Heavenly Real Estate

Date: 01/04/2004 
In 1967, the United Nations signed the International Outer Space Treaty, which forbids any government from claiming the moon, or any other part of space, as their territory.
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Hello friends! This is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? In 1967, the United Nations signed the International Outer Space Treaty, which forbids any government from claiming the moon, or any other part of space, as their territory. The Treaty failed to mention anything about private individuals or corporations so this left a loophole in the international law as big as the expanse of space itself.

In 1980 Dennis Hope of Gardnerville, Nevada sent letters to the United Nations, the United States government and a government of the Soviet Union informing them that he was officially claiming ownership of all planetary and lunar surfaces in our solar system, aside from the earth of course.

He even gave them an opportunity to respond if they had any objections and as crazy as it sounds, he hasn't heard a word from any of them since. So, for over twenty years, Dennis Hope has been selling plots of acreage on the moon, Mars and other heavenly bodies for a pretty reasonable price too, about $20.00 an acre.

And he has been pursuing this, not as a novelty sale, but as a serious real estate transaction complete with covenants and bylaws that prevent the unsightly or trivial use of the property. His sales are accelerating and within a couple of years he anticipates he'll have a constituency in the millions, enough to put serious pressure on the United Nations and the U.S. to recognize the government of Luna.

In the meantime, Dennis Hope, now 55, continues to operate his company selling people official title land to the moon, Mars and Venus. Although others are in the same business, Hope says that as of September '03 he has earned about 6.5 million since he began his heavenly real estate business.

That averages to about $270,000 a year selling land on planets he has never been to and that nobody possesses. Very clever. But did you know the Bible teaches that there is some heavenly real estate you can truly own and the price is already paid. Stay with us friends and we'll learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.


Pastor Doug: I cannot conceive of any better use of the medium of talk radio than to talk about the Word of God and the truth. That's what we have dedicated this program to. Friends, if you would like to ask any Bible-related question, this program is for you. You can participate by asking a question, calling our toll-free number, 1-800-GOD-SAYS, 1-800-463-7297.

You can pray for us as we attempt to answer these live questions that come in, and listen, and enjoy and learn as we study God's Word together. If you have a Bible question, we have lines open right now. Pick up the phone and give us a call, 1-800-463-7297. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Dick: My name is Dick Devitt. Good evening Pastor Doug. Happy new year to you.

Pastor Doug: Happy new year! I haven't seen you since last year.

Pastor Dick: That's right. It has been awhile.

Pastor Doug: [Chuckles] Well we're looking forward to another year of God's prospering the program.

Pastor Dick: Amen

Pastor Doug: And why don't we begin this program and this year by asking for His blessing?

Pastor Dick: Let's do that. Father in heaven, please, come and be with us. We thank You and we praise You for this privilege Lord, of being able to open Your Word. We ask that Your Holy Spirit come and abide with us, that You give us wisdom and understanding and insight. May we have discernment, Lord, of the questions and just the right answers that You want to share with Your people. Please speak clearly to Pastor Doug. Calm his mind, and help him, Lord, to understand this issues that are posed here tonight as we open God's Word. We thank You and we praise You Lord. In Jesus' name, amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen!

Pastor Dick: Well now Doug, this man, Dennis Hope his name is, is selling land. Does that mean that the United States is trespassing right now by landing this thing on the surface of Mars? You know, we had this little thing that we landed.

Pastor Doug: He might contend that.

Pastor Dick: He might huh?

Pastor Doug: It's very interesting. They actually had him on the agenda of the Space Exploration Convention that was recently held, because it is a legitimate concern that he has claimed this and nobody else has and the International Treaty does not make any provision from preventing private citizens.

And I guess that's one reason he's been so successful in selling these certificates of ownership of Martian and Lunar property. You know, I almost admire him for his clever marketing - -

Pastor Dick: Ingenuity, yeah, yeah!

Pastor Doug: Yeah, it really is something

Pastor Dick: Yeah. But you've got a spiritual application obviously here Doug. Where are you going?

Pastor Doug: Well, there are plenty of shams we've all heard about in this world, but the Bible is very clear that Jesus has title to the world and the universe.

Pastor Dick: Amen

Pastor Doug: And that He has a piece of it that He has purchased for us.

Pastor Dick: Amen

Pastor Doug: He said, "I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again." And He said, "I've prepared mansions for you." So we do have some heavenly real estate. The sad thing is that He has purchased the title we need to accept it by faith and so many just don't believe it.

Pastor Dick: Don't believe it, amen.

Pastor Doug: And it's really sad. Maybe our friends would like to receive our free study guide called, A Colossal City in Space. They can learn about this real estate that the Lord has purchased for them.

Pastor Dick: It's a beautiful study guide that shows that heaven is a place that we don't want to miss you know. Each one of us has a 20-acre corner lot and it's just waiting for us, and we need to accept what Jesus Christ has done for us on the cross.

Pastor Doug: Amen!

Pastor Dick: So we want to make available this lesson. It's from a series of lessons that Amazing Facts has produced and they are available at the website. You can get all these lessons. You can sign up for them or you can call our resource operators tonight at 1-800-835-6747 if you don't have access to the Internet, and ask for, A Colossal City in Space. Heaven is a place that you don't want to miss and add this lesson to your library tonight by calling our resource operators, or by going to the website, AmazingFacts.org.

Pastor Doug, we go to the Internet for a couple of questions before we go to the phones. The first one tonight, this man says, "Pastor Doug, I was wondering how the wicked can be present in the presence of Christ and the Father in the Judgment? If God's presence is as a consuming fire, it would appear that they would be consumed."

Pastor Doug: Well that is a good question because the Bible is very clear, the wicked are destroyed by the brightness of Jesus' coming when He comes again, but then it speaks of this Great White Throne Judgment.

Pastor Dick: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: A couple of answers I might offer. One is, when they stand before Him during the White Throne Judgment, they are in a resurrected form, even though they are lost. How God reassembles the lost in their body, soul and spirit we don't know but evidently, it can endure it. Another possible answer is that when Moses spoke to the Lord Face to face, he had a veil on his face when he left the Lord to speak to the people.

