Eating Like a Bird

Date: 03/05/2006 
You have probably heard the expression before that he or she only eats like a bird. Well you might think again before you use this phrase to describe a petite eater. A study of bird eating habits has exploded the popular idea that all birds have tiny appetites.
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? You have probably heard the expression before that he or she only eats like a bird. Well you might think again before you use this phrase to describe a petite eater. A study of bird eating habits has exploded the popular idea that all birds have tiny appetites.

For example it showed that the average parakeet eats 100 times its’ weight annually in seed cuttle bone gravel and water. Because the parakeet only weighs about 3 ounces this actually means that it consumes about 8 pounds of food a year. To eat at the same ate a man would have to devour some 16 thousand pounds of food annually instead of his normal consumption of about 13 hundred pounds. Daily food ration for a man would consist of about 45 pounds of food rations a day if he ate like a bird. An average hummingbird eats half its’ weight in sugar every day. So just imagine if a 100 pound woman ate 50 pounds of sugar a day or on second thought don’t imagine it.

Of course there are those exceptions when at times people can eat more than a bird. Take for example the famous athlete Milo of Croton, a giant man who lived in ancient Greece. Milo was a wrestler crowned six times at the Olympic Games for wrestling and was famous throughout the civilized world for his feats of strength such as carrying an ox on his shoulders throughout the stadium of Olympia.

This big man seemed always hungry and ready to devour everything in sight. And on one occasion he out did himself and managed to eat a whole calf weighing 150 pounds in one day. Unfortunately modern medical research seems to indicate that more and more people seem to be eating like birds. Stay with us friends we’re going to learn more as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Welcome once again listening friends to another installment of “Bible Answers Live” and we are glad that you tined in. For friends who may have just been joining us this is a live, International, interactive Bible study and God leads in this program because with these calls coming in live we don’t always know exactly what the question is going to be and so we pray and search the word of God together. That’s why if you want to call in the acronym for or phone number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS. We’re going to find out what the Lord says in His word. 1-800-463-7297 and my name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: And my name is Jean Ross. Good evening Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Good evening Pastor Jean.

Pastor Ross: On the “Amazing Facts” you did tonight it was really interesting eating like a bird. We all think of as having a small appetite, but from that amazing fact it sounds like it is just the opposite.

Pastor Doug: Yeha they are finding out that modern research seems to indicate that there may be as many people who are in the hospital from overeating as those who are malnourished. Matter of fact I saw a recent National Geographic magazine article that says we have reached the point in history where there are now more over nourished people in the world as than under nourished. And when they surveyed people who lived into their nineties and the century who were 100 years of age they found that many of those and one thing they had in common; it didn’t seem to matter as much what they ate although it mattered some, as how much they ate. They never seemed to be gluttons and never ate a lot and the Bible actually speaks about some of these things in Ecclesiastes Chapter 10: 17 Solomon says, “Blessed are you oh land when your king is the son of nobles and your princes’ feast at the proper times for strength and not for drunkenness.” They are eating for strength and Jesus identifies that, that’s one of the characteristics in the last days. He said it will be like it was in the days of Noah and in the days before the flood they were eating and drinking. And normally there would be nothing wrong with that because everybody has to eat and drink. So Christ is talking obviously about to excess. And that is pretty much the state of things in the world today and people might be struggling. Look at North America just the statistics are the average person—I think it is over fifty per cent are overweight and I forget what the percentages are, but I think it is even 25 or 30 percent are what are obese.

Pastor Ross: And even in the children now it is becoming quite a concern that even young people who generally 30-40 years ago were outside playing and running around are now sitting at home.

Pastor Doug: A sedentary playing games and yeah I agree exactly and they are overweight and it is a struggle. But, some of our friends might want to know what else the Bible has to say. There are a number of keys for long life and good health in the Bible that many people don’t know about. There’s a lot books selling on health and they are block buster’s and people don’t know that the Bible has secrets to long life and abundant life and when followed all of the modern research supports what God said in His word. And we have a free offer that accents what some of those offers are.

