Celebrating Heroes

Date: 08/28/2011 
Life magazine’s May 5, 1997 collector’s edition was titled, “Celebrating our Heroes”. Inside it praised George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa and a horse. A horse?
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Hello Friends. This is Doug Batchelor. Life magazine’s May 5, 1997 collector’s edition was titled, “Celebrating our Heroes”. Inside it praised George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa and a horse. A horse? Stay with us friends as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Welcome listening friends to “Bible Answers Live” his is a live, international, interactive Bible study and we’re broadcasting across land based stations all over the country and over the internet all around the world, through satellite through North America, and if you do have Bible question we do have lines open. And just pick up the phone and call that number 800-835—no wait I’m giving you the wrong number. I should know how to do this by now. It is 800-GOD-SAYS 800-463-7297. I was giving out the resource number to call into the studio it is 800- 463-7297. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is Jean Ross. Good evening listening friends and Pastor Doug let’s begin the program with prayer. Father once again we thank you that we have this opportunity to study Your word. And we ask guidance from the Holy Spirit that we might rightfully divide the word of truth. Be with those who are listening wherever they might be. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Ross: Pastor Doug you opened the program by talking about this list of influential people listed in Life Magazine. And then there’s a horse that’s spoken of! How did that happen?

Pastor Doug: Yeah and it’s talking principally about these heroes and a horse by the name of Reckless was included. Now this horse served in the Korean War and it’s not that unusual because in a number of wars they have engaged or pressed different animals into service. This one was bought, it was a Philly of a Mongolian race horse in Korea.

A boy sold it so he could buy an artificial leg for his sister who had been wounded. And the Marines sort of took this horse and adopted it to carry ammunition to their various locations for their battles. They gave the Horse the name Reckless after a rifle a Recoilless Rifle that they had. And what’s really incredible, is what happened during 5 days of a very severe battle called outpost Vegas.

The horse made 51 trips up and down very steep hills carrying about 9000 lbs. of ammunition over that space of time and did this, with enemy fire raining down at a rate of about 500 rounds per minute. And what is really amazing is that about 95 % of the time the horse made the trip by herself. They would basically slap her on the rump when she would leave the station where they would load her up with ammo she would find her way through this full blown war raging all around her and would not be deterred until she got to the soldiers she loved.

She was very fond of soldiers and they fed her cookies and she sort of was a mascot. And sometimes would even transport wounded soldiers back down. And then back up again and in 5 days 51 trips, 35 miles round trip to supply the Marines ... a horse going through that kind of enemy fire. Oh and I might add that during this battle out of the whole battalion only 2 soldiers were not wounded or killed. And the horse was wounded twice, but she went right back into battle. When you think about that kind of determination it is encouraging and oh one more thing I don’t want to leave out.

The soldiers were so inspired by this horse that when this war came to its conclusion or at least the cease fire, they took up an offering and decided to ship the horse back with them on the troop ship to camp Pendleton and it ended up retiring and it lived another 18 years. It gave birth to 3 other little horses and it is buried there today. Reckless the mare. So because of the heroics of that horse and its determination, it’s listed among those 100 great heroes.

But, it makes me think about that verse in the Bible where Jesus says if somebody lets loose of the plow and starts looking back they are not worthy of the kingdom. They’ve got to set their face and be determined I’m going to go all the way. And the Christian life we don’t want to have a revolving door in our hearts. We want to invite Jesus in and allow Him to be enthroned and then be committed to Him for life. And we have a lesson for people who feel like well I’ve been waffling in my commitment. I want o have a firm commitment to the Lord and we have something free we’d like to send to you.

Pastor Ross: We’ve got the Amazing Facts study guide called, “No Turning Back” it is talking about that surrender and making that full commitment to Christ. If you’d like to receive this study guide absolutely free give us a call on our resource line 800-835- 6747 that number again is 800-835-6747. You can ask for the Amazing Facts stud guide called, “No Turning Back” about commitment. I am sure you will find that a very helpful and enlightening study.

Pastor Doug: I might also want to mention fro about the last 3 weeks we have been doing a test of streaming what you’re hearing right now you can go online and you can for whatever it is worth it is not that visually redeeming, but if you want to see what is happening here in the studio with Pastor Ross and I then you can just go online to “Live dot Amazing Facts dot org” and I think if they just go to the Amazing Facts website and there is a little banner there that you can click on.

Pastor Ross: Yes the Amazing Facts website right on the homepage there is this little banner that scrolls across that says if you’d like to join the “live Broadcast” or the “Amazing Facts program” you can just click on that and it will just take you there.

Pastor Doug: I am tempted to go there, but we probably ought to do the program.

Pastor Ross: Shall we get started?

Pastor Doug: Yeah.

Pastor Ross: I am honestly watching you right now.

Pastor Doug: You’re a two spy you’re watching me in stereo.


Pastor Ross: It is a little delayed, but there you are.


Pastor Ross: Alright let’s get started on the phone lines we’ve got Efrank who is listening in New York on WMCA Efrank welcome to the program.

Efrank: Yes thank you for taking my call Pastor Batchelor this evening and what’s your name I forgot.

Pastor Ross: Pastor Ross.

Efrank: I just wanted to ask this question. I was always very curious why people are intertwined or married under the common laws of the government? Now I just wanted to know this because I was looking through many Scriptures that relate to marriage, matrimony, courtship and I just want to know does the Bible condone an established common law manmade marriage according to the laws of the government?

Pastor Doug: Well you know that varies from country to country. And even from State to State. In different States in North America different States have different laws relating to common law marriage. And I think it is important that we remember that one of the purposes for the marriage it is not just between the man and the woman it’s between the societies that they live in. You want everyone to know that they are a committed couple and that nobody invades that commitment. Like Jesus said let nothing separate it. And if the community has laws to protect the marriage then they ought to have their marriage recognized by those laws. I always ask if a person is legally married or illegally married. I mean which is it? Some States get involved in registering marriages because when there’s some contention or divorce or dispute over children, if they are never formally or officially married then it is really hard to give justice to those situations. Does that make sense?

Efrank: Yes, but I thought that in Biblical times they forced you to marry your spouse or what they used to say they had a term called concubines which was a little bit different than having a mate or a spouse.

Pastor Doug: Yeah that wasn’t something that god condoned, but some of the Kings or sometimes some of the wealthier Patriarchs, they had their wives and then they had their concubines or like secondary wives. Like Jacob had Rachel and Leah and he had their handmaids as well. So they would fall in the concubine category. And even in Solomon’s time I think he had 700 wives and 300 concubines. Sometimes I get it mixed up. Or vice a versa it doesn’t matter once you get to that number. And then you have the story where when Abraham had his servant Eleazar bring back a wife for Isaac, I think this is Genesis 32 the whole chapter is about getting a wife. It says that she got out her candle he took her into his mother’s tent and she became his wife. It doesn’t look like they had a big ceremony. But, typically marriages were a big ceremony a big festival of some sort so that it would be registered in the community that you were making public commitments. You didn’t—

Pastor Ross: You know you mentioned that even in the concubine there was some type of legal standing. So even if the King did have a concubine she did have some kind of legal standing. Not to the same degree as the wife, but she was protected by law to some degree.

Pastor Doug: So I hope that helps a little bit and we’ve got a study guide dealing with the subject of marriage.

Pastor Ross: That we’d be happy to send to anyone that would like to learn more about it is entitled, “Keys to a Happy Marriage” an Amazing Facts study guide. And Pastor Doug we have a book that you just wrote dealing with the subject of marriage. And that is available through the Amazing Facts website.

Pastor Doug: “Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage” and a lot of people write questions in on that. Now something has just happened and if folks hear us treading water they’re going to know why. For some reason all of our phones calls just got dumped. Well I guess there’s still some there. We are just typing back in the information. So folks just stay there. And this is a good time to tell people about the Hell Truth.

Pastor Ross: Well there is this exciting website that has just been revamped. It is called, “Hell Truth dot com” dealing with the subject of hell and Pastor Doug there is a great video on that website and you can also view it on You Tube. And you can kind of take a look at that and it does introduce the subject of hell. It does pose a very important question. Is God a God of love and can He burn people eternally? Does that go contrary to His nature? That’s explained in this website to a great degree a lot of Bible and just a great Bible and website.

Pastor Doug: Yeah you can see a couple of videos—actually several videos. A couple of them are short ones right there at the website. I saw it got posted on You Tube and there were about 5000 hits in a week. So a lot of people are looking at that and a lot of study for people wanting to understand that subject.

Pastor Ross: It is simply, “Hell Truth dot com” Alright we’ve got Ed who is listening from Chico, California on the internet. Ed welcome to the program.

Ed: Hi guys how are you?

Pastor Doug: Doing well how can we help you?

Ed: I have a question we were talking to my wife today about gay people and how the Bible says that no homosexual will go into heaven. And so I told her that—but she keeps on saying that maybe people are born gay and I said well that’s fine. Zedechiah was born heterosexual and liked women. And if I had my way I would have plenty of women and I know that that is not God’s way so I decided not to. And she said you’re right, but at least you have me. So I’m wondering what is you take, how will God deal with homosexuals and that?

Pastor Doug: Well there are a couple of issues that you have raised and one is are people born gay? I don’t believe that I believe that it is a combination. It is environmental things that are in their families, I think most studies bear that. There are environmental things in the family that are often in common. And with men it would be either a diminished or an absent father. A dominant female figure in the family that they have kind of bonded or identify with usually it’s men that maybe have a more creative and melancholy disposition that are prone to that. But, let’s say someone finds out that they have some bizarre desires because that is what it amounts to is a yearning and in appropriate behavior that God’s word condemns. Some people say I can’t help it I lust after little children.

Does everyone agree to that I mean there are people like that out there? And why someone would want to be labeled and spend the rest of their life in prison it must be a strong desire that they have. Well do we believe that they should just fulfill it because that’s the way they are made? Or do we believe no this is wrong and you need to just put those things out of your mind and just not fulfill something that is wrong.

Now if you go with the Bible it says a man should not lie with a man and I’m putting tow Scriptures together now or a woman with a woman as with their regular opposite sex and that it is an abomination to God. So I—now there are people who struggle with these tendencies and you have a lot of people that are there that struggle with all kinds of temptations and tendencies that were victorious. And some people for some reason never get married and it may not have anything to do with a homosexual preference. Some people just never find the right person and they are lonely all of the time. Did they commit adultery? So there are a lot of reasons and it is difficult if a person is struggling with those desires, but God tells us we should be pure.

Pastor Ross: But, God doesn’t leave a person alone whatever the temptation might be this is one area of temptation, but people are struggling with appetite, people are struggling with addictions whether it is alcohol, or drugs or something. The good news is that God is always here to help if we would surrender to Him and give our trust in Him. It doesn’t mean it is going to be easy. But, it does mean that God is going to be there to sustain us and strengthen us. And that is for any temptation, if we resist and trust God that temptation begins to lose its hold on us.

Pastor Doug: And of course Christianity is founded by somebody who laid aside those personal relationships for the greater work of God, Jesus. And most of the New Testament is written by Paul. Paul, who was never married and he started out as a young man with all of the natural cravings and desires, but he put the kingdom of God and God’ s work first. So a person can do it if they have got God’s Spirit and they want to.

Ed: Right and I agree with you. Well, I thank you very much for your answering and I love your ministry.

Pastor Doug: Thank you very much Ed. Keep us in your prayers and we appreciate your call.

Pastor Ross: We have Doug who is listening in Orange Vale, not too far from where we are Doug welcome to the program.

Doug: Thank you. Thank you. I just want to ask because I am not too much of a religious person I rarely go to church if any. I went when I was a little kid you know we went to Bible school.

Pastor Doug: Probably you went to like vacation Bible school or something? Or Sunday school?

Doug: Yeah, and anyway every now and then I’ll say a little prayer if things aren’t going too good or something like that you know. And I was just wondering if God’s got my back? Even though I don’t go to church on a regular basis? That is all I wanted to ask and I’ll take my answer off the air.

Pastor Doug: Alright Doug. Thank you, that’s a very good question. And I trust there are other people out there who can resonate with that question. We are not saved first of all by works. We are saved by faith in Christ. But, when we love the Lord and we surrender our lives to Him. We won’t want to just talk to the Lord when some crisis happens. That is sort of like when you see the little red boxes on the wall and it says break the glass in case of fire. Some people think that prayer is like that that if there’s a fire or an emergency you break a glass and you talk to God.

For a Christian you love the Lord and you want to talk to Him all of the time. You want to live for Him. He’s got a plan for your life. So it is a whole different approach then trying to earn some points by going to church and I would recommend that you get the Bible Doug and read it for yourself a lot has happened since you were a kid and you’ve probably grown a lot and I know you went to church when you were younger.

We have a free Amazing Facts Bible study course that is real simple, it is interesting it has got lots of pictures and great illustrations. It has amazing facts in it. And you’ll see there’s just a whole world view connected with is there a God? If there’s a God and I believe there is. But, nothing is more important. If there is no God then nothing matters. And if there is a God then Jesus said we need to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. It needs that priority in our lives. So I would recommend the Amazing Facts Bible course.

Pastor Ross: You can go to “Amazing Facts dot org” and there are links in the homepage where you can sign up for these free Bible Studies and great series that I think you will find very helpful. We’ve also got a book that talks about church and the need for church. It is entitled, “The Search for the True Church” and for anyone listening if you‘d like to get a copy of that I’ll give you our resource line. And it’s 800-835-6747 that’s 800-835-6747 you can ask for the book, “The Search for the True Church” and we’ll be happy to send that out.

We’ve got Jerry who is listening from Oregon, Sugar Valley, Oregon. Jerry welcome to the program.

Jerry: It’s Sugar Valley, Georgia.

Pastor Ross: We’ll still talk to you.

Jerry: Okay what I wanted t ask you is I was wondering if after the Sabbath you’re supposed to go out and enjoy the rest of your Sabbath after having communion? Also is it okay to spend money like on events and stuff like that or should all of that be done on the preparation day on Friday?

Pastor Doug: Well you know if you’re going to purchase and I am just going by what Nehemiah and Moses said even about their cooking. They said bake what you’re going to bake and boil what you are going to boil so that you can have a day of rest to get all of that out of the way. Nehemiah he got after the children of Israel and Pastor Ross might find that. I think it is Chapter 13 but, I forget the verse. The merchants were coming to Jerusalem and they had been carried off carried off captive because they were working and buying and selling on the Sabbath, and you can read that in Jeremiah 17, but in Nehemiah when they came back from their captivity he said look don’t fall back into these patterns of compromising the Ten Commandments. And if you’re going to keep the Sabbath keep it holy and rest. It’s not a day to do your shopping and your purchases. I mean it is one thing if you give a sacrifice or offering to the Lord. But, going out and shopping and buying that would not be in the Spirit of that day of rest.

Jerry: Okay Pastor than you very much. Then it’s not alright to go out and spend money on the Sabbath?

Pastor Doug: Well if you’re making transactions like that you‘d want to be doing that on the other days and get that out of the way, so that that’s a day, uncluttered by business.

Pastor Ross: You know in the Bible Friday was referred to as the preparation day. And that’s when everyone gets things together and when we can get everything done on Friday we don’t have to worry about shopping on Saturday or pushing a shopping cart through Wal-Mart or whatever the case might be. We can rest. We can be refreshed and spiritually grow and that’s what the Sabbath is designed to do.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, It’s Nehemiah 13:15-21 talks about all of the business and merchandising that they were doing on the Sabbath, and Nehemiah said they were profaning the Sabbath when they were doing all of that buying and selling. So being a conservative Christian it would be a good day not to be doing all that spending money and buying.

Jerry: Okay thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Thank you Jerry a good question.

Pastor Ross: We do have a resource and a website talking about the Sabbath. “Sabbath Truth dot com” “Sabbath Truth dot com” but, if you’ll call our resource line 800-835-6747 you can ask for the Study guide “The Lost Day in History” and we’d be happy to send that out.

We’ve got Mike who is listening from Maryland on XM Radio. Mike welcome to the program.

Mike: Hi. Thank you. My question is this. Why the Jewish people are considered the chosen people? What makes then special? And the best answer I have been able to get is because they were first. Do you have any insight on that?

Pastor Doug: Well the way I understand it is that God has committed the truth to different people through time. He of course gave the message to Adam and through Adam it went through the line of Seth and then to Abraham, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had different children and then it was transferred to the blessing it was transferred to the Jewish Nation. Now two thongs would happen they were guardians of the word and the Messiah would come through their people. In other words God would become a man through that Nation. Jesus was a Jew. So the blessing of the word being the word becoming flesh and the word like in the Ten Commandments, and the Bible was transmitted through the Jewish Nation.

So those were the two main things and now Moses made it very clear that the Israelites should not think that God had not chose them because somehow they were some kind of super race or superior. Matter of fact, he said, it is not true at all. He said don’t think you were chosen because you were better than other Nations because you are actually a stubborn and a stiff necked people. And about this time I want to remind people that I am half Jewish so they don’t think I am being anti-Semitic—but, so he showed how he could save anybody in the way he chose to save the Jews.

Pastor Ross: You know Paul addresses this question in Romans Chapter 3:1and he asked the question, “What advantage then has the Jew or what profit is there in circumsion? And he answers it and says, “because chiefly was committed unto them the oracles of God.” That would be an understanding of His truth of His law and it was given to the Jewish people and the promise of the coming Redeemer. However, salvation is open to everyone Jew and gentile alike.

Pastor Doug: So the Lord demonstrated to the world who He is and how He saves through the history of the Jews, their ups and downs. We have a book we can send you Mike called “Spiritual Israel” we’ll send you a free copy and it deals with the history of Israel and how they fit in today, too.

Mike: Very insightful!

Pastor Ross: You can call our resource line that is 800-835-6747. You can ask for the book, “Spiritual Israel” and we’ll be happy to send that to you. Do we have tie before the break?

Pastor Doug: One more.

Pastor Ross: Well let’s see we have Diana she’s listening right here in Sacramento. Diana welcome to the program.

Diana: Good evening Pastors how are you?

Pastor Doug: Doing well. We just have about 90 seconds before the break can we give you a quick answer do you think?

Diana: No. Acts 2:38 If I’m not mistaken on this when Peter is talking about repent, baptize for everyone.

Pastor Doug: Every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ.

Diana: Right and then you receive the Holy Ghost. Is he thinking under Jewish law and not understanding that the Holy Ghost will hit all Nation’s? Does it hit the Gentiles?

Pastor Doug: No I think that they understood that when you give your life for Christ that you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. And that you can’t live the life without the Holy Spirit you can’t just have the name you have to have the power to live the life. And so he said repent, be baptized and God has promised to give you His Spirit. Now sometimes the Holy Ghost comes before baptizism as with you’ve got Cornelius and his household.

Diana: And then also Saul before he was Paul in Acts 9: 11.

Pastor Doug: Yeah they got him in—well Paul received the Holy Spirit when he was baptized as well. But, some were—received it years later. Friends, you’re listening to “Bible Answers Live” and we just want to welcome you to the program.

Pastor Ross: You know you mentioned earlier and we could mention it again if you just joined us. Amazing Facts has just recently revamped. Our website revealing the subject of hell and it answers a lot of the questions that people have, “Hell Truth dot com” and what happens to the wicked. Take a look at the website. There is a great video and it introduces the subject, “Hell Truth dot com”

Pastor Doug: Yeah it’s a great video and our team did a great job putting this together and it’s captivating and I’m not going to tell you about it. But, there’s a little humor in there, too. So take a look and if you like it send the link to your friends because the studies contained at that website will really help the people who are struggling. It deals with the question of a vindictive God who tortures people. Don’t go away we have more questions coming.


Pastor Doug: We are back friends. This is “Bible Answers Live” WE want to welcome those again who have joined us along the way, If you have a Bible related question. It’s a free phone call 800-GOD-SAYS that’s 800- 463-7297 and my name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is Jean Ross. Pastor Doug we’re going to go to the phone lines. We have Helen who is listening in Ontario, Canada Helen welcome to the program.

Helen: Yes good evening. My question is about Ecclesiastes. My husband and I do a Bible study everyday and I just don’t understand the speaker is introducing himself as a preacher. But, I don’t know what it connects to. I can’t understand where he’s coming from with what he says.

Pastor Doug: Well the book of Ecclesiastes is written by Solomon.

Helen: By Solomon, okay.

Pastor Doug: Yes. And he refers to himself as a preacher, but later in the book I think he even talks about that I was King. And in Ecclesiastes he’s really looking at the vanity of living a worldly life because he started out really good Solomon was dedicated to the Lord. But, by the time he got done building the temple it took seven years and his own house took thirteen years and things were going great. Like the last 5 or 8 years of his life his pagan wives began to get him to compromise. And he finally turned back to the Lord towards the end of his life and realized just the vanity of what he had been doing.

So he said you know I need to share this with people and he summarized that the priority of life is God and a matter of fact if you look in the last Chapter, Chapter 12 read the last 2 or 3 verses of Ecclesiastes he summarizes his messages after everything the world has to offer for happiness. Pastor Ross do you want to read that?

Pastor Ross: Ecclesiastes Chapter 12: 13-14 “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God and keep His Commandments. For this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment with every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil.”

Pastor Doug: So he has some amazing poetic things that he says Helen throughout the book.

Helen: Yeah I just saw the first chapter and it was very depressing. You know it just seemed like he was so depressed.

Pastor Doug: Well you know I think he was because you’re looking at a man whose father was David and he started out that he was so close to the Lord that when he dedicated the temple God’s fire came down from heaven to accept the sacrifice. And God answered him in prayers with great wisdom. So you’re reading a book written by what the Bible says is the wisest man probably next to Jesus that ever lived.

And he said that even with my wisdom I made a mistake of trying to find satisfaction in the world and happiness. And that’s all vanity. We’re only here for a little while and we need to seek first God’s kingdom.

Pastor Ross: There’s that regret and he’s writing the end of his life near the end of his life.

Helen: That’s what I mean he’s very regretful.

Pastor Ross: That’s right and he says learn from me and he mentions it several times and speaks to the young men and the young women learn from me and don’t make the same mistakes.

Pastor Doug: Yeah you can read that in verse 4 Chapter 2: “I made great works I built many houses. I planted vineyards. I made yards and orchards.” And he goes on and talks about all that he had. “I got me maidens and servants and gathered me silver and gold.” And he said I had everything.

Helen: It helps very much to know who wrote it so—because we’ve read about Solomon before—you know and like what book would it have been?

Pastor Doug: Well like in 1 Kings it talks about Solomon.

Helen: 1 Kings right. So we read that, but I didn’t know who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes.

Pastor Doug: Solomon also wrote proverbs. Up to about Chapter 25. I guess even Hezekiah organized the other proverbs of Solomon after Chapter 25, but yeah he wrote most of it.

Pastor Ross: Another book “Song of Solomon” attested to him.

Helen: Well thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Well absolutely Helen and thanks for your call.

Pastor Ross: We’ve got Robert who is listening in Miami, Florida. Robert welcome to the program.

Robert: Yes Good evening Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Evening get real close to your phone.

Robert: My concern is Genesis 9 and 6.

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Robert: Where it states that whoever sheds man’s blood that their blood shall also be shed. And also in Revelations 13 and 10 which speaks about persons that—

Pastor Doug: Persons that lead into captivity will go into captivity. He that kills with the sword must be killed with the sword.

Robert: Correct, so my question is funding capital punishment. Is it allowed by the State because people have a lot of problems with the State thinking some don’t believe in capital punishment and some do believe in capital punishment? How does the Bible relate to that?

Pastor Doug: Yeah I—some people have said that because Jesus teaches that we ought to love, forgive and turn the other cheek that the government should operate that way. But, Jesus was not talking to governments. He was talking about in our interpersonal relationships. That we can chose to forgive even when we g t slighted or a friend gets mad and we’re smitten on one cheek, don’t strike back. He’s not talking about a war where if someone shoots at you, you just smile and turn the other cheek. Nor is He talking about if you have some crazed killer that murders premeditated evil murder and then you say well we’re just going to forgive you and turn the other cheek. If you look in Exodus 21:12 the civil law was so that he that smiteth man so that he die he shall surely be put to death. And of course that is one of the Ten Commandments. So I believe that there is Biblical support that a government needs to put the fear in people that you don’t mess with somebody’s life because if you take away a person’s life you take away everything they have or ever will have. And the Bible tells us that when there is innocent blood that is shed that terrible guilt will come on a Nation.

Now the fear is what if we commit capital punishment and if somebody innocent is executed. Well that is all the more reason for the court system to be very careful, but if murderers know that the government has lost their spine so that there’s really not going to be any repercussions for murder. And that they’re going to give them three square meals a day until they die of old age.

Pastor Ross: You know we also see this principle in the Bible Deuteronomy Chapter 17:6 talks about capital punishment at the mouth of two witnesses or three witnesses shall he that is worthy of death be put to death, but with the mouth of one witness, he shall not be put to death. So the Bible has made it clear that if somebody is worthy of death then there needs to be sufficient evidence. You don’t want to go by what just one person says. You’ve got to have solid evidence.

Pastor Doug: Yes. Appreciate your call Robert and we do have lesson dealing with the law of God. Called, “It’s all Written in Stone” and we’d be happy to send you a free copy.

Pastor Ross: The number to call is 800-835-6747 you can ask for the study guide,”Written in Stone”

Pastor Doug: Wait a minute can we –just before we go to the next caller. I thought of something else that would be good for Robert, it’s called “Does God’s Grace Blot out His Law?” Because this is really what this issue is. It’s when you believe in the grace of the Lord does it mean that there is no longer the law?

Pastor Ross: That’s also available at the same number 800-835-6747 and we’ll send that out. We’ve got Sonny who is listening in Hawaii Sonny welcome to the program.

Sonny: Thank you

Pastor Doug: Welcome to the program.

Sonny: Can you hear me?

Pastor Doug: Yeah loud and clear. Your question tonight?

Sonny: Yes. My question is I am concerned with tithing it doesn’t seem like we can really get a solid answer on tithing. Are we bound to tithing? If say I give to a mission or my children am I still bound to the circumstance? Can you clear that up as far as how tithing goes?

Pastor Doug: I’ll try to. The principle of tithing was not just Mosaic Law you can read as far back as Abraham that when Abraham got a great increase because he conquered these other kingdoms he then went and gave a tithe to all to Melchizedek who was the high priest of Salem and later became known as Jerusalem. When Jacob and this was before the time of Moses, when Jacob ran from his brother he made a vow to God he said Lord bring me safely back and a tenth of all you give me I will give to you. And then even in the time of Jesus he told the religious leaders he said you’re very fastidious about tithing on your herb gardens and the little details. He said don’t forget justice, mercy and truth, but do not leave out the tithing. Don’t leave the other undone.

So the only thing I would say Sonny is when you get into the New Testament they were giving a lot more than ten %. So I hear some Christians say oh we don’t have to worry about tithe anymore and I say no you should follow the New Testament tithe because 10 % is a minimum because the New Testament example is they took all they had and put it on the altar and gave. And they made just incredible sacrifices back in the early church to spread the gospel. So 10% was really small compared to that. So I think as a minimum a tithe is still in effect there’s no commandment in the New Testament saying that the tithe had been done away with.

Pastor Ross: And of course there’s promised blessing for those who are faithful returning an offering to the Lord Malachi 3:10 says, “Bring ye all of the tithes into the storehouse that there may be meat in my house. And prove me now saith the Lord if I won’t open up the windows in Heaven and our out a blessing so that there will not be room enough to receive it. Put me to the test, be faithful, return a tenth of your increase and I’ll be able to bless you in a special way.”

Pastor Doug: We have study guide we’ll send you a free copy Sonny. And it’s entitled, “In God We Trust”.

Pastor Ross: And the number is 800-835-6747 you can ask for the study guide, “In God We Trust” and we’ll be happy to send that out. We’ve got Alex who is listening in Detroit, Michigan. Alex you’re on “Bible Answers Live”.

Alex: Hi. Thank you for taking my call. My question actually--

Pastor Doug: Alex if you’re on a speaker phone you need to probably get closer because—

Alex: Okay. Hello can you hear me now?

Pastor Doug: Yeah that’s better thanks.

Alex: Thank you for taking my call Pastors. My question actually follows Sonny‘s question with regards to income and Jesus saying in Mark Chapter 10 I want to say.

Pastor Doug: Yes the rich man and ruler.

Alex: With regards to for example the United States western culture and so forth, by the worlds’ standard we’re very, very wealthy people. We’ve got foo don the table we’ve got food for tomorrow, transportation and so forth. Jesus said to the rich man sell all you have and come follow me and that would be tremendous if our culture could do that and have the means to do that, but obviously it isn’t going to happen. With regards to people and finances if we were to sell what we have homes get foreclosed on and we have a responsibility to our family and so forth. With regards to tithing I tithed and try to give a little bit more. Should I feel guilty if I don’t give it all?

Pastor Doug: Well let me try and straighten this out a little bit. When He spoke to the rich young ruler He was actually inviting him to be an apostle. He said to him basically the same thing He said to Peter and He said to Matthew and Levi. He said follow me. He wasn’t just saying be a follower of my teachings, He said walk away from what you are doing and what you have now and don’t be burdened down. I mean Peter and James and John and Andrew walked away from fishing nets and they became Apostles. This young man was being invited, it says that Jesus loved him and he was being invited to spend his life as an advocate and an Apostle. Jesus didn’t ask every man to do that. Now another reason he asked this man to do it was because this man’s riches really were that was his weak spot. Jesus knew it so He said look if you’re really going to get into the kingdom you say you obey me, but your treasure is really on earth.

Pastor Ross: You know God does at times still call people to make that same kind of sacrifice. WE had church members who felt the call from God to sell everything they have and move down to Mexico and get involved in mission work. Start a mission program down there and that’s a tremendous commitment. God doesn’t call everybody, but He does ask that we put up those things that we put before Him and it varies from person to person.

Pastor Doug: So if the Lord is calling you into full time ministry and there might come a time for many in the church just as we near the end of time and the opportunities for the proclamation of the gospel are diminishing, the Lord may just start asking people to be liquidating so they can get the word out while there’s time. But, I think when you come to the altar for Christ I think you just say Lord guide me and He will. He’ll do it through His Spirit through Christians through providence and counsel, but I don’t think that the Lord is teeing everybody who chooses to be a Christian today to put everything they have to sale and give it to the poor.

Alex: Well thanks for the feedback and I guess I just need to pray about is and see where the Spirit guides, right?

Pastor Doug: And Jesus did say it’s hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Alex: Yeah. True.

Pastor Doug: So everyone wants to be the exception.

Pastor Ross: You know I think Alex you’ll appreciate that study guide that we gave out just a little earlier. It’s entitled, “In God We Trust” and it talks about finance, it talks about tithe, and if you’d call our resource line that’s 800- 835-6747 and ask for the study Guide, “In God We Trust” and we’ll send that right out to you.

Alex: Okay. Thank you very much.

Pastor Ross: You’re welcome. We’ve got Steven listening from Alabama Steven welcome to the program.

Steven: Hey how are you guys doing today?

Pastor Doug: Doing good and your question?

Steven: Well I’m actually calling in to make a comment on Ephesians Chapter 6 and 14 I just wanted to share this revelation that the Lord has shared with me. And Ephesians 6 and 14 speaks about gird your loins with truth. Well I felt like for the longest that it was like a poetic Scripture about putting on the armor of God. Recently the Holy Spirit led me to look up where actually the loins are and the loins of our body actually are on our backs on both sides of our spines which are connected to our central nervous system which was not discovered until recently in terms of Bible history. So I really wanted to share that with everybody because it’s really confirmation of the bible as the source of all faith.

Pastor Doug: I appreciate that it’s an interesting observation Stephen. And I had never thought of that before, but—

Pastor Ross: Just to add to that where it says gird up your loins. Back in Bible times when they were going into battle they would gird up their loins so they would take their robe and pull it up and tuck it into their belt. So they could run freely and we want to be able to do that with the truth. In other words we need to know the truth without tripping.

Pastor Doug: To give an answer.

Pastor Ross: That’s right. Understand and understand what we believe.

Pastor Doug: Interesting also because I didn’t know that there was also a physiological connection there.

Pastor Ross: Alright we’ve got Natalie who is listening from Toronto, Canada Natalie welcome to the program.

Natalie: Hello

Pastor Doug: Hi and your question tonight?

Natalie: Okay. So I’m a believer and I’ve been a believer for many years. And unfortunately a few weeks ago my friend he took his life. And he was an amazing person and I just wanted to know if you think there is any way that God can have mercy on him and his soul at the last minute? Because He’s a God of love and also a God of grace--

Pastor Doug: There are some who are of the opinion that if someone commits suicide that it is impossible for them to be saved. I don’t think Pastor Ross and I take that position. There are a lot of circumstances and God looks into the heart and there can be all kinds of things. One moment of weakness or they could be going through a lot of pain that nobody knows about. There can be some kind of a chemical problem. I mean there are all kinds of things that we can’t answer for. Having said that I think it is a very dangerous thing for a person the last act of their life to be self-murder. Thou shalt not murder is a Commandment. Then that would also include don’t murder yourself. Because you have been made by God and we’re not our own we have been bought with a price.

Natalie: Yes definitely.

Pastor Doug: And for young people I don’t want any young people out there to think life is too tough. I heard Pastor Doug say there may be some suicides that may be saved so we may as well to get it over with and say a prayer first. Most people who commit suicide have lost faith and lost hope and Christianity is built on love, faith, and hope. So it typically indicates a bad outcome. So if anybody thinks I’m going to get myself into a better situation by suicide it doesn’t work that way. People go into suicide and say well I’m just going to get it over with and things will be much better then. For most people they are going to wake up eternally lost and they’ve lost all of their hope and options.

Natalie: I guess I am just thinking of the cross. The three crosses.

Pastor Doug: Yeah there was a thief on the cross. Well you know the thief on the cross he accepted Jesus after his penalty. Now you’ve got Samson who he basically laid down hi life when he brought that building down on everybody and he pushed it down and he killed himself in the process, but the Bible seems to indicate that he’ll be in the kingdom. Because the last act of his life was being filled with the Spirit of God so. I think God is going to save him. So only God knows the heart and we’ll be praying for you.

Pastor Ross: Somebody might take some medication and suddenly realize what they’ve done and regret what they’ve done and but, it’s too late. They have taken their life and so God knows the heart although, we should never want to consider that as a viable option for an escape for trouble.

Pastor Doug: Thank you very much Natalie we appreciate your call. And we probably need to develop a resource on that question because we get it quite a bit.

Pastor Ross: We’ve got Phil listening in Mississippi Phil welcome to the program.

Phil: Hi and thanks for taking my call.

Pastor Doug: You’re welcome and how can we help you tonight?

Phil: My question is do Christians and Muslims worship the same God? And is the Jesus of the Koran the same Jesus of the Bible?

Pastor Doug: Well the source of information for the Koran I don’t believe is inspired. So I’m going to tell you right away I’m not going to give you an objective answer. I mean I’ll try to give you an objective answer, but I am coming from the perspective of believing that the Bible is the inspired word of God. And because of the conflicts between the Bible and the Koran and you can’t embrace both as inspired books. And those who say we can all-- I mean people from all religions can love each other, but we should love everybody. But, we can’t embrace the teachings of all faiths because there are just some very broad differences.

Now when you ask is the God of the Bible the same as God of the Muslims or the God of the Koran, the heritage of most of the early Muslims through Abraham is similar. So through Abraham you have Ishmael and the sons of Ishmael grew into the descendents of Mohammed clan. I ‘m leaving tomorrow to go to the Middle East and Pastor Ross will still be here doing the program, but I’ll be in the Middle East for a couple of weeks and going from the Middle East to Jakarta Indonesia which is the most populous Muslim country in the world. And on the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 I‘ll be sharing the gospel with Christians in Jakarta. So I’m very happy to be doing that, but the people there are not Arabs. They’re Malaysians people or Indonesian people. And it is a whole different race and so they’re not related really by blood to Abraham. Well to say it is the same God well it’s a different philosophy and I frankly don’t believe that Mohammed was inspired.

Pastor Ross: Well we do have a reference in the Koran to Jesus, but the account given in the Koran about Jesus is quite different than the account given in the gospels.

Pastor Doug: And they don’t believe that Jesus really dies on the cross.

Pastor Ross: Nope. They don’t believe He actually died and then also the account of His birth is quite different than what you read about in the Bible.

Phil: Don’t they say Jesus will be coming back as a converted Muslim?

Pastor Doug: Well I am sure there are some that say that, but I’m not sure the Koran says that. I could see how a person could draw that conclusion, I mean from the Koran. So there are just very broad wide differences. There’s a great gulf between Biblical Christianity and teachings Of Islam. You can always find similarities and in history and heritage, they believe in the Ten Commandments, they believe that Moses was a prophet, they believe in Abraham of course, but they don’t believe that Abraham offered Isaac on the Mount Moriah. They just believe Abraham offered Ishmael. So which is it? You can’t really believe that both are true.

Phil: And I think the main reason was calling is I keep hearing more and more about this Chrislam? Are you familiar with that?

Pastor Doug: Yes. For our friends we’re going to lose you here in a minute Phil because we’re running out of time. Chrislam is where people are sort of developing a new group where it’s a co-mingling of Christianity and Islam. They are saying basically that we should all love each other get along and work together. A lot of arguments are being made for the sake of unity. Let’s just set aside any of our differences. That always leads to compromising truth when a person takes those kinds of positions for comfort. And when that happens you’ll end up with neither truth nor comfort. Okay friends we do this program because we believe it is all about the truth. Jesus is the truth that will set you free.


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