The Great Kublai Kahn

Date: 05/01/2005 
When Marco Polo related his experiences living in China he said that the great Kublai Kahn demanded extreme respect. Anybody coming within 500 yards of him had to lower their voice and behave humbly.
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? When Marco Polo related his experiences living in China he said that the great Kublai Kahn demanded extreme respect. Anybody coming within 500 yards of him had to lower their voice and behave humbly. If somebody had an invitation to the palace; he had to take off his shoes and put on white leather slippers before entering the palace. And if he wished to spit he had to take with him a small covered vessel. The Khan’s Birthday was a great annual spectacle.

Often attended by up to 20,000 Noblemen all wearing golden habits ornamented with jewels and pearls of enormous value. Kublai Khan drank kumis which was wine prepared for him from mare’s milk. Exclusively from his herd of white mares and as Khan drew the kumis close to his lips musicians would start to play and everybody would kneel down until the great Khan had finished his drink. When approaching the Khan everybody had to bow until his forehead was touching the floor. And when leaving his presence you must never turn your back without walking some distance while bowing. Forgetting to respect the great Khan could swiftly result in death from the hands of one of his 10,000 body guards.

In like manner the Bible also tells about the King of Persia that had law that anybody who came into his presence uninvited would be slain unless that is the king showed them mercy by holding out his golden scepter. Stay with us friends we’re going to bring you more as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Well listening friends we are very thankful we can be back with you again. We are in for another adventure with the word of God and we have an opportunity together to search and find out what is truth. This is “Bible Answers Live” and if you have any Bible related questions then you can give us a call. It is a free phone call the number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS or 1-800-463-7297 lines are open now. We have several lines open so pick up your phone now if have any Bible questions and there’s a good chance you’ll get your question on tonight’s broadcast. And that will be for about 55 more minutes that we are going to study the word together. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Dick Debit: And my name is Dick Debit.

Pastor Doug: Good evening we are glad to have you back and you are looking refreshed.

Pastor Dick: I feel wonderful 24 years of marriage and we want to start with a word of prayer so let’s do that tonight.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Dick: We praise you Lord and we thank you for your presence your grace, your love and for being able to open the word of God and share. Lord we pray that you will speak clearly to us tonight. May we hear from you and give Pastor Doug clarity of thought and mind as we seek to answer questions from God’s word. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Dick: Well Pastor Doug how do you know when you’ve gone too far? Your amazing fact is interesting. How do you know when you’ve gone too far with the King?

Pastor Doug: Yes it is fascinating that the slightest infraction in court etiquette or palace etiquette could meet with death. If they disrespected the King and so people were often tip toeing around and if they went too far then they were in trouble. Towards the end I alluded to a story in the book of Ester. If anyone came into the presence of the king of Persia without being invited it was a death penalty because they were always worried about assassins.

Pastor Dick: Right.

Pastor Doug: But, Ester needed to go without an invitation to intercede for her people. And when she went into his presence he loved her and he didn’t want to destroy this new Queen he had just acquired and it says he would hold out his golden scepter and in Ester Chapter 5: 2 “And it was so when the King saw Ester the Queen standing in the court that she obtained favor in his sight and the King held out to Ester the golden scepter which was in his hand and so Ester drew near and touched the top of the scepter.” And you know this is a symbol of the grace of God. We all deserve the death penalty because we are not worthy to be in the King’s presence, but through that golden scepter of His love and the sacrifice of Jesus we can draw near to the King.

Pastor Dick: So in a sense we—the entire human race is already gone too far and the only way we’re saved is the grace of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Doug: And yet so many people think that, that grace is not sufficient to reach them because they think they have gone too far.

Pastor Dick: Yes. Right.

Pastor Doug: And they wonder perhaps I committed the unpardonable sin.

Pastor Dick: Well we have an offer tonight Pastor Doug that I think will go a long ways in helping people to understand because it can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. It is a very simple understanding in God’s word and our offer tonight I think will help a lot of people that to reject the convicting influence of the Holy Spirit is a very serious mistake and probably the most serious mistake we could make. It’s called “The Point of No Return” and this book we will make available to anyone who calls our operators tonight and resource line 1-800-835-6747. 1-800-835-6747 puts you in touch with our resource operators and ask them for “Point of No Return”. It will help you to understand if you have questions about going too far with God and not being able to be saved.

Pastor Doug: That’s right. When some people call-- we get a call about every month and somebody wonders if they have committed the unpardonable sin.

Pastor Dick: That’s right.

Pastor Doug: This book is for them.

Pastor Dick: That’s right. But, it is very important. Pastor Doug we have a couple of internet questions. But, first let’s welcome some stations to the network before we take the internet questions.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Dick: We have several. WGGR in Carrolton, Georgia, WISG in Hinckley, Minnesota, KMAD in Madres, Oregon, WUSG in Cambridge, Minnesota, KFYL in Lagrange, Oregon, WKPJ in Athens, Tennessee, KJHV in Killeen, Texas, and KGLS in Tillamook, Oregon. These are all affiliates of Life Talk Radio and we and we welcome them to the Amazing Facts Network.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Dick: It is exciting having all of these stations. Let’s go to our internet questions.

Question: “Assuredly I say unto you there are some standing here who shall not taste death until they see the son of man coming to His kingdom.” That’s Matthew 16:28.

Pastor Doug: Right.