Pastor Ross: This is a free study guide that‘s available to anyone or everyone who calls us it is simply called “God’s Free Health Plan” and to get that study guide all you’ll have to do is to call our resource number 1-800-835-6747. And ask for “God’s Free health Plan” and we will be happy to send that out to you. Alright Pastor Doug before we get to our internet questions this evening let’s go ahead and have a word of prayer.

Dear Father again we thank you for this opportunity to open your word and study together. We ask that you would be with Pastor Doug and me as we search in the Scriptures for the answers to the questions as they come in. Bless those who will be calling with their questions and bless those who will be listening. For this we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Ross: Well Pastor Doug we have some internet questions that have come in and the first one that we have is relating to the Ten Commandments and a portion of the Ten Commandments. It says if it is true that the ceremonial laws were nailed to the cross and no the moral laws then why do we tithe? Tithing falls under the ceremonial laws and is not part of the Ten Commandments.

Pastor Doug: Well that is a good question. Some of the ceremonial laws you will find appeared with the Jewish ceremony connected with the sanctuary. But, there are certain laws that are also repeated in the Levitical Law, but they appear even before the Ten Commandments and we know that they have another foundation and an example would be the Health Laws we’re talking about right now and God made a distinction between clean and unclean animals back in the time of Noah and so that predates the ceremonial laws.

Then of course you have a tithe appears and you can read where Jacob promised to give a tenth to the Lord if He would preserve him. Abraham gave a tenth and the word tithe means ten; to Melchezidek. So the principle of tithing predates any ceremonial law. And then again in the New Testament Jesus speaking about the subject of tithe He said that this you ought to do and not leave the other things undone.

Now when God establishes a program for subsidizing His work around the world if there is no new law given in the Bible then we must assume that the old law is still in place.

Pastor Ross: Right.

Pastor Doug: And throughout the New Testament tithe was the starting point because when you get to the New Testament tithe they are not just giving ten per cent of their increase; they were selling all of their properties and giving half of their goods. And you know you read Acts Chapter 5 and they had incredible sacrifice in the early days of the church. So tithe is just the very starting point and it certainly is still in effect.

Pastor Ross: Alright.

Pastor Doug: Oh by the way when we get that question we do have that lesson called “In God We Trust” and it deals with the subject of what the Bible says about tithes and offerings; what’s the Biblical approach?

Pastor Ross: And let me give you the resource number for that if you want that lesson. And often we get this question related to tithing. Our number is 1-800-835-6747 and the study guide is entitled “In God We Trust” and it deals with this important subject.

Our second internet question is this; it says in the Ten Commandments that we are supposed to rest o the Sabbath, I though this meant that you are supposed to sleep. Where does it say that we should go to church on the Sabbath?

Pastor Doug: Well rest isn’t always sleeping and a person should get a certain amount of sleep when they rest at night. The Sabbath is not a day for 24 hours of sleeping. Some would like to interpret it that way, but I can’t sleep that long and I am not sure how some can. But, it is a day for physical rest and repose and matter of fact in Spanish it is Dia De Reposo; a day of repose and a day of rest. And that can mean re-creation which is a little different from recreation, but they are also asking where is it they say you’re supposed to go to church.

Well of course in Hebrews 10 that as we approach the second coming it is not a time to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. And then if you read in Leviticus 23: 3 that and it is very clear; six days thou work may be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of rest, a holy convocation. You shall do no work therein. And that means no regular secular work.

The word convocation means and assembly and it comes from the Hebrew word mircha and that simply means to assemble; to have a public meeting, convocation. So a holy assembly means well that is what a church service is. So it is a day to gather together and corporately worship God and in the Bible that is part of the Commandment.

Pastor Ross: Alright. Well thank you very much for your internet questions. For those of you who are listening and you would like to give us an internet question; you can go to our website at “Amazing Facts dot org” and there is a link that you can click on to go to “Bible Answers Live” and you can pose your internet question there. Our first caller is Ezekiel and Ezekiel welcome e to the program. You’re on the air and your question.

Ezekiel: Yeah how are you guys doing?

Pastor Doug: Good and how can we help you?

Ezekiel: Okay my question is Doug, is it okay to instead of having a sermon can you replace it with like a concert in the church or something like that?

