseph: I Pastor you had mentioned that Solitary Life, do you know who the author was by any chance.

Pastor Doug: Yes. It’s from an essay by Dr. James Allen Francis.

Joseph: Thank you.

Pastor Doug: And it has been sort of adjusted a little bit over time, so what I read to you may have been a modified version of his essay.

Joseph: When you mention Jesus didn’t travel more than 200 miles did that take place when He went to Egypt that 200 miles?

Pastor Doug: They are figuring from Galilee or even Bethlehem to the borders of Egypt is a little less than 200 miles. He probably went to the Jewish city of Alexandria and had a Jewish settlement at the time and probably Mary and Joseph went there because they spoke their native language and they could, sort of hide there because Herod was looking for them.

Joseph: But, He didn’t travel that far preaching?

Pastor Doug: No as a matter of fact Christ said I’m sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Meaning he dedicated His preaching to the North and South in the land of Israel. But, there’s not indication He left, like one time he went to the borders north. He went to northern territory of Sidonphonecia which is right up by Tyre, but that’s the farthest north that we know of he went. And as a child He went to Egypt, so pretty small traveling vicinity for someone who changed the world.

Joseph: Yes it is. Did the Virgin Mary have any brothers?

Pastor Doug: You know there’s no reference that she had brothers, but it is logical she had other siblings. We know Elizabeth was her cousin and it talks about Mary’s sister; I think in the Gospel of John. Don’t know if she had any brothers.

Joseph: I think you said when you were in transcendental meditation that after repeating a mantra your mind would go blank?

Pastor Doug: Yeah.

Joseph: What happened when your mind went blank, did they feed you any information or what was that or what happened to your mind when your mind went blank?

Pastor Doug: Well fortunately for me whenever I did that I was by myself. But, they do, they do feed you that. You know people can be put into a state of hypnosis through repletion or a certain rhythm and that’s why a certain rock rhythm can create a sense of hypnosis. Your optic nerves that are your eyes and your auditory nerves, your ears are very close to the brain, and through flashing lights and certain beats that can try and capitalize on the heart beats or the rhythm in the body; you can be put into a state of hypnosis.

Joseph: Did you experience anything like that while your mind was blank Pastor?

Pastor Doug: Yes you get this false sense of euphoria, you kind of get a false sense of everything is okay now. Not that everything is okay, but you just like released a lot of dopamine into your system and sort of an artificial drug inducement. But, I hope that helps a little bit Joseph. We’ve probably got time for one or two more before our break.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Mario listening in on the internet from Houston, Texas. Mario welcome to the program.

Mario: Good evening Pastors.

Pastor Doug: Good evening.

Mario: I’ve got a quick question for you. All my life I’ve been pretty faithful in regards to eating clean food according to Leviticus Chapter 11. I saw a verse in Mark 7: 18-19 and in parentheses Jesus declared all foods clean.

Pastor Doug: Now are you reading in New International Version, aren’t you?

Mario: No actually I have the King James.

Pastor Doug: King James doesn’t say that. Let me read it to you I have the King James here in front of me. You said Mark Chapter 7: 19.

Mario: Yeah 18 and 19.

Pastor Doug: Alright I’ll read it. This is word to word from the King James, “And He sayeth unto them are ye so without understanding also. Do you not perceive that what so ever thing from without enters into the man it cannot defile him because it enters not into his heart, but into his belly and goes out into the drought purging all meats.” There are no parentheses. It’s the NIV that has Parentheses, unless you’re looking at some note in a margin, I don’t know?

Mario: No it’s in parentheses.

Pastor Doug: See now the reason I’m saying that if you in the King James, the new King James, The New American Standard, you don’t find that note. That was a note that was found in a manuscript and they copyist he put that in the parentheses because it’s not in the original Greek anyway. Yeah so Jesus He didn’t declare all foods clean because if Jesus declared all foods clean here in Mark Chapter 7, then why three and one half years later in Acts Chapter 10, is Peter saying I have never eaten anything uncommon or unclean and when God said arise and eat he said not so Lord. Of course later in a vision the Lord told him not to call any man common or unclean; it had nothing to do with food. So this is a verse that some of the more modern versions translators that probably like to eat unclean food had a little bias and so they included it in the text.

Mario: That’s it. Thanks a lot. Thank you, Pastors.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Umm-hmm God bless. By the way we do have a book and if Mario is listening, it is called, “Hogs and other Hazards”. But, we don’t offer that very often and it is Christmas so I thought that might be fun.

Pastor Ross: The number again 1-800-835-6747. The book I called “Hogs and other Hazards”.

Pastor Doug: Read it before your Christmas ham.

Pastor Ross: That’s right. We also have a study guide dealing with health and what the Bible has to say about clean and unclean foods. Just called, “God’s Free Health Plan”.

Pastor Doug: “Amazing Facts” is working on a new magazine I just wanted to tell everybody this. Well, I’ll take another question and we’ll do this during the break. Go ahead.

Pastor Ross: I don’t think we have time for another question.

Pastor Doug: Alright then I’ll make this announcement right now. We’re working on something really exciting because “Amazing Facts” has taken all of these Biblical principles of health that are now being substantiated by modern science and actually have been for some time. We’re putting them together in a new magazine called, “Amazing Health” seven Bible secrets to stronger longer life. And it really is phenomenal that in the Bible are the principles for healing and long life. You know I love that story in the Bible that says Moses lived 120 years and he climbed a mountain and when he died his eye had not dimmed and his natural force had not abated. Now no matter how healthy you are and how well you take care of yourself you will eventually die, but you don’t want to spend your last thirty years dying. You want to have a clear eye and a clear mind and physical strength up until the end. And that’s the key the Bible will tell you some of the secrets so you can have a longer stronger life. And go to our website “Amazing Facts dot com or dot org” and you will see other things available there and be watching for this new magazine coming out. I also want to remind everybody that we’re just taking a break right now and we’re coming back with more Bible questions. When you go to the “Amazing Facts” website you will also notice there’s a new website called, “Amazing Facts TV” You can be watching TV on the internet 24 hours a day. It’s evangelism television. Evangelism television and that’s “Amazing Facts TV”. We’ll be right back with Bible questions.


Pastor Doug: We’re back listening friends and for some who joined us on the way “Bible Answers Live” we’re about halfway through our destination if you’d like to get on the train you can call in your Bible question. We’ve got lines open right now. That number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS it is an acronym those seven letters represent 463-7297 give us a call with your Bible question and you have a good chance of getting your question on tonight’s program. Pastor Ross we’ve got a lot of other websites this program is only once a week live. The stations rebroadcast it through the week. But, we want to encourage people to find answers all week long. And while we can’t afford to buy all of the airtime all week long we can direct people to the website with a lot of other Bible information. We have free studies you can download. You can go to Bible Universe. Oh, I forgot to announce that. We completely redecorated the Bible Universe website. Matter of fact someone sent us a Billboard from an Interstate back east where all it says on the whole Billboard is “Bible Universe dot com”. Because they were so impressed with the Bible studies and the resources there and if you’ve not been there lately friends, just type in; easy to remember “Bible Universe dot com”. And we’re building that website bigger and better all of the time. There are a lot of Bible studies you can take right online for free on prophecies and other issues.

And you know I just came back from a youth congress where there were about 5000 young people. And they were saying; what is happening in the world now? And what does this mean prophetically? And people are wondering where is the country going? Where is the world going? Does this economic crisis have any prophetic significance?

And there’s another website you might consider for a series on prophecy and it is called, “prophecy Code” they have videos you can watch. They talk about prophecy and what it means. Lessons you can follow along with. Study helps, “Prophecy Code dot com”.

That’s just to name a few. There’s about 30 different “Amazing Facts” websites that are doing stuff right now and that will give you a little bouquet to start with.

Pastor Ross: Okay let’s go to the phone lines. Jeff is calling from Canada. Jeff welcome to the program.

Jeff: Good evening.

Pastor Doug: Thanks for waiting Jeff.

Jeff: I have two quick questions on end-time prophecy. First one is it correct saying the man of lawlessness in 11Thessolonians? The little big horn and the beast of the earth Daniel, Revelation the beast of the sea, in Revelation 13 I think. The king of the north in Daniel 11 are these all pointing to the same person or is this the same institution of the beast power?

Pastor Doug: Well I believe yes. It seems like. Now the king of the north starts out Daniel 11 is probably the most troublesome of the ones that you stated because that chapter meanders through history for over 2000 years. But, ultimately the other characteristics the other indicators you just mentioned I believe they are all fulfilled by the last day beast of Revelation 13, Daniel Chapter 7, it’s speaking of this and obviously, if we were to pull aside the veil; like the wizard of oz where you pull aside the curtain and there’s a devil back there who is pulling the levers in all of these evil powers. We know that Satan is behind all of the powers that persecute God’s people. And he puts on a number of faces, but he’s back there.

Jeff: Now kind of a sub question is now to what extent—because in many of the verses that you read there—if you read it, it is really personified and you know in Revelation it says that he calls fire down from heaven. When it talks like an individual to what extent is it the beast power an individualistic or is it just and institution with no real leader?

Pastor Doug: Well I do believe when you read some of the words in Revelation 13 it keeps saying he. And it uses all of the language we would use to talk about an individual institution, but it almost gives it a personality. Christ—God came to earth to show us who He is—He took on the form of a man. Satan is probably saying that is foul play and before Christ returns, I think the masterpiece of Satan’s deception is he will seek to impersonate Christ. And so I do believe that the devil is going to have an individual on earth that will claim to be Christ and it will be the ultimate counterfeit. That’s why Jesus said there will be false Christ’s and false prophets. And there have already been many of them through history, but obviously the last false Christ is going to be the devil’s best attempt to deceive the world. And so I do believe there is going to be an individual who will seek to deceive.

Jeff: Okay so now are you giving an individual to the beast alone or to the false prophet as well?

Pastor Doug: The false prophet is who I am thinking of right now.

Jeff: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Pastor Ross?

Pastor Ross: You mentioned something in Revelation 13 there’s two beasts. Just to clarify the first beast, would be identified as the same power of the little horn in Daniel. There is a second beast the beast that comes from the sea, that’s not the same beast as the first beast who comes from the earth. The second beast has been identified as the United States, but they do work together and we have a study guide Pastor Doug dealing with the subject of the Anti-Christ. And for anyone wanting to know more about this our resource line is 1-800-835-6747 asks for the study guide, “Who is the Anti-Christ?”

Pastor Doug: Well I was just going to say for Jeff’s question we have a book that we don’t often offer, but it is that time of year. It’s called, “The Beast Who Will Worship It?” by Gary Gibbs and it is very direct. “The Beast Who Will Worship It?” and a very direct and powerful book on the subject and so you can take your choice.

Pastor Ross: Again 1-800-835-6747 “The Beast Who Will Worship It?” or you can ask for “Who is the Anti-Christ?” and we’d be happy to send that out to you.

Our next caller is Jose calling from New Hampshire. Jose welcome to the program.

Jose: Good evening.

Pastor Doug: Good evening.

Jose: Pastor Batchelor, how are you?

Pastor Doug: Doing very well and how can we help you tonight?

Jose: Well I am a first time caller.

Pastor Doug: Well praise the Lord.

Jose: What a pleasure talking to you. I’m studying in the book of Acts Chapter 2: about the early rain how where there appears to be tons of fire that came down on the disciples and it filled them with the Holy Spirit and if you continue reading on the same Chapter 2: 13 it says, “In the last days God says I will pour out my Spirit upon all people and your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams.” The question I have is this period of time going to happen all at once or will it spread over months or years? And are we living in those times because that’s how it seems?

Pastor Doug: I believe we’re—well first of all, Peter in Acts Chapter 2 is quoting Joel Chapter 2—and he is saying that when the Holy Spirit was poured out there at Pentecost that it was the fulfillment of Joel. But, he wasn’t saying it was the last fulfillment. If the former rain of God’s Spirit was in Acts Chapter 2 there’s always a latter rain. And the latter rain is still in the future. I think you will see there will be a repeat experience where there will be some event where there will be like a cloud burst of God’s Spirit that will begin a movement on earth, but it’s not the only; it is not going to come all in one spurt necessarily. In Chapter 2 God poured out the Spirit and tongues of fire came down and in Acts Chapter 4 they are praying and it says again the Holy Spirit fell on them and they preached the word with boldness.

So several times through the book of Acts the Holy Spirit comes down. But, it really came down in a phenomenal way with a mighty rushing wind and with a roar like a train. Of course it doesn’t say train, but it does say roar, and with the tongues of fire in Acts Chapter 2. I think there’s going to be a similar event. I don’t know what the context for that will be, but it hasn’t happened yet. And then I believe within God’s Spirit and then His work is going to sweep around the world after that cloud burst of His Spirit just like it did in Acts Chapter 2. But, there will continue to be waves of it after the initial out pouring. Is that your understanding?

Pastor Ross: Yeah. But, you referred to Joel Chapter 2, in any case there is a former rain and then there is the latter rain. And according—let me just read it, Joel 2:23 it says, “Be glad children of Zion and rejoice in the Lord your God. He has given you the former rain moderately, and He will cause to come down on you the rain, the former rain and the latter rain, in the first month.” In other words the former rain is the experience of the disciples of Pentecost. It was given moderately. But, the latter rain which ripens the harvest just prior to the second coming of Christ is to be poured out in a great measure so we could expect even greater things just prior to the coming of Christ than what the disciples had at the Pentecost.

Pastor Doug: I think there’s going to be signs and wonders and miracles and Satan will probably have counterfeits. You know we have a book we’d be happy to send you Jose it’s called, “Life in the Spirit” and if you would ask for that we’d be happy to send it to you.

Pastor Ross: The number is 1-800-835-6747 and the book is “Life in the Spirit”.

Our next caller is Henry and he is calling from Bronx, New York. Henry welcome to the program.

Henry: How you doing.

Pastor Doug: Very well. How can we help you tonight?

Henry: Yes I am studying on Hebrews Chapter 10:26. The verse says, “For if you sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remainth no more sacrifice for sins,” is the verse saying if you willfully sin there is no more sacrifice for your sins?

Pastor Doug: Well in Hebrews 10:26 the word “sin” there it is a word that is an ongoing word. In other words it is not like one event. It means that if you continue to sin after you’ve receive the knowledge for the truth, there’s nothing more that God can do. In other words if we persist and cling to a willful life of sin and notice the word willfully; sometimes we fall it’s not premeditated we don’t want to disappoint the Lord, but then there’s willful sin where you say look I’m going to do whatever I want and do what the world does and hope that God saves me. Paul says you are deceiving yourself if you have that attitude. What more can God do to save you if you reject His grace and power to have a victorious life? So it’s not one event, but it’s the act of willfully continuing to live a life of sin.

Henry: I understand.

Pastor Doug: Because if I guess right there’s no one listening to my voice right now that has not sinned willfully at least once. And so if everybody who willfully sins one time is doomed, we’re all sunk. Do you know what I am saying?

Henry: Yes I understand.

Pastor Doug: it’s the continuing to rebel that God can’t reach.

Pastor Ross: You know I am looking at the verse in Matthew 12:31 where Jesus says, “Therefore I say to you all manner of sin shall be forgiven except blasphemies against the Holy Spirit. So that is a continual rejecting of the prompting of the Holy Spirit. And this is a gradual process, it doesn’t happen overnight. As the Holy Spirit convicts and we harden our heart toward s that conviction, eventually we reach the point where we don’t even hear the prompting of the Holy Spirit anymore. And that would be the unpardonable sin.

Henry: Okay, thank you for that lesson on the verse.

Pastor Doug: Okay thank you very much Henry. We hope that helps a little bit.

Pastor Ross: You know Pastor Doug we could have offered a book for resisting temptations.

Pastor Doug: That is a great book.

Pastor Ross: I think it is a book that everyone could use. And for anyone listening you can call the resource line 1-800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book “Tips for Resisting Temptation” we’d be happy to send that to you.

Jay is listening from WMCA in New York, New York. Jay welcome to the program.

Jay: Well hello welcome and have a Merry Christmas.

Pastor Doug: Likewise.

Jay: Sure. My question is there was a TBS special on called “From Jesus to Christ the First Christian” and the professors are making a reference to Jesus and what He was saying on the cross. “My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me” and they were referencing to 22 Psalms where they say that Jesus doesn’t actually say that, that after the battle of Masada in 70 A.D. and the fall of the temple that those were added on later.

Pastor Doug: Yeah I wonder if you know and it is interesting to me, nauseating would be the better word, I was actually listening to the history channel last night and they were talking about Jesus and you when some of these channels, History, PBS and Discover I think they mean well, but I don’t know where they get some of their scholars. I’ve heard some of them just make blatant errors in history; quoting things in the Bible and making these things up and you know you wonder if TV producers just aren’t checking their sources. But, there is nothing in history or the Scriptures that would lead us to think that the gospel writers manufactured that statement that Jesus made. Because that statement at first glance would seem to say that He wasn’t the Messiah. It would work against their design of trying to Deify Christ. So the idea that Christ would have been forsaken by the Father and a matter of fact it was a mystery to many when they first read that why would He say that? But, when you look at the 22 Psalm that’s when you have a very powerful that Christ is pointing the attention of the people around the cross and of us even today. What was happening on the cross was that He was the Messiah who was forsaken of the Father for our sins. And the other verses in that Psalm—let’s just suppose for minute that Jesus did manufacture the first verse. That He didn’t really say, “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” For the sake of an argument let’s suppose that. The rest of Psalm 22; none of the scholars dispute that, that is there! Where it says, “They pierced my hands and feet, they divided my garments among them” how could Jesus have manufactured that? They would say 1000 years earlier? So I don’t know how they grapple with that?

Jay: Because they say after the fall of Masada and the fall of temple in 70 A.D. they said to make it look like that He was really the Messiah they added that on later.

Pastor Doug: Well, but they didn’t change Psalm 22. Psalm 22--and the Dead Sea scrolls go way before Masada. We know that Psalm 22 has not been altered in any way in Psalm 22 David prophesies in this Messianic psalm; his hands and feet would be pierced, they would surround him growling like dogs and it is exactly the scenes of the cross. So there’s no question that these things were written before it happened so I don’t know why they would question Jesus saying that on the cross before He died. Christ makes seven statements on the cross—there’s no evidence—I’ve been to Masada—that the Jews at Masada changed the history of the gospel. The Jews at Masada were not Christians. The gospels were written by Christians that went up to Greece and to Antioch and I don’t know how one could get the manuscripts from others and alter them all. So I tell you sometimes I wonder about these supposed scholars and where they come from.

Pastor Ross: You know it seems popular today to come up with something new, and something controversial and we see that especially when it comes to the Bible. People are questioning everything and distorting some of the clear facts that have been established a long time ago.

Pastor Doug: Well there are some people out there that have an agenda to discredit the truth of the Bible because there are things in the bible that trouble them and so they’re always working to discredit it. But, you know the Bible is an anvil that has worn out hundreds of hammers and it is still going to be there. Jesus said heaven and earth will pass away, but my word will not pass away. Thanks a lot Jay and we do have that book we can offer called the “Faithful Witness” And you know what would be even better—would be our lesson—“Is There Anything Left You Can Trust?”. It talks about the dependability of Scripture.

Pastor Ross: The number is 1-800-835-6747 that is our resource line you can ask for “Is There Anything Left You Can Trust?” We’ll be happy to send that to you. Carlos is listening from WMCA from Brooklyn New York. Carlos welcome to the program.

Carlos: Yes good evening Pastor Doug. It is good Pastor Doug because to finally be able to speak to you. I just wanted you to know about a year ago I turned my life over and I was baptized in Christ and through my church your ministry was presented to me and it has been a blessing.

Pastor Doug: Well praise the Lord.

Carlos: You helped me with my spiritual growth and it is an honor.

Pastor Doug: How can I help you?

Carlos: My question would be about military service. It seems like before I was in Christ I was never very interested in it and now it has always come up where people talk about it. And my question would be as a Christian, based on the doctrines and teachings of Christ, of love your enemy and turn the other cheek, basically not go against what’s done to us as Christians because we’re supposed to be as Christ. How do you see the justification or reasoning behind somebody who would join the military? Especially knowing the reason of why wars happen and he back stabbing and all the stuff that goes on inside the military, but just in general?

Pastor Doug: Well there’s back stabbing in politics, too. But, there’s back stabbing in all kinds of things, but first let me give you what my personal take is-–and this is a very sensitive and hotly debated subject in many denominations. I think it is very difficult for a conscientious Christian to live without their convictions in the military. Now I have never been in the military, but that’s because I went to military school when I was five years old and I went again to the New York Military academy 12 and 13, so I had my fill of military before I was ever old enough to get drafted. But, my daughter was in the Army, son in the Marines, and it is very difficult to live out your personal religious convictions in the military because basically you sign on the dotted line that you are going to obey whatever your superiors tell you to do. And I do believe in defending my country and I am proud of my kids who served in the military, but they’ll also be the first ones to admit that it is awful hard to say I am going to be one domino out of the thousands; that is going to do and go where I am told, to go and do some of those things I am told to do though some of those things may conflict with your conscious and your convictions and the Bible.

Now having said that a lot of evidence in the Bible where God does save people in the military and He even sends people on Military Campaigns, you know David was a man after god’s heart and he was a soldier through and through, but you know what? When it came to building a temple he said David you are a bloody man you can’t build the temple, I’ll have Solomon build the temple.

And you know John the Baptist when he was preaching the soldiers said well what do we do and he said don’t do violence to any man. What? They were soldiers. I think he meant don’t abuse the people you occupy. But, what would we do if we didn’t have military? I am so thankful that they are there and they protect our freedoms. So Christians need—to understand there’s a balance between, being supportive and at the same time if you are drafted into the service; you ought to try to serve in some capacity whether not in combat and you don’t have to take life.

Pastor Ross: You know Pastor Doug I am thinking of a hero who went into the military in the 11 World War, Desmond Dust, who refused to kill someone; he refused to carry a gun, but he went into the medics and he did a tremendous job for his country and for his faith.

Pastor Doug: Got the Congressional Medal of Honor. For his service –and he went in-–he did not want to carry arms—he was a conscientious objector. No there’s another word for it; it wasn’t a conscientious objector. It escapes me right now, but he just said I—I’m not going to take life. And he wouldn’t shoot—and he ended up getting—the only one who non combatant got the Congressional Medal of Honor; which is just real amazing for his valor in under fire.

Pastor Ross: So there is a way to be patriotic and yet also be true to your conscious.

Carlos: Yes.

Pastor Doug: So for those that are—I mean you think of Uriah the Hittite he was a soldier in David’s army and his convictions and morality were very high; higher than David’s obviously. So we hope that helps a little bit Carlos and pray that God gives you grace in that decision.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Marcia listening on WMWZ from Dearborn, Michigan. Marcia welcome to the program.

Marcia: Yes good evening Pastor Doug and Pastor Ross for having me on the show.

Pastor Doug: Are they making any more cars there in Dearborn?

Marcia: Are they making more cars here? They are trying to. Oh yeah there’s a lot of people who need a lot of prayers.

Pastor Doug: I know. That’s what I was thinking of when I saw your town there. What’s your Bible question tonight?

Marcia: It’s kind of hard for me to put into words so I am going to try my best. Is there any way that people who make it to heaven—are they going—especially the ones that didn’t have children—is there a way that they might know what it is like to have children up there in heaven? Do you know what I mean?

Pastor Doug: Yeah well there are a couple of things. One is just the joy of having children. The other is that God creates us in this life with a desire for intimacy and let’s suppose a person never gets married in this life does that mean that they’re never going to have that kind of intimacy in heaven? Or never have the ability to procreate? Jesus tells us that in heaven there are no new marriages. And there is probably no procreation there. The command of God to Adam and Eve was to go be fruitful and fill the earth.

Well the new earth is going to be populated by the resurrected saved people. So the new earth is going to be filled. There will be children in heaven who don’t have parents. I think the Lord in heaven may pair them up with the children in this life who never had children. And as far as the intimacy goes; there will be ecstasy in heaven that will be thousand times more wonderful than any physical relationship in this life. The Bible says, I think it is in Psalm 16 that at His right hand are pleasures forevermore. So nobody there is going to feel dissatisfied or cheated that they didn’t have an experience on earth. So I hope that helps a little bit Marcia. Does that get near the bulls eye?

Marcia: Yeah it does. And in other words we’re going to experience a kind of intimacy that’s even deeper and greater than any we’ve ever experienced here on earth.

Pastor Doug: Absolutely.

Marcia: So you’re going to be fulfilled and satisfied anyways.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, absolutely. There will be people going just “wow” heaven is just going to be so wonderful compared to anything in this world and intimacy in heaven will go beyond just the physical and I think people are going to connect spiritually and emotionally as well.

Pastor Ross: No one is going to be disappointed in heaven or miss anything from this earth that’s for sure.

Marcia: Alright, thank you.

Pastor Doug: Alright. How much time do we have? Can we do one quick one?

Pastor Ross: Alright let’s go to Evelyn who is in New York. Evelyn welcome to the program.

Pastor Doug: We’ve got about a minute Evelyn.

Evelyn: Okay very quickly. I want some clarification on the Lord’s Prayer. The part “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

Pastor Doug: Well He says, “Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” So part of our prayer should be that we are praying for the day when God’s will; will be done on earth the way it is perfectly done in heaven by the unfallen angels. Right now, God’s will is not always done on earth. Not everything that happens in this world is God’s will. Some religions teach that everything is the will of God, but now a lot of tragedy in this world, God can work those things out for good. But, they are not initially His will because the Bible says that God is not willing that any should perish; in 11 Peter Chapter 3. So the very fact that some people are perishing, that’s not God’s will. So we’re to ultimately pray that God’s will is going to be done on earth perfectly the way it is done in heaven.

I want to thank you for your question Evelyn and thank you friends for calling in and if we didn’t get to your question tonight, God bless you we apologize and we wish you just the very happiest of Holidays and you have a Merry Christmas and make sure that Jesus stays at the center of all of these things and anything you want to say Pastor Ross?

Pastor Ross: Just same as you pastor Doug God bless all of our listeners.

Pastor Doug: And keep in mind to go to the “Amazing Facts” website and that address one more time is “Amazing Facts dot org” and there are a lot of other resources there that will help you in your personal relationship with the Lord. God bless you friends and you have a Blessed New Year and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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