Running From the Daylight

Lesson: 1
If the erring one persistently refuses to heed the voice that calls him with pitying, tender love, he will at last be left in darkness. The heart that has long slighted God's mercy, becomes hardened in sin, and is no longer susceptible to the influence of the grace of God. Fearful will be the doom of that soul (PP, 165). When the Light comes on, on which side will you find yourself ? The wicked run from the light, the righteous run to the light... There's no time to waste; we must make our decision now. Study with us as the pastors discuss tribulations and times of trouble, and if prophecy has been fulfilled or is still to take place.

1.- How long will the tribulation last ?
2.- What is the true meaning of speaking in tongues ?
3.- Is it sun worship to keep the Sabbath according to the Gregorian calendar ?
4.- Will you please explain 2 Timothy 2 verse 15 ?
5.- In Psalms 60 verses 1-3, who were the unknown people David fought against ?
6.- What does the Bible mean when it states, "the man of sin will take his seat in the temple of God" ?
7.- How do we know that the falling of the stars in May 1780 is the dark day from Bible prophecy ?
8.- Does prophecy have a different meaning in the context of 1 Samuel 10 verse 10 ?
9.- How do we obtain deliverance from evil spirits ?
10.- Why is “wisdom” referenced in a feminine context in Proverbs 4, if Solomon is talking about the Holy Spirit ?
11.- If I have taken God’s name in vain and then asked for forgiveness, have I been forgiven ?
12.- Is it ever okay to threaten someone with violence if they are insulting a family member ?
13.- Is it idolatry for Christians to do the sign of the cross ?
14.- When did the Bible get divided into verses with punctuation added, and by whom ?
15.- Who wrote the Book of Romans ?
16.- Genesis 19 verse 8 refers to the daughters of Lot being virgins. How is this possible if they had been married before ?
17.- Regarding Genesis 15 verse 10, what was the significance of the birds and why were they not cut in half ?
18.- Were Jacob's wives twins ?
19.- Are you born of the Spirit the moment you accept Christ ? If not, when does that take place ?
20.- When will the redeemed give account for anything ?
21.- Should Christians invest, and if so, how should they invest ?
22.- Why did God say that eating swine's flesh is an abomination ? Is this spiritual or symbolic ?
23.- Can you please explain what it means in the Bible when it refers to Jesus as the Son of David ? Isn't He the Son of God ?
24.- What does it mean to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord ?

The Last Night on Earth

The Last Night on Earth
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