Pastor Doug: Well I know there are churches that do that before their prime worship service. Periodically they say today we are not going to have sermon, but the sermon is in the music and they have a concert.

Personally I am uncomfortable with that because I think if anything the music is to enhance the word and the word should not take second place to music. And let’s face it some of these concerts really are a performance and God should take center stage in the proclamation of the word during the time what I would call the prime gathering for worship. And so I am not here to condemn those who would see it otherwise, but in the Bible when they came together it says Jesus stood up and read the Scriptures. And so a reading, a proclaiming and an expounding of the Scriptures is to be the core purpose of that core Sabbath worships time because God speaks through His word primarily.

Ezekiel: Amen. That’s how I feel about that.

Pastor Doug: So that’s a good question and I know very well that a lot of churches are doing it. Hey I hope that helps you a little bit Ezekiel.

Pastor Ross: Thanks for your call Ezekiel. Our next call is from Norman listening from St. John in British Columbia Canada. Norman welcome to the program.

Norman: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Hi.

Norman: I’d like to know where I can find a Scriptural reference to the idea of when we die that we go to heaven?

Pastor Doug: Well first of all you’re talking about assuming you are saved because there are two rewards. One is life and one is death.

Norman: Oh yes.

Pastor Doug: But, let me tell you what causes a lot of confusion in the Christian church. We have probably all been at a funeral where we stood by a casket and a graveside and the preacher said and now our dearly beloved is up hugging their loved ones that have gone before. They’re on the golden streets there walking with Jesus and they are in a better place. And then we have also seen tombstones that say our dear mother is now sleeping waiting for the resurrection morning. And people wonder where do they go and when do they go?

The confusion comes in because when you have no consciousness of time. Paul says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. In other words King David, good King David when his next conscious thought is the resurrection. But, you read in Acts Chapter 2 that Davis and this is a thousand years after his death; Peter says that David is dead and buried and not yet ascended to heaven. Well that can’t be anymore clear. But, as far as David is concerned as soon as he dies his next conscious thought is the resurrection and to be with the Lord. That’s why it says in 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4 and you can read verses 13 through the end of the chapter that when Christ descends from heaven that the dead in Christ will rise. It says then we shall forever be with the Lord. So it confuses people, but the dead who have died that are saved; they are sleeping and waiting for what Jesus calls the resurrection of the just. John Chapter 6 says that resurrection is the last day and that’s the day of the Lord when He comes. So we have a study guide on this Norman that we will send you for free. Would you like that?

Norman: Sure.

Pastor Doug: It’s just that all you have to do is call the number that Jean is going to give you and ask for the study guide called “Are the Dead Really Dead?”

Norman: Alright.

Pastor Ross: I’ll give you that number Norman it is 1-800-835-6747 and ask for “Are the Dead Really Dead?” and they will send that out to you. Alright thanks so much for calling. Our next caller is Arthur and he is calling from Florida. Arthur welcome to the program and your question>

Arthur: Yes good evening Doug.

Pastor Doug: Good evening.

Arthur: The question I have is about what to eat. It is kind of ironic you were talking about birds today.

Pastor Doug: Yeah eat like a bird and you’ll be pretty big.

Arthur: In 2 Colossians 2:16. I am pronouncing it wrong.

Pastor Doug: Yeah right.

Arthur: “Let no man therefore judge you in meat or in drink or in retrospect of holiday or new moon or of the Sabbath days.”

Pastor Doug: Now are you wondering where it says there ‘let no man judge you therefore in meat’?

Arthur: Right I am kind of confused because of the Bible verse I am reading I am more confused than answering.