Pastor Dick: Right

Pastor Doug: The Lord has veiled His glory when He spoke to His people from the mountain. God may veil His glory in some way until the sentence is pronounced, and then they flee from His presence. The lake of fire will almost be a relief compared to the presence of God. So, I don't know the exact answer. There are a couple of options.

Pastor Dick: Okay, very good. Second question, "Tell us why, please, the name 'Israel' is used, as well as the name Jacob in such verses as Psalm 14:7 and Isaiah 10, verse 20."

Pastor Doug: That's a good question, and there are probably are a number of other Scriptures you could cite. Psalm 14:7, it says, "Let Jacob rejoice, and Israel be glad." They're one and the same. The name "Jacob" is, of course, the name that his parents, Isaac and Rebekah, gave to him, the twin of Esau.

Pastor Dick: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: When he wrestled with the Angel, God gave him a spiritual name, which was "Israel," "Isra-el, prince with God", "one who prevails with God." So both were names for the father of the 12 tribes. Sometimes it's identified as "Jacob," as like sometimes we're called the United States, sometimes we're called America. There are a couple of different titles we can go by and everyone knows who we're talking about.

But it's the same group of people, the same land. It's sometimes called "Jacob" and sometimes "Israel."

Pastor Dick: Okay

Pastor Doug: The father of the 12 tribes.

Pastor Dick: Very good. Let's go to the phones. We'll take our first caller for the evening. From Lithonia, Georgia Reggie is calling us and listening to us on the Internet. Reggie, welcome to the program.

Reggie: Hey, how are you doing? Thanks for taking my call and I really appreciate the ministry and especially the website. Please keep it up.

Pastor Doug: Well thank you, appreciate that. Did you see the new animation we have on heaven?

Reggie: Oh yeah! Yeah I did.

Pastor Doug: I want to tell our friends out there since we talked about this Pastor Dick. I don't know if you've seen it yet, but we managed to get some footage. I guess the Hubble took some video of heaven. We've got it on our website now.

Pastor Dick: Oh praise the Lord! - -

Reggie: Oh wait a minute, hold up, I didn't that one.

Pastor Doug: You haven't seen it? Go to the top, right-hand corner under "Amazing Facts" and we've got a video animation of heaven you don't want to miss friends. Just go to the Amazing Facts' website.

Reggie: I'll check that out.

Pastor Doug: It'll go well with the lesson tonight.

Pastor Dick: Reggie, your question please?

Reggie: I guess I want a Christian explanation for 1st Corinthians 7:27, "Art thou bound unto a wife? seek not to be loosed. Art thou loosed from a wife? seek not a wife." The reason I'm asking that is I'm actually in the middle of a divorce that I filed. There was biblical grounds for it.

Pastor Doug: Okay, you don't need to say anymore, I understand.

Reggie: Yeah, um, but I guess I didn't want it, and even still, don't want it. I'm trying to figure out, um - -

Pastor Doug: "Are you loosed from a wife, do not seek a wife," are you wondering if God has been calling you to singleness, or....

Reggie: No, no. If I had one and I started this, should I complete this?

Pastor Doug: If you had one what?

Reggie: I mean, having a wife now, - -

Pastor Doug: Uh-huh

Reggie: - - I'm not fully divorced yet.

Pastor Doug: Is there hope for reconciliation?

Reggie: There hasn't been any discussion of that from her side, no.

Pastor Doug: I'm assuming that there was some unfaithfulness. You say you have biblical grounds.

Reggie: Yes, yeah

Pastor Doug: Well, have you ever discussed--you said you initiated the divorce, have you discussed the possibility of redeeming - -

Reggie: Counseling?

Pastor Doug: - - well counseling, - -

Reggie: Yeah

Pastor Doug: - - and is she open to redeeming your relationship, to see if you can preserve the marriage? That would be the ideal.

Reggie: Yeah, that's, that's--yes, I've done that. I've suggested counseling and I guess make clear that, you know, I don't really want--I guess I haven't made it--I haven't repeated that appeal since we've been going through the process but yeah, I've actually suggested counseling and want to, and said that I wanted to redeem the marriage. I haven't said it again lately, like I said.

Pastor Doug: Well, let me give you a Scripture because I want to--rather than us transitioning into a counseling program, I'm really not good at that. But in Hosea chapter 1 it does tell about God instructing a prophet to take a wife of the prostitutes.

Reggie: Yeah I know, and he went back and got her.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, well the reason he did that is because it was symbolic of what the church has so often done.

Pastor Dick: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: We have been unfaithful to God and yet, He takes us back. And so, if your wife is willing to redeem the relationship, do you have children?

Reggie: Two

Pastor Doug: Oh yeah. Do everything you can to pull it together. If you do that, I mean, your marriage can actually even be a stronger testimony because the Bible is all about reconciliation. I would pray about it and then approach your wife and say, "Do you have hope that we can try and work this out and get some counseling?" and if she opens the door, then hold off the divorce.

Reggie: Okay, well, and if she doesn't, I should just go ahead and finish it instead of, like, [cross talk] let her do it?

Pastor Doug: Well if--yeah, if she has gone into the arms of others and she doesn't want to restore your relationship, you really don't have much choice. If she's not repentant about that, that would mean that she's going to do it again, see what I'm saying?

Reggie: I guess I was just, like, do I wait--just let her do it, or at this point it doesn't make a difference?

Pastor Doug: Well you should take the initiative I mean, the Lord takes the initiative with us, and you're the husband.

Reggie: Okay

Pastor Doug: I would take the initiative and try and heal things if you could.

Reggie: Well, [chuckles] I was talking about completing the divorce, not the initiative.

Pastor Doug: Oh

Reggie: I understand the initiative.

Pastor Doug: I see what you're saying. If it doesn't look like she's open, then you should go ahead and finish. Since you say you've already taken the initiative, - -

Reggie: Yeah

Pastor Doug: - - finish the divorce, if she's not repentant and she doesn't want restore the relationship.

Reggie: Okay

Pastor Doug: Okay? Is that what you would counsel Pastor Dick?

Pastor Dick: Reggie, I would ask, are you getting advice from others who are telling you not to follow through on what you've started?

Reggie: I had been getting some information to, you know, I was starting to resign myself that it was going to be over. In fact, I was saying, "Okay, well maybe this is God's will." And I ran across somebody who said how could I possibly think it's God's will that I be divorced, that I should, you know, if I don't want it, I shouldn't do it.

