Neutron Stars

Date: 01/09/2011 
Neutron stars are one of the mysterious wonders of the universe. They’re created when an aging star swells to a red giant and explodes in a supernova leaving behind a cooling core that forms into an ultra-dense neutron star.
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Hello friends, this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact?

Neutron stars are one of the mysterious wonders of the universe. They’re created when an aging star swells to a red giant and explodes in a supernova leaving behind a cooling core that forms into an ultra-dense neutron star. The earth rotates once every 24 hours but a neutron star can rotate 50 or 100 times per second. And their insides ... contain hundreds ... are hundreds of times hotter than the core of the sun. A neutron star is so solid that 1 teaspoon of its material will contain more mass than 900 times the mass of the great pyramid of Giza. Another way to put it, the density is approximately equivalent to the mass of the entire human population on earth compressed into the size of a sugar cube.

The result in gravitational force of a neutron star is so powerful that if an object were to fall from a height of about a yard, it would instantly hit the surface traveling at about 4,500,000 miles an hour. When the largest stars explode into a supernova, they can implode and collapse until they form something even more dense than a neutron star— a black hole. The center of a black hole is called a singularity. It’s believed that the center all of its mass is squeezed into a single point where both time and space stop. Within a certain distance of the singularity, the gravitational pull is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. Did you know the Bible speaks of another great star that imploded? Stay with us friends! We’re going to learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.


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Pastor Jëan Ross: My name is Jëan Ross. Good evening friends, and Pastor Doug, let’s begin the program with prayer. Dear Father, we thank You that we do have this opportunity to study Your word. May I ask Your special blessing upon this program. We do recognize that the Bible is Your book and in order for us to understand it, we need the Holy Spirit. So be with us, be with those who are listening wherever they might be for we ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Pastor Doug: Amen!

Pastor Jëan Ross: Pastor Doug, you opened the program by talking about a black hole, a star that is so focused if you like, on itself that not even light can escape.

Pastor Doug: That’s right. And you know then I tried to make a Bible analogy out of this and I think it fits because the Bible does tell about a war in heaven where some stars were cast to the earth. And even in Revelation, it describes the stars as angels. It begins in Revelation 1 talking about these angels being messengers or these stars being angels of the various churches. And there was one great angel that the Lord made that was perfect and bright. He was called the bright morning star, and he fell. And he imploded. His light went out. And that’s the devil. Lucifer was a perfect angel when he was made but he, made with a free will, chose to love himself more than God.

He imploded but through selfishness and some people ask the question, “If God is so merciful, if the devil repented, would he be forgiven?” Well, you don’t have to hold your breath and wait for that, friends. The devil has imploded like a black hole. Any love or any grace or any redemption focused on him is absorbed and it disappears. He’s has no redeemable qualities left. In the Bible, he is described as the prince of darkness. You can read in Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12. It says, “We don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual host of wickedness in heavenly places.” And so the devil and his angels were all like fallen stars that turned into black holes so to speak. And, he goes around this world as a roaring lion seeking whom he might devour. Now I expect, Pastor Ross, someone out there is wondering if God is all powerful and if God is love and if God is good, why did He make a devil and why doesn’t He just destroy him? And we have a special study that answers those questions.

Pastor Jëan Ross: You know, that’s an important question, Pastor Doug, because that reflects on the character of God when you explore that and look at what the Bible has to say about that subject. We have a study guide that deals with that entitled, “Did God Create a Devil?” It’s an Amazing Fact study guide and it’s free if you call our resource line. The number is 1-800-835-6747. Again, our resource line is 1-800-835-6747 and you can ask for the study guide, “Did God Create the Devil” and that’ll explain from the Bible as to where the devil came from and what role God played in the creation of this beautiful being but then how he rebelled.

Pastor Doug: You know, before we go to the phones, which we will do in just a moment… one more time, we do have some lines open. That number, 800-463-7297. We wanted to remind our friends that there’s a new resource available and you can find out about this at the Amazing Facts website. It’s called, “Prophecy Foundations.” What we did, and it took a couple of years to do it, we took all the material of an entire evangelistic presentation, revival presentation, a number of the books that we give away during this broadcast and the lessons and we condensed them. It’s kind of like a neutron star. We condensed them all into one DVD. There are hundreds of hours of video presentations, audio presentations, Bible questions, books that you can read and a lot more of spiritual information all in one DVD. It’s fascinating how much information they’re able to get on that. And it’s called, “Prophecy Foundations.” If you’d like to know more about Bible prophecy and like to just study the Bible, this is for you. Go to the Amazing Facts website, on the right column you’ll see the new prophecy foundation DVD and you can discover how to order it right there.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Alright. We’re going to go to the phone lines. We’ve got Patrick who is listening in the Cayman Islands, listening on the internet. Patrick, you’re on the air!

Patrick: Hi, good evening Pastor Doug and Pastor Ross.

Pastor Doug: Evening! And your question.

Patrick: Pastor Doug, my question is, is there any scripture in the Bible that supports where God is giving people the okay to have strong drink or wine? I’m pretty much… I understand… I’ve listened to you before in terms of your stand on alcohol beverages but is there any scripture that supports like God Himself gives people…

Pastor Doug: Permission?

Patrick: …an okay for them to drink some drink?

Pastor Doug: Well, I’ll tell you there are Scriptures people try to use. You know, they’ll take the story where Jesus turned the water into wine. Of course, you do not find the word “grape juice” anywhere in the Bible. It’s always called wine. The fruit of the grape is called “wine” or the juice of the grape. And when Jesus turned the water into wine, He made fresh grape juice. But people will use that. If you just start with Genesis and start going through the Bible, alcohol—fermented drink, it doesn’t have a very good record. It says Noah made wine. Obviously, it was the fermented variety and he became intoxicated and he walked around naked and some of his posterity was cursed as a result. Lot’s daughters drank wine and of course they slept with their father. I mean, so… go ahead.

Patrick: I understand the terminology when, you know, people abuse it. But can... cannot wine be used in the sense of wakes because I was reading through Deuteronomy and I found a Scripture that says— Deuteronomy chapter 14 verse 26 and it was talking about God talking to a particular people and have given…

Pastor Doug: Yeah.