Pastor Dick: The question is Jesus was talking obviously to His disciples in the presence tense. So how do you explain this; our questioner wants to know? He doesn’t believe that any of the disciples taken to heaven that they all died here on earth. So how do you explain this?

Pastor Doug: That has been a conundrum from other people, but really the answer comes in just reading the next few verses. If you find that in Mark fortunately Mark puts that same verse in the same Chapter as the event after Jesus makes this statement Mark Chapter 8 “Some of you will not taste of death until after you see the kingdom of God come.” He says that after six days He took them up on this mountain. He was glorified and Moses appeared, Elijah appeared, God the Father said this is my son. They received a miniature picture of the second coming when Jesus comes there will be two groups of people. The ones who died and are resurrected like Moses and there are the ones who are translated. They are caught up to meet the Lord in the air like Elijah. Jesus said He is coming in a cloud and He was enveloped in a cloud. Jesus will be glorified. Jesus was glorified. He will be on the right hand of power meaning God the Father. God the Father was there and said this is my son. And the very fact that they went up a mountain is sort of a symbol of when we are caught up and some use the word raptured. So really they were given a miniature picture of the second coming; sort of a microcosm of Christ in His glorified heavenly form. And that was the fulfillment and so they did see the kingdom of God come and what it would be like.

Pastor Dick: Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen. And by the way we have a book and it is a new book and it is called “The Two Witnesses”. In that book “The Two Witnesses” by yours truly and matter of fact if you have any questions about that we’ll send you a free copy. Just call our resource number and it deals with that whole experience on the Mount of Transfiguration.

Pastor Dick: Okay. 1-800-835-6747 it’s an 800 free phone call. So call and ask for “The Two Witnesses”. The second question Pastor Doug.

Question: If the Jews do not believe that the death of Jesus put an end to the daily sacrifices and all of the rituals relating to it; why aren’t they following them today as modern day Jews?

Pastor Doug: Well there are several reasons. First of all when Jerusalem was conquered by the Romans in about 70 A.D. it was not long after that the Jewish religion or it may have been shortly before that was declared to be Religio Elicite. It was an elicit, forbidden religion. And they were not allowed to practice a number of their ceremonies and ordinances and then as they were dispersed around the world and scattered gradually they adjusted to theology where the actual sacrificing of lambs and the literal fulfillment of the feast days was not an obligation. There are varying degrees of orthodoxy among the Jews. There are some Orthodox Jews that do still celebrate some of the feast days, but not all of them. And I don’t know of any Jews that still sacrifice lambs because they are waiting for the restoration of Israel’s temple.

Pastor Dick: Right.

Pastor Doug: Which it may never happen the way they are looking for it. So it has just been an adjustment in their theology for the last nineteen hundred years.

Pastor Dick: Alright let’s go to the phones and take our first caller for the evening who is Alan calling us from San Jose, California and listening on the internet. Alan welcome to the program.

Alan: Hello.

Pastor Dick: And your question please?

Alan: Hi I am 18 years old and currently go to college and I would like to devote the rest of my life to Jesus and I am wondering if going to college and whether in terms of serving God if it is an impediment in building my relationship with Jesus?

Pastor Doug: Well that would depend because I don’t know exactly what plan God’s plan might be for your life Alan. But, it is certainly possible for Christians to be in college and have their lives totally dedicated to one of the place s that needs dedicated Christians more than anywhere else in North America which are the campuses and the colleges that are so secular that we need some young people to be the light and salt of the colleges. What are you taking in college?

Alan: I am mainly taking science classes.

Pastor Doug: Well depending on the nature of that, that may or may not be good and but, I can’t address that. It is not necessarily a waste of time if you are serving God in your capacity wherever you are whether you are in school or whether you are employed somewhere; God wants you to be His witness. If you feel He is calling you into full time ministry then you should educate for that.

Alan: My concern is that in this college because of economic security and that is probably a priority over going to school full time and ministering. And it probably is an incorrect priority.

Pastor Doug: Well you know this is something that you are going to have to pray about because there is certainly nothing wrong with being a Christian even with the eminence of Jesus’ return and being in college. But, just I can’t answer that for you and the Lord is going to have to tell you about that. And you know we will have you in our prayers that He guides you in that manner.

Pastor Dick: Amen.

Pastor Doug: Alan it is a very important one.

Pastor Dick: We appreciate the call Alan.

Pastor Doug: Well let me just—one more thought Alan I went to college for a few months and I wanted to be involve in ministry and I dropped out of college a little bit early before I graduated because I thought Jesus is coming and why would I want to spend another three years in college? Well of course that was fifteen years ago. And I think I regret now that—well it was more than that it is closer to eighteen years ago. I think I regret now that I had not stayed in longer so you need to pray about it. Thank you very much.

Pastor Dick: Appreciate the call Alan. Let’s go next to Queens New York and we want to talk with Gill who is listening on WMCA. Welcome Gill.

Gill: Oh man it is a pleasure to talk to you guys once again first of all; good evening.

Pastor Doug: Good evening.

Gill: Alright, well I know God said a man is supposed to leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife not wives and in Deuteronomy God told the Israelites not to multiply wives and they were always facing consequences when they did those kinds of things. My question is that just getting up in the morning can be difficult. Do you take that story as literal in 1 Kings Chapter 11 that King Solomon had 700 wives and if so how can a man have time for relations with all of these women plus the 300 concubines in effect as well?

Pastor Doug: Well you can’t and let me just back up a little bit. Solomon made a number of mistakes even though he was a wise man he did make some big mistakes. Not only did Deuteronomy say not to multiple wives, but it went on to say do not multiple horses. There was this thing between wives and horses and he went back down into Egypt and he bought and multiplied horses. One of the reasons that Moses said that is that it was common among the kings to try to ensure that the royal seed would not die out and that they would have enough male offspring that they would survive to sit on the throne after them. But, to have several wives increased and hedged their bets. But, a lot of Solomon’s marriages were really not typical relationships in wives. These were political alliances that were sealed by taking a wife. And so he may have had sort of a semblance of a brief relationship with many of them and he had a harem basically, but it obviously is not possible to have a meaningful relationship or even a Biblical relationship with that many wives. Typically in the east there was a chief wife and that was the Pharaoh’s daughter who was Solomon’s chief wife. But, I don’t want to be crude, but these other ones were really political alliances and it was for breeding royal seed.

Gill: He did have them then?

Pastor Doug: Yes he really did have that many wives; I believe it.

Gill: Just the aspect of not having relations with all of them maybe some of them.

Pastor Doug: Well not more than once or twice probably.

Gill: I mean that would be very difficult. Just one is hard enough and it is better anyway.

Pastor Doug: Well the Bible says that no man can serve two masters, so that’s enough Scripture for me on the number of wives anyway.

Pastor Dick: Gill we appreciate the call. Let’s go next to San Diego, California. Debbie is listening on KPRZ and hi Debbie.

Debbie: Hi. How are you?

Pastor Dick: Very good thanks and your question please?

Debbie: Yes I’d like you to please explain the purpose of the trumpets in Revelation. And if we’re living during the trumpets now and are we supposed to hear them is it going to be an audible sound?

Pastor Doug: Well first of all I cannot give you an exhaustive answer because you asked me about something that covers a lot of material. I couldn’t cover even in the rest of the program. Very quickly. There are three sets of seven in the Revelations. You have seven churches, seven seals, seven trumpets. The seven churches cover the religious history of the church from the first coming until the second coming of Jesus.

The seven seals cover a political history of the church from the first coming to the second coming. The seven trumpets cover a military history of the church from the first coming until the second coming. But, there’s more than that. I believe Revelation is a very deep multi-dimensional book. Just before the children of Israel enter the Promised Land the priests went around Jericho and what were they blowing?

Debbie: The trumpets.

Pastor Doug: Seven trumpets. Do you remember that story from Joshua?

Debbie: Yes.

Pastor Doug: And then the walls fell and they took the possession of the Promised Land. That was the real beachhead for them was Jericho. And so there may be another last day fulfillment of these trumpets that will happen in quick succession. Just as when Joshua blew the trumpets just before they entered the Promised Land. So it is a very deep study and I am trying to think Pastor Dick, I don’t know if we have a book that specifically deals with the seven trumpets. If you go to the “Amazing Facts” website. Do you have a computer Debbie?

Debbie: No I don’t have a computer.

Pastor Doug: I was going to say there is a book that we carry and you can even call. And it is called “Daniel and the Revelation” by Uriah Smith. He has got a whole section on the seven trumpets in there, but it is several pages and I can’t cover all of that for you.

Debbie: Okay so are you saying or do I understand it right that the seven trumpets like from the Old Testament?

Pastor Doug: No it starts with the first coming of Christ and the seven trumpets just sort of cover what happen militarily to God’s people around that time. It talks about the expansion of the Islamic religion and a number of things; the Ottoman Empire. But, there may be also a last day application where you see these things happen in quick succession. See some of God’s prophecies can have more than one application if it has no conflict. And that sometimes is a deep thought for people, but I find it again and again.

Debbie: So it is not something that we are going to hear on earth or something?

Pastor Doug: No I think you will. I think you may still see some aspects of the seven trumpets that are going to happen again just prior to Christ coming.

Debbie: Oouh. Okay.

Pastor Doug: Okay? Alright you really ought to read to get that clear understanding and I recommend the book “Daniel and the Revelation” by Uriah Smith. Just remember Uriah Smith because not too many people have that name.

Debbie: But, I call the 800 number and order it?

Pastor Doug: Well yes you have to order this one it is not a gift. This is not a give a way book, but there is a lot of great information in there.

Debbie: And what is that number?

Pastor Dick: 1-800-835-6747.

Debbie: Okay thank you very much.

Pastor Dick: Thanks Debbie for your call. We have several open lines if you have a Bible related question and you would like to talk with Pastor Doug tonight. Give us a call now at 1-800-GOD-SAYS that’s 1-800-463-7297 is the number and call now and we will do our best to get you on before we go off the air. Let’s go to Sacramento, California we want to talk with Ryan who is a first time caller. Welcome Ryan.

Ryan: Welcome and good evening gentlemen.

Pastor Doug: Good evening.

Ryan: I first would like to thank Pastor Doug for the work he is doing. I really enjoy the prophecy code meetings and I think you are doing a great work for this generation and I’d like to let you know that.

Pastor Doug: Well praise the Lord and I appreciate that very much.

Ryan: My question is regarding music in the worship service.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Ryan: I’ve been raise in a semi-conservative background. And as I have been attending different churches the style of Christian churches is they have been bringing more drums and guitars into the worship service. Sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable with that type of music. I’m wondering what the Scripture has to say about music in the sanctuary and your thoughts on that.

Pastor Doug: Good question. Well to start with a guitar by itself there is nothing wrong with because in other words I play classical guitar. Not that, which makes it right or wrong. But, the word guitar in the Spanish is guitara and the word for harp in Greek is cithara. It is the same instrument. It is a string instrument with a sounding board. And I don’t think you are talking about the classical guitar I think you are talking about some of the electric guitars that really squeal and wail.

Ryan: Correct.

Pastor Doug: But, you are saying that it is becoming increasingly more common to see music in a church worship service that you used to see on the stage of a stadium rock concert.

Ryan: Correct.

Pastor Doug: And is it just the times have changed and we’re in a tradition or is there a type of music that is appropriate or inappropriate? I am of the opinion that different music I appropriate at different times for different occasions. Virtually anywhere you go in the world when a mother sings a lullaby to a baby they don’t beat a drum. It is soft and it is soothing because you are putting the baby to sleep. And the rhythm and the style or the culture anywhere in the world understands that. Romantic music is very different than music that is playing when an army is marching to war is very different. And then there is music that is designed to excite and that is going to be different than music of adoration and awe. The music in a worship service used to be music when we were in God’s holy presence and the Lord was in His Holy Temple and all the earth keeps silent because there should be an atmosphere of awe and adoration. We were in respect and as a matter of fact Amazing Fact was in that tonight. Some quote Psalm 150 to say well it must be okay to play drums in the sanctuary. Let me read some of that for you. It starts out by saying “Praise ye the Lord; praise God in His sanctuary.” Then it goes on to say “Praise Him with the sound of trumpet and with psaltery and harp and praise Him with a tumbrel which is an instrument and praise Him with dance. Praise Him with string instruments, praise him with organs and praise him on the high sounding cymbals. Let everything that has breathe praise him.” I have heard this Scripture used many times to talk about praising the Lord with a percussion instrument. It sounds like it is in the sanctuary, but it is a gross misinterpretation of what they are saying. When they came back from victory in battle on their way back they would sing. The women would dance.

Do you remember when David fought Saul and David came back from battle it says women came out and met him with dancing and with singing and with tumbrels? When Miriam and the other ladies saw the dead Egyptians on the Red Sea shore they danced and they played tumbrels to God in victory songs. Praise him in the sanctuary and those that are marching back are praising God in His heavenly sanctuary. See what is happening? Some people think that they are taking these instruments into the sanctuary and that is not at all what it is saying. It is saying that those who are marching back from victory are praising Him in His sanctuary in heaven. So this Scripture has been used to sort of endorse any kind of instrument in the sanctuary. But, that was not what they did in Bible times. Personally I think we have taken it too far to answer your question. You know we have a book at “Amazing Facts” that I would recommend Ryan and it has got a lot of good information and it is called “Why I left the Contemporary Christian Scene”. And it is written by a youth Pastor of all things it is a very enlightening book.

Ryan: Okay.

Pastor Doug: It has the kind of music that starts to affect our lives. Music has a profound influence on our lives and worship.

Pastor Dick: Call our resource line Ryan and you can order that book it is 1-800-835-6747. Pastor Doug we have about two and one half minutes before our break. Let’s see if we can get one more in. We want to talk with Miguel in the Bronx, New York. He is listening on WMCA Miguel welcome.

Miguel: Excellent. How are you doing guys?

Pastor Doug: Good.

Miguel: Yes I want to ask you a quick question. I have been a Christian for two years and wonder how do I get to a point of holiness to be saved and I am thinking that works? I think you have to get to a point of holiness. I am trying to get there and then when I mess up it just makes me have a horrible feeling.

Pastor Doug: Well let me give you a couple of thoughts and that is a good question. And first there is not any question that God calls us to holiness. If you look in 1 Peter Chapter 15 it says “So be ye holy in all manner of conversation” that means our behavior and then again in verse 16 “Be ye holy for I am holy.” Leviticus Chapter 20 “Be ye holy before the Lord.” Over and over again God calls us to holiness. Now the way we achieve holiness first of all is through justification. We come to Jesus just we are and we accept His sacrifice and He declares us to be holy. Do you see what I am seeing?

Miguel: Yes.

Pastor Doug: We receive holiness as a gift through salvation. Is that right Pastor Dick?

Pastor Dick: Yes.

Pastor Doug: You confess and He says if we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So Miguel if we are cleansed from all unrighteousness then; are we holy?

Miguel: Yes we are holy.

Pastor Doug: So this we learn sanctification; we learn to walk in a newness of life and don’t get discouraged that does take time and like a baby walking; sometimes we fall. But, you know there is a book I think you may enjoy we will send it to you for free. “Is it Possible to Live without Sinning?” It answers a lot of these questions that discourage people. We’re going to take a break and Pastor Dick will give you that number.

Pastor Dick: Call that number 1-800-835-6747 and ask for the book “Is it Possible to Live without Sinning?” 1-800-835-6747 Miguel and ask for that book and we will send it right out to you.

Pastor Doug: “Is it Possible to Live without Sinning?” and friends before we go to the break I want to remind you to check out the “Amazing Facts” website. It just branches off on and on with lots of information. “Amazing Facts dot org” and we hope you will take advantage of the free resources there. We’ll be right back.