Pastor Doug: Alright let me see if I can create the backdrop for a number of verse sin the New Testament. There was no question in the minds of the Bible believers in the New Testament Jew or Gentile that they were not supposed to eat food that was unclean. They didn’t eat vultures. They did not eat skunks or cock roaches. They did not eat pigs or camels. But, there was a question about whether or not to eat clean animals meaning goats or sheep or a cow that had been offered to idols because whenever the butchered an animal in the ancient Roman Empire it was always offered to some pagan deity. You read in 1 Corinthians 8: 7, “Howbeit there’s not in everything that knowledge. For some with conscious of the idol eat it as a thing offered unto an idol and their conscious being weak is defiled.” So people who are eating sheep say well you know they have offered it to an idol and I can’t eat it and it hurts my conscious. They felt it was idol worship by eating the sheep or the goat or the cow. So there in Colossians when it says don’t judge somebody based on what they eat it has nothing to do with telling your children they can eat whatever they want; just pray over it. It has to do with things offered to idols. Did that make sense?

Arthur: Yeah it does because like I said on the Bible study I am doing it’s…

Pastor Doug: Let me give you another verse in 1 Corinthians Chapter 10: and again he’s talking about whether or not you should eat these animals that were sold in the Roman flea market; they called them the shambles because they were just little flea markets. And Paul says, “Whatever is sold in the shambles that eat asking no questions for conscious sake.” Well what questions were they not to ask then? Were they not to ask whether this was a pig or a chicken? No because obviously they knew that they were asked not to ask was this offered to an idol before it was butchered. Paul says don’t even ask them and then it won’t bother your conscious. So there’s a lot of discussion on this in the New Testament and it has nothing to do with the substance of the food, but rather the whether it was offered to a pagan god.

Arthur: Okay.

Pastor Doug: But, God does care what we eat and every parent cares what their children eat. So there are other verses that say don’t be deceived God is not mocked, whatever a man sows he will reap. And if you sow a lot of cholesterol you reap a heart attack. It’s just a cause and effect. Okay?

Arthur: Okay.

Pastor Ross: Okay thanks for the call Arthur. Our next caller is listening from West Palm Beach, Florida. Raphael welcome to the program and your question.

Raphael: Yes Doug my question is where in the Bible does it say that you can sue somebody or can you sue somebody?

Pastor Doug: Well there are you have got where Jesus says in Matthew Chapter 5 that, “If any man will sue thee at the lot and take away your coat, let him have your cloak also.” So Jesus tells us that if someone is suing you and you’re able to pay them off and not able to enter into litigation you are better off to doing that and just taking the meek approach. Now that doesn’t mean that a Christian is never to exert their rights. It means because if there is some scoundrel comes along and he wants to sue and take away your home just for greed sake you probably need to get an attorney and defend yourself. I think you should do everything you can to find a Christian solution; mediation. Also you find in 1 Corinthians Chapter 6 & 7 Paul was talking about church members that were suing each other and it says, “Now therefore you find fault with one another because you go to law with one another why don’t you rather take wrong.” And in other words suffer a loss and suffer yourselves to be defrauded and he is talking about when Christians go to court and sue Christians.

Raphael: Right then it is okay to sue and not a sin to sue?

Pastor Doug: Well to me I am not giving you a license here with my answer. I mean I don’t know what the circumstances are. There are cases where you may not have a choice. For instance if someone is trying to take your church. It is fraud and you may need to get an attorney and sue. It is unfortunate, but in the world we live in that is probably the practical thing to do; otherwise you could be out of a job and you family could be destitute and not to mention out of a car.

Raphael: Yeah. Everybody is suing everybody now days.

Pastor Doug: Yeah it is unfortunate and that is why medical costs are so high is because they have got these unreasonable settlements. But, Christians should avoid that at all costs as the Bible has been pretty clear on that.

Raphael: Okay. Thanks to you guys.

Pastor Doug: Thanks a lot Raphael; I appreciate it.

Pastor Ross: Alright Raphael. Our next caller is calling from California. Olivia welcome to the program and your question.

Olivia: Hi. Okay my question is in the book of Revelation it speaks of any man worshipping the beast and his image and receives the mark in his forehead or right hand shall drink form the wine of the wrath of God. My question about that was why does it distinctly specify the right hand?

Pastor Doug: Well the right hand in the Bible is a symbol for a person’s choice of favor. And you realize that in the hand and in the fore head are symbols in the Bible. It is not telling us that in the last days there is some government agency compelling everybody to get a tattoo in their fore head or the hand. And I know that there are a lot of Pastors out there that are trying to push that.