Patrick: …them the okay to… He said in verse 26, it says, “And thou shalt bestow that money for whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, for oxen, or for sheep, or for wine, or for strong drink, or for whatsoever thy soul desireth: and thou shalt eat there before the Lord thy God, and thou shalt rejoice, thou, and thine household,” so…

Pastor Doug: Alright. Let’s talk about Deuteronomy 14:26 and before we go too far, Patrick, I have a book that we’ll send you and it’s called “The Alcohol…” I’m sorry, the alcohol. “The Christian and Alcohol.” And just want to make sure I mention that in case for some reason I forget. But in Deuteronomy 14:26, it’s not talking about alcohol there. The children of Israel were traveling to feasts. They were going cross-country. There was a second tithe that they could use to secure provisions along the way for these feasts. And He said, “If you need to buy wine…” and the word “strong drink” there, if you look in the New King James Version, it says “similar” drink. And even if you use the King James the word “strong” there, they used to take wine and they concentrated it down to a paste. And the word “concentrate,” if you ever drink orange juice before you’ve added the water concentrate, it’s, well, that’s strong. And so they would have regular grape juice or some might even have the paste that they added water to. And so, it’s not talking about, you know, you’re to take your tithe money and buy alcohol. But that’s one of the questions that we frequently get and it is addressed in the book. So would you like a free copy of that?

Patrick: If you have anything on the website.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. You can actually read it for free on the website. If you go to you’ll see where it says “free stuff.” I made our web designer make it simple, “free stuff.” And there it says “booklets” and you can see “Alcohol and the Christian.” You can download the whole book and read it for free. And the Scriptures and the reference there for that booklet is there and we hope you’ll use it.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Or you can call our resource line 1-800-835-6747. You can ask for the book, “Alcohol and the Christian,” which deals with this passage of Scripture as well as what the Bible says as a whole…

Pastor Doug: Many others, yeah.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …dealing with the subject of alcohol. Our next caller is Les and he is calling from Sacramento, listening in KFIA. Les, welcome to the program!

Les: Good evening, Pastors!

Pastor Doug: Evening!

Les: My question is in regards to Satan being the accuser of the brethren. There’s a couple of verses I’d like to read. The first one is Job 1:6, “Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord and Satan also came among them.” Now, in this verse Satan had limited access to heaven, would that be a correct statement?

Pastor Doug: Yeah. Well, he’s going to some meeting that is not on earth at this time. Wherever that was, it wasn’t on earth, it’s all the Bible tells us.

Les: Okay, then the next verse I would like to read is Revelations 12:12. “Therefore rejoice O heaven, and you who dwell in them, woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea for the devil has come down to you having great wrath because he knows that (his), he has a short time.” Now, in regards to that verse, when Jesus Christ hung on the cross at Calvary, that pretty much ended Satan’s limited access to heaven, would that be a correct statement?

Pastor Doug: Well, I think that the keyword you said there is his access is somehow limited. It doesn’t mean that Satan stops being the accuser. And the reason for that is something changed at the cross. You see, the devil basically said, “Adam listen to me…” Dominion of the world was given to Adam. “Adam listen to me, whoever you obey that’s whose servant you are.” Jesus, the second Adam, when He was successful on the cross and He lived a perfect life and He died and He paid the penalty for men, the second Adam basically redeemed the planet and Satan’s access to, you know, going to some extent was limited. So Christ says in the verse, “I beheld Satan fall like a lightning.” I’m trying to remember where that is, I think it’s in Luke but I could be wrong. So, something happened that changed his access, but the devil still is the accuser of the brethren. In other words, he still accuses us before God, he still tempts us. When we sin, he points a finger.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Yeah, the verse you’re referring to is Luke chapter 10 verse 18 where Jesus said, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”

Pastor Doug: And of course Jesus there could be referring back to the battle in heaven too…

Pastor Jëan Ross: Revelation 12.

Pastor Doug: …at that point where he was cast to the earth. But I don’t know if we’re answering your question, Les.

Les: I think you do. I was just wondering, who does he now accuse? You know, it says he has lost that ability to have limited access and now that’s where I was basing my question.

Pastor Doug: Well, I’ll give… there’s one more verse, and Pastor Ross will help me find this in Zechariah where Joshua, the high priest, stands before the Lord and Satan is accusing Joshua. And he’s pointing to his filthy garments. Well, here’s an earthly priest and Satan is accusing him before God who is in Heaven. So now, Satan’s on earth but he’s still accusing the church. Accusing the priest back then is, you know, like accusing the church because he was the intercessor. And so, Satan is… he’s still the accuser of the brethren and he’ll…

Pastor Jëan Ross: The verse you’re referring to there is Zechariah chapter 3.

Pastor Doug: There we go. Yeah, the whole vision is there. And you know, I hope that helps a little, Les. And you would appreciate this study. Pastor Ross, you’ve a follow up on that?

Pastor Jëan Ross: Well, just Satan doesn’t have to necessarily be in Heaven to accuse the brethren. He can do a good job at accusing the brethren right here on earth. As he sees what the brethren do, those who take upon them the name of Christ and yet they don’t live up to all the light that they have, Satan can accuse them…

Pastor Doug: Or he could use the internet too and just send an email [laughing].

Pastor Jëan Ross: …even those you know.

Pastor Doug: They’ve got those now they call them… what are they? Internet bullies.

Pastor Jëan Ross: That’s right, he does that.

Pastor Doug: …they try and bully a… So yeah, the devil does it. Alright. Hey Les, thank you for your question. Who is next in line?

Pastor Jëan Ross: Alright. We’ve got Roberta who is calling from South Carolina— Lexington South Carolina. Roberta, welcome to the program!

Roberta: Hi, Pastor Doug and Pastor Jëan.

Pastor Doug: Yes. Hi, how are you?

Roberta: Fine, thank you. I believe that the Bible teaches that when we die that our breath returns to God and we are in an unconscious sleep. And my question is it’s been said that when a prophet goes into visions that they do not have any breath and my question is, is that breath… do that breath represent consciousness that goes into vision and what happens to the prophet’s breath at that point?