Pastor Dick: If she has closed the door on you Reggie, if she says, "No, I'm not interested" if she has gone off with another partner, as Pastor Doug said, then follow through on what you've started.

Reggie: Yeah

Pastor Doug: Okay?

Reggie: Okay

Pastor Dick: Alright

Pastor Doug: Hope that helps a little, and in the meantime, you should also go to the Internet, I know you've been there, we have that Bible study on Happiness for Husbands and Wives - -

Pastor Dick: Right

Pastor Doug: - - in our Bible study series.

Pastor Dick: Right. Alright, let's move on to our next caller. We want to go to New York City and talk with John who's listening on WMCA. Welcome John.

John: Hello, good night

Pastor Doug: Good evening, how are you doing?

John: Oh not bad. I was wondering about that diet, Genesis 1:29 - -

Pastor Doug: Yes

John: - - where it says the bearing seed, is that, like, nuts they're talking about right there?

Pastor Doug: Well, grain bears seed. It's telling us about the herb that yields its seed on the face of the earth.

John: Right

Pastor Doug: That could be a broad spectrum of things, anything from grain to beans. Of course, the bean is the seed and the grain is the seed. Fruits have seed in them. Of course I'm not a botanist but what I do understand is what a fruit is. A fruit is the product of the flower.

It is the fruit of the plant and it contains usually the seed of the plant, with the exception of bananas that only have a vestigial remnant of a seed they claim.

John: Okay

Pastor Doug: So this is a diet of fruits, grains, nuts and legumes, the original diet.

John: Okay. The real question I want to ask you is do you think that right now that that diet is sufficient to sustain us in this day and age? And how does it all tie into the sanctuary?

Pastor Doug: Two separate questions and I don't know that I'd immediately connect them, except that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and they were never to bring anything

unclean into the sanctuary. Now, in regard to the question about the best diet, the ideal diet, of course, is a vegetarian diet. It's the original diet. It will be the diet in heaven.

Evidently when man could no longer eat from the tree of life, God added to the fruits, grains, nuts and beans, the vegetable because you'll notice after sin He says, "And you will eat the herb of the field." That means eating part of the plant other than the fruit, the stalk, the leaves, the root, that's vegetables.

So a vegetarian diet, fruits, grains, nuts, beans, vegetables, a person can be very healthy on that diet. You get all the protein and the calcium and everything you need from the proper combinations. And the human digestive system and chewing mechanism is very well suited for that. So how it ties into the sanctuary, um, I would recommend that you look at the lesson we have on the sanctuary.

Matter of fact, my sermon online, you can listen online, I deal with some of the connections. Every cell of life is made up of these three primary parts of the nucleus, like an egg--you get the yolk, the white and the shell--and the sanctuary had those same three elements. And so our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

When you went into the sanctuary, the first thing that happened, John, is there was an altar for consuming. We consume food. The sanctuary stored food, our bodies store food. The sanctuary had light, that's our eyes. There was cleansing, that's our circulation. So there are some interesting comparisons. Hope that helps a little.

Pastor Dick: John, thanks for the call. Pastor Doug, that opens up another line so we have about two or three lines open right now. If anyone has a Bible-related question, give us a call at 1-800-GOD-SAYS, 1-800-463-7297. If you call now, you'll have a good chance of getting on the air with Pastor Doug, 1-800-GOD-SAYS.

Let's go to Stratford, Connecticut. Tommy is listening on WMCA. Hello Tommy.

Tommy: Oh hello, how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Very good, and your question tonight?

Tommy: Oh, first of all Pastor Doug, I watch you every Wednesday morning on my television. I think you're very insightful. I think you're very great. I just like watching you a lot.

Pastor Doug: Well thank you. Are you watching on BET?

Tommy: [Laughs] How did you know?

Pastor Doug: Well because we're on different days of the week on different networks and I think on Wednesday we're BET.

Tommy: Yeah, I watch it there.

Pastor Doug: I'm not a prophet. I just figure that's where it was.

Pastor Dick: [Laughs]

Tommy: I have a couple questions, I'll make it quick okay?

Pastor Doug: Uh-huh

Tommy: I remember you were talking about the Sabbath day right?

Pastor Doug: Yes

Tommy: And I was really confused and, you know, I love to learn things about biblical stuff right?

Pastor Doug: Okay

Tommy: Um, but--because I have a friend of mine who goes to church on Saturday right?

Pastor Doug: Uh-huh

Tommy: And she was telling me that that's the right day to go, but I go on Sundays. I asked my father and my aunt and they said, "Sundays, no, no--Sundays, because we're not under the law no more, we're under grace." And I read the Bible and it said He was crucified on Saturday and He rose up on Sunday and I wasn't sure because I know you talked it, but I was like, "How might I talk to this man?"

Pastor Doug: Well, you've asked several questions. Let me answer some so we can catch up, okay?

Tommy: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: First of all, a little correction, Jesus was crucified on Friday and rose on Sunday.

Tommy: Yes, you're right, you're right, I forgot.

Pastor Doug: And I knew you knew that.

Tommy: Yeah

Pastor Doug: Then the other part is when people say we're not under the law and that's the reason we don't keep the Sabbath, well I believe we are not under the penalty of the law, we are living under grace. But being under grace, Paul says, "Do we continue to sin because we're under grace? God forbid." Do we break God's Commandments, whether it's the Sabbath or the Commandment about adultery?

Now that we're under grace, is it okay to lie and steal? Of course not! So the argument that being under grace means that we don't obey the Ten Commandments is really absurd. And anyone who uses that, it's an argument of ignorance.

Tommy: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: But we are under grace.

Tommy: Yes, true. I'm just making it quick because I know you have other callers. I remember you talked about a long time ago, I can't remember, but I became saved about six months ago right?

Pastor Doug: Okay, praise the Lord.

Tommy: And I'm a former homosexual right?

Pastor Doug: Um-hmm

Tommy: And I thought my family would love this but instead, they're more, like, more against me more. I don't understand why because you talked about something in the Scriptures in Matthew about that, where families will be enemies in your home, or something, um?

Pastor Doug: "A man's foes," Jesus said, "will be they of his own household."

