Genesis History: Creation or Coincidence?

Scripture: Job 12:7-10, Genesis 1:1
Date: 01/20/2001 
How did God create the heavens and the earth? Is evolution a viable view of how our world was made? The record of creation in Genesis is stated as a fact. Moses, the writer of Genesis, was a very wise and knowledgeable man.
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I’m excited about this series that we’re beginning on Genesis. Last time we studied this, it was actually a couple of weeks ago, you know we tried to take some time and lay a good foundation, and we only got to verse 1. Today we’re going to spend some time on verse 1 of chapter 1. We need to take a little more time, I told you I’m not going to rush. We may be in Genesis chapter 12 when the Lord comes. But we’ll understand those first 11 chapters, I promise you.

Now the reason the subject today is so important, and I actually did plan this. This is not an accident. I think it’s important for us to dedicate some time to another aspect of verse 1. And it’s simply this, “In the beginning the Lord created the heavens and the earth.” When was the beginning? We know God created. Or at least many of us believe create, and we’ll talk about that too. The world teaches that if you believe in creation, that God could speak everything into existence, that you’re just not very bright. Now this subject is very close to my heart because I grew up and evolutionist. I went to, oh, probably 14 different schools growing up. And that was just by 9th grade. And most of those schools taught, including some of the religious school taught, that we are here as a result of these evolutionary processes that took place and transpired over millions or, in some cases, billions of years. And that all the organization and design and life that you see about you today has happened spontaneously.

Now some people think that it’s okay and possible for a Christian to believe that God created the heavens and the earth through evolution. But what you’re going to run into time and time again is you cannot take the Word of God, as it is written. You must say, “It doesn’t really mean what it says.” Christ took the writings of Moses literally. When He quotes and cites these early passages in Genesis, never does Jesus say, “It’s a parable, a fable, a fairy tale, an allegory, a metaphor.” He always states these first records of creation as a fact. So not only will you have to say that Moses was writing in allegories, you’ll have to say that Jesus was wrong. That He didn’t really mean what He said.

This is very important to me because when I grew up I firmly believed in evolution. I wanted to be a paleontologist. I could name all the dinosaurs for you. I don’t know if I could do it now, but…and the different layers columns. I was very interested in these things. Then I discovered I was wrong. What convinced me was not the Bible. I was among the people who, when I first began to believe the Bible, tried to marry the Bible with evolution, or with…yeah with evolution. And it just didn’t work. Now I used to think if a person believe in creation, he or she was a fool. Because obviously, all you have to do is look at National Geographic, you look at all the textbooks, you listen to the nature programs, and they always embrace evolution. All of these thinking people. As a matter of fact, I’ve shared with some of my friends and family and loved ones who still believe in evolution. And you know what their answer is? They don’t offer any evidence. What they say is, “How could all these smart people be wrong?”

You know, it’s often true that if you tell somebody something long enough, they’ll believe it in spite of the evidence. It’s human nature. If we think that something is popular, we’ll believe it. Now as a Seventh-day Adventist Christian, how many times have you heard somebody say, “How could you believe that the seventh day is the Sabbath when so many Christians go to church on the first day of the week?” Have you heard that argument before? You know, the Bible says, “Follow not a multitude to do evil.” That would not only come with your practice but with your philosophy and your beliefs. It doesn’t matter if the whole world believes evolution. My Bible and my logic and my mind tells me it cannot be. So let’s look. Let’s take some time and we’ll look at some of these things.

First thing I want you to know is the person who wrote Genesis, I talked a little bit about Moses, was probably one of the most highly educated people walking the surface of the earth in his day. The Bible tells us, Acts 7:22, “And Moses was learned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians.” Not the foolishness. He didn’t embrace their Pagan rites. But he did have some knowledge. Have you looked at the pyramids? To this day we don’t know how they built the pyramids. With the equipment that we have or any combination of equipment, the way they cut the stones. The Egyptians had some incredibly profound knowledge and wisdom. Moses was educated, learned, in all of that. He spoke several languages. He grew up in the palace. He was acquainted with the physicians and the priests and the engineers. He was probably one of the smartest men that ever lived in that time. Most of the governments base their laws, civil and moral, on the writings of Moses. If you go to law school, you will look at the writings of Moses, even in our secular society today. Because it’s the foundation for so much.

You go to the Supreme Court. You know what’s engraved on the cover of the Supreme Court? Ten Commandments. Where do you find that? Writings of Moses. So what I’m getting at is, the person who said, the person who recorded, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” was not an ignorant fool. He was very highly educated, as much as anybody could be in his day. As a matter of fact, he did not embrace the Egyptian concept of creation. He was sharing the Biblical and scientific concept of creation. Now I believe that maybe Moses had to unlearn some things. And as he went into the wilderness and he spent that time beholding God and His creation, and through the inspiration of the Spirit, I believe that any misunderstandings or any unlearning he needed to do transpired during that time and in that place. So Moses who’s the author understood what he was talking about.