Olivia: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: But, in the Bible for instance you read that the great declaration there in Deuteronomy 6: 4 he talks about the law of God and he says, “Write these commandments in your heart they shall be as sign upon your hand and as frontlets between your eyes.” Between your eyes means your forehead. Four times in the Old Testament it says the law of God should be in your hand and between your eyes. Now in the Bible in the forehead is a symbol for worship. Your hand is your action and one is your thoughts and one is your deeds.

Olivia: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: In Revelation everyone focuses on the mark of the beast in the hand and the forehead and they forget the seal of God Revelation 7 is also in the forehead. So is God going to come down with a tattoo parlor and tell everybody who is saved to come through His office so He can seal them with the seal of God? Or does the seal of God and the mark of the beast are they symbols of who we worship? See I think that a lot of people have been confused by this.

Olivia: Well I understand what they symbolize. I understand that part, but the question was why doesn’t it say on either hand?

Pastor Doug: Because the right hand represents a choice. The right hand—most people are right handed and that’s a fact. And when you use your right hand because you are choosing to do something and it means they are choosing. It’s not something; you know if you fall you might put down your left hand to catch yourself as an instinct. But, your right hand is usually something you choose. And it means they are reaching out for it.

Olivia: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Okay?

Olivia: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Thanks good question.

Pastor Ross: Alright I think you have time for another call before we go to the break.

Pastor Doug: You know before we take this call hold one second. Olivia if you’re still listening I forgot we’ve got that lesson that deals with the mark of the beast.

Pastor Ross: Yes we do.

Pastor Doug: And Olivia or anyone else listening if you would like that study guide that talks about the “Mark of the Beast” the call the resource number and ask for it and that’s the name of it “The Mark of the Beast”.

Pastor Ross: The resource number is 1-800-835-6747 and you can ask for the study guide “The Mark of the Beast”. Miguel you are live on the phone listening from Georgia. Welcome to the program.

Miguel: Hi guys.

Pastor Doug: Hi.

Miguel: My question is also from Revelation and the question was because I heard that the great city Babylon is in Iraq and I was wondering if this was true.

Pastor Doug: Well when it talks about Revelation in Chapter 17 it talks about Babylon; it is not referring to Iraq at this point because in Revelation you are dealing a lot with what they symbolize. Also in Revelation it talks about Jezebel. Well she had been dead for 500 years. It’s talking about a spiritual Jezebel. And when it talks about Babylon; the first time it talks about Babylon there in Revelation it is used to refer to Rome as Babylon. Peter writes his letter and he says to the church in Babylon. Well there were no churches in Babylon back then they were writing to the Christians who were in Rome and they were calling it Babylon. They associated Rome with spiritual Babylon.

Miguel: Oh so it is in Rome?

Pastor Doug: Yeah so if you have any doubts you go to the end of chapter 17; if you have got your Bible open and you look in chapter 17 and the last verse and it says, “The woman that you saw is that great city that reigns over the kings of the earth.” What city was reigning over the kings of the earth when John had his vision? Rome. Rome is the one that had Paul put in prison on the isle of Patmos. And if you still have any doubts it says in Revelation chapter 17 that the seven heads represents the seven mountains and that is verse 9: “Here is the mind that has wisdom the seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits.”

So you have got a city of seven hills which is called Rome if you look in your encyclopedia. What city has seven hills and it will say Rome and then it says what city ruled over the earth when John had his vision? Rome. And what does a woman represent in prophecy; a church. So here you have got a major church sitting among seven hills in Rome and I’ll let you do the math.

Miguel: Alright. I’ll stay away from Rome then.

Pastor Doug: It is actually a beautiful place to visit. But, I hope that helps you.

Miguel: Okay thank you. I’ll stay away from there.

Pastor Doug: Bye-bye. God bless.

Pastor Ross: Thanks Miguel. I hear the music playing and it is break time.

