Hermit Crabs

Date: 10/17/2004 
Hermit crabs are curious creatures found along the coasts of Europe and the Americas. Most marine, but a few species like the coconut crab live on...
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? Hermit crabs are curious creatures found along the coasts of Europe and the Americas. Most marine, but a few species like the coconut crab live on land and can obtain a length of up to 18 inches. Hermit crabs are sometimes called robber crabs because they are born armor less and must survive by borrowing the empty shells of dead mollusks as a protective home. These comical scavengers insert their soft abdomen into the abandoned shells they claim and drag them about for defense. Their strong abdominal appendages are especially modified for gripping the shell firmly into their body.

As they grow hermit crabs are often forced to seek a new bigger shell because they have outgrown their old ones. Or sometimes they might change their housing when they stumble upon a stronger or prettier shell and these shells don’t protect them from all predators. The most feared antagonist from the hermit crabs is the octopus and they use their parrot like beaks to pluck the hermit crab from the shell and devour them. But, God has given a few hermit crabs an amazing defense against even these intelligent enemies. These hermit crabs will attach sea anemones to their shells. Sea anemones are armed with an array of poisonous tentacles that they use to subdue prey.

The hermit crab will find and anemone and gently pry it off the surface of a rock and then transfer to their shells. Both the hermit crabs and the anemones benefit from this arrangement. The hermit benefits from the potent toxin that the sea anemone has and the sea anemone as a deterrent even an octopus will think twice before attacking crab smothered with the poisonous anemones. And the sea anemone can feed on food fragments produced by the hermit carb. This mutual relationship where both members benefit is known as symbiosis. Did you know that the Bible teaches us about another kind of symbiotic relationship between the spirit and the word? Stay with us friends we are going to learn more as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Friends we are so thankful that either by design or providence that you have found your way to hear this broadcast. This “Bible Answers Live” and if this is your first time tuning in as you can tell from the title it is a live, interactive Bible study. It is going around the world and you are invited to participate. You can listen or you can a call in a Bible question and we hope if you are a believer that you will pray for us as we look together in God’s word for the answers. The phone number if you would like to call us while lines are open it is 1-800-GOD-SAYS that’s 1-800-463-7297. And as I said we do have a few lines open. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Dick: My name is Dick Debit and welcome home Pastor Doug You just got off a plane an hour ago.

Pastor Doug: I came right from the airport again and had a great time at a medical convention in Gatlinburg. I had never been to the Smokey Mountains before.

Pastor Dick: Oh beautiful country. Isn’t it?

Pastor Doug: Right. And I went by Dolly wood. I didn’t go to Dolly wood, but I found out where it is.


Pastor Doug: And I don’t know we had a good time there.

Pastor Dick: Well we send our greetings to the people in Gatlinburg. We usually pray as we start why we don’t offer a word of prayer. Father in heaven we do pray and are thankful as we come before you asking for the presence of your Holy Spirit and thanking you for the privilege Lord of being able to share with our listeners from God’s word. We pray that you would speak clearly through Pastor Doug and that you would calm him from the noise of this world and give him discernment and understanding and wisdom. May we hear from you tonight Lord and may we experience the power of your word in our hearts and in our lives. Bless all of us as we listen to the word of God. Thank you Lord in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Dick: Pastor Doug symbiosis that’s a big word. But, you have a spiritual application here is it two things that are attached or where are you going with this fascinating story?

Pastor Doug: Well you know I was thinking about the hermit crab and they really are you know they are just amazing.

Pastor Dick: Oh comical.

Pastor Doug: They could have never evolved. I mean how a creature would ever evolve to depend on the shell of another animal and it doesn’t even grow its own? But, not only does it have this protection of its shell, but it also has the protection of the sea anemone that it puts on the shell and it has a symbiotic relationship because the anemone is really a living creature. And I was thinking about the question how we really understand the Bible. And it says well the Holy Spirit will give you discernment. So how do we receive the spirit? Well in the Bible you learn about the Holy Spirit and in the Bible you need the Spirit to understand the word because Jesus said the things that I say they are Spirit and yet it is in the word that we understand this truth about the Spirit.

Pastor Dick: Oh I see okay.

Pastor Doug: And so you really both together to understand. And it made me think of that and it may not be the strongest analogy, but it worked for me. And you know I was thinking of this verse 1 John 5: 7 “For there are three that bear witness in heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit. These three are one.” And of course it’s not just a dual symbiosis it is a Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Spirit with the word and Jesus being the word. But, in any event it made me think of this analogy and people might want to know a little more about the filling of the Spirit which is one of the most important needs of the Christian life and we have something that is free to offer them.

Pastor Dick: We do it’s called “Life in the Spirit” and this book is written by Joe Crews. He is the founder of “Amazing Facts”. And it is a compelling explanation of how the power of the Holy Spirit can enable us to achieve victory in our life. Are you struggling with something are you having difficulty with a habit that of hearing the Spirit speak to you? We are all struggling with things in our lives. You’ll want this book in your library so call and ask for “Life in the Spirit” and we will send it out to you tonight. 1-800-835-6747.

Pastor Doug: You know Pastor just felt impressed to say something that since we had out ten year anniversary a few weeks ago.

Pastor Dick: Yes.

Pastor Doug: And we are still offering books by the founder of “Amazing Facts” Joe Crews and there may be people who wonder well who is Joe Crews? This man was just a real champion of the faith. He was a dedicated missionary Pastor of Evangelism and traveled the world. He was a wordsmith in the highest order and his books; every one of them, they are masterpieces. Simple and yet the Bible logic is profound. And even though I have been here for ten years we could never replace some of these so we continue to offer them and so you owe it to yourself friends if you have never read of these classic sermons by Joe Crews to know they are timeless.

Pastor Dick: If it’s not broke don’t fix it.


Pastor Doug: That’s right. I couldn’t agree with you more.

Pastor Dick: Alright well we usually take a couple of internet questions before we go to our first caller for the evening so let’s quickly do that. The first one comes from Arlene and she says I have been told that there are certain sea foods we should not eat. Is this true and if so where can I find it in the Bible?

Pastor Doug: Well the Bible does say that sea food should not be eaten if it does not have—unless it has fins and scales. And that would of course exclude a variety of things that you would find in the seas. And that would be Leviticus 11: 9 “These you may eat that are of in the water.” That would be fresh and salt. “Whatever in the water has fins and scales.” Like for instance tuna and bass and trout. Most of the fish people eat has fins and scales. Hermit crabs would be unclean. Octopus or squid would be unclean because many of these things were scavengers. And you know there are certain octopuses and one of the most poisonous creatures in the world is an octopus.

Pastor Dick: But, some of the things that we claim as delicacies even exquisite delicacies are things which the Bible says should not be eaten. There’s crab, lobster, shrimp.

Pastor Doug: And they don’t have fins and they don’t meet the characteristics. I mean the shark has got a fin, but it doesn’t have scales. The shark is actually covered with a tooth like cartilage. And there are reasons for that now that we understand in modern science about anatomy and food properties and it is interesting that the U. S. Navy did a study that helped sailors if you are stranded on a life boat or on what if you catch these exotic fish of what is a rule you can go by to know what is safe to eat. After all the research and probably government money they came up with if it has fins and scales it is probably safe. And I think that is interesting because of course that is what God says. Yes that was Leviticus 11: 9 and you can find it in Deuteronomy 14: 9 & 10 so there are several verses.

Pastor Dick: Okay now the second question. When the Hebrew people were in captivity they worshipped domestic cats. So why are there no domestic cats mentioned in the Bible?

Pastor Doug: Well it is true that while the Hebrew people were in Egypt the Egyptians were worshipping cats in it is possible that they also engaged in sun worship, but it doesn’t actually say that because of the fact that the word cat is not in the Bible. That doesn’t prove they worshipped cats. You don’t find the word cat, but you do find the word lions in the Bible. One reason is the Hebrew people they were nomadic Shepards and dogs were a much more nomadic animal. Cats don’t walk fifty miles a day very well. And they probably just because of their lifestyle that brought them to the Promised Land didn’t become a regular pet. I am sure they had them around to deal with the rodents.

Pastor Dick: Very good let’s go to the phones and take our first caller for the evening from Columbia, South Carolina John is on WMBA. Welcome John.

John: Good evening gentlemen.

Pastor Dick: Good evening.

John: I have a quick question I Daniel 4 in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream there’s mentioned the band that is made up of iron and bronze. Is there a connection here to these metals and the same metals in the image in Daniel 2?

Pastor Doug: Well it is interesting that you would ask that and that would be Daniel 4: 15 it says with a band of iron and bronze I think in Daniel 4: 23 this vision of the tree Nebuchadnezzar had first and foremost had represents Nebuchadnezzar. But, there are many who think there may be an allegorical connection with that tree of life being God’s people. We remember that Jesus cursed the fig tree because it was fruitless and this tree in this vision is cursed and then it came back just as the Nation of Israel did. The iron represents Rome. The bronze in Daniel Chapter 2 the bronze represents Greece. And it is true that by the time of Daniel’s death Persia was already in power and there were two Empires left and that was the iron and the bronze. So some have drawn that connection that after the time of the iron that it would sprout again and it is true that after the iron and clay toes of Daniel’s image in Chapter 2 that Israel came back. So I am just sharing with you what some believe. I am not dogmatic about that because first and foremost Daniel Chapter 4 is dealing with Nebuchadnezzar and the kingdom of Babylon. But, people have wondered why the iron and the bronze. It’s an intriguing question. That’s the closest thing to an answer that I have ever heard. Does that make sense?

John: Okay. Yeah it does. Alright. I appreciate it.

Pastor Dick: John thanks for the call. Let’s go to New York we want to talk with John who is listening on WMCA. Hello John welcome to the program. John are you there? John you need to turn your radio down. Yes you’re on.

John: Good evening.

Pastor Dick: You made it and turn your radio off John.

Pastor Doug: Are you back. John in New York we will wait a moment here.

John: This is John in New York City.

Pastor Doug: John turn your radio off. I think we confused him. And your question. He thought we meant he could turn it on.

Pastor Dick: John I am going to tell you again turn your radio off and we’re going to put you on hold until you do and then we will come back to your call okay? Turn your radio off John and then I will come back you in just a couple of minutes. Let’s go to Ester in Brooklyn Ester is listening also on WMCA. Hi Ester.

Ester: Good evening gentlemen. My question is regarding life on other planets. I mean what is your view on that?

Pastor Doug: Good evening. Well I believe there is life on other planets. And there’s a simple reason for that. First of all we know there is life off our planet because we know of course that God has angels. And it mentions cherubim and seraphim. But, those of course are the ministering spirits of God. You can read in Hebrews Chapter 1: 2 it tells us that God has spoken to us in the last day by His son through whom He made the worlds; plural. And so you can also read in the book of Job Ester in Chapter 1 where it tells us about the sons of God meeting before the Lord and they are meeting somewhere not on earth because Satan says I have come from the earth. So these other sons of God you know Adam was called the son of God who may be representative of our world have this celestial meeting. And there are several Scriptures where it indicates that there was probably other intelligent life that God had made besides just on earth.

In Genesis Chapter 1 it says in the beginning that God made the heaven and the earth that is sort of stating way back in the beginning of space and then it begins with the creation of our world. It goes on with that. But, when you think about the infinite size of space and all those blazing galaxies out there that some of them are filled with millions of suns. And no doubt others have some planets around them. The idea that we are the only spec only life in the cosmos would relay be a very narrow thought. That would be like when the people thought back during the time of Galileo that the sun revolved around us and that would be a very narrow view and that the earth was the center of the universe well we know better than that. So yes I believe there is other life. I believe our planet is quarantined until the sin problem is resolved.

Ester: Well okay.

Pastor Doug: Let me give you one more parable. Jesus said a Sheppard had a hundred sheep. And one gets lost and he leaves the 99 and He goes to look for that one lost sheep. Jesus has many unfallen worlds that He created. This is the one fallen world. He came to this world to save this lost sheep. Do you see what I am saying?

Ester: Okay. Alright that tells me what I asked you.

Pastor Doug: Alright I hope that helps a little.

Pastor Dick: Thanks Ester for the call. Let’s go back to John who is on WMCA. John welcome to the program.

John: Okay thank you Doug and thank you for taking my call.

Pastor Doug: And your question?

John: Well it has to do with I have been saved and baptized. And the problem is I am not a church member that is my name is not on the church book. But I pay my offerings and I attend church regularly and I have been saved and I accept the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. But, what I am concerned about is my name is not on the church role. Does that matter can you be saved without your name being on the church book?

Pastor Doug: Well my answer to that would have to be no because when you talk about people like Noah and go back to antiquity there weren’t church books in Abraham’s day or Jacob. And you really didn’t start seeing church registry until Pentecost and they started counting members and I don’t know if they wrote them down back then, but I assume they must have done something. I mean my question would be—of course when you are baptized you are baptized into the body of Christ and the church is the body of Christ. My question would be why wouldn’t you want to be a member of the church? That’s my more intriguing question.

John: Yes I understand what you are saying. Yes what I was concerned about is I left a church one time. And I didn’t put my name back on the church book and just started going back to the church regular and taking the Holy Communion and everything, but I didn’t…

Pastor Doug: Well why don’t you talk to your Pastor and get it to him like you are telling me and say you know the holy Spirit is maybe prodding me a little bit. I accept that you are committed to Jesus I mean I don’t question that. But, I am not really married to the church and the same kind of question I might ask John is if a man and a woman are living together and he’s supporting her and they love each other and they have children, but they say do we have to get married? Well you would say why wouldn’t you want to get married? And the life is everything like a marriage, but for whatever reason they are afraid of the commitment. And then I would say get married and join the church.

John: Right. Okay but would it influence my relationship with God by not putting my name on the church book would it?

Pastor Doug: I think it can because it does something to your witness if you are going and you are doing everything to act like a church member it is like being an American citizen. You can live in the country and enjoy the benefits, but you cannot enjoy all the benefits if you are not a citizen. And there is a ritual you go through to becoming registered as a citizen. Well you might go to the church and enjoy their service, but you should be a member of their church by joining them.

Pastor Dick: There is a verse in the Bible that says we should not put off the forsaking of ourselves. And maybe Doug can find it.

Pastor Doug: Hebrews 10 verse 24 I believe.

John: Hebrews 10 okay, okay.

Pastor Dick: And so that very clearly says that we ought not to stay away from worshipping together with like believers.

Pastor Doug: Hebrews 10: 24 & 25

John: I worship with the believers. I worship and I fellowship doesn’t that make a difference.

Pastor Doug: Well that is better than not fellowshipping. Well we have a book we will send you John for free all you have to do is call. It is called “Search for the True Church”. It not only identifies that church it helps know about that relationship. And that is one thing we can offer the other thing is we have a study guide what’s wrong with my church.

Pastor Dick: Yes two resources there for you john “What’s Wrong with My Church” and “Search for the True Church”. If you will call our resource operators 1-800-835-6747 they will send those to you tonight. When you send for them you can study them out further and hopefully you will have some clarity to your question and thanks for the call John. Let’s go on to Hidden Valley Lake, California. Bruce is listening on KMDL hi Bruce.

Bruce: Hi and good evening. Now this is a little bit complicated question let me try to ask it this way. Ezekiel 28: 11-15 it kind of states the fact that Lucifer was the Holy guardian of God’s throne now he becomes Satan and Jesus referred to him in John 12: 31 as the ruler of this world. But, with his qualifications and his closeness to God Jesus cast out demons in His ministry and I don’t see that happening now. Noah’s flood was it and the tower of Babel and Sodom and Gomorrah was it Satan possessing people that led the people to destruction in Sodom and Gomorrah cities? And then finally at the end of the age I don’t see people casting out demons is that what Satan uses as his weapons to take over the minds of all the world except for the elect of this world is what I wanted to say?

Pastor Doug: Well you know it is interesting that you would say that. I just finished a book a couple of months ago called “Broken Chains” where I talk about demonic possession and casting out devils. And it does still happen because when Pastor Dick was in Africa he saw it and first hand. And we left Africa just a little while ago and two different individuals were completely overcome with devils and it took an array of pastors to take care of this one poor lady out of the crowd and they prayed for her and we just saw a miraculous deliverance. She kept thrashing around and it seemed like a half a dozen men couldn’t hold her still.

Pastor Dick: That is right.

Bruce: And now the apostles Jesus chastised them because they couldn’t do it.

Pastor Doug: Well not on every case they couldn’t do it a matter of fact they came back for their first missionary trip and they rejoiced because the devils were subject under them. But, in Mark Chapter 9 that one boy Jesus said this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting. But, that doesn’t mean the disciples couldn’t do it. That was just one instance and there are varying degrees of possession we all know that.

Bruce: But, the legion that was in one man what was that?

Pastor Doug: That is the most severe kind now.

Bruce: And if you look at our media now and our press and our news and our music and it seems that those individuals charged with those kinds of things might have more than ten thousand demos in them. You know they are corporate executives.

Pastor Doug: You know that book I wrote “Broken Chains” is specifically on the demoniac you ought to call “Amazing Facts”. And ask for that.

Bruce: And God bless you and I hope you think about where Satan is and look for it every day and try to stay away.

Pastor Doug: Well I don’t want to spend too much time looking for him because I want to see Jesus. But, I know what you mean. We have to be aware of the serpent. Thanks for your question Bruce.

Pastor Dick: Thanks Bruce. We are going to go to Spokane. Adrianne is on KAEH welcome Adrianne.

Adrianne: Hello Doug I just have one question and it is about pledging allegiance to the flag. Does that have anything to do with—does that interfere with you serving the Lord at the same time if you pledge allegiance to the flag?

Pastor Doug: Well the flag is not another God. I know there are some churches that teach that. When you pledge allegiance to their flag you are simply saying I am going to be a loyal citizen of this country and I would say Adrianne as long as that flag represents freedom of religion then it is a great thing to say praise the Lord for this symbol of the freedom to choose how we worship. And it is not another God the flag in itself represents a philosophy of freedom and that we want to defend that philosophy of freedom. So there is definitely nothing wrong with that in my opinion, but if you are convicted otherwise I have no burden to change your mind.

Adrianne: Well we just wanted to call because some guy at church was saying something about it and we just wanted to ask around and see.

Pastor Doug: Well you know let me tell you I have heard all kinds of kooky things. Some people say the flags should not be in the church because the stars have got five points on them and it must be connected to some kind of satanic worship. Well stars have all different numbers on them it doesn’t mean it is a demonic symbol. And other people think you can’t mix church and State so what is a flag doing in the church. Oh pardon me, but I would just say get a life it’s just we’re in America and you look at these other countries that are getting bombed and I am happy we’ve got a flag in our church and praise God for the freedom to worship.

Pastor Dick: Amen.

Adrianne: Yes.

Pastor Doug: So that’s where I’m at. I hope that helps a little.

Adrianne: Alright thank you very much. I always listen to your radio station and have read your books. So I am spiritually awake now.

Pastor Doug: Well thank you Adrianne and you stay close to the Lord.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Adrianne. You know I think if we take another call we are liable to cut them off. But, you have something—two very special programs coming up soon that you might want to tell us about.

Pastor Doug: Yes. I do thank you. For our friends who do see our TV program beginning on November 4th “Amazing Facts” is going to be broadcasting on Angels broadcasting and the Hope Channel around the world a revival. This is a ten day what you might call an upper room uplink. And we are going to be broadcasting a series of revival messages and so much of what I do for evangelism for people out there the world, but this is really focusing on the church in rededicating ourselves in a time of fasting and prayer. And it is called 04 Revival. Which of course is a play on words oh for a revival as a sentence and it the year, too. So if you will look at the “Amazing Facts” website you will find out what stations in your neighborhood you can get the 04 Revival. People are going to be gathering in homes and churches and we hope you maybe will invite inactive Christians to your church and praying during this time of real repentance and seeking after God in prayer. And we will hear some old-fashioned music and preaching and pray for me.

Pastor Dick: So the second program?

Pastor Doug: Oh the in March we will be up linking from Washington D.C. around the world an evangelistic event called the final events “Bible Prophecy”. We’ll tell you more about that, but tune in to the revival. Friends remember you can just go to “04 Revival dot com” and there is a website that will give you more information there or to find a link just go to “Amazing Facts dot com” or dot org either way. Then you’ll find more information on the upcoming revival as well as our myriad and our plethora of other Bible resources. A broad spectrum and the multitude; we’ll be right back.



Pastor Doug: Welcome back listening friends and for those who just joined us this is an International, interactive, live Bible Study. You can join us by calling 1-800-GOD-SAYS and that I an acronym for 1-800-463-7297 and my name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Dick: My name is Dick Debit. And we go directly to the phones. So let’s go to Santa Rosa, California. Rhonda is listening on KMDL hi Rhoda.

Rhonda: Hi. Sorry can you hear me?

Pastor Doug: Yes. Thanks for your call.

Rhonda: I have a question about—I am a fairly new Christian about 8 months and I

Pastor Doug: Welcome to the family.

Rhonda: Thank you. And this is my favorite show. And I am really close to the channel and so I just listen to this every Sunday night.

Pastor Doug: Well praise the Lord.

Rhonda: Thank you. I don’t understand about and I am hearing a lot of things about holidays and Christmas. And that all of these are pagan and we shouldn’t celebrate and I am very confused.

Pastor Doug: Well let me help a little bit. First of all something pagan just means something not Christian not everything pagan is bad because, but well anything pagan that contradicts a Christian teaching or truth you obviously cannot embrace that. And other holidays which I would say that would be the worst would be Halloween which we are coming up on. And the best for a Christian I guess would be Thanksgiving or Easter and Easter is actually a pagan word, but it is commemorating the time of the resurrection which was the Passover. But, a lot of things about Easter came from paganism. Like the Easter bunnies and a lot of the pagan festivals had spring fertility festivals at the same time that Jesus was resurrected. So there is a co-mingling of these things. And obviously for the Christian you do not need to make a big issue out of the bunnies and the chicks and some of those trappings.

Rhonda: Yes, but have young children.

Pastor Doug: You want the one of course commemorating the resurrection of Christ. And then Christmas the date for Christmas does have a pagan origin there is no doubt about that. Jesus was not born on the date and the sate comes right from the winter solstice which was a Roman holiday. We don’t know exactly when Jesus was born except we know it was probably in the fall. This is based on He began His ministry when He was thirty that’s Luke Chapter 3. That lasted thirty three and one half years and He died at Thirty three and one half and we know what time of year that he died; He died in the spring. And if you count back three and one half years it means He was probably born in the fall if He was baptized on His birthday. Do you see what I am saying? And Sheppards are not even I their fields during December 25th even in the Promised Land it is something like Santa Rosa weather. Now we have a book we will send to you that talks more about it.

Rhonda: That would be great.

Pastor Doug: Let me just tie this off by saying; I would say red light, yellow light, green light. Some of these holidays like Halloween are a red light. I don’t know I don’t think any Christians should have anything to do with it. There is really nothing redeemable about the witches or the practice of giving a treat and doing a trick. It is all you know a lot of association with the spirit world and the death.

Rhonda: Now I mean when we go to the harvest parties at the churches and all the kids dress up like for Halloween is that or can be?

Pastor Doug: Well yes certainly that would be better to be overcoming evil with good. And it gives them something to preoccupy them. Then on the other side you’ve got well what do you do for Christmas? There is nothing wrong with remembering the gift of Jesus and His birth, but we are not commanded to do it. If a person is going to do it for children you want to avoid the pagan trappings with the Santa Claus and the Yule tide and the reindeer and all of that. And just focus on the gift of Christ and His birth. So it is like Paul says that I become all things to all men that I might reach some for Christ. And then in Romans 13 Rhonda Paul and one day if a man regards it as unto the Lord.

Pastor Dick: Umm-hmm.

Pastor Doug: So do it unto the Lord if you can do it.

Rhonda: Right oh yes absolutely.

Pastor Doug: And we have a little book that we will send you and it is called “Baptized Paganism” and they talk a little bit about these things and these holidays and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Rhonda: Oh yes. Thank you.

Pastor Dick: Rhonda what we would like for you to do is to call our resource operator and ask for “Baptized Paganism” and they will send it right out to you. And that number is 1-800-835-6747 okay?

Rhonda: And that is an 800 number thank you so much.

Pastor Dick: Alright and KMDL is a great station. I used to work there.

Pastor Doug: That’s right Pastor Dick worked there. Did it have a different name there then?

Pastor Dick: I did yes. Yes it was KCDS.

Rhonda: Well they have just such a great format and I just love that.

Pastor Doug: Well you call them up and let them know.

Rhonda: I will and thanks to you and God bless you.

Pastor Dick: Alright and thanks for the call. Let’s go back to Pendleton, South Carolina. Jesse is listening to us tonight first time caller. Welcome Jesse.

Jesse: Hi. Thanks for taking my call and I was wondering if Jesus died for everyone.

Pastor Doug: Well that is sort of a loaded question. Jesus’ death provided—well let me restate that question a little. Jesus provided an abundant supply of salvation so that everybody who taps into it can be redeemed. But, Jesus’ death does not save those that don’t accept Him. It’s like He has established the account and all we have to do is accept the check. And if we don’t come to Him that is why He says whoever comes to me I will in no wise cast out. While His death has provided redemption for the whole world; we must choose to give Him our hearts and accept that. Now is that answering what you are asking?

Jesse: Pretty well.

Pastor Doug: But, I think there is a teaching in circulation that everybody is justified by the death of Jesus Christ no matter what we do.

Pastor Dick: It is like this caller we just finished with I talking about paganism. Jesse it is like you receive a gift from someone and this gift is beautifully wrapped. It has a ribbon around it and it is beautifully wrapped. And you say thank you very much and you put it on the shelf and you never open it. Well technically you need to take it out of the box before you can.

Pastor Doug: The gift was given and you don’t benefit from it.

Pastor Dick: You don’t benefit from it so it’s like that is what Jesus does with justification. He offers it to us, but until we accept it and take it out of the box and start using it, it doesn’t have any effect on our lives.

Jesse: Well thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Alright thank you.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call and let’s go next to Montreal Quebec, Canada. Abdel is a first time caller. Welcome Abdel.

Abdel: Yes. Good evening and my question is I am reading this book I was written by a Muslim. Jesus said and the Bible said no and I am reading this just to refute their argument basically so he asked a question if Jesus is God concerning the fig tree in Mark 11: 13 wouldn’t He have known were no figs in the fig tree looking from afar?

Pastor Doug: Okay good question. I think Jesus did know and the reason He cursed the fig tree is because that fig tree was a symbol for the Jewish Nation that to be that fig tree at the same time as the fig tree is in full bloom the fruit is usually ripe. I’ve got a fig tree and actually the neighbor does it just hangs over the fence so I just say I’ve got a fig tree. I’ve got a fig tree in my back yard and whet is tree had leaves it had the pretense of having fruit. But, notice it says in one gospel it was not time for figs yet. There was something unusual about this tree. He came and it had all the pretense of fruit, but it had no fruit. And Christ talked about the Nation having all the outward forms of religion, but not the fruits of righteousness. And there was a curse on the nation and I am a Jew because I am a Jewish Christian so I am not trying to be ungracious to the Jews, but I am just trying to base it on Biblical knowledge. That was a symbol of the Jewish Nation that had all of the outward ceremonies of temple and the forms, but He said you have omitted the weightier matters of justice, mercy and truth. So I think that whole episode of cursing the fig tree was an illustration in 3Dimensional for the disciples to learn about if we don’t have the fruits of the Spirit and we have got all of the leaves; it doesn’t pay. Don’t forget what Eve used to cover herself and her sins were the fig leaf. It was a manmade covering.

Abdel: Okay. I see. I’ll thank you for answering my question.

Pastor Doug: Alright and thank you.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call.

Pastor Doug: Oh by the way at our website I‘ve got an article and I had forgotten about it, but I wrote an article called “Fig Leaves and Pharisees” and you can read that for free at the website.

Pastor Dick: Okay that is “Amazing Facts dot org” and you can read that article by Pastor Doug. Let’s go next to Orlando, Florida and Linda is listening on WUTLN hi Linda.

Linda: Hi thanks for taking my call.

Pastor Doug: You’re welcome.

Linda: I have always been troubled with trying to decipher how the Lord answers our prayers. For example if you pray for something imparticular health or whatever for years in a certain area and I mean how do you know if you feel like you haven’t gotten an answer one way or another. How do you find that answer? How do you know that you have been answered? I know your answer some times no answer is the answer. But, in my particular situation that doesn’t help. I’m just curious.

Pastor Doug: Well sometimes that is true that sometimes the answer is no and Paul…

Linda: Like there is no answer? I mean one way or another I am not getting an answer to something that I have been praying about for at least thirty years.

Pastor Doug: Well and sometimes the answer is there and we don’t see it. Now if in for instance it is a health issue and Paul who was obviously a dedicated and spiritual man and he prayed three times for this physical ailment to go away. And God said no because you are actually stronger with this affliction. And Paul said alright well that is the answer. Others have prayed for years about how am I going to find my soul mate? And for whatever reason it never seems to happen. And God may have given them an answer or He may be teaching them patience. Some people wait for twenty years and then they find the perfect person after twenty or thirty years of praying about it.

Linda: But, really if you can’t find an answer then that means you’re supposed to deal with the situation and gain strength from it?

Pastor Doug: Well maybe and I don’t want to give you a trite answer over the phone because it could be a number of things. For instance sometimes we don’t hear God’s voice because there is something in our life that keeps us from answered prayer. You can pray and fast and say Lord cleanse me if there is anything in my way and sometimes the answer comes after we pray and fast. There is an intensity of prayer and you get others to pray with you and it sounds like you have done that already. And so prayer is a whole language and a dynamic in a Christian life.

Linda: Sometimes it gets to the point that is He really listening and is He really there?

Pastor Doug: Oh yes He is listening.

Linda: And sometimes I doubt whether or not I…

Pastor Doug: Have you ever had prayers answered?

Linda: Have I ever had prayers answered?

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Linda: The ones that I wanted answered and the one that I wanted the most turned out to be the thing that I shouldn’t have had I the first place.

Pastor Doug: Well now here is something interesting to learn from.

Pastor Dick: Yes I was just going to say Linda that sometimes we are praying for something that God knows we don’t need and it is a desire, but it is not a need and He is making it clear to us that we don’t need it by directing our attention at something else.

Linda: Hmmm.

Pastor Doug: And I will confess something Linda. I prayed for things before where God gave me the answer and I didn’t like it and I kept praying and it sort of you say alright heads or tails and if it doesn’t land right then you keep flipping the coin.


Linda: Well I always and in my case it is a bad marriage of thirty years, but it is not an abusive marriage. It is just the man has drug problems.

Pastor Doug: Oh that is difficult.

Linda: You know.

Pastor Doug: You know be patient because you are talking about…

Linda: He is a good person, but he has one problem.

Pastor Doug: …you’re dealing with winning a soul and this person don’t give up and don’t underestimate the power of God. I know people who pray for loved ones for fifty years.

Pastor Dick: My mother prayed for me for thirty-five years before I became a Christian. And two years before she passed away I gave my heart to the Lord. Thirty-five years she prayed for me everyday …I mean every day.

Pastor Doug: So I know it is difficult Linda, but don’t give up and there is a book we will send you. If you will call in there is a book we will send you when days are dark. And we will send that to you for free “When Days Are Dark”.

Pastor Dick: Call the resource operator Linda at 1-800-835-6747 and ask for “When Days Are Dark”. Ask for that and they’ll send it to you tonight. Thanks for the call and to Bagelsville, Tennessee and Dennis is listening on WDXN hi Dennis.

Dennis: Oh Pastor Dick and Pastor Doug I’m at WDNX by the way here out of Savannah, Tennessee. I have a question regarding a quotation you made earlier this evening and in regard to 1 John 5: 7 and would include Chapter 5: 7 & 8. What I would really like if you could explain the differences in translations say from King James across and I am looking at a parallel up right now. And there seems to be a considerable difference in the translation from the New Revised Standard Version is the short and to the King James Version which is the longest in 7 & 8. For example free to bear witness in the earth, spirit and the water and the blood. And when you are reading this one that is the 8th verse. But, could I get you to explain please because there seems to be a radical difference in these translation two versions of these Scriptures? Say for example between the King James and the New International and I am looking at the Living and the New Revised Standard Version.

Pastor Doug: Right.

Dennis: And the New Revised Standard and this is on verse 7 it says they are free to testify. That’s the seventh verse 7 “The spirit and the water and the blood and these three agree.” And that’s the end of it and of course in King James it says 1 John 5: 7 “For it is three that bear record in heaven, The Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit and these three are one.” 8 “And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.”

Pastor Doug: Yes there is a difference and it has to do with what manuscript they use. I am looking at the Greek manuscript right now and it says in Strong’s and it says in Papa father logos is the word Parakletos the Holy Spirit and these three is Est. Are one. So if you use the manuscript that Strong’s has the Greek Manuscript you would get what you have in the King James in the New King James. The other manuscripts I think it is the Codex Vaticanus and the Sinuatica manuscripts have a slightly different rendering. So that is one of the rare occasions where there was some difference between the ancient texts. That is the only answer I have.

Dennis: Okay I had heard that there is a controversy over which translation is the most accurate. But, I am sure they’re portions of the bible that are more accurate than others in one translation and then more so in another one. But, the New Revised Standard Version was told to me that it was probably the closest to the original translation. Is that not true according to your thinking?

Pastor Doug: Well I think the New Revised Standard Version is a good version, but let me just say something. Keep in mind that the Bible is perfect. Keep in mind it is in modern times when we read the original language and convert it to English ad English is constantly evolving. My favorite is the New King James and New American Standard. There are weaknesses and strengths with every translation.

Dennis: Alright.

Pastor Doug: So you know probably the best way to answer that question would be by offering that book on “Bible Translations” by Sharon Crews. Called the “Faithful Witness” and if you ask for that Dennis we will be happy to send that to you. We probably need to move on because we are running out of time and have a few more people on line here.

Pastor Dick: 1-800-835-6747 Dennis is what the number is to get “The Faithful Witness” is the title and if you will ask for it we’ll send it out to you tonight.

Dennis: God bless you. Bye-bye.

Pastor Dick: Alright. God bless you and thanks for the call. Let’s go to Sacramento, California and Marie is a first time caller on KFIA hi Marie.

Marie: Hi.

Pastor Doug: Thanks for waiting.

Marie: Oh you are welcome thank you for having me on. And I have a question that it talks a lot about people on a personal level. But, you never really hear too much about it in the church. And I am just curious as to what the Bible says about masturbation?

Pastor Doug: well we knew what you were going to ask and we thought there are a lot of people wondering about this subject and they are very free in the television and even the news and in prime time talking about it. We felt maybe we should say something. And very simply Jesus said if a man looks on a woman he has already lusted after her in his heart he has already—and of course this is from the sermon on the mount—that he has already committed adultery in his heart. And that would work either way with a man or a woman and so I don’t know if it is possible for people to engage I this kind of self-gratification without thinking those kinds of thoughts. And so a Christian the follower of Christ is the bottom line. Could you picture Jesus thinking those kinds of thoughts? Christianity is the purity of heart and mind. Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God. And so you know I don’t know how you can reconcile, but I am sure that sociologists and psychiatrist’s that are secular can well now that is perfectly natural there is nothing wrong with that, but it really is an attitude of the mind that is inconsistent with the Christian purity in thought. So that is a very simple answer and I hope that helps a little bit.

Marie: Yes I always felt like that because we are told to die to self and to me that total self-gratification that is the only purpose for it.

Pastor Doug: Well then of course in Philippians it says what so ever things are pure, what so ever things are noble think on these things. And sometimes the reason that people get into trouble in those areas is because of what is happening with their thinking. Of course there are physical drives in both men and women. But the most important part of it is what is happening between the ears not down below the belt. And if we keep our minds focused on the Lord it makes the battle a lot easier. Hope that helps a little bit Marie.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Marie and let’s go to Huntsville, Alabama. We want to talk with John who is listening on WOCG hello John.

John: Hi good evening gentlemen.

Pastor Doug: Hi how are you doing?

John: Fine. I had a question About Matthew 25 where it talks about the people on the right side of Christ and the ones accepted on the left. Where the right seemed to not be aware they were doing a hunger and thirst of nakedness and so forth. And I do not understand why they did not know it. I don’t understand why that the people on the left that they were doing it.

Pastor Doug: Well that is a good question. First of all Christ is saying that you did it unto one of the least of these you did it to me. Now stay with me if you will and I am going to take you down some logical thinking here John. God knows everything right?

John: Right.

Pastor Doug: God knows how you feel and how I feel is that correct?

John: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Because He knows everything He knows how we feel. Everybody in the world who is suffering right now He knows every amount of suffering or pleasure.

John: Right.

Pastor Doug: Anything you or I do to relieve the suffering of another person God experiences and He feels that relief. You know the government tells us they feel our pain, but I have my doubts. But, God does and so Jesus is saying that whenever any of His believers did anything good to feed to clothe, water, shelter or visit people who are suffering; they were doing it to Him. He felt relief.

John: Right.

Pastor Doug: Now they didn’t realize it because they thought they were feeding the homeless person or clothing the naked person or visiting someone sick in the hospital they didn’t think that was Jesus they thought that it was a church member or some poor person.

John: How could they be that naïve?

Pastor Doug: Well because Jesus is using something of a metaphor when He says if you did it to them; you did it to Me. They are thinking in literal terms Lord how did we do that to You? We never saw you before. See Christ Is going to make that statement to people living in 2005 that in as much as you did it unto the least of these you did it unto me. Well they are going to be saying wait a minute Lord you died over 1900 years ago how can we be doing this unto you that is what He is saying. It is saying that there are people from every age who have helped the suffering humanity that they have directly or indirectly done it for Christ and that is all He is saying.

John: Oh okay. And the other side was how can the wicked not know?

Pastor Doug: Well it is actually it is the same answer. They didn’t realize that if they did they’d see Jesus on the street needing food or clothes of course they would help. But, because they think it is some person that is an off cast of society they don’t care. It’s like they say oh no Lord we would have helped you if we saw you and He says well you had a chance to help me and you didn’t because in as much as you didn’t do it for them you didn’t do it unto Me. You know I would say John read in Luke Chapter 10 where it tells the parable of the Good Samaritan because that ties in very well with the parable of Matthew 25 as well.

John: Alright.

Pastor Doug: Got to keep moving we got another one waiting. And we have a few calls left, but thank you.

John: Alright thank you.

Pastor Dick: Let’s try to get one more in before we wrap it up. Let’s go to Greenbelt, Maryland and Tasha we have about 2 minutes and welcome to the program.

Tasha: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Hi quickly what is your question?

Tasha: My question is there unfallen worlds out there? And I am asking because I was told that God would not allow us to be as sinners with the others who had never sinned. And that is why all our attempts to find life on other planets fail.

Pastor Doug: Well your friend is right and wrong about the concept that God will not allow sinners to dwell with those who have never sinned. Redeemed sinners are going to live with God who has never sinned.

Tasha: Okay.

Pastor Doug: But, I would agree that in our sinful state God will not allow us to interact with unfallen beings from other worlds. Look at it from this way. The world is sick with a disease and we are quarantined. When someone is quarantined in a hospital the only people who can see them are the immediate family and the hospital staff. That would be God and His angels and other people. And so in this fallen world the only people that are allowed to interact with humanity are angels, God and other humans. Until we are cleansed of this disease of sin then we will be reintroduced into a Universe that is unfallen and we will as it says in that song “Rock of Ages” we will soar to worlds unknown. And so I do believe we are going to see that. I am sorry we are out of (time) Tasha and friends if we did not get to…ha ha ha I meant time… I have got jet lag I have been flying all day. Now I meant we are out of time and no we are not out of friends. Thanks you very much for tuning in and if you haven’t done it before; please check out the “Amazing Facts” website. It is one of the best Christian websites out there. Just type in “amazing facts” and Google it and it will take you right there. You can even help us online with a donation and don’t forget the 04 Revival coming up November 4th. God bless friends.


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