Now why am I taking this detour to understand the subject of creation versus evolution? First of all, you can’t go very far in Genesis chapters 1, 2, and 3, if you believe it’s all a fairy tale. You need to believe that it’s a fact. Secondly, I don’t think people understand that having a bad foundation in the creation concept contributes to every evil in our society. To name just a few, notice here. The false teaching of evolution is foundational to the theories of communism. You all know communists are atheistic. Communism has failed. I’ve been there and seen it first hand. Lived with those people and saw what their atheistic philosophy does. You know the suicide rate in Russia was much, much higher than what it was in North America, where atheism was the religion. No hope, no purpose. These staggering alcoholism and suicide statistics. It’s foundational to Nazism. It contributes also to homosexuality, if there’s no morality. Adultery, if we’re all just animals. Suicide, if there’s no purpose of life. Murder. Survival of the fittest is what evolution teaches. And if I can draw my gun faster than you can draw yours, that’s evolution. Racism. Have you ever thought about this? That what evolution teaches is that some races have evolved more sophisticated or more intelligent than others.

Why do you think Adolph Hitler was more bent on exterminating certain peoples? He felt like they’re inferior, they’re polluting the pool of humanity. That’s based on evolution. Abortion? Survival of the fittest again. And so many other evils that I cannot even begin to address them all. Evolution breeds a bad society, it’s teaching. The Bible teaches in Genesis chapter 1, and we will touch on different verses on chapter 1, that the creation was instigated from the Word of God, that everything was good and there was no death or pain. Everything was good. Now doesn’t evolution teach that there was a lot of death and pain and misery in the world in the beginning? Yes it does. In other words, the Bible tells us, or rather evolution teaches us that through all these dead animals and fossils, this is where we get our oil and it’s happened over millions of years. And that the reason that we are the sophisticated creatures that we are today is because all of our ancestors are dead. And that’s how we were created. The Bible contradicts that. That the times of creation were literal 24-hour periods. And that God was able to form matter, fiat, by His Word.

Now here is the most important thing, that if you forget everything else I’m about to say, that you understand this. We base a lot of our conclusions upon what we see going on around us right now. The Bible teaches very clearly that things that we see now have not always been that way. Because I did not see God speak matter into existence, and because I’ve never seen anybody else speak matter into existence, you can understand why it’s hard for me to accept that anybody can speak matter into existence. But that doesn’t mean it never happened. Otherwise what you’re saying is that you will only believe what you have seen for yourself and experienced. And you might say, “Well, Doug, that’s logical.” No it’s not. Nobody lives by that. How many of you saw the factory where your car was made? How many of you believe it was made in a factory? How many of you have wondered where your car was made? You believe it was made in a factory, but you didn’t see it made in the factory because someone told you it was made in a factory. So I can name a thousand examples. A lot of the food products that you use in your house, you didn’t see the factory where it was made either. But you’ve got faith that it was made properly. We accept a lot of things by faith.

But at the heart of evolution and creation is something that’s very simple, but very, very, important. A lot of people do not want to believe that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Because if God created, and if He’s the head honcho, I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but if He is the leader, if He is the supreme authority, then we are accountable to Him, we need to answer to Him, and we must obey Him. We are responsible to Him. People do not want to be responsible to God. They do not want to be accountable to God. And so this whole religion of evolution has evolved itself. In order to remove God from the equation, we are our own Gods. Evolution teaches that lower forms of life slowly evolved into humans who are becoming like Gods. What was the first lie that the devil told Adam and Eve? “You will be as God.” This is what evolution is teaching. You and I are growing in to Gods. It’s sort of this Star Trek mentality about the human race, that we are becoming more and more sophisticated and we can save the universe. We can save our planet. When in reality, the Bible teaches we were made in the image of God and we are evolving away from that image. We are becoming more and more like animals. And the fossil record bears that out too. I’ll get to that in just a minute here.

Probably one of the most important things to think about when we’re talking about the creation/evolution debate is the dating methods that they incorporate. The dating methods they attribute, of course, millions and billions of years. Now there are some Christians who say that perhaps the six days in Genesis of creation, or seven days when you include the Sabbath, some people don’t include that as one of the days of creation because He didn’t make anything on the seventh day, He created another day for time to worship. But they say that those six days of creation were actually ages. Because after all, the Bible says a day with the Lord is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day. Maybe they were seven thousand years. You know, the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that. But that’s difficult to accept because the Bible says that the vegetation was made on the third day, but the sun was not made until the fourth day. That’s a long time for your plants to go without sunlight, a thousand years. They could make it 24 hours, but not a thousand years. And there’s a symbiotic relationship between certain creatures that were made on the fifth day and the plants that were made on the third day. And those plants could not have survived two thousand years without the creatures and the bees to pollinate them. It would have just been impossible. And nothing else in the Bible leads us to believe that these were thousands of years. And incidentally, if God could do everything He did in creation in six phases, in six thousand years, it would have been just as easy, if you think about it, to do it in six days. I have no problem believing that it’s six literal days. I believe that it is. It says, “The evening and the morning were the first day.” Everything in the language, unless you twist it or torture it, makes it very clear these are literal, 24-hour periods that He made the earth in.

“But what about the dating methods, Doug, that they’ve performed these experiments and they’ve found out that the earth is millions of years old because of the carbon dating, the radio isotope dating?” Do you realize that if you remove the dating method from evolution, if you show the fallacy and the weaknesses of the dating method that’s used in evolution, the whole evolutionary belief system crumbles like a house of cards. Now I want to read a quote to you. I think I’ve shared it to you before. And this is found from Collier’s Encyclopedia. No, it’s Compton’s Encyclopedia. Regarding the radio dating method. Notice here, “Carbon-14 is produced in the earth’s atmosphere when nitrogen-14 interacts with cosmic rays. Scientists believe…” underscore that, “…that cosmic rays have been bombarding the atmosphere ever since the earth was formed, while the amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere has remained constant.” They believe that they have been bombarding the earth at the same rate constantly. Now that would be assuming that the atmosphere of the world has not changed. That the different zones around the earth have not changed. Now you know, the Bible tells us that there was a radical change about 4,500 years ago during the time of the flood. That would alter everything before the flood so that its dating would appear grossly different, radically different, than those things that are dated after the flood. Let me go on here for a second. “Consequently, C-14, carbon-14, formation is thought to occur at a constant rate.

Although the current ratio of C-14 to other carbon atoms in the atmosphere is known, scientists are not certain…” this is the encyclopedia explaining the dating method that we’re using for this whole religion called evolution, “…scientists aren’t certain that the ration has been constant.” The whole thing stands or falls on their assuming it’s been constant. They don’t know that. They admit they don’t know that. And if you take away the faith that it’s constant, there is no dating method. The whole thing just completely disintegrates. And yet, all the textbooks that teach our kids in the public schools that we’ve evolved, are built on what they think is a rock and it’s sand. It’s a dating method. And it just completely erodes once you say maybe it wasn’t always constant. I’ll illustrate this in just a second. Where was I? “Errors in radio carbon dating can be caused by inaccurate radiation or particle counts, contamination of a sample, with more modern carbon, and stray radiation striking the counter.” This is the encyclopedia. They believe in evolution and they’re talking about all these things that can cause errors in the dating method.

You know, I understand that they dated a wooly mammoth. And they sent different parts of the mammoth to different dating centers. And one part of it was dated like 20,000 years and the other part was dated 2,000 years. And they got these vastly different dating methods. You know, they’ve dated mollusks that have been 2,000 years old? The thing was, they were living mollusks. 2,000 years old. And people are building their faith on this dating method. I’m going to go on here. I’m still quoting from Compton’s Encyclopedia. “Using relative dating methods, scientists are able to distinguish which events came before others, but usually cannot pinpoint precisely when the events occurred.” It is a very weak method.

Now let me see if I can illustrate how this works. Suppose you come into a room. There’s no windows in the room, there’s just a door and a room. You walk into the room. There’s a table in the middle of this dark room. And on the table is a candle burning in a candle holder. And I ask you, “How long has that candle been burning?” What’s your answer? Does anyone know? Alright, so let’s measure how quickly the candle burns, how many inches it burns, per minute or per hour. So we measure that and we get that information. We know how fast it burns. Now, do you know how long the candle’s been burning? No, you have no idea, if you’re thinking, because you don’t know how tall it was when it started, right? Something else. You’ve opened the door and walked in this room. Let’s suppose that someone stipulates the candle was three feet tall when it first started burning. And you think you might be able to measure based upon how fast it’s burning now. But when you opened the door, you increased the oxygen content of the room.

Now it’s burning at a different rate than it burned before you opened the door. You see what I’m saying? The whole dating method is facing the same kind of dilemmas. They don’t know how fast things are aging now. They don’t know how long they’ve been here. Because they’re assuming the atmosphere was the same. They’re assuming that the erosion is the same now, the depletion of radio carbon is the same now. There are so many assumptions it’s built upon that are inaccurate according to the Bible. Because the atmosphere… What do you think the atmosphere was like when the Bible says it never rained? I mean, up to the time of Noah. Over a thousand years have gone by and it never rained. Would you say that things must have been vastly different in our atmosphere? The amount of solar radiation that hit the earth. Well, this is the whole dating method that evolution is based upon. It’s extremely fragile, faulty, and unscientific. It is a belief system that requires far more faith than the Bible. I at least have visual evidence that God created in the creation that I look at. It’s like I said once before, if you’re walking on the beach of an island out in the Pacific and you see a footprint, and it’s not your foot, that one footprint is evidence, scientific evidence, there’s another human on the island. Right? You know that. You don’t have to be very smart. We have far more evidence just by looking at the intelligence and design and inter-working systems of the world today, there’s an intelligent designer.

Science and creation. Now there’s this myth that if you believe in creation you’re not scientific. But more and more of the scientists are admitting that there is no conflict between creation and real science. As a matter of fact, even scientists that do not want to believe in God are acknowledging that they’re compelled by the evidence to say there must have been a creator. I believe that what the churches believe and science do not need to have a conflict. Is it possible to be a Bible Christian, believe in creation, and still appreciate true science? Of course it is. I’m very thankful for the science that brings us the technology that we enjoy. I’m glad that the people who build those jets that we fly on were doing scientific research to make sure that it would be safe. You know what I’m saying?

Listen to some quotes I’ve got. “Two prominent British scientists, an outspoken atheistic evolutionist, Sir Frederick Hoyle, and Candra Whickramsing, a Nobel prize winner, were recently driven by logic, against their will, to conclude that there must be a creator.” These are evolutionary scientists. Nobel prize winner Whickramsing went on to say, “From my earliest training as a scientist I was very strongly brainwashed to believe that science cannot be consistent with any kind of deliberate creation. There is no other way in which we can understand the precise ordering of the chemicals of life, except to invoke the creation on a cosmic scale.” This is a scientist. “We are hoping, as scientists, that there would be a way around our conclusion. But there isn’t.” Molecular biologist Michael Beale has this to say, “Molecular evolution is not based on scientific authority. There is no publication in the scientific literature and prestigious journals, specialty journals, or book, that describe how molecular evolution of any real complex bio-chemical system either did occur or even might have occurred.” They’ve never proven these things are even possible in any journal, any scientific periodical. “There are assertions that such evolution occurred, but absolutely none are supported by pertinent experiments or calculations.” Do you hear what he’s saying? Everybody’s saying something but nobody’s proved it.

Dr. Niles Eldrige, from the American Museum of Natural History, that was across the street from where I grew up I New York City, the American Museum of Natural History. That’s why I wanted to be a paleontologist. I used to roam around in there, day after day. It used to be free when I was a kid. Now you have to pay to go in. I used to roam around. I’d look at all these great big dinosaurs that were assembled. I was devastated this week because I was studying that the brontosaurus I used to look at, that they found a head a mile away and they stuck the head on this brontosaurus skeleton. They have since discovered it doesn’t go at all on the brontosaurus. It went on a different species altogether. And I was so disappointed. I’d been looking at a two-headed assembly all those years and I thought it was the real thing. Here’s what he said, “The only competing explanation for the order we see in the biological world is the notion of special creation.”

Now how do you typically picture a scientist? Usually somebody who’s wearing the white robe, they’re surrounded in a laboratory with the flasks, and the test tubes. But you know what a scientist looks like? This is what a scientist looks like. That’s a scientist. People that are just like you and me, and they’ve got their bias, and they’ve gone to school, and they managed to get the grade. And once they get the grade and they’ve got their degree, they can walk out and say, “I’m a scientist.” And people assume that anything they say must be gospel truth because they graduated from this school. But they can say anything they want to say. And they all contradict and disagree with each other. We’ve got this idea that they’ve proven the things they believe. But friends, I’ve got news for you. These scientists are humans with very strong personal agendas and biases that they incorporate in their conclusions. And they don’t agree with each other.

One thing I’ll never forget. I went to a school where we had a science teacher. I guess I can tell you his name was Peter. And he was a very devout evolutionist. And this was a boarding school. And I remember one time his wife, he lived on the campus with his wife, she taught another department, she was pregnant and she came in to the cafeteria and she was crying hysterically. I never exactly knew what the problem was, but someone later confided in me that he was having an affair with somebody in the loft of their house while she was sitting downstairs. Completely oblivious to how she, not oblivious but indifferent, to how she might feel. And his answer was, “We’re all animals.” This is the science teacher. He says, “We’ve all evolved. We’re all animals. This is perfectly natural.” Can you see where evolution leads?

I remember seeing a Time magazine… I meant to scan that and put it on the screen. And it said, “Adultery – It’s in our genes.” We’ve evolved this way because not all primates, not all apes, that we’ve evolved from have monogamous relationships. So we can’t help it.” Can you see why some people have an agenda to believe in evolution? It’s a very selfish… It’s, “I am my own God,” religion. That’s what it is. So there is really a… Don’t be deceived by these concepts about science because it’s scientific. And all these scientists say it, it must be true. There are thousands and thousands of scientists, real scientists, that believe in divine creation. But they don’t get a lot of press. Do you know that there are approximately 4-6% of Americans who claim to be atheists? Are you aware of that? Only 4-6%. But in spite of that, those 4-6% manage to control a lot of the publishing and media. And so atheism is being in school against the will, public schools, of the 90%. Have you ever considered that? Sometimes you don’t need… How do you think Adolph Hitler and some of these communist countries were able to control the masses? They controlled the media. They controlled the communication. And through propaganda they spread lies until they believed the problem with the world are there’s too many Jews. The problem with the world is the Americans, as they said in Russia. It’s just propaganda. And probably the masterpiece of propaganda in our world today is this notion that all that you see about you evolved spontaneously over millions of years. It is foolishness, friends. I’m ashamed that I used to believe it. Forgive me if you still believe it if I’m being hard on you. We’ll pray you get the victory.

Number 4. Some other evidence that we’ve got in the cosmic region… If you look up you can not only find plenty of evidence if we look around us. Several things in the planets. First of all, they’re cooling. The planets are cooling. Now using science, you can measure the rate at which these great orbs of mass are cooling. You know, not only is it true that underneath the earth’s surface there’s molten rock and heat, but it’s true of all the planets. And you can measure the dissipation of this heat and you can count back and say, “What would it have been like 10,000 years ago?” Based on the amount of heat that’s in the earth today, if you go back 10,000 or 15,000 years, the surface of the earth would have been molten. You see, hear what I’m saying? Based on the way it’s dissipating now. Did you know that there are planets, there are moons, that revolve around Jupiter that are hotter than earth. If they’ve been there the billions of years that the scientists claim, they ought to have a real thick crust on them and be cold all the way through. But they’re not. And they don’t have the kind of fusion that the sun has. It’s just like you’re putting a stick of wood in the fire and the coals last a while. That’s where the heat’s coming from. It’s surrounded by matter. They ought to be much colder, much deeper, if they’re as old as they claim they are. But they don’t talk about that.

The galaxies. They are winding down. Are they winding down or expanding? You’ve heard about the expanding universe. And they say that it all came from you know, millions of years ago or billions of years ago, there was this big bang. How many of you have heard about the big bang? How many of you were taught in school the big bang theory is the way all things began? Fess us. Some of you hopefully went to Christian schools. I was taught the big bang. And I still believe in the big bang. I believe God said it and BANG it happened. But I don’t believe it the way I used to believe it. But are you aware that among the scientists there are really three theories now, and they don’t agree with the big bang anymore? Some still believe in the big bang, but others disagree. Because they realize that the evidence doesn’t support it. They can look at the spirals on the outer wheels of these galaxies and it could not have happened that way at the rate that they’re spinning. They would have just flown off. Oh, speaking of flying off. Are you aware that the world is rotating? We all know that. The earth rotates. But are you aware that the earth is slowing it’s rotation? How many of you have ever played with a top? We do not have perpetual motion on our planet.

It’s like you spin something and the bigger something is and you spin it, the longer it takes to slow. How many of men, you’ve done mechanic work and you know that one of the things that keeps the car running is the flywheel? It’s got weights in it and the weight attached to that flywheel on the crankcase keeps the momentum going. And the earth is spinning. But it’s slowing slowly. I understand that about one second a year. Is that right? As a matter of fact in was it 1996, and I think they had to do it again in 1999, they have to add a second to the day. Now most of you never know that because whoever these powers are, whoever “they” is, that take care of the timing of the world, they had to add one second to these atomic clocks. Because the earth is slowing. And eventually that starts to add up and it messes up our days and our timing. Now stay with me. If the speed of the earth is slowing, even if it is only a second or so a year, that means that it used to go faster. Are you with me? If the earth is millions… You know what millions of seconds are? If the earth is millions or billions of years old, that would mean, based on measuring things by present trends, that the earth used to spin so fast that all the dinosaurs would have just flown out into space. I’m serious. You would have had your alarm clock going off about every 30 seconds to start your day. And so the earth is going about a thousand miles an hour. I understand the SR71 blackbird jet that was built by the United States… You know they’ve never built anything faster yet. I’m talking about jets. That plane can actually go ahead in time, so to speak, as the earth turns. It’s that fast. But the earth would have been spinning far too fast, back when they say our ancestors first sprouted, for them to stay on the planet. They would have had to have been anchored down by chains. Or just flown off into the cosmos.

There’s so many things about this. Oh yeah, I also wanted to talk about moon dust. Moon dust. You know when, I think it was Isaac Asimov, who back in the ‘50s was talking about when man would go to the moon. Because they can measure the particles that are going through space, the windows of the satellite or the space ships, the Apollo capsules, were all scratched up from particles that were out in space and this dust out there. That dust is constantly falling on the moon because the moon does not have an ionosphere to burn up particles as they fall down like we do around earth. You don’t see shooting stars above the moon. See what I’m saying? The meteors just hit the moon. That’s why it’s all beaten up like it is. So they thought when man lands on the moon, we’re going to have some serious problems because it’s going to be so deep. Isaac Asimov speculated back in the ‘50s he said, “I can see it now. As the space ship slowly descends and settles down on the earth, majestically swallowed up in the dust out of sight.” They thought the dust might be hundreds of feet thick because if the universe was millions or billions of years old as they claim, and if the dust is piling up so much every thousand years, it was going to be several feet thick. When they built the Lander…

I used a painting rather a photograph because it showed it better. They put these great big old pads on the first few Apollo Landers because they didn’t want it to sink out of sight. So they wanted these big old camel feet, big duck feet, on it so it could hold on the dust. When they jumped out Neal Armstrong said that, “This is a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.” I think when he said it’s a small step for man, he had touched down. He expected to sink in. And it really, the dust was only about an inch and a half, two inches deep. Based on that, and at the rate dust is falling on the moon, that would mean that the moon is not millions of years old but a couple of thousand, or a few thousand, years old. Which is what the Bible teaches. So there’s several things in space that help us get an understanding of that.

“But Pastor Doug, we know that they’ve done archaeology, they’ve done this research, and we know that man came from apes because we’ve found the missing link.” How many of you have heard, “We’ve found the missing link?” And they love to show us these pictures and National Geographic. And what they’ll do is they’ll make a painting of Mr. Caveman and Mrs. Caveman and all the little cavemen, these missing links, and they’re running around hairy and they’re sort of making tools and doing things. It’s all artists conceptions. Now here you’ve got a magazine, Time magazine, this is I think from last year. “How man began.” And you see there, on the cover, they’ve got some bones that they’ve found in Africa. And these evolutionists that have a very strong bias to evolution and they dig and they find some particles of bone. Now you see all the cracks in the bone there? I hope you can see that well enough in the picture. They don’t find them in one piece, even as you see it there. They find pieces of jaw and pieces of teeth and pieces of an eyebrow, and the pieces that connect the pieces are missing.

Which they need to then fill in with wax. And they frame them and move them the way they think…pardon me…the way they want them to look. Rather than the way that they did look, they do it the way they think they should look. And if you’re looking for the missing link, stay with me. Someone said, “Show me the money.” If you’re being funded by agencies and people to find the missing link, and you’re digging around for months and you don’t even find a tooth, when you find anything, you’ve found the missing link. And you are highly motivated to do everything in your power to create it to look like the missing link. And so then they take it and they pull the jaw out, and they stick the teeth in, and they raise the eyebrows, and they glue it all together, and they say, “We don’t have the whole thing, but we’ve got enough so we can tell what the rest of it looked like.” See after they take those little bones and then they put up the cheeks that weren’t even there. They get this gorilla-like looking creature and they say, “We have found the missing link.” The fact is, the missing link is still missing.

Think about this for a second. There are millions and millions of examples of human skeletons around the world. Millions of them. Missing link is still missing. There are millions and millions of examples of primate skeletons around the world. New and old. But they cannot find anything between humans and the primates. And whenever they think that they’ve found something that goes between these gibeon monkeys and modern homosapiens, all they find is a little particle. And on closer examination, they usually find out… You’ve heard about, what was it, Cro-Magnon man? That they built this whole man. They found a tooth. And from this tooth, they constructed what this man must have looked like, and what his jaw must have looked like, and his eyes, and how wide his head was, from the tooth. Now you may not be a scientist, but I hope you know that you can’t really tell how big a person’s head is from just a tooth.

I’ve got all my teeth except one. Doctor Harvey Webber pulled out one tooth, right in the middle. See I’ve got a little gap. I needed braces when I was 25. I needed them long before that, but I got them when I was 25 because I was living on a mission and it was cheap. He had to pull out a tooth. And he pulled the tooth out and it was like that long. And he said, “Doug, I have never seen such a big tooth in a little man.” I’m serious, that’s what he said. He said, “You ought to be six and a half feet tall. Where’d you get such a long tooth?” He was working at it and working at it, and they’re pulling it out, and I was screaming. No. You can’t tell how big something’s going to be from one tooth. So they build this man, what they think he looks like, how big his head is, how he’s hunched over, he’s bow-legged. And then they build what his wife looked like from his tooth. Very creative. Highly motivated. It’s amazing what you can do. Then beyond that, they find out this tooth, they found the rest of the teeth and they found they fit in the jaw of an extinct pig. Just to give you a little sample of how motivated they are to find the missing link. They’ve not found the missing link.

Some people say, “But we know, what about the writings on the cave walls? They were cavemen. They were more primitive back then. We’re more sophisticated now.” This is a modern photograph of somebody who lives in our century. How could cavemen live simultaneous with modern humans, civilized people? You’re looking at Exhibit A. Raised in New York City. Lived in a cave and ran around naked. Just because you find that there were people who lived in caves, and cooked on fires, and painted on the walls, and hunted, and gathered berries, doesn’t mean that they were not living simultaneous with highly developed, civilized, educated, cultured people. Some people prefer living in caves. And it’s all there is to it. And so there’s so many fables and myths.

What about the population problem? I’ve got so many things I want to tell you. Based on current populations, right now if man began to multiply starting 10,000 years ago… Now frankly, I believe that creation was about 6,000 years ago. Some people put it back further. If you go back 10,000 years, just fudge a little bit, I mean compared to the millions of years they say, just go from 6,000 to 10,000, based on what we can observe by science now, at the rate that men multiply, right now man would be shoulder to shoulder and a hundred deep over every square foot of the planet. If you go back 10,000 years. Just to give you an example, here’s a chart of the current world population growth and the statistics. You can look and you can see how quickly it’s gone. Back in the 1800’s they finally got the first billion people. Back by the time of Christ, there was only about 250 million people. And then you can track that on back. And it goes back about 4,500 years. Why? Because there were about 8 people back then that repopulated the earth.

Now there may have been millions of people that lived before the flood. Because the Bible says Adam and Eve lived 930 years and had sons and daughters. How many sons and daughters do you think you could have if you lived 930 years and your clock was still ticking for about 700 years? What was that Dear? About 2, that’s all we’d have, right? They didn’t have all the procedures back then that they have today. In any event, so you have one billion people by the year 1800. And then you see they’ve got, just a little after 1900, 1910 or so, they’ve got 2 billion, and then you’ve got 3 billion by 1963 I think it was. Now there’s over 6 billion people. We’re moving toward 7 billion people. For one thing, Jesus needs to come back soon because we’re going to run out of room.

Let me just read to you some of the statistics that I’ve got here. It can be shown in fact that if the population continued to increase at the rate of 2% a year, in less than 700 years there would be one person for every square foot of earth’s surface. If we just went on at present trends, one person for every square foot of the earth’s surface. Obviously the present growth rate cannot continue indefinitely. How can humans be the ones taking over the world? We are the most inefficient reproducers of all. We really are. You can have a little baby gorilla or gibeon baby. And within a few minutes of it’s birth it can grab onto it’s mother and she can swing from tree to tree. You have a little gazelle baby and it stumbles onto it’s feet, or a horse, and it can start running within an hour. You’ve all seen this haven’t you? You have a human baby, he can’t roll over for six months. How did we survive? We are the most inefficient creatures. And if we’ve evolved from lower forms of life, then why is it that our brains have evolved where we only use one tenth of them? Why would we develop all this extra cerebral capacity that we never use? That wouldn’t make any sense. Evolution has no explanation for these things.

You put… You know I understand that you can put… Well, they did it. They took a couple of rabbits to Australia. There were no bunny rabbits in Australia. Right now they just completely cover Australia. They’ve just completely covered it. You look at the population of the different creatures around the planet right now, and the whole planet right now should be ruled by rats and cockroaches. Did you hear what happened when they… Some of you watched the Millennium of Prophecy series where we talked about heaven. How many of you remember Biosphere 2 that they built there in Arizona? They spent a couple million dollars building this facility. And they tried to create an ecosystem that would be balanced and self-funding and the biospherians could live off the land. And you know what happened? After a few month… First of all, they were stealing with each other, they couldn’t get along, and all the plants and exotic animals that they put in started to die. And the only thing that thrived were cockroaches and crazy ants that completely took the place over. Why don’t rats take over the world, and cockroaches take over the world right now? There’s so many things that they can’t explain.

The dinosaurs. I don’t have a lot of time to talk about this. But the fact is that dinosaurs, I believe, coexisted with man. I wish I had a picture included. I didn’t have enough time to show this whole presentation. Maybe I’ll do it when we get to the flood. I went to Glen Rose, Texas, years ago before it became popular. And I went to the Poxy river. And they’ve got the dinosaur park. You can look, there’s little three-toed footprints all over. There’s no question about it, they’re dinosaur footprints. Great big three-toed footprints in this petrified river bed, all over the place. But what you don’t hear them talk about is there’s also human footprints there. Big human footprints. And I took a picture. I put my foot down right next to one of the human footprints. And I’ve got a big foot. And I wanted to show you that. But I believe dinosaurs lived. I believe they coexisted with man. I think the majority of them, of course, were destroyed before the flood. Which leads me on to some of the other issues we need to talk about.

The fossil record. People say, “Doug, we can tell from the fossil record now that we have all evolved slowly over millions of years from lower forms of life.” We are evolving perhaps away from God. There is a fossil, you can’t tell from the picture, of a dragonfly three feet long. Can you imagine living by a pond where the dragonflies are three feet long? You know, one of the things that they find… Talk about fishing bait. Imagine the fish you could catch if the dragonflies are three feet long. You wouldn’t need airplanes. You could just get a couple of dragonflies and they could take you off wherever you wanted to go. The creatures in the fossil record tells us many of the same creatures that they believed are extinct, they find them alive today. And the funny thing is they look at the fossils and they say, “Yes these existed,” I’m not exaggerating, “50 million years ago.” Then they discover that fossil that they say died off 50 million years ago, they find that some of them are still alive. This has happened several times with certain sea creatures. I can’t remember how to pronounce the name of one of them they found off of Madagascar. You know what they found? Living ones. Then they called them “living fossils.” As though, “You’re not supposed to be alive, and if you are alive and you’re fossil’s 50 million years ago, you should be vastly different. How come you’re exactly like your fossils and you haven’t changed in 50 million years?”

Horseshoe crabs. Horseshoe crab fossils, 50 million years old, look exactly like the horseshoe crabs that crawl up on the beach on the Atlantic coast today. And you know in 50 million years they’ve still got the primitive eye. They call it the primitive eye, that they had back then, where they can just see a little bit of light through their eye. How come their eye has not improved in 50 million years if evolution is true? You can look at the ferns in the jungles. The coal beds. The oil fields. You know what they tell us? That copious, vast amounts or organic life was covered radically, quickly, and was compressed. And that’s where you get these oil fields and these coal beds. What does the Bible teach? That there was a tremendous cataclysm. And the earth that was once covered with prolific life and ferns bigger than redwoods… Can you imagine that? Three foot dragonflies. Pterodactyls with twenty foot wingspan. I believe some of these creatures lived. Bats that were four feet long. Actually, they’ve got those in Australia today. But all these different creatures they were killed and they were pushed by the currents. They settled and they formed these great coal fields. That’s where you get… Coal comes, I understand, from peat moss, the biggest forms of it. But it had to be 50 feet deep to produce the coal that we’ve got today. Life was so prolific before the flood. You know why? The atmosphere was different for one thing. The oxygen content of the atmosphere must have been much higher than it is now, but below what the burning level would be. Things radically changed. And the Bible supports all of these findings.

Archaeology. I’m going to rush through some of these things quickly. People say, “Well you can’t believe the Bible because you can’t prove it with archaeology.” I think it’s very interesting. The evolutionist automatically assumes that the Bible is guilty until proven innocent. But they don’t use that standard with any other ancient document. They automatically assume any other ancient document is true unless proven false. With the Bible they use a reverse standard. But notice with the archaeology that they’ve been doing… For instance, they said, “Abraham and the patriarchs never lived. They couldn’t write back then.” Then they discovered the Ebla archive, a library with 14,000 clay books in Syria. And it talked about the patriarchs. It talked about Sodom and Gomorrah. It talked about Jerusalem. They said recently, “David never lived.” You know just recently they found an inscription that proved that King David did live. They said, “The Hittites were a mythical people.

There’s no evidence in archaeology that they existed,” the critics claimed. But they did some archaeological research and they found out that, they found clay tablets that referred to the Hittites. Again, they said that Sargon, recorded in Isaiah 21, this king of Assyria, never lived. “There’s no record in the Assyrian history about Sargon.” They found a clay cylinder that discovered Sargon, I’m sorry, that described Sargon in Cororbad, Iraq. And it even described the Biblical capture of Ashdod that Isaiah 20 talks about. Then they talked about Belshazaar, the one who saw the handwriting on the wall. Babylonian history said nothing about him. So they said, “The Bible can’t be trusted.” They continued digging and the spade turned up that Belshazaar was actually the son of Nabadonas. Nabadonas was the king off fighting battles. Belshazaar was the vice-regent. He was the king in charge. That’s why he said to Daniel, “You will be third ruler in the kingdom.” He couldn’t make Daniel second ruler in the kingdom, because he was second ruler. All he could offer was third place. And he was the grandson of Nebuchadnezzar. I wish I had time. I’ve got so much information I could share with you that shows that the archaeology that they’re doing, and the diggings, and the research that they’re doing, continually confirm the truth of the Bible.

Symbiotic relationships. To me this is one of but probably not the most compelling evidence that evolution could never have happened. There are so many species in the world today where they cannot survive without some kind of cooperation with other species, other kinds. Like the bees and the flowers. And there’s a number of other creatures in the ocean. They feed each other, they protect each other, and they could not have begun without one another’s help or assistance. Unless it happened spontaneously and God, through His Word, created them.

Finally, for me what really changed my mind, I’ve saved this for last, is design and intelligence. Design and intelligence. You’ve heard the illustration before that to believe in evolution, and that all the organization and inter-working systems and design that we see in the world today, to believe that that all happened slowly over these accidental processes, and through these coincidences over millions of years, is like believing you can throw a bomb into a pile of logs and you get a log cabin. I borrowed this from Dr. Fight. He gave me this slide. But really, what I like to use is that you could throw a bomb in junkyard and get a Boeing 777. Because you think about the inter-working systems with that. When evolution first became popular, the microscopes were very primitive. Darwin and his friends, when they looked at a cell, they could see a cell. The microscopes were very primitive. They were very weak compared to what we have today. A cell looked like three things. It looked like a shell, it looked like plasma, it looked like a nucleus. It was very basic.

Now with these very sophisticated high-power telescopes, we’ve come to learn one single cell of life… Let me back up. Picture, if you will, New York City. Manhattan. Rush hour. Subways going, cabs going, elevators going up and down, people going in and out of buildings, through doors, over bridges, buying lunch. All the activity. Think of all the activity and inter-working systems at Manhattan, New York City, rush hour. Can you comprehend that? From 10 stories below street level to 180 stories above street level, just a dynamo of activity and inter-working systems of heat, and electricity, and telecommunications, and all these things going on. Picture that. The complexity of it. The design, the intelligence of it. One single cell of life, one of these evolutionary scientists said, “One single cell of life is infinitely more complex than downtown New York City during rush hour.” You think that happened by accident? How could you get one of those to spontaneously just burp out of primeval ooze without intelligence? It’s as easy to go the next step and say, “I believe God spoke the whole day into existence,” than to say it all happened slowly through these cells.

But how tragic. Because when you take away what the Bible says about creation, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” not only does it contribute to all these other ills in society I’ve already mentioned, you take away salvation. You take away salvation. Let me tell you why. “Create in me a clean heart, O God.” Which is harder? Which do you think is harder? For God to speak plants into existence? For God to speak continents into existence? Or for God to change a human heart and mind? I believe that’s harder. And if we don’t believe that God, through His Word, can speak these things into existence, it is just as much a miracle that He creates in us a new heart. That’s what salvation is all based upon. Isaiah 65:17, he says, “For behold, I create a new heavens and a new earth.” If we don’t believe that He spoke the first one into existence, are we going to have to wait 50 million years for God to create the new heaven and the new earth when Jesus comes back? How many of you would get bored waiting for this cell to grow into two cells, and then to have a male and female cell? That would get boring. I think He’s going to speak it into existence again. How about you?

All that you see about you today did not happen by accident. These coincidental processes. But they were designed by God. Except that they were so much better than they are today. And we’ll talk a little more about that in our next study. We’ll talk about a good beginning. And we’ll probably make a little more progress in chapter 1. But right now I want you to know that everything you see around you came from God’s hand and He made it.

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