Pastor Doug: And just before we go to our break friends we want to tell you about some important resources that we hope you’ll capitalize on. “Amazing Facts” has about thirty-five (35) websites that all deal with supplying information and resources; many of them free for taking you on your Bible study and improving your witnessing to others. Of course the flag ship is “Amazing Facts dot org” and you can type in dot com and “Amazing Facts dot TV” will take you to our TV website. There is “Bible Universe dot com” and “Sabbath Truth dot com” because a lot of people ask questions about the Sabbath. And on and on it goes and you can start by going to “Amazing Facts dot org” and sign up for the Bible School that’s there. We’ll be back in just a few minutes with some more Bible questions. Stay tuned with us.


Pastor Doug: We are still here and we’re glad that you are there and if you don’t know where you and I are; it’s “Bible Answers Live” this is a live, interactive Bible study. If you would like to tune in with a question you can call us at the toll free number 1-800-GOD-SAYS that’s 1-800-463-7297 and we also appreciate your praying for us as we do our best on this live broadcast to answer the Bible questions that you have. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is Jean Ross. Pastor Doug you got back just recently from the Religious Broadcasters Association and there’s a lot of important discussion about an event coming up in May.

Pastor Doug: Yes I am glad you mentioned that Pastor Jean. There is an interesting trend that has just developed in that were some churches across North America for generations who were playing down the Ten Commandments who were afraid by praying or teaching the Ten Commandments would be interpreted as legalism. And they would say it is old covenant we were under the law and now we are under grace. It was under the letter and now we are under the Spirit. They really were in my opinion misunderstanding the beauty of the law and how to apply it in the Christian life.

Well we have been sowing the wind and as the prophet said we’re reaping the whirlwind. And ever since 9-11 and we’re listening to things like pagan politicians campaigning for same sex marriages and drive–thru abortion and assisted suicide and this blizzard of pornography and just all of these issues that are obviously a sign of a decadent culture. And now there has been a series of court orders doing everything from removing under God from our pledge; the phrase one nation under God, and removing the Ten Commandments from public displays from places where it has been for fifty years. Now a lot of Pastors are just waking up from a fog and saying you know we have misused and misapplied the law of God and they have declared a national Ten Commandment Day as May 7th and it’s being called the first annual and some of the names who are signing on for this are a pretty impressive who’s who list of the Christian leadership. From Dr. James Dobson to E. James Kennedy to Benny Hinn to Trinity Broadcasting Chairman Paul Crouch and I could just go down the line.

And this is a great opportunity for people to talk to their Pastors and say; what is our view on the Ten Commandments? Do we believe that God still wants us to keep them? Are they still intact? And we have a free offer that we will send to anyone who would like to read and hopefully pass it along to help people understand; what are the Ten Commandments in terms of where they fit in for the Christians, the church and even the Nation because they’re not all the same. Tell us about what that lesson is that we’re offering.

Pastor Ross: We have a study guide dealing with the Ten Commandments and it is called “Written in Stone” and we would like to make that available to anyone who calls our resource number. That’s 1-800-835-6747 and Pastor Doug, where can a person get more information on the web about the Ten Commandments Day coming up?

Pastor Doug: We have just activated a new website and it’s “Ten Commandments Facts” and you can start at the “Amazing Facts” and we will tell you more about that as the day approaches. But, for right now I believe we have some more people holding with their Bible questions.

Pastor Ross: Alright our next caller is Tony and he is from the Bronx in New York. Tony welcome to the program and your question?

Tony: Yes hi Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Hi and how can we help you?

Tony: Yeah my question is when babies die; what happens to them?

Pastor Doug: When babies die what happen to the babies.

Tony: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Well you know this is a deep question because some have asked; is every conceived fetus that is miscarried or aborted in heaven? And that might be a different question than if a child dies before the age of accountability will it be in the resurrection? The scholars have debated this for generations. And believe me I won’t be the last one to have a word on this. Now the Bible does tell us there in Isaiah Chapter 65 where it says that the child shall play on the hole of the venomous serpent and will not be hurt. I mean there are obviously little children and the word there is infant child. And so there are infants in heaven and all resurrected and full grown. Then you read in Malachi Chapter 4, “They shall go forth and grow up.” So there are infants in heaven and they are still growing in heaven. But, will every baby that dies be saved?