Pastor Doug: In case you have just tuned in you are listening to “Bible Answers Live”. And in case you want to join us we are an International, interactive Bible Study. You can be a part of it. You can listen in, you can pray for us, you can ask questions or do all three. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Dick: My name is Dick Debit. And we are going to go right to the phones Pastor Doug. We want o talk to Jeff in Toronto, Canada listening on the internet. Jeff welcome.

Jeff: Hi how are you tonight?

Pastor Dick: Good.

Jeff: Yeah just a quick couple of questions here. My wife and I were wondering when Sarah gives Agar to Abraham and when Lot’s two daughters get him drunk to sleep with him to get themselves pregnant. We were wondering what God thought about that. What about both of the situations?

Pastor Doug: Well I know those are a little bit sordid experiences in the Bible. Obviously not everything recorded in the Bible was God’s will. The Bible records Abraham took matters into his own hands when Abraham married Hagar it brought all kinds of heartaches and strife into their families. So we know this was not God’s will and later God had to tell him to divorce Hagar. He says send her away. You were just to have a child through Sarah and she ultimately did have Isaac and with Lot and his daughters; it was never God’s desire that he should even destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

It was never God’s desire that Lot should move to Sodom. He did that on his own. He started out just pitching his tent there, but by the time the angels came he is living in the city.

Little by little he compromised and the girls learned too much about the birds and the bees living there because they knew exactly what to do to seduce their own father. And so just because it happened does not mean it was God’s will.

Jeff: Right.

Pastor Doug: You know the Bible also says that Noah got drunk after the flood and wandered around naked. So God’s characters were also and did some things that I am sure they were not proud of in retrospect.

Jeff: That’s what I thought. Thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Okay. Good question Jeff and thanks for the call.

Pastor Dick: Let’s go to Brooklyn, New York and talk with Grace who is listening on WMCA. Hello Grace.

Grace: Yes I am so glad I got you. Doug Batchelor? Oh I am so glad I got you I have been holding on. Did Dick mention anything to you about the question I am interested in asking?

Pastor Doug: Yes. You’ve got a question about Joseph’s tombstone or something.

Grace: Yes. I believe I read something in Genesis, but I can’t remember the passage. It was where Joseph was of notice for interpreting the dreams of Pharoah and whatever.

Pastor Doug: Right.

Grace: And there is supposed to be some kind of a message on the tombstone stating that you can’t kill the dream by killing the dreamer.

Pastor Doug: Well first of all let me share with you that there is no message in the Bible of what was on Joseph’s tombstone. So you are confusing something with the Bible and a tradition or a legend that you have read because I know the Bible fairly well and I would say there’s no inscription that is quoted in the Bible from Joseph’s tombstone. Before Joseph died he did give a message to his brothers and his family that God would deliver them and that he wanted them to take his remains out of Egypt. A matter of fact the last five words in Genesis are “In a coffin in Egypt.” This was speaking of Joseph.

Grace: Yes I know that. I know that Moses honored his wish.

Pastor Doug: Well I think I know what you are talking about. About the dream; when Joseph interpreted the dream of the baker. The baker’s dream said that he was going to be killed and the baker was obviously upset at Joseph for telling that to him and Joseph may have said you know—don’t blame the interpreter about the dream—you know I just I’m just interpreting it and I’m not responsible for that. But, that has been in the script of some stories about Joseph and even that is not in the Bible.

Grace: What passage is that about the baker?

Pastor Doug: Well let me find it for you real quick.

Grace: Is it Genesis?

Pastor Doug: Yes. That is found in Genesis 40: 1 through 16. This Genesis 1-16 tells the whole story.

Grace: Oh 1-15.

Pastor Doug: 1 through 16. Genesis Chapter 40: 1-16 that’s where you are going to find the whole story.

Grace: Well I’m going to read the whole thing to get it in context.

Pastor Doug: Yes. You are exactly right.

Grace: The thing is are you knowledgeable about I mean at the time I mean what when they buried the Israelites; were there any written messages on any of the tombstones? Or they didn’t do that then?

Pastor Doug: Well they may have. There is not a record that I am aware of in the Bible. How about you Pastor Dick?

Pastor Dick: No.

Pastor Doug: I know if you go to the Mount of Olives today that the tombstones on the Mount of Olives Grace have a number of inscriptions on them. So that has developed over time. But, I don’t think it even says on the cave of Abraham or over any of the patriarchs that there was something inscribed. If there was it doesn’t say.

Pastor Dick: I don’t think so and the only thing that really comes to mind is the sign that they put over Jesus on the cross and but, nothing on the tombstone.

Pastor Doug: Hope that helps a little Grace.

Pastor Dick: Grace thanks for the call. Let’s go next to Sacramento, California and David is listening on KFIA.

David: Hi how are you doing Pastor Doug?

Pastor Doug: Good.

David: I have a question my sister and me both with her husband and leaders in the Sunday school class in church and she has her feelings on certain movies on what she hates to watch and I’m not for that. The movies that she is okay to watch are R-rated movies and have inappropriate themes and I just don’t think are right and not just for young people, but for anyone; period.

Pastor Doug: Right.

David: Looking at it from a Christian stand point inappropriate language and inappropriate themes are like I tried to talk to her about this and tried to show he Biblically how that is not right and she has a pretty sharp tongue on her and knows how to manipulate the situation into what she wants.

Pastor Doug: Well I don’t want to take sides in your discussion, but I will tell you what I think that the Bible teaches.

David: Okay.

Pastor Doug: If you read in Philippians Chapter 4: 8 “Finally brethren whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” A Christian should not take pleasure in being entertained by that that the Lord would frown upon.

David: Okay.

Pastor Doug: And our family doesn’t go to movies. Now there’s a couple of reasons for that and some will argue sometimes it will be a good movie it’s got historical and some redeeming quality and it fits this test and that’s very rare from Hollywood. Why would you want to go to the theater to watch it? When it costs—well I don’t know what it costs now—but, probably ten bucks a person to go and see a movie and wait a few weeks and it will be out on video and your family can watch it again and again. So that would you know—let me give you one more analogy. You can get orange juice in a bar, but I don’t get my orange juice in a bar. For one thing I don’t want to have people see me walking into a bar and for me to have to explain later I was just getting orange juice.

David: True.

Pastor Doug: Typically if you are standing in line in a movie theater most of those movies are “R” rated where they are using God’s name in vain. There’s profanity and there’s immorality and there’s adultery and murder and I don’t think it is a good place for a Christian to be. If you get your orange juice in a bar you are going to pay way too much for it. And it is not the best environment. So just go get it at the supermarket and I think I have said enough about that.

David: That okay if I take the short of it and don’t say too much at a time. Ye problem is she won’t let the kids go to church from her house and watch the movie there and so the money issue is not even an issue.

Pastor Doug: So I am talking about the theater and you are talking about the type of movies.

David: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Well that goes back to what it says in Philippians whatsoever things are pure. Hang on a second here.

Pastor Dick: You know the idea is David what you put in is what you get out. And you have to be careful about what you are putting in.

Pastor Doug: Yes. King David said I will set no evil thing before my eyes and so if we know something is evil not only is it a sin to commit evil deeds, but Paul tells us take no pleasure in them that do them. And we may not commit adultery, but we should not sit there watching other people do it. We’re sinning vicariously so by every typical standard a Hollywood movie doesn’t pass the test. Okay?

David: Okay thank you Pastor Dick and Pastor Doug.

Pastor Dick: We appreciate the call. Let’s go to Brooklyn, New York. Monique is listening on WMCA help Monique.

Monique: Hi.

Pastor Dick: And your question please?

Monique: Okay I wanted to know what happens if someone curses the Holy Spirit?

Pastor Doug: Well that is certainly a very dangerous thing to do because the Holy Spirit is a comforter and a gift from God and why would we want to curse the Lord? Of course, cursing the Holy Spirit and cursing Jesus and the father is called blasphemy. Now Jesus tells us that all sin and blasphemy can be forgiven unto men. But, whoever blasphemes the Holy Spirit cannot be forgiven. Now that is not necessarily shaking your hand at God and saying I curse the Holy Spirit. While that is a sin, God’s mercy is even greater than that. And I think that she would benefit from the book we offered tonight that talks about what is the point of no return. Would you like a free copy of that book Monique?

Monique: Yes okay yes.

Pastor Dick: We started the program tonight Monique by talking about this book. It is called “Point of no Return” and it talks about what happens if someone rejects the Holy Spirit and we’d be glad to send it to you. Call 1-800-835-6747 and ask for “Point of no Return”. Okay?

Monique: Okay thank you.

Pastor Dick: Okay thanks for the call Monique. Let’s talk with Carl in Orlando, Florida who is listening on WTLN. Hello Carl.

Carl: Hello gentlemen how are you all doing tonight?

Pastor Doug: Good.

Carl: A quick question for you. This is about Christ on the Mountain of Transfiguration. Are the two witnesses possibly Moses and Elijah? I don’t think there is much said in Galatians, but just I thought they…

Pastor Doug: Well I’ll tell you this is what confuses people. Moses and Elijah are the two witnesses in that the two witnesses represent the word of God. In the Old Testament they used Moses and Elijah as a symbol of the word of God. Moses represented the law and Elijah represented the prophets. The last prophecy in the Old Testament says remember ye the Law of Moses; behold I send you Elijah the Prophet. Then on top of the Mount of Transfiguration Moses and Elijah informs Jesus He is the Messiah meaning He is the word of God and the Law endorsed that He is the Messiah. But, when you read the prophecy in Revelation about the two witnesses; while Moses and Elijah represent the word of God they are not going to come back down to earth and die sand have their bodies lie in the street because they now have their glorified, immortal bodies. And the idea that someone can enter heaven for a 1000 years and in Moses’ case 1500 or more than that—yeah probably 2500 to 3000 years. The idea---3500 years—I am trying to do the math in my head and yeah 3500 years with a glorified body and they come down to earth and die and lay in the streets and then they go back up into heaven which is what happens to the two witnesses. No that is to going to happen. God won’t allow that to happen to them. But, there is a prophecy about what happens to the word of God. Which Moses and Elijah symbolize.

Carl: Okay so Moses was resurrected then?

Pastor Doug: Yes if you want to read that in the book of Jude. In the book of Jude think it is verse 9—I think there’s only oneChapter in Jude. It talks about when Michael the archangel comes for the body of Moses and that is presumably to raise him.

Carl: Okay I forgot about the fact they’d be lying in the street. Thank you very much gentlemen.

Pastor Doug: Alright thank you a lot.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Carl. Let’s go next to Niles, Michigan and William is on the internet. Welcome William.

William: Yes thank you.

Pastor Dick: And your question please.

William: The question I have is from Revelation Chapter 1: 7 “Behold He comes in the clouds and every eye shall see Him and all of those which pierced Him.” The question I have is that will those that pierced Him will they rise at that time only to be resurrected for the second death again or where they will be who pierced Him really?

Pastor Doug: Well that‘s a good question. Evidently they will. Now keep in mind that there are some surprise exceptions to the general prophecies about the second coming. For instance when Christ rose from the dead; there was a small resurrection that happened around Jerusalem and He took a number of people to heaven with Him. Do you remember reading that in Matthew?

William: Yes absolutely.

Pastor Doug: That is not when the general resurrection takes place at the second coming; but, that was a special group. In the same way when He comes back again there is going to be a select group of people who were leaders in His betrayal and crucifixion who are going to see Him come as King. Remember Jesus said to Caiaphas the high priest, hereafter you will see the son of man coming in power and great glory and sitting at the right hand of power. And I am paraphrasing there and I think that is in Matthew 26 or 27. But, yeas I believe there will be a group of people who were the ringleaders in His betrayal and crucifixion that will be raised to see Him come as King. And that will die and then be raised again after judgment and be destroyed after the great judgment.

William: Okay well then maybe we can get three deaths then out of that then and not just one?

Pastor Doug: Well just this weekend I preached on Lazarus and you know even after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead he died again.

William: Yes.

Pastor Doug: And he’ll be raised again so he’ll be one saved person who has been resurrected twice.

William: Oh okay.

Pastor Doug: So there are exceptions that are interesting to think about, but generally those who die that second death, there is not any resurrection from that. They are cast into the lake of fire and it is like I was sharing with people that if you are born only once you are going to die twice. If you are born twice you only die once. If you are born physically, but we must also be born spiritually; born twice die once unless you are alive when the Lord comes. Born once die twice. Do you see what I am saying?

William: Yes absolutely.

Pastor Doug: Hope that helps.

William: Yes that helps very much thank you.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call William and God bless. To Pueblo, Colorado Helen is listening on KTPJ. Hello Helen.

Helen: Hi.

Pastor Dick: And your question please?

Helen: I am glad you mentioned the station because I couldn’t remember what it was.


Helen: My question was can you give me something Biblical to give comfort to different grandchildren who have found their pets died or have had to put them to sleep?

Pastor Doug: I know that is a very heartbreaking thing and we have had that happen in our family and we grew attached to these creatures and they seem like part of the family.

Helen: Extremely.

Pastor Doug: You know the Bible tells us that the eye has not seen nor the ear heard nor has even entered into the imagination of man the things that God has prepared for those that love Him. In other words there are going to be some surprises awe can’t even imagine. It is certainly not beyond the power of God to give our kitty or doggie a glorified body and introduce them into our mansions. There is no Bible promise that, that will happen, but the Bible does say that in the earth made new; there will be creatures again. There will be lions and tigers and bears.

Helen: Will you tell me where that is?

Pastor Doug: Yes. There are several places. You can read about it in is it Isaiah 11 and Isaiah 65. Here wait a minute and I will find some for you real quick.

Helen: And I don’t have a computer so I am sorry.

Pastor Doug: That is okay.

Pastor Dick: Pastor Doug is using his handy dandy computer program here.

Pastor Doug: And while I am looking Pastor Dick is going to sing a selection for you.

Helen: Beautiful.

Pastor Doug: Isaiah 11: it says “And the cow and the bear shall feed. Their young ones shall lie down with the lion who will eat straw like the ox. And he nursing child shall play on the hole of the serpent and it will not bite or destroy. And again in Isaiah 65: “The wolf and the lamb will feed together and the lion will eat straw like the ox.” And of course the Garden of Eden was just exploding with animals. The rain forest today is like that and it was probably more likely highly furnished than the rain forest.

Helen: I think that we know there will be animals in heaven, but what about ours?

Pastor Doug: Well I can’t give you a Scripture that says if your pet is good it will go to heaven.

Helen: Right. They don’t have souls we know that.

Pastor Doug: There is a prophecy—passage and I am sorry to interrupt you.

Helen: That is okay you do it.

Pastor Doug: In Proverbs it says “A righteous man regards the life of his beasts.” So a Christian should take care of their creatures. There is a book from a friend of mine named Steve Wohlberg wrote a book and it is called “Will My Pet be in Heaven?” And I think the outcome of the book is they will be there, but I don’t know the outcome of the book because I haven’t read it all yet. But, I think “Amazing Facts” carries that book. Yes we do because I am seeing nods in the studio. You go to—you don’t have a computer so you can call…

Helen: No, but I have a friend that does.

Pastor Doug: Okay well go to the website and you will see the book by Steve Wohlberg and it is called “Will My Pets be in Heaven?” and I am sure you will find some good stuff in there an Steve is a good friend.

Helen: Would you spell his last name?

Pastor Doug: Why would you ask that?

Pastor Dick: W O H L B E R G.

Pastor Doug: Thank you for rescuing me.

Helen: Okay Steve Wohlberg. It is “Will My Pest be in Heaven?”?

Pastor Doug: If you ask anyone at the office they will know what the book is.

Helen: That’s Amazing Facts and what is the number?

Pastor Dick: “Amazing Facts dot org”.

Helen: Thank you so much for your time.

Pastor Dick: Thanks for the call Helen. We will go next to Fresno, California Christy is listening on KARM. Hi Christie.

Christie: Hi. I appreciate your taking the time and can you hear me?

Pastor Doug: Sure.

Christie: Okay because I am on a cell phone and I didn’t know whether that was a good phone. Okay the question I have is my boyfriend and I have different religious backgrounds and we have been studying the Bible together. And I have been taught to believe that a lot of the passages when it refers to wine mean grape juice. And he was under the assumption it meant fermented wine so I decided to help him by explaining it to him and going to the strong’s concordance and to which it made me not look good. And it kind of put me into a panic as to why my friend asked me to go there and use it.

Pastor Doug: What did you find there that made you not look good?

Christie: Because the Hebrew the majority of the Bible in the Strong’s Concordance the wine references were to fermented wine. And I was using the original Greek that referred me back to the Hebrew root which meant effervescence like for instance Jesus turning the water into wine. I thought it was grape juice and it made it seem to me that it was effervescent wine and it...

Pastor Doug: Okay let me give you a verse because I don’t want to run out of time.

Christie: I know and I think I am the last caller so I’m stressed about it and I really appreciate it because I want to know the truth.

Pastor Doug: Yes don’t be stressed. One of the Scriptures I think that provides a slam dunk for this argument is in Isaiah 65: 8 “Thus saith the Lord as the new wine…” Now is new wine fermented?

Christie: No.

Pastor Doug: “… as the new wine is found in the cluster.” Is the juice in the cluster of grapes alcoholic?

Christie: No.

Pastor Doug: Obviously not and that is the same word that you will find in these other verses you are talking about. It is the same Hebrew word there. And now go to the New Testament. When Jesus said no man puts new wine into old wine skins. New wine is right out of the press. Is it fermented?

Christie: No and that Scripture gave me the impression it was fresh like in grape juice.

Pastor Doug: Yes it is, but the same word is used other times in the New Testament. For instance when Jesus was at the Last Supper and He drank the grape juice.

Christie: Umm-hmm.

Pastor Doug: The word for it is used for wine is the same word others try to make alcoholic. But, then Christ says “Take this cup drink it for I will not drink it again until I drink it with you new in my Father’s Kingdom.” Drink it with you new meaning “fresh”. Now the grape juice in the communion service; the bread was to be unleavened—no leavening—leavening is a process of fermentation—that’s what makes the bread rise.

Christie: Yes that is what my understanding was.

Pastor Doug: And grape juice when it is fermenting it is rotting and it is the same thing. Not only was the bread to be unleavened the grape juice was to be unfermented. But, you will find these words used interchangeably and so it does confuse people. The context is one of the best ways to seal that. Just think for one second—set aside for one second the Bible argument s that we’re thinking about and look at the logical arguments.

Christie: Right I agree with the logical arguments.

Pastor Doug: Here is some more—Noah drank wine and he ran around naked. Lot drank wine and he slept with his daughters.

Christie: They are using that same root word. They are actually using that same rot word in the Strong’s Concordance.

Pastor Doug: I know.

Christie: This was the meaning used to Jesus turning the wine into water.

Pastor Doug: Well that can’t be the same because one is Hebrew and one is Greek. I’ll read it to you from the Old Testament Jesus turned it into is in John’s in the New Testament, but forget the word for a second. Look at the deed; drink wine drunk; drink wine naked; drink wine adultery; drink wine lose the battle; drink wine sleep with Delilah; I mean you just go through the Bible and the people who drank wine just made fools of themselves and it cost a lot of life.

Christie: Exactly.

Pastor Doug: How much can a Christian support that?

Christie: None.

Pastor Doug: The Bible says whatever you eat and whatever you drink do all to the glory of God. How can a person take the most deadly drug in North America to the glory of God?

Christie: Exactly.

Pastor Doug: I’ve got a book I’ll send you for free. It has a lot more and would you like it?

Christie: Please.

Pastor Doug: But, if you are in a hurry you can read it on line free and you can’t beat that can you?

Christie: Yes I can do that.

Pastor Doug: You can do that? It’s called “Alcohol and the Christian” by yours truly. “Alcohol and the Christian” and you can either order it and we will send it to you or you can read it online. You can go to the “Amazing Facts” website and click where it says free library. Okay?

Christie: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Pastor Dick can we fit one more in?

Pastor Dick: Well we can try. Let’s go next to the Bronx and see if we have enough time for Nathaniel. WE have about a minute and a half will you tell us your question please.

Nathaniel: Okay 1Corinthians 12:1 Paul says not to be ignorant concerning spiritual gifts; yet the Bible talks about different levels a personal gratification and exhortation and stuff that matters. So my objection really is that what is happening at some churches is that some is relevant and they cite 1Corinthians 13: 8 about speaking in tongues.

Pastor Doug: We are almost out of time and I hate to do this to you, but you won’t be able to finish your question if I don’t. I want to send you a free book. It is called “Captured by Tongues” please give us another chance after reading that and call us next Sunday. Cal the toll free number you will hear it in the losing announcements.

For our friends we apologize if we didn’t get to your call tonight and give us another chance. By the grace of God we’ll be back. Keep in mind that we are totally listener supported. Maybe you thought about helping before, but that is all you did is you thought about it! We’d love to hear from you drop us a line, help us stay on the air and most of all this is because of Jesus who is the truth that will set you free.


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