Tommy: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: To me, it is, I think, some of the evidence of the opposition of the devil, that you get someone who is a drug addict or a criminal, they find Jesus and they get more opposition from their family, after they clean up and they give their hearts to the Lord, their unbelieving family, than when they were out in the world.

Pastor Dick: That's right.

Pastor Doug: And it's so absurd. But it's - -

Tommy: I know, because I tell my family, like, I mean, around my house we talk biblical right? And they get so mad. They tell me, "I don't want to hear about Jesus." Then they go around and they call Jesus names, and, "Well Jesus is going to bless me." And I give them biblical Scriptures and they just throw all of these--and they treat me like I'm their enemy and I don't understand it. Why?

Pastor Doug: Tommy, let me give you some advice. I think you're doing the same thing I did. When I first came to the Lord, I was so excited that I just went around, and I think I beat everybody over the head, my family. And [chuckles] it's because I was so thrilled that I thought everybody would immediately see it - -

Tommy: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: - - and accept it. Ask the Lord to give you wisdom and grace and diplomacy as you share. You can't force it on anyone. If you're family is expressing a lack of interest, then be a witness for them by your new life, - -

Tommy: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: - - by your words, and pray for them and God can touch them through that medium. Okay?

Tommy: Yeah

Pastor Dick: And Tommy remember also that when your family is treating you that way, remember that Christ's family treated Him the same way. He was rejected by His closest friends and family.

Pastor Doug: Um-hmm, that's right. Well thanks for your question. Hope that helps a little Tommy. We'll be praying for you.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call. Let's go to Piscataway, New Jersey. Michael is listening on WMCA. Hi Michael.

Michael: Hi, thank you for taking my call. I enjoy your program.

Pastor Doug: Appreciate it.

Pastor Dick: And your question please?

Michael: Yeah, I've been married twice. The first one was in my early 20's. I divorced my wife, was in darkness, I was not saved. And the second one, I got saved, got married, she turned around and divorced me. I did not commit adultery and she got married again. My question is and I eligible to get married again? Does the Bible talk about adultery, no one shall inherit eternal life?

Pastor Doug: Well, there could be a variety of nuances to your situation that I don't want to give a blanket answer. If, when you came to the Lord, let's just put aside that original marriage and divorce when you were out in the world, - -

Michael: Yeah

Pastor Doug: - - I mean, because that could also be equivalent with people who lived together before they find the Lord.

Michael: Right

Pastor Doug: Since you've been a Christian, you've been married, your wife divorced you, she had no biblical grounds, I'm hearing you say, - -

Michael: She committed adultery.

Pastor Doug: - - she committed adultery. She has remarried.

Michael: Yeah

Pastor Doug: I would say, biblically, if that's all the criteria, you would have grounds for remarriage. I wouldn't rush into it and I think you should counsel with a pastor. Are you attending church somewhere?

Michael: Yeah

Pastor Doug: Have you talked to your pastor about that?

Michael: Yes

Pastor Doug: Okay

Michael: It has been six years now.

Pastor Doug: Alright. In Mark chapter 10, verse 12 it says if a woman divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery.

Michael: Right

Pastor Doug: If she didn't have biblical grounds then it is adultery, and you can't be responsible for that. Did you have children in the relationship?

Michael: Yeah

Pastor Doug: That intensifies the heartache of it all.

Michael: Yes, it does.

Pastor Doug: But just go slow and do everything you can to see to it that, if you do start courting, are you courting someone now or do you have someone that you're interested in?

Michael: Yeah, I date occasionally.

Pastor Doug: Usually that question arises when you finally have someone you're interested in [chuckles]

Michael: [Laughs] Yes I do.

Pastor Doug: But, I would just say take it real slow.

Michael: Right

Pastor Doug: Do you have children, or a child?

Michael: I have two kids.

Pastor Doug: How old are they?

Michael: My daughter is 15 and my son is 11.

Pastor Doug: Oh okay, well that can be a very interesting dynamic. Make sure that they meet this person and go slow, and it would be great to wait until they encourage you to get married, okay?

Michael: Right, right. But the part about no adulterer or adulteress - -

Pastor Doug: Will enter the kingdom of heaven?

Michael: Right

Pastor Doug: Well that's talking about people who practice it.

Michael: Okay, okay

Pastor Doug: If it's saying that anyone who has ever committed adultery cannot go to heaven, King David can't go, can he?

Michael: Okay, right. Right, [chuckles] okay.

Pastor Doug: So it's talking about those who live a life of adultery, that don't repent and turn from that.

Michael: Right, okay.

Pastor Doug: Okay?

Michael: Okay, thanks a lot.

Pastor Doug: Alright, God bless.

Michael: God bless you, bye bye.

Pastor Dick: Alright Michael, good call. Thank you very much. Let's go to Francis in Baldwin, New York who's listening on WMCA. Welcome Francis.

Francis: Yes, good day, good night.

Pastor Doug: Good evening. I think we've got about two minutes before our break okay?

Francis: Okay then, alright. I need you to shed some light on the second epistle of John, chapter 8, verse--chapter, no, sorry, uh - -

Pastor Doug: There's only one chapter so you mean verse 8.

Francis: Yes, verses 8 through 11.

Pastor Doug: Alright, let me read that very quickly, 2nd John, verses 8 through 11.

Francis: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: "Look to yourselves, that we do not lose those things that we worked for, but that we might receive a full reward. Whoever transgresses, and does not abide in the doctrine of Christ, does not have God. He who abides in the doctrine of Christ, has both the Father and the Son. If any man comes to you, and does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into your house, nor greet him: For he who greets him shares in his evil deeds."

Francis: Yes

Pastor Doug: Is someone knocking on your door and you're wondering about how to react, or....?

Francis: Yes (unintelligible)

Pastor Doug: Well, I think that you should always be courteous to everybody, Jesus was. If people are teaching heresy, if they're teaching doctrines that are unbiblical and divisive, then don't encourage them, don't support them, don't pray for their success because you're then encouraging and endorsing lies.

And I think this is the essence of what John is saying here. There may be people who are confused but they're open to study well then study with them. But those that are out teaching falsehoods and they're not open to reproof or correction, then don't bid them God speed, otherwise you, basically, endorse their error.

We're going to take a break. That's what the music means. It does not mean the program is over. Matter of fact, sometimes in the second half we have our momentum up. We still have a line or two open, is that right Pastor Dick?