You know it is hard to argue that when you look at Job and his sufferings and he wishes he could have been hidden like an untimely birth…” which is a miscarriage, “… but I had not been as an infant which has never saw the light.” So some scholars say you know that some babies that die that are miscarried are not all resurrected; some will be as though they had not been. But, they certainly are not going to be cast into a lake of fire—you know—they are innocent babies, but obviously the children of believing parents are saved. That’s why it tells us in first Corinthians it tells us that a pleading mother has a sanctifying influence on Christians when they die in a ship wreck or a plane crash. Are they all if it happens to the whole family and it is not going to get to heaven because it was not old enough to call on the Lord? Of course not; that baby is going to be there.

Tony: What is the age of accountability?

Pastor Doug: Well now that is a different question. The age of accountability varies from child to child. The Bible says that the children need to be old enough to repent, believe, accept the Lord and you know—Jesus went to the temple when He was twelve years old and some pick that date. I frankly think that it is a little sooner than that, but it varies from child to child. You know you get some adults because of their mental abilities—they never grow up. They may have some handicap. Well if will they be treated or judged like an adult even though their mind is still like an infant?

So God is good and I think He looks on the heart. The Bible tells us man looks on the outside and God looks in the heart. Well I hope that helps a little bit Tony.

Tony: Yeah it does and I am wondering why it is as you quoted if the wives is saved it also saves the unbelieving person?

Pastor Doug: No it does not mean that. But, what Paul is saying there he said, “You don’t but, that the wife might convert the husband by her behavior.” And that’s in what 1 Peter Chapter 3?

Pastor Ross: Yes it is.

Pastor Doug: Yeah the unbelieving husband can be converted by the behavior, but while e is alive he must accept. So there’s a sanctifying influence, but you know—just because a person has got a wife or husband that is a believer they’re not going to be saved. Every man is saved by his own confession and that’s Ezekiel 18.

Pastor Ross: Thank you Tony for your call. Our next caller is in New York in Queens New York; Gill welcome to the program.

Gill: Oh hello guys it is a pleasure to speak with you. And Doug Batchelor there God bless you.

Pastor Doug: God bless you Gill.

Gill: I love that Scripture you quoted from 1 Samuel 16:7 and it says that man looks upon the outward appearance, but the Lord looks upon the heart. It is the Scripture that drew me to the Lord before I was saved. But, my question that I have tonight is on behalf of other people I have come into contact with on the train that I try to get to listen to you program. And I know that God is a loving God and a merciful God. The question is why does God allow innocent people to suffer like for example before hearing the gospel they die or something like that and the other question that the other gentleman was asking about the little babies and stuff like that and with all of the wars going on.

Pastor Doug: Well that is a good question.

Gill: Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Let me take a stab at that and keep in mind that God doesn’t want anyone to suffer. You read in 11 Peter Chapter 3, “The Lord is not willing that any should perish.” But, in this world there is a war going on between good and evil. Jesus called Satan the prince of this world. And because man back in the Garden of Eden rejected the dominion that God had given him; he basically handed his dominion to this world to Satan on a silver platter. And so we are reaping the results of a world that rejected the Lord and innocent people do suffer and innocent children suffer. Of course all people who have reached the age of accountability we are all sinners. We have all fallen short form the glory of God. And but, God does not always intervene because of cause and effect and but, He does love everybody and He seeks to save everybody. He is not willing that any should perish. And if we turn to Him; He will then interrupt Satan’s plans and protect and provide.

Pastor Ross: And the good news is God doesn’t allow sin to go on forever. He promises when He comes He is going to put an end to it. So even though it is difficult and there is suffering around us we have hope that one day Jesus is going to stop it.

Pastor Doug: You know one of the Scriptures that I think does help Gill is in the beginning God made everything and if you want to know what His plan is look in Genesis Chapter 1 & 2; everything is good, good, good, and six times He says good and the seventh time He says very good. And that is what He will restore things to when Jesus comes back but, right now Satan has interrupted things.

Pastor Ross: That’s right and thank you for your call Gill. Our next caller is Patricia and she’s in Sonora, California. Patricia welcome to the program.

Patricia: Yes good evening Pastors. