Something but the Past and Done

Lesson: 1
"As far as the East is from the West, so far has He removed our transgression from us." Sin is removed from us by a miracle of love ! And if sin be removed so far, then we may be sure that the scent, the trace, the very memory of it must be entirely gone; even Satan himself could not achieve to bring it back again. Our sins are gone, Jesus has borne them away ! (Charles Spurgeon)
Join us as the pastors discuss how much God is willing to forgive more than we ask, and what God does with our broken promises.

1.- Is it okay to pray to the Holy Spirit ?
2.- The Bible says there will be an attempt to change times and laws. Does this also include the 70-week prophecy in Daniel 9 ?
3.- Revelation 11 verse 19 says the ark of the covenant is seen in the temple. How does that relate to current events ?
4.- As we are experiencing climate change, should our main emphasis be the Great Commission ?
5.- What programs do you use to study the Bible ?
6.- Is investing your money similar to gambling ?
7.- How can we know if someone has committed the unpardonable sin ?
8.- Will God leave Heaven for the new Earth, or is Heaven the atmosphere of the new Earth ?
9.- What should I do if my employer requires me to work on Sabbath?
10.- Will you please explain what the "times of the Gentiles" means in Luke 21 verse 24 ?
11.- Can you be saved without reading the Bible ?
12.- Please explain Psalm 1 verses 1-3.
13.- Please explain Revelation 11 verses 1-2.
14.- Why is Jesus’ birth celebrated in December?
15.- Who was in the fire and the earthquake and the wind when Elijah was on Mount Horeb ? and what is the deeper message of this story ?
16.- What does the Bible say about slothfulness ? Is it a sin ?
17.- Did Adam call Eve by her name before the fall ? The Bible says he called her “woman.”
18.- When does a person become responsible for responding to a given truth or message ?
19.- Can we observe the Sabbath day and also go to church on Sunday ?
20.- My son broke a promise. If he confesses, will he be forgiven or is my son’s probation closed ?
21.- What should I do if I am covered in tattoos and it’s impossible to get them removed ?

Heaven: Is It For Real?

Heaven: Is It For Real?
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