It's the Little Things

Lesson: 1
"Every act of life, however small, has its bearing for good or for evil... It is the little things that test the character;" it's the little things that our Father cares about (PP, 158). Listen in and learn with us the absoluteness of obedience, the meaning of habitual and willful sin, and very importantly, we'll delineate how to love God more. Put simply, we must in our intention give up all for Jesus, and in act, we must give up all to Jesus (C.H.S.). Neglecting little things can have catastrophic consequences, but, our Father deserves that nothing in our love for Him be little. “Love must be the principle of action,” (COL, 49); we will then be able to count it all joy indeed. Join us now !

1.- In Matthew 27:52-53, who were the people raised from the dead at the crucifixion ?
2.- How are God the Father and God the Son the temple in the New Jerusalem ?
3.- Does 1 Kings refer to how this world has become more warped in its thinking and judgment ?
4.- How can we confirm that the starting date of the 2,300-day prophecy in the book of Daniel began in the year 457 B.C. ?
5.- Who is the archangel mentioned in 1 Thessalonians 4 verse 16 ?
6.- What was the first marriage in the Bible, and how did the ceremony of a legal marriage develop ?
7.- There are times in the Bible when self-defense seems okay and other times when it doesn't. Are there any resources or stories that could clear this confusion up for me ?
8.- Today, many Jews are turning to Christianity. Is this a victory for Rome ?
9.- Will you please explain what is happening in Exodus 4 verse 25 ?
10.- Will you help me understand Hebrews 10 verse 26 ?
11.- Could Ezekiel chapter 38 be referring to the war in Israel ?
12.- What does, "Count it all joy," mean in James 1 verse 2 ?
13.- What does, "Those who are asleep in Jesus, God will bring with Him," in 1 Thessalonians 4 verse 14 mean ?
14.- Regarding Revelation 20 and 21, why would we come down from a clean Heaven to a filthy Earth ?
15.- Did Jesus' disciples think that they too would be resurrected after their death ?
16.- How do I love God more ? What do I have to do to show that I love Him more ?
17.- Was Moses part of the captives that ascended with Jesus at His resurrection ?
18.- Is it necessary that a person be baptized and filled with the Spirit to enter God's kingdom ?

Written in Stone

Written in Stone
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