Best Friend Forever

Lesson: 1
Our best Friend is Jesus - He who did not withhold His own life from us but for our sakes became poor, that through His poverty we might be made rich, (CS, 326). Our best Friend is Jesus - He who bore a test infinitely more severe than that which Adam failed to endure, and who overcame the tempter on man's account that through His obedience, His purity of character and steadfast integrity, His righteousness might be imputed to man. What love ! What amazing condescension ! (2Red, 14 and 15) Yet what are we but proud, disobedient and naked... What are we but confused, angry and dirty. Join us now and learn of Christ's faithfulness, His nobleness and righteousness, His authority and His blessings. We'll also discuss His Law and the spirit of His Law, and His Second Coming as well. Come and study with us ! All that can be desired is not comparable to Him. Jesus is our Friend in affliction; He is One who knows, (DG, 221).

1.- Are Christians supposed to keep the feast days ?
2.- Where do you cross from an acceptable pride, to a sinful pride ?
3.- Were Adam's and Eve's garments the first introduction of artificial, synthetic, technological light on Earth ?
4.- Is the law that we are “no longer under” referring to the Book of Moses ?
5.- How long was Dorcas dead before she was revived in Acts chapter 9 verses 36 through 43 ?
6.- How are we supposed to keep the Sabbath in the New Earth if there is no passage of time ?
7.- Where does the timeline of Daniel 9 verse 26 fall in the timeline of the 70-week prophecy ?
8.- Scripture says that every eye will see Jesus' return. How will a sailor in a submarine witness the Second Coming ?
9.- Why does Genesis 9 verse 3 say, “everything that lives shall be meat” ? Does that include unclean foods ?
10.- Is the false prophet in the Book of Revelation a man or a nation ?
11.- Regarding the Ten Commandments, what is the difference between coveting and stealing ?
12.- As Christians, do we have the right to defend ourselves ?
13.- Are the prophecies in Zechariah chapters 5 and 6 fulfilled in this current time ?
14.- Why does the ram mentioned in Daniel 8 verses 4 through 8 face three different directions ?
15.- What is the sealed book mentioned in Isaiah 29 verse 11 ?
16.- Revelation 20 verse 10 says, “they will be tormented day and night.” How can we explain that this doesn’t mean people burn forever ?
17.- Matthew 15 verses 17 though 20 seems to imply that all meat is good to eat, because what goes in the mouth doesn't defile. Can you explain why it does not mean that ?
18.- Will God answer prayers if I don't pay tithe ?
19.- Why doesn't God ask for shoes to be removed when He encountered Abraham and Balaam, like He did with Joshua and Moses ?

Saved From Certain Death

Saved From Certain Death
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