Pastor Doug: Well, I’m trying to remember if it was John in Revelation or Daniel where he said, “I had no breath in me.” The word… I think he may have said in the King James, it may seem “there was no spirit in me,” and that’s the word “ru’ach,” which means breath. And some have understood that to mean that, you know, he was in this trance— this vision— where more than once it’s been said, you know, prophets in visions they didn’t breathe. It seem like they were taken having this out of body experience. Even Paul refers to that in Corinthians where he said, “I knew a man, whether in the body or out of the body— I don’t know— who saw things. He was caught up to the third heaven and saw things that’s not lawful to utter.” And so, you know, Paul had this vision. He doesn’t know whether he was transported or whether it was a take caught up in the spirit as you have with John. And in the book of Revelation chapter 1, it tells us that… oh, actually, it’s chapter 4. It says he was caught up in the spirit. I’m trying to remember which prophet… is it Daniel that says, “There was no breath in me?”

Pastor Jëan Ross: Yes. Daniel Chapter 8, you can read about it there as he describes him going into vision. And it speaks of him being upon the ground as though he were in a sleep and his face was to the ground and “there remained no breath or strength in me.”

Pastor Doug: Okay. There you have it, Roberta. That’s probably the only verse I know of in the Bible that specifically talks about a prophet’s breathing. Now, we do have a lesson on what the Bible says about prophets and false prophets and some of the tests. We’d be happy to send you a free copy of that. You still there, Roberta?

Roberta: Okay, thank you. I guess what happens is does the breath represents the consciousness that goes into the vision and goes where God shows the prophet? Is… does the breath equal consciousness at that point in the vision?

Pastor Jëan Ross: You know, I think what Daniel is referring to here is his breath is being not spirit but just his breath as we would understand it. It’s interesting to note that one of the signs of genuine prophecy is when the prophet is taken off in vision that they don’t breath. It’s a supernatural thing where God keeps their heart beating and keeps them alive and yet there is no breath in that sense— no breathing.

Pastor Doug: I think it’s one way that, you know, God breathe into Adam, he became a living soul. So this is one way of God giving evidence— earthly evidence— that this person is being sustained supernaturally in their vision. And they’ve also… they have supernatural strength. One of the prophet says, you know, he touched and he was strengthened. I think that’s Daniel, too. Hey, we’ll send you that lesson, Roberta, on “Does God Inspire Psychics and Astrologers?”

Pastor Jëan Ross: Just call our resource line. That’s 800-835-6747 and the study guide is entitled, “Does God Inspire Astrologers and Psychics” and we’ll be happy to send that out.

Pastor Doug: And that talks about true prophets and the evidence of a true prophet as well.

Pastor Jëan Ross: We’ve got another question related to that same theme. Cion is calling from San Mateo. Cion, welcome to the program!

Cion: Hi, how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Doing well!

Cion: My question is… I’ll just start off with the second question if I can get to that, but my first question is, God’s end time church had the Spirit of prophecy and keeps the Ten Commandments, what are the Spirit of prophecy?

Pastor Doug: Alright. First for our other friends listening, and I’m sure, Cion, that you’re aware of this in Revelation 12:17. It says, “The dragon,” and that’s the devil, “was enraged or wrath with the woman,” God’s church. This is that woman of light, “and he goes to make war with the rest of her offspring who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus,” and a person might wonder what that is but then you go to Revelation chapter 19 and then verse 10, it says, “The testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy.” Now, I think to understand that, you’ve got 2 things here— Commandments and the Spirit of Prophecy. The last thing it says in the Old Testament, “Remember the Law of Moses”— this is Malachi chapter 4— “behold, I send you Elijah the prophet.” The law, the prophet. And is that Isaiah 8:16 where it says, “According to the law and of prophets, if they speak not according to this word, there is no light in them. And this bind up the testimony, sealed the prophets among my disciples.” That’s 8:20, I believe— Isaiah 8:20.

And then one more thing on that subject, there’s a vision that Jesus… well, it wasn’t a vision; it was an experience where Jesus goes up this Mount of Transfiguration. This is in Mark chapter 9 and 2 individuals appear to him on the mountain— one is Moses, the great Law giver and the other is Elijah, one of the great prophets. So you got the Law and the Prophets. And so, the Spirit of prophecy is this Spirit that God gave Elijah, Elisha prayed for a double portion of that Spirit, and His prophets— His spokesmen— down through time have had that and God’s church will have it in their midst in the last days.

Pastor Jëan Ross: We also need to recognize that one of the gifts of the Spirit is the gift of prophecy. We read about it…

Pastor Doug: That’s right.

Pastor Jëan Ross: 1 Corinthians 12.

Pastor Doug: That’s right, good point! So, I hope that helps a little bit. You would also appreciate, if you haven’t read it yet, the lesson that we offer on what is a true prophet or false prophet? And that’s the title of the lesson.

Pastor Jëan Ross: The title of the lesson is, “Does God Inspire Psychics and Astrologers?” And if you just call our resource line, 1-800-835-6747, and ask for the study guide dealing with prophets, “Does God Inspire Psychics” in the Bible, we’ll happy to send that out to you which explains what the Bible has to say about the gift of prophecy.

Pastor Doug: You know, normally, Cion, we take a second question but we’ve got a few callers lined up so we better keep moving here.

Pastor Jëan Ross: We’ve got David who is listening in Queens, New York, listening on WMCA. David, welcome to the program!

David: Hi, good evening.

Pastor Doug: Evening! And your question.

David: In Genesis chapter 4, it talks about Adam and Eve who had Cain and Abel and I’m assuming that was their first two sons.

Pastor Doug: Right!

David: And so my question is in verse 17 of chapter 4 where it says, “And Cain knew his wife.” Where did she come from?

Pastor Doug: You know, that’s a common question and it’s a normal question. A lot of people… now I don’t know if I dare ask you this, David, but you know, we get that question a lot in January. And I think one reason we get it…

David: Really?