Pastor Dick: Yes

Pastor Doug: And so give us a call, 1-800-463-7297. If you want the acronym it's 1-800-GOD-SAYS. And also, take a break at some point and check out the Amazing Facts' website. It's AmazingFacts.com, .org. Take a look at our new video of heaven that we've got in the top, right-hand corner special Hubble, [chuckles] that's not true, but we do have a video of heaven you'll really enjoy friends.

Take it it, and there's also a free book offer that's connected with that. Stay tuned. Pastor Dick has some announcements, and we'll be back.


Pastor Doug: Welcome back friends. If you have just tuned in, this is Bible Answers Live where we are taking live Bible questions from around the country and even overseas and through the Internet, anywhere in the world they're tuned in.

Pastor Dick: Amen

Pastor Doug: If you'd like to ask a Bible question, we have phones that become available as we answer them, 1-800-463-7297. Pastor Dick will be giving another phone number, which is our resource line because every night we have free offers that we make available to people. Who's next Pastor Dick?

Pastor Dick: Pastor Doug, we want to talk to Jeff in College Place, Washington who's listening on KGTS. Hello Jeff.

Jeff: Good evening to both of you.

Pastor Dick: Good evening

Pastor Doug: Good evening, thanks for waiting.

Jeff: My question is in regards to one of my favorite texts, and that's 1st John 3:6 - -

Pastor Doug: Okay

Jeff: - - and wanting to maybe get Pastor Doug's opinion on that text.

Pastor Doug: Well, let me read this for our friends who are driving down the road, 1st John 3:6: "Whoever abides in him does not sin. Whoever sins has neither seen him or known him." This is sometimes understood to mean that if someone is abiding in Christ, if they sin it means they weren't really abiding in Christ. Whoever commits any kind of sin has never seen Him or known Him.

The word "sin" is like a number of other words we would find in the English language. It's a verb. It can mean an incident, it can mean a lifestyle. We believe that the word "sin" the way John uses it here means "he who is living a life of sin is not abiding in Christ." If someone is abiding in Christ, they are not living a life of sin.

Christ, of course, describes that in John chapter 15 where He tells the parable about the vine and the branches. If we're abiding in Christ, if Jesus is right next to us and we're walking with Him, it becomes very difficult to consciously sin because we're just so aware of His presence.

But it doesn't mean that His children who are abiding in Him will never slip. But it is certainly not the practice or the habit of their life. Did that help a little, Jeff?

Jeff: Yeah, that helps a lot.

Pastor Doug: Alright, hey, appreciate that and God bless you.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Jeff. To Chicago, Illinois. We want to talk with Michelle who is listening on WAUR. Welcome Michelle.

Michelle: Hi, thank you for your program. A couple days ago the Discovery Channel had a program on the Bible on it that really bothered my spirit. It said that - -

Pastor Doug: Join the club [laughs]

Michelle: And I don't--oh, can you hear me?

Pastor Doug: Yes, I hear you. I was just going to say, "Join the club." I've seen some of the Bible programs that they have on Discovery.

Michelle: Oh, I just really felt really ugly after watching that. But it said that in the--and I don't have my Bible so I can't give you exact verses--but in the accounting of the seven days, where God said that He made man and he was good, further down in Genesis He talks about how He made them and they were good. And then, you know, further down He talks about then creating Eve out of Adam's body.

Pastor Doug: Right

Michelle: And then Discovery was saying that the Bible scholars are saying that it implies that there was another woman - -

Pastor Doug: Another wife before a nameless woman.

Michelle: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: Yeah, it's ignorance. Let me tell you why. In the Bible, it is written very much like a newspaper. God always starts with the big picture, and then He backs up and He gives the details. An example would be on the sixth day God makes all the animals, and then He makes man, and He makes woman. After Adam names the primary animal species, he realizes that there is no mate for him and all the other animals have a female, a companion.

So on the sixth day then He puts Adam to sleep, and as a grand finale to His creation He makes woman. Woman is sort of the crowning act of God's creation.

Michelle: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: God makes His creatures--I always like to tell my wife who is here in the studio with us--I say that God makes everything in order of its complexity.

Michelle: [Laughs]

Pastor Doug: I mean, first He made the elements, and then He made the air, the land, the vegetation, the fish, the birds. They get more and more complex and finally the most complex thing is a woman. And I really believe that but that was Eve.

Michelle: Okay

Pastor Doug: Just because the Genesis account explains the six days of creation, and then backs up and explains more specifically how Eve came to be created on the sixth day doesn't mean this is a separate woman.

Michelle: Okay, because it really bothered me and I couldn't articulate why or prove but I just knew it was wrong.

Pastor Doug: Well, another example would be it tells about Cain and Abel fighting and Cain kills his brother, and then it says Cain took his wife. Well, where did she come from? Read a little later, and it gives the details that Adam and Eve had other children, and Cain probably took his sister.

Michelle: Okay

Pastor Doug: And so, the Bible always gives the big picture, then you back up and it gets the details.

Michelle: Good. Okay, thank you so much.

Pastor Doug: Okay

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Michelle. Let's go to Lewiston, Idaho. Mary is listening on KGTS. Hello Mary.

Mary: Hi. I have a question about hermaphrodites.

Pastor Doug: Yes. That's people who are born with both some male and/or female genetics and plumbing.

Mary: Yes

Pastor Doug: Okay

Mary: Yes. I was watching a show about it and I was just wondering how, you know, if God made some people born with both sexes, and it clearly states in the Bible that man should be with woman, you know, - -

Pastor Doug: Right

Mary: - - and not to be gay or lesbian. But then what about these people when they get older?

Pastor Doug: Okay, good question. Now the way I understand it, Mary, I'm not a physician, but I've studied it a little bit and I've seen some programs on it. The people who are born with some of the characteristic features of men and/or women, they really are one or the other, because of their chromosomes.

In other words, there really are no people who are 50% man and 50% women. If you look into their genetics and their blood and evaluate their chromosomes, they are always one or the other in their system. The genitals could have a defect and be part of one or the other but all they have to do is do a laboratory examination. They'll find that genetically, they are either a man or a woman in their blood.

The body is not going to release both testosterone and estrogen, you see what I'm saying? It'll release one or the other as they mature.

Mary: Okay

Pastor Doug: And so it's a myth that they are 50/50. They may look that way and they might need some corrective surgery, but that's just part of sin in the world. There are birth defects, a broad variety of them.

Mary: Um-hmm, um-hmm. Alright, okay.

Pastor Doug: I'm sure it grieves the Lord.

Mary: What's that?

Pastor Doug: I'm sure it makes the Lord sad. It's just some of the fallout of sin and disease in the world.

Mary: Um-hmm, um-hmm

Pastor Doug: So all they need to do, the way I understand it, is, a doctor can give them some laboratory tests, which will determine what their chemistry is. They're either a man or a woman, they're not both.

Mary: Okay

Pastor Doug: Okay?

Mary: Alright, thank you

Pastor Doug: Thank you

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call. Let's go next to New York. We want to talk with Aaron who's listening on WMCA. Hello Aaron.

Aaron: Yes, hello. God bless you. My question has two parts to it. Do you believe that, when we're truly born again, that we have eternal security, that we're eternally secure in Christ? And in heaven, the capabilities of believers, will we be able to do things like fly and manipulate matter with our mind? What are your thoughts on this?

Pastor Doug: Okay. Can I start with the second question?

Aaron: Sure

Pastor Doug: Just because it sounds like more fun right now.

Aaron: [Chuckles]

Pastor Doug: That is our theme for tonight. We're talking about heaven. We're offering a lesson on heaven. There's not much in the Bible about our ability to fly, but there's a little bit. It does say that we'll run and not be weary we'll walk and not faint we will mount up with wings as eagles.

Pastor Dick: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: Then, of course, you've sung that song Rock of Ages. I'm sure you've heard that Aaron.

Aaron: Yeah

Pastor Doug: It says, "We'll soar to worlds unknown."

Aaron: Yeah

Pastor Doug: Of course, that's a hymn, but I think the great hymn writers of the past had some pretty good theology. And I think our knowledge will be enhanced. You asked another question about our abilities and our knowledge, moving things with our minds. I don't know if we'll be doing that. We will be using our physical bodies.

It says we'll plant vineyards and drink the fruit, or juice of them we'll build houses and inhabit them. We'll be real people doing real things but our perceptions and abilities will be much more powerful than they are now.

Pastor Dick: Um-hmm

Aaron: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: Okay?

Aaron: Okay

Pastor Doug: Second question, do I believe in eternal security?

Aaron: Yes

Pastor Doug: I believe that we can have assurance of salvation. I do not believe that once a person is saved they have lost their freedom of will to choose to turn away from God.

Aaron: Alright

Pastor Doug: I believe we always have the freedom of will but I do believe a Christian, as the Bible says, can know they are saved, to know they have eternal life. As long as they keep their eyes on the Lord, they've got security.

But I don't believe that once you're saved that God, somehow, kidnaps you and you're not allowed to turn away, because that would defy the whole purpose of salvation, is that we have a choice to love Him or not to love Him.

Aaron: Alright, thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Alright, God bless.

Aaron: Have a good one, God bless.

Pastor Doug: Thank you

Pastor Dick: Aaron probably could use the biblical background for that. We point to people like Saul, who was saved, and then made a choice to go in a different direction and lost his salvation.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, exactly. There are many examples in the Bible of people who walked with God. At one point Judas went out preaching - -

Pastor Dick: Right, um-hmm

Pastor Doug: - - and casting out devils.

Pastor Dick: Yup

Pastor Doug: We have an article on that online called, Heavenly Hostage, or, Handcuffed to Heaven.

Pastor Dick: Yeah, um-hmm

Pastor Doug: It's one of our magazine articles that you can still read.

Pastor Dick: 1-800-835-6747 is the resource number for that, or the website, AmazingFacts.org. Let's stay in the Bronx Pastor Doug, and talk with Rachel who's listening on WMCA. Hello Rachel.

Rachel: Hello, happy new year

Pastor Dick: And to you, and your question please?

Rachel: My question is Ezekiel chapter 1. There's like these angels and they sound really strange, like with four faces and feet like hooves and they travel on these wheels with eyes?

Pastor Doug: Yes

Rachel: But, you know, I was wondering where are these things? I never heard of any angels who look like that before.

Pastor Doug: Well, you can even find in the Bible, it tells us in Revelation there are creatures around the throne of God that have several faces. This is, I think, part of what you're seeing in Ezekiel chapter 1. So, let me see here, I'll find this for you real quick. In Revelation, it talks about one creature being like an oxen, which is a symbol for strength.

Rachel: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: One is like an eagle one is like a man and one is like a lion.

Rachel: Right

Pastor Doug: These are the four characteristics of God the Son when He came to earth. He came as a King He came as a sacrifice. He came to show us how to love as a man and He came as an eagle, which has great vision and discernment. So it gives us different aspects. Keep in mind, this is an apocalyptic vision. Do you know what I mean by that?

Rachel: Um-hmm, like looking toward the future?

Pastor Doug: Yeah, and it has a lot of symbolism in it that may not always be easy to understand.

Rachel: Okay. So the wheel full of eyes and stuff--he said the Spirit was in the wheel - -

Pastor Doug: Now you're talking about the wheel within the wheel.

Rachel: Yeah, because the whole first chapter with a lot of this symbolism, and a wheel - -

Pastor Doug: If you look, pardon me Rachel, if you look in Revelation 4:7, you'll notice a similarity.

Rachel: Yeah

Pastor Doug: Four beasts around the throne of God, one like a lion, like a calf, like a man and like an eagle.

Rachel: Right

Pastor Doug: This is a parallel of what you see in Ezekiel.

Rachel: Um-Hmm

Pastor Doug: The wheel within the wheel, now think about this for a second, and this is a study that I'm still doing. As they say, "The jury is out."

Rachel: Okay

Pastor Doug: But every cell of life is made up of wheels within a wheel.

Rachel: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: Our world is circling the sun and our world is circled by the moon and our whole solar system is a combination, a series of wheels within a wheel.

Rachel: Right

Pastor Doug: All matter is made up of atoms, electrons and neutrons that are circling around each other. The wheel within the wheel is really a picture of the creative life of God.

Rachel: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: And so, this is a wonderful vision where Ezekiel is being shown things that modern science had not even seen yet. But it's symbolic. I don't think you're going to get to heaven and see growling lions with seven heads and things around the throne of God, okay?

Rachel: Okay

Pastor Doug: Alright

Rachel: Thank you

Pastor Doug: God bless

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Rachel. To Brooklyn, New York. Michael is listening on WMCA. Welcome Michael.

Michael: Hello, God bless you.

Pastor Doug: God bless you, and your question?

Michael: I'm wondering in today's churches are women allowed to wear skirts or pants in the church? Or, hello?

Pastor Doug: Yes, well, I was letting you finish your question.

Michael: Oh

Pastor Doug: Are women allowed to wear pants or skirts in church?

Michael: Are women allowed to wear pants in the church?

Pastor Doug: Well, you're going to find varying denominations that have varying views on that. In Deuteronomy it says, "A woman should not wear that which pertains to a man, and a man should not wear that which pertains to a woman." There should be a distinction. I'll get you the Scripture in just a minute.

There should be a distinction in the clothing between men and women. I think, also, there's that principle that you'll find in 2nd Timothy and 1st Peter women should be adorned in modest apparel. Michael, you still there?

Michael: Yes I am.

Pastor Doug: Okay. So the principles in the Bible are modesty there should be a difference between the clothing of men and women. Women shouldn't be wearing a man's clothes. Technically, a woman could say, "I'm wearing a dress," but it's immodest because it's too tight or too high or something. And at the same time, I've seen pants that women wear that are loose and modest where it can be considered more formal.

So those principles in the Bible that--you're not going to catch me wearing a woman's pant suit, - -

Michael: [Chuckles] Yeah

Pastor Doug: - - and I think that women should not be dressing up like men.

Michael: Yeah

Pastor Doug: That's one of the reasons, I think, for the blurring of sexual identity in our culture.

Michael: Yeah

Pastor Doug: I think the word I'm looking for is "pertaineth" here. Hang on one second.

Pastor Dick: Well, I'm sure you'll find other resources at our website, AmazingFacts.org.

Pastor Doug: Found it.

Pastor Dick: Got it?

Pastor Doug: Thanks Pastor Dick.

Pastor Dick: Alright

Pastor Doug: Got two of us found it at the same time, Deuteronomy 22:5. I used to know that by heart but I'm a grandfather now.

Pastor Dick: [Laughs]

Pastor Doug: Deuteronomy 22:5, "A woman shall not wear anything that pertains to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman's clothing." So whether or not women should wear pants in church--you know what I would also say Michael?

Michael: Yeah

Pastor Doug: If you're going to go visit the President and you take your wife with you, how would she dress? If she's going to a White House function, it's a formal occasion, she'd want to dress in an appropriate way, right?

Michael: Yeah

Pastor Doug: If we're going before God to worship Him on His holy day, I think that we should show equal respect that we would show a governing human, Correct?

Pastor Dick: Amen!

Michael: Yeah

Pastor Doug: So, hope that helps you a little.

Michael: Yeah, it does.

Pastor Doug: Alright, thanks a lot.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Michael. Let's go to Terrell, Texas. Charles is listening on KSKY. Charles, welcome to the program.

Charles: Yes, how are you doing my friend?

Pastor Dick: Doing fine

Charles: I followed your TV program this morning.

Pastor Doug: Yes!

Charles: It was real amazing, you know, y'all had seminars - -

Pastor Doug: Well praise the Lord

Charles: - - and you said that people coming to the seminars, you said, "Remember, when you read Revelation you'll be blessed."

Pastor Doug: Well that's what the Bible says.

Charles: And also, Satan will try to block you, and they had that wreck on the highway coming to see your seminar. When they had the wreck, they said somebody stopped and, you know, and they were trying to get to your seminar.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, that was one of many miracles I've heard. Do you have a question tonight Charles?

Charles: Yeah, my question is, I've got two. I've got Genesis chapter 1, verse 9.

Pastor Doug: Genesis 1, verse 9.

Charles: Um-hmm

Pastor Doug: And, uh - -

Charles: And it says, "And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so."

Pastor Doug: Okay

Charles: So I've often wondered when you to Colorado, all those pretty mountains you see, they're formed up in such a way, it just--how did the mountains get there? Is it true when He said let the land come up, is that the way the mountains came up?

Pastor Doug: Good question. Let me try and explain. The mountains that we see, the terrain, the landscape of the world we see today is different from what Adam and Eve saw and Noah saw. There were hills, but they were probably gentle sloping, rolling, beautiful. The rugged, stark, dangerous mountains, and they're beautiful to look at, I've been in them and some of them are very dangerous.

I believe a lot of those mountain ranges were formed when the earth went through some cataclysmic changes during the time of the flood and the tectonic plates and the pressure of these ridges pushing up, there was a great upheaval that took place after the flood of Noah. And that's when I think the big ranges like the Rockies and the Himalayas and the Andes were formed during that time.

We probably ought to cut it off at one question tonight Charles, because we've got several people waiting and we're running out of time. I hope that helps a little bit and appreciate your call.

Pastor Dick: Charles, thanks for the call. Let's go to Orlando, Florida. David is listening on WTLN. Hello David.

David: Yes, how are you doing Pastor?

Pastor Doug: Good, and your question?

David: Yes, I have a question concerning Genesis 1, verse 4, "And God saw the light, and it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness."

Pastor Doug: Okay

David: I was asking does that have anything to do with Lucifer, that He was giving him a second chance before He creates the world?

Pastor Doug: Well I think that by the time the Lord created our planet, Lucifer had permanently grieved away the Spirit and rebelled. One reason for that is God made the world in only six days right?

David: Yes

Pastor Doug: And shortly after He created the world, Lucifer is there tempting Adam and Eve he was very much opposed to God and wanting to bring about the fall of His creation.

David: Yes that's right, but that was on the very beginning, the first day. Was He giving him a chance to repent?

Pastor Doug: Well, I don't see anything in Genesis 1:4 that is really teaching that. When God says He divided the light from the darkness, I wouldn't try to spiritualize that, except to say God set the world to rotating and it separated the day and the night. Now, you'll notice it wasn't until the fourth day that God makes the sun, - -

David: Yeah

Pastor Doug: - - but that's not a problem because God, Himself, was there creating the world. He is light, brighter than the sun and so He was the substitute sun until He made the sun. But He started spinning the world and it created light and day. I don't know that there's any special, hidden meaning about Lucifer in this verse.

David: Okay

Pastor Doug: I've just got to be honest with you, okay?

David: Thank you

Pastor Doug: Alright, thanks for your question.

Pastor Dick: Good call David, good question. Let's go to Brooklyn, New York. Cynthia is listening on WMCA. Hi Cynthia.

Cynthia: Hi, good night, thanks for taking my call.

Pastor Dick: You're welcome

Cynthia: I got saved in 1976, around about 16, somewhere there. In my twenties I walked away from the Lord and in that time I got married. I was in a very abusive relationship. My husband would--we were living with his parents, and if his mother would cook and I don't eat it you know, he would, you know....

Pastor Doug: What was it, physical abuse, or....?

Cynthia: Physical, like, yeah, I didn't eat the food and he pop me in my mouth, saying I'm disrespecting his mother's food.

Pastor Doug: Ohhh

Cynthia: And that's what I was saying. Then he'll call me the "B" word and those sorts of things. So it was very abusive and I was scared.

Pastor Doug: Are you still with this person?

Cynthia: No, no. It's 12 years ago, and I returned to the Lord several years ago but I'm not married because I am sort of uncomfortable with the whole situation that, you know, I divorced him, and if I was right or I was wrong.

Pastor Doug: Well, you cannot unscramble scrambled eggs, and whether you were right or wrong to divorce him, I think you certainly were right to separate because, if a husband is physically threatening your life and humiliating you in ways like that, I would not stay in that situation. Did you have children?

Cynthia: No

Pastor Doug: Which makes it a little easier. But, still, I think you certainly had grounds for separation. God does not expect men or women to stay in relationship when their lives are being physically threatened. And, you know, I'm not talking about somebody loosing their temper and pushing somebody because I've heard people misuse the word "abuse." I'm talking about where the kind of things you're describing on an ongoing basis.

Cynthia: Yeah

Pastor Doug: If he won't counsel and if there's no reform or transformation, he's got anger problems and you need to get out of that situation. Now has he remarried?

Cynthia: Well I don't even know because it's like 12 years ago.

Pastor Doug: And you've just completely lost track?

Cynthia: Yeah. We're not even in touch or anything, but it's like - -

Pastor Doug: Are you wondering if you're in a position where you can remarry?

Cynthia: Without being in danger with the Lord, because what means more to me is, it's my salvation, - -

Pastor Doug: Absolutely

Cynthia: - - and whether or not that would hinder me in any way.

Pastor Doug: Absolutely. Well you know, I would be very reluctant if I were you, based on the Bible and what you said. Certainly don't rush into a marriage. I would counsel with a pastor that you have confidence that he's a biblical pastor and get some close-end advice on that. I hope that helps a little Cynthia. We'll keep you in our prayers.

Pastor Dick: Thank you for the call Cynthia. To Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Our next call is Wendell who is listening on KOKS. Welcome Wendell.

Wendell: Hello

Pastor Doug: Good evening, and your question?

Wendell: I want to ask you where in the Bible, I know I've seen it before and I've been looking for it, I can't find it. It tells that how drugs is the downfall of the world.

Pastor Doug: Well, I don't know of a verse in the Bible that specifically talks about how drugs are the downfall of the world. The Bible talks about sorcery and I think one of the words that's used there in the New Testament Dick is "pharmacia" - -

Pastor Dick: Um-hmm

Wendell: Yeah

Pastor Doug: - - which is where we get the word "pharmacy."

Pastor Dick: Um-hmm

Wendell: Right

Pastor Doug: And sorcery in the last days, some of those verses, do definitely apply to drugs and drug use.

Pastor Dick: Um-hmm, um-hmm. Yeah, we'd have to have a closer study of the Greek to be able to tell you exactly where that is Wendell. But Doug is right, it is there.

Wendell: Yeah. I remember now the word. You said pharmacia.

Pastor Dick: Yeah, uh-huh

Wendell: Yeah. You don't know where that's at?

Pastor Doug: Well I think you can find in Acts chapter 8, verse 9, it says there was a certain man called Simon, which was using sorcery. I'm looking for another reference right now. If Pastor Dick will sing a special for us again....

Pastor Dick: [Chuckles] Doug has a Greek Bible here on his computer but it takes a few minutes to call it up. He's searching to try to find it for you. We only have a couple of minutes left in the program and I'm not sure that we have enough time to find it for you.

Wendell: Well, if you want to, if you find it, I listen to you all the time.

Pastor Doug: Okay

Wendell: You can just say it on the air sometime.

Pastor Doug: Well here, I'm almost there so I don't want to lose you now after I've done all this work.

Wendell: The reason I want--I want to show it to a family member of mine because, um - -

Pastor Doug: Yeah, here we go, Revelation 9:21.

Wendell: 9:21

Pastor Doug: It says, "Neither repented they of their murders, nor their sorceries," and that word is "pharmakia," which is where we get the word "pharmacy" or "drugs."

Wendell: Right

Pastor Doug: And you've probably seen a lot of people in witchcraft, they're mixing concoctions and - -

Wendell: Yeah

Pastor Doug: - - there's no question that chemicals and drugs are part of the devil's tools today. No doubt about it.

Wendell: I have a lot of questions for you but I know you're only taking one.

Pastor Doug: Let me make a suggestion to you.

Pastor Dick: Well there's the music too.

Pastor Doug: Wendell, if you can still hear me, if you go to the website we also have our archives. We've not talked about that Pastor Dick, but we're building all the time. We adding some of the most popular questions, and I think there's probably a couple hundred there. And so if you go to the website and look under Amazing Facts, Bible Answers Live Archives, there are questions and answers from people just like you.

We record them. When you ask a good question friends and we like it, we put it on the website. So, with that, we've reached the end of the program. Keep in mind, this is an entirely faith-based ministry. Sometimes January and February are tough months because everyone has done their year-end giving, and they forget that our budget goes on. If you've been blessed, we'd love to hear from you.

Pastor Dick: Amen

Pastor Doug: If nothing else, drop us a line, send us an email and tell us that you have enjoyed the program. You can even make a donation online by going to the Amazing Facts' website. Most of all keep in mind that we're here because we want you to know Jesus. It's not just the details, but the Truth that sets you free.


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