Pastor Doug: …in January is a lot of people say, “You know, I’m going to read the Bible this year.” And right around the beginning of January, they say, “What? Where did he get his wife?” [Laughing]. That’s a normal question because, you see, “Well, they had 2 boys!” It says, “He took his wife.” “What, she dropped out of the sky?” and all kinds of theories. Well, if you read a little later in Genesis chapter 5, it says that—and that’s actually Genesis 5:4. It says, “After he begat Seth, the days of Adam were 800 years and he had sons and daughters.” In the Bible chronology, it typically lists the firstborn son. Sometimes it will list the second son if he becomes the, you know, inheritor of the family line. But it frequently doesn’t mention the other sons or daughters. And since the Bible was written from the patriarchal perspective, it doesn’t mention the daughters unless they played some prominent role. Cain married a sister. Now I know that always sounds strange and kind of in our culture we think that’s unusual and there could be genetic problems. But back when God first made Adam and Eve, you could argue that Eve was a sister. I mean, it’s even weird than being a sister. Adam married someone from his rib.

David: Right.

Pastor Doug: Abraham married his first cousin and Jacob married his cousin and Isaac married his cousin. And so, it wasn’t really unusual. It wasn’t until the time of Moses that it was actually forbidden to look upon your sister’s nakedness or to marry a sister. They realized there could be a genetic problems. But when man was perfect in the beginning, that wasn’t really a problem.

David: I see.

Pastor Doug: So Cain married one of… he took one of his sisters. It doesn’t list the girls that were born but you can be pretty sure of that.

David: Okay, so Cain was not the firstborn?

Pastor Doug: Cain was the first and the oldest, then Abel. Then Cain killed Abel, then Adam and Eve had another boy named Seth. And then there were girls that were scattered along the way and I don’t know what the sequence of them is because it’s not mentioned in the Bible. But Cain took one of his younger sisters…

Pastor Jëan Ross: Again, that verse you mentioned, Pastor Doug, Genesis 5:4, “After he begat Seth,” speaking of Adam, “he had sons and daughters.”

Pastor Doug: We’re going to have to write a book on who did Cain marry. We don’t…

Pastor Jëan Ross: We get that question a lot.

Pastor Doug: That’s right! Yeah, we don’t have that.

Pastor Jëan Ross: It’s a good question. Alright, next caller is Clifford and he is calling from New Jersey, listening on WMCA. Clifford, welcome to the program!

Clifford: Hi, thank you.

Pastor Doug: Hi!

Clifford: Isn’t there… hi. Isn’t there a Scripture in regards to a few men that are outside the wall or something and they want to go into this… to this place to buy and sell and then God says that they need to leave or something and threatens them to leave because it was on the Sabbath? Am I like way off with that?

Pastor Doug: No, I think what you’re talking about it’s in the book of Nehemiah. And it doesn’t, you know, Nehemiah says it. Some of the pagans… the children of Israel had come back from the Babylonian captivity. One of the reasons they suffered was because they had ignored the Sabbath and so now, the… some of the pagan neighbors were coming to sell them all different kinds of wears and they hung around the outside of the wall. And Nehemiah kept chasing them off and finally he threaten them and said, “Look, if you come back again we’re going to arrest you. That this is a Sabbath, don’t be coming to sell your merchandise.” And I’m guessing, is that Nehemiah 13?

Pastor Jëan Ross: Yes. Nehemiah chapter 13 verse 15. It talks about how they kept wanting to sell their produce and their supplies in the Sabbath until finally Nehemiah gave the decree that they close the gate and don’t even let them come in during the Sabbath hours.

Pastor Doug: I think they came back once or twice after that and…

Pastor Jëan Ross: And they have to shoo them away because they camped outside the gate, too.

Pastor Doug: ...yeah, for a while. And then he finally think to threaten to arrest them. Hey, Clifford, we’re going to have a break here we can’t avoid. I hear it coming up but there’s a website that has a lot more information on how to keep the Sabbath and these particular questions. It’s easy, it’s called If you just go to Google or Yahoo and you type in Sabbath Truth, it’ll take you to our website. If you just type in “Sabbath Day.” I think we’re on the first page of Google. It’s a very popular site. A lot of questions, a lot of history on the Sabbath, and a lot of Christians sort of rediscovering this lost commandment or neglected commandment and we’d invite you to go there. One more time, that’s We’re going to take a break and don’t forget about the offer we mentioned that is, “Did God Create the Devil?”

Pastor Jean Ross: “Did God Create the Devil?”

Pastor Doug: And don’t go anywhere. There’s more Bible questions coming in just a moment.


Pastor Jëan Ross: Welcome back to Bible Answers Live with Pastor Doug Batchelor. This broadcast is pre-recorded. If you have a Bible-related question, you can call us from 7 to 8 P.M. Pacific Standard Time on Sundays and receive clear, honest answers directly from Scripture. Call 800-GOD-SAYS. That’s 800-463-7297. Now, please join us as we look to God’s word for more Bible answers live with author and evangelist, Pastor Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Doug: Welcome back friends! And we anticipate some of you have gotten on board along the way. This is Bible Answers Live! You may have gathered we take Bible questions. You’re invited to call in with your question. Looks like a few calls dropped off during the break and so some lines are open. If you would like to call in with your Bible question, it’s a toll-free number, 800-463-7297; that’s 800-463-7297. And we invite Bible questions. There are other programs that talk about finance and romance but we’re not authorities in that area and we’re barely authorities in these ones so we better stick to this category. And what shall I more say? My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Jëan Ross: And my name is still Jëan Ross. Pastor Doug, you mentioned earlier about the prophecy foundation DVD resource that’s available for those who want to study further. One of the things that I like about this resource is that there are PDF Bible studies that one can download…

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …from the website. You can print it off and you can share it with your friends or neighbors on a particular subject.

Pastor Doug: Yup, that’s right. And if you want to find out what’s on the DVD, there is a plethora of material, Bible material. It’s got 30 prophecy seminar videos, all the amazing facts study guides— all 27 are there. King James Bible, 44 of our top selling pocket books that you often hear us offer during this program, and much much more. So, you’ll be surprised when you go and you find out how affordable this is. All compressed like a neutron star on one DVD.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Except this one, “Sheds for the Light,” and that’s important…

Pastor Doug: Not a black hole, it’s a neutron star just compressed [laughing].

Pastor Jëan Ross: One other point dealing with prophecy, we have a website Pastor Doug, Bible Prophecy Truth that is also just compact of…

Pastor Doug: That’s right.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …a number of areas Bible prophecy subjects and it’s just a great resource worth taking a look at

Pastor Doug: And that’s I think our newest website and folks, if you haven’t been there, you’ll really appreciate it. Anyone who wants to study prophecy should know about this. Who’s next?

Pastor Jëan Ross: Alright. We’ve got, I believe, Emil who is listening from Brooklyn New York on WMCA. Emil, welcome to the program!

Pastor Doug: Hi, you’re on Bible Answers Live! Maybe we said your name wrong.

Emil: Yeah, hello.

Pastor Doug: Hi! And your question?

Emil: My question is in the Bible Jesus says, “Keep the Sabbath.” He didn’t say what we’re supposed to do on a Sabbath.

Pastor Doug: Well, part of that you’ll find, of course, in the Ten Commandments. It says, you know, “Thou shall not do any labor,” and it’s talking about any of our common labor. Jesus fed people and healed people on the Sabbath but He was not in the carpenter shop and all regular secular work should be laid aside. It’s a day for not only physical rest but it’s a day of worship. You can read in, I think it’s Leviticus 23, calls a Sabbath a “holy convocation” and that means a “holy assembly.” We come together to worship Him. In Isaiah 58, it talks about not speaking our own words or doing our own pleasure but doing the will of God.

Pastor Jëan Ross: You know, another way that we can keep the Sabbath holy is to avoid buying and selling on the Sabbath. Nehemiah chapter 10 verse 31 tells us that the Sabbath is not a day to engage in regular secular business, it’s not the day to take your shopping cart and look for the blue light special. It’s a time of reverent reflection…

Pastor Doug: Yeah.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …and prayer.

Pastor Doug: Children of Israel, God would rain manna down from heaven 6 days a week but he would not rain it on Sabbath. They would do twice as much shopping you might say on Friday. So they didn’t have to go shop for their manna on the Sabbath. It was day to rest from that. And it’s a day to also avoid just secular entertainment and, you know, fill your mind with spiritual things, study the word of God, share your faith, you know, and once again, the website Sabbath Truth has a lot of good tips and Scripture on what should be done, what’s inappropriate on the Sabbath day.

Pastor Jëan Ross: So the website is We also have an Amazing Facts study guide dealing with the subject called… and Pastor Doug, I’m looking for it here. It’s “Lost Day in…

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …History,” I believe it is. And if you’d call our resource line, 800-835-6747, you can ask for the Amazing Facts study guide, “Lost Day in…

Pastor Doug: “The Lost Day of History.”

Pastor Jëan Ross: …History,” and we’ll be happy to send that out to you, dealing with Sabbath. Let’s see, our next caller is Selah, and she’s listening in Angel Oaks, California. Selah, welcome to the program!

Selah: Hi.

Pastor Doug: Hi. How can we help you tonight?

Selah: Well, my question is why did God take people like Moses and Elijah to Heaven but not us if He loves us all the same?

Pastor Doug: Well, if you have a good relationship with the Lord like Moses and Elijah, you also will go to heaven. They got to go early because Moses and Elijah and Enoch, these 3 that we know of, they worked very hard to bring people to Jesus and the Lord wanted to bring them to heaven so they could watch from a balcony seat what was happening with the church on earth. But all those that love and trust the Lord are going to get to go to heaven. If we’re alive when Jesus comes, we’ll be given new bodies and caught up to meet Him. If we die before He comes, we’ll be raised with new bodies.

Pastor Jëan Ross: And you know, the story of Moses and Elijah, it’s a story of hope for us. Moses represents those who will be resurrected when Jesus comes the second time and Elijah was taken to heaven without seeing death— him and Enoch— they represent those who will be alive when Jesus comes that’ll not taste death. They’ll be translated and taken to heaven. So the fact that they were taken to heaven, that gives us hope that when Jesus comes, He’s going to resurrect those that love Him and change those who are alive and translate them.

Pastor Doug: And you know, Selah, we have a book that talks about the 2 witnesses— that talks about Moses and Elijah, and exactly what Pastor Ross was just referring to, I wrote it. I’ll be happy to send you free copy. Would you like that?

Selah: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Well then, you just call the phone number we’re going to give you and they’ll take your information and send you the book.

Pastor Jëan Ross: The number is…

Selah: Okay, thank...

Pastor Jëan Ross: Okay.

Selah: Thank you.

Pastor Doug: You’re welcome! Thanks for your call.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Alright, Selah, the number is 800- and by the way, this isn’t just for Selah. It’s for anyone and everyone who’s listening, 1-800-835-6747 that is our resource line. And you can ask for the book written by Pastor Doug, “The Two Witnesses,” that talks about Moses and Elijah. I believe it also talks about Revelation chapter 11? Where…

Pastor Doug: Yes, it does.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …it refers to the 2 witnesses there as well. So just a great book. A lot of good information there. We have Grace who is listening on the internet from West Virginia. Grace, welcome to Bible Answers Live!

Grace: Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Hi! And your question tonight.

Grace: My question is for new believers that are still being convicted by the Lord about things they mean to change in their life. Where do they stand when the rapture happens or if they have not been baptized in the church? What goes on with them? Are they still going to be in the rapture?

Pastor Doug: Well, when you talk about the rapture, you talk about when the Lord comes.

Grace: Right.

Pastor Doug: Well, you know, when the Lord comes, we want to have our lives completely surrendered to the will that God has revealed to us. And so, if you know something is God’s will, if He’s revealed it to you, you want to pray for grace to surrender completely to Christ, He’ll give you power to do His will. And so, there’ll be 2 kinds of people when the Lord comes—those that are in the will and those that are out. Now let me give you a verse. In the book of Matthew, Jesus said, I believe it’s chapter 7, Pastor Ross, “Many will come to me in that day saying, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and He says, ‘it’s not everyone that says Lord, Lord, but he that does the will of My Father in heaven.’” And so, it’s one thing to know about God, it’s another thing to surrender your heart to God and say, “Lord, whatever You show me is Your will, I want to follow that.” And those people will be ready when the Lord comes back. And we, you know, we also have a book on the rapture that talks about that… talks about the second coming. We could send you as well.

Pastor Jëan Ross: You know, also Pastor Doug, it’s important for us to remember that the Bible refers to a time of ignorance and God judges us based upon what we know.

Pastor Doug: That’s right.

Pastor Jëan Ross: When somebody comes to Christ and they give their heart to God, Christ accepts that as genuine. There might be things that they don’t know yet and given enough time, if they keep following the word and God’s leading, they’ll come to an understanding of that. But God judges us based upon what we know.

Grace: Right.

Pastor Doug: Now are we answering what you’re really asking, Grace?

Grace: Yes, yes.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Good.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, if you’ve recently found the Lord, just keep walking in the light. It says, “If you walk in the light, the blood of His son will cleanse you from all unrighteousness,” and you’ll be ready.

Pastor Jëan Ross: That’s right. We need to be ready every day, every moment of everyday.

Pastor Doug: That’s right.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Make sure that our hearts are right with God. We have Spencer who is listening from San Rafael listening on KVIA. Spencer, welcome to the program!

Spencer: Greetings, brothers, in the name of Jesus our Lord!

Pastor Doug: Greetings!

Spencer: Thank you. I’ll wrap this up real quick. I just have a quick comment and then I have a quick question.

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Spencer: I wanted to let you know that, you know, in the Bible where it says the lady was going to get stoned and Jesus said whoever is without sin throw the first stone?

Pastor Doug: John chapter 8, yes, the woman caught in the temple… or caught in adultery.

Spencer: Thank you very much. Now this is the mystery. He’s wrote in the sand and no one knows what He wrote, is that correct?

Pastor Doug: It doesn’t say but we’ve got some good theories.

Spencer: Oh, about what He wrote?

Pastor Doug: Uhuh.

Spencer: Oh really? Can you speak on those in a minute because I have a theory also what He wrote, also like...

Pastor Doug: Alright. Well, evidently, of course, there’s three times that God wrote in the Bible, Spencer. You’ve got the Ten Commandments— the law of God written by the finger of God.

Spencer: Right.

Pastor Doug: Then on the judgment hall of Babylon on the wall, He wrote judgments. And it’s because of what Jesus wrote seem to terrify the accusers in the temple. He probably was writing their sins or writing the laws they have broken. And so, that’s the theory is that He was writing either their sins or the laws that were broken because here they are accusing her but Jesus knew what their secret sins were and they were in no position to accuse her. So He probably started writing their sins and then He stands up and says, “He that is without sin let him cast the first stone.” So that would make a lot of sense. I don’t think He was writing an email.

Spencer: Yeah, that’s real good…

Pastor Doug: What was your theory?

Spencer: Yeah, I… well, my theory is actually the same thing except that He wrote one thing that when everyone looked at it, they saw their name and their sin. That’s what it was actually, too. Everybody saw something different, which was their name and their personal sin, and then they were so convicted. But thank you for sharing that but… thank you. And I’m going to wrap this up. Here’s my question, in Matthew 27:52, it says that after Christ resurrected that many that believed Him walked in the holy city. And I spoke to some speakers about it and they said that the holy city was in heaven and Jerusalem and my argument was that would not benefit anyone on earth. So I don’t believe it was in heaven. I believe it was a real Jerusalem on earth. And can you speak on that? I’ll take my answer off the air, thank you!

Pastor Doug: Alright Spencer, good question. Yes, in Matthew 27:52, it talks about this great earthquake— and by the way, the earthquake is on earth. And so, to be honest with the text, we need to assume what’s happening is here on earth. And it says, “The veil of the temple…” this is Matthew 27:51, “The veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom.” By the way, it was a very thick veil and it was a very long veil so there’s no human hands doing that. “And the earth quaked and the rocks were split and the graves were opened and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep,” this is talking about dead saints or saved people who were dead, “were raised. And coming out of the graves after His resurrection, they went into the holy city.” Well, Jerusalem is called the holy city many times, the one on earth in the Bible. And so they then gave evidence that… by the way, you can read that in Matthew chapter 4 verse 5, “The devil took Him up to the holy city and set him on a pinnacle of the temple,” it’s talking about an earth here. And so, who were these saints? Well, it could’ve been Jeremiah and Isaiah— we don’t know, but some of the patriarchs and prophets who had lived. They’re obviously buried around where the earthquake was. They came forth from their graves and they bore witness to Christ. And then they ascended to heaven with Him.

Pastor Jëan Ross: That’s right. That was the point I was going to make. So eventually, they did walk in the New Jerusalem. But first, they were in the Jerusalem on earth bearing witness that Jesus was the Messiah. And then we have no record of them in Acts. They didn’t play any prominent role in the early Christian church so where did they go? Well, they went with Jesus back to heaven.

Pastor Doug: They ascended. Yeah, and this… because this is only mentioned by Matthew, it’s even possible that when He ascended after visiting Mary and Magdalene, that they ascended at that point. So they weren’t walking around 40 days. They may have… there was many of them that appeared quickly or probably who had made a lot more headlines if they had been there 40 days. But anyway, hope that helps a little bit, Spencer. Appreciate your question.

Pastor Jëan Ross: We have Sonoah and she is listening from Toronto Canada and I hope I pronounced her name correctly. Sonoah, welcome to the program!

Sonia: Yes, good evening.

Pastor Doug: Evening!

Sonia: Hello, can you hear me?

Pastor Doug Batchelor: Loud and clear and you’re listening on…

Sonia: My name is Sonia.

Pastor Doug: Sonia! Oh, I’m sorry.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Sonia.

Sonia: Good evening, Pastor Doug. Good evening. My question is when the disciples came to Jesus and asked Jesus, “What will be the signs of your coming and the end of the age?” And because my question is regarding the tribulation period. And Jesus says, “When you see the signs…” and everything and “when you see the desolation spoken by the prophet Daniel that those who go in Judea flee to the mountains,” and so forth. And then it says, “There shall be great tribulation.” And it says immediately after the tribulation, “The sun will be darkened and the moon,” and everything, and then “the Son of Man will be coming in the clouds and He will send His angels to rapture…” now, is that the rapture… is that when the church is going to be raptured or are we going to go for the tribulation…

Pastor Doug: You know…

Sonia: …period?

Pastor Doug: …I’m so glad to hear your question because you’re doing what a lot of people do. You’re reading the Bible for yourself and you’re finding out, wow! If I read it the way Jesus said it, it sounds like the church is going to be here during the tribulation and then He comes. And you’re exactly right because a lot of… there’s 3 views about the tribulation. One view is what they call the “post-tribulation rapture,” that means people believe that the church will be raptured out before there’s any trouble. Then some believe it’s, you know, in the middle. They call it “mid-trib,” it’s the abbreviation. And then you’ve got “post-tribulation rapture” or the second coming happens at the end of the tribulation. Pastor Ross and I are in that group that believes the church is actually here when the 7 last plagues happened. By the way, so when the 7 last plagues and the tribulation are the same thing you find in Revelation. Obviously, when those 7 plagues are falling there is great tribulation on the earth. Now here’s the way I address that— when the 10 plagues fell on Egypt before the exodus, before Moses led the people out to the Promised Land, there were 10 plagues that fell on Egypt, were the children of Israel in Egypt when those plagues fell? And the answer is yes.

Sonia: They’re part of…

Pastor Doug: Yeah.

Sonia: They left…

Pastor Doug: But, well, they were there…

Sonia: They were just leaving.

Pastor Doug: …but they were protected…

Sonia: …always.

Pastor Doug: …through those plagues. So when the tribulation comes, God’s people—yeah, they’re here. God doesn’t save us from tribulation. Paul says, “It is through…” and Pastor Ross, it’s in the book of Acts, I forget the verse. “It is through much tribulation we enter the Kingdom of God.”

Pastor Jëan Ross: That’s Acts chapter 14 verse 22.

Pastor Doug: Acts 14:22, “It is through tribulation…” And so yeah, the church will be here, but He says, “It’s through…

Sonia: Through the great tribulation?

Pastor Doug: Yes. But we don’t have to be afraid of it.

Sonia: Okay.

Pastor Doug: So…

Sonia: Alright.

Pastor Doug: …because it does not hurt the saints. They’re protected during the 7 last plagues. The Bible says, “Neither will any plague come nigh your dwelling.”

Sonia: So the great tribulation is a 7-year period? After the 7-year period, what, during the anti-Christ reign? That year?

Pastor Doug: Well, you know, I’m not sure how long the great tribulation is. There really is nowhere in the Bible where it says 7 years of tribulation. That is an assumption that is very popular, I just want to be clear. They get that from Daniel chapter 9, I think. They take this last 7 years from Daniel 9 and they apply it to the end of time but it doesn’t say 7 years of tribulation. Some believe its 3 ½ years or less.

Sonia: So God will protect His saints? We have a cover…

Pastor Doug: Absolutely. Now, I’ve got a book we’ve written on that that we’ll be happy to send you. A free copy, Sonia. It’s called, “Anything But Secret.” “Anything But Secret” and we’ll send you that book. It explains where the tribulation is in relation to signs of the second coming.

Pastor Jëan Ross: And also, Sonia, if you go to the Prophecy Truth website…

Pastor Doug: Oh, yeah.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …at and there is a link, I believe, that says, “Tribulation.” You can just click on that link and it’ll give you a Bible study with all of the verses dealing with that subject and you’ll find that very helpful.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, I’ve got it opened right here in front of me. Lots of information on that. Thank you for your call, Sonia.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Alright, we have Sarah who is calling from New York listening on WMCA. Sarah, welcome to the program!

Sarah: Thank you. I wanted to ask you… you have spoken before about surrendering and, I mean, I know what it means. It’s like surrendering to His leadership so that we do not bow to sin, am I right?

Pastor Doug: Right. Well, well, yeah. We surrender our will and obey Him. And when we struggle for the power, we may know what’s right and feel like we don’t have the power, we get on our knees, we surrender and say, “Lord, I can’t do this without you.” And He comes into your heart and He’ll give you supernatural power to do His will.

Sarah: But what you’re saying, “do His will,” you’re meaning what… what would it mean? Each person has a different individual will, is that what you say?

Pastor Doug Batchelor: Well, no. I mean…

Sarah: Are you saying it’s His…

Pastor Doug: …God’s will… God’s will, of course, is His law. So, God wants everybody to keep His law.

Sarah: Right.

Pastor Doug: And there’s a verse in Psalm 40:8, it says, “I love to do Your will, Your law is in my heart.” So the will of God is the law of God. But then, He may have a different will for you than He has for me. I mean, He might want me to be an astronaut and He might want you to be a brain surgeon. So, there’s then, you know, a specific will for a person’s life is different from the general will of God for His people. But He doesn’t want us to sin and usually we struggle…

Sarah: So surrender your will is following His laws?

Pastor Doug: It means surrendering your heart and just giving Him complete control of your life and that will result in obedience…

Pastor Jëan Ross: You know, that’s the starting point, Pastor Doug, when we surrender our hearts to Him and say, “Lord, I’m willing, if You’d give me the strength, I’m willing to do what You want me to do. I’m willing to keep Your commandments.” And as we do that, God reveals to us more and more of His will for our lives individually— what type of a witness He wants us to be for others. So it begins by surrendering to Him and surrendering to His law and then from there, God will expand upon what our specific purposes, what He wants us to do.

Pastor Doug: Yup.

Sarah: Okay, but what is all vague is because “surrender” means “obey His commandments and His laws.”

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Pastor Jëan Ross: That’s where it starts. You know you wrote a…

Sarah: Okay.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …you wrote a book on this, Pastor Doug, dealing with how to know God’s will and…

Pastor Doug: Perfect! Yeah.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …that would be something that I think, Sarah, you would enjoy. Call our resource line. It’s 1-800-835-6747; that’s 800-835-6747 and you can ask for the book…

Pastor Doug: “Determining the Will of God.”

Pastor Jëan Ross: “Determining the Will of God.”

Pastor Doug: You know, there is another book, I’m looking for it right now, by Joe Crews called, “The Surrender of Self,” and I don’t know if we still have it. I haven’t seen it lately. Yeah, here it is, “The Surrender of Self.” And that deals exactly with what Sarah is asking also so we’ll send her both.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Alright. Again, that number, Sarah, 800-835-6747. Ask for the book, “Surrender of Self,” and “Knowing God’s Will.” We have Bill who is listening in Michigan on AM1500. Bill, welcome to the program!

Bill: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Evening Bill, your question!

Bill: I lost my wife last month. You know, we’re married 35 years and we had a fantastic marriage and she had a long bout with cancer. And I’ve been having a real hard time with it. And I was wondering if there’s anything in the Bible. I know this where you’re absent from the body, present with the Lord and we knew that. And she definitely knew the Lord and I know she’s in heaven, and… but I was wondering, is there anything in the Bible that relates to as far as do they know what’s going on on the earth after they’re in heaven? Are they allowed to like feel your pain or know what’s going on or miss you or anything like that?

Pastor Doug: Alright. You got your seatbelt on Bill?

Bill: Pardon? Yeah [laughing].

Pastor Doug: I want to share something with you. “You have a blessed hope,” Paul says in 1 Thessalonians. He said that we don’t need to sorrow as others that have no hope. For those that sleep in Jesus will rise when He comes back. It says, “The Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, the trumpet of God. The dead in Christ will rise.” Now, when your wife closed her eyes in death, her next conscious thought for her is the presence of the Lord.

Bill: Right, right.

Pastor Doug: …she will be caught up and she’ll be in the presence of God. You maybe heard the start of the program where we talked about black holes and how time is different, you know. They say even time stand still in the black hole and it swallows light. And there’s things we don’t understand. And you know, what often confuses people, they read in the Bible that the resurrection is in the future, that the judgment is in the future, but it says absent from the body, present with the Lord. How does that work? Now, there’s a verse in Job, Pastor Ross, where it says, “his sons come to honor and he does not know it.” I think it’s Job 14. But in the book of Job, it talks about when someone dies, do they know what’s happening back at their house?

Bill: Right.

Pastor Doug: And Job says, “No.”

Bill: Right, right.

Pastor Doug: So they’re sleeping a peaceful, dreamless, timeless sleep. But as far as your wife’s concerned, her next conscious thought is she is in the resurrection with a glorified body. So she’s not watching what’s happening here on earth.

Bill: Right.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Yeah, the verse you referred to is Job 14:21. Job 14:21, it says, “His son’s come to honor and he knoweth it not.” So the good news is that she’s not feeling pain or sorrow.

Bill: Oh, I know that. I know that.

Pastor Jëan Ross: ...she does not experience grief. She is resting in Jesus.

Bill: Right.

Pastor Jëan Ross: She is sleeping in the arms of Christ and He will awake her when He comes. And that’s going to be the glorious reunion day…

Bill: Right.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …when the dead in Christ are resurrected…

Bill: Right.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …those who are alive would change in a moment in the twinkling of an eye and forever we’re…

Bill: Exactly.

Pastor Jëan Ross: …with Christ.

Pastor Doug: Now there’s a… I’m assuming you have a Bible handy…

Bill: Oh sure, yeah. And I know the verse you’re talking about and everything but I was just wondering like I say, it… and I think there’s another verse that says something that… about as soon as you’re in the presence of God, all things past are forgotten or…

Pastor Doug: Former memories are passed away. Yeah, all things are new in Revelation…

Bill: Yup.

Pastor Doug: …no more tears. And the former things will not be remembered nor come into mind.

Bill: Right, right.

Pastor Doug: But you don’t have to worry about your wife up there looking down and wringing her hands based on your pain or their troubles of earth…

Bill: Right.

Pastor Doug: …because it’s actually, the Bible says, “Blessed in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His saints.” And so you can really, for her, you can praise the Lord. She’s laid her armor down and she’s going to look forward to that… that victory and that resurrection and you know, as far as she’s concerned, her next conscious thought is the presence of God and a new body…

Bill: Right.

Pastor Doug: …and no more pain.

Bill: Right.

Pastor Doug: Well, you know brother, we just like to pray with you. Would that be okay, Bill?

Bill: Sure.

Pastor Doug: A quick prayer for you?

Bill: Sure. Appreciate that.

Pastor Doug: Father in heaven, we just like to come together as a radio family right now and just pray for Bill that You’ll comfort him and others like him that are grieving, feeling that vacuum of loved ones. It might be a spouse or children or family that they’ve lost. And I pray that you’ll be the great Comforter. We know that Jesus wept at the tomb of Lazarus not because of Lazarus because He was about to raise him but he wept in behalf of all those who weep in grieve. And so, be with Bill right now and comfort him and sustain him with the blessed hope. We pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Jëan Ross: Amen.

Bill: Thank you. Appreciate it.

Pastor Doug: Thank you Bill, God bless. By the way, we do have an encouraging lesson on the subject of death and coping with that. We’ll be happy to send you.

Bill: Okay.

Pastor Jëan Ross: The lesson is entitled… if you, again, if you call 800-835-6747, ask for the study guide, “Are the Dead Really Dead?” You might also want to ask for the study guide, “Dealing with the Second Coming of Jesus” and I believe that’s…

Pastor Doug: Very encouraging.

Pastor Jean Ross: …”Ultimate Deliverance” and that both will bring comfort and hope.

Pastor Doug: You know, I hear the music. Boy! This is a fast program. I feel like we just got started.

Pastor Jëan Ross: [Laughing].

Pastor Doug: Some of our friends who were standing by with their questions, oh, we apologize if we didn’t get to your question tonight. Please give us another chance, God willing. We’ll be back next week for more Bible answers live. And want to remind everybody, the program doesn’t really need to end now. There’s a lot more material available all week long, 24 hours a day around the world at the website, And we have archives of these programs, the video, free books, and much much more. Just remember, the program is not so much about the details as the person. It’s knowing Jesus who is the Truth that will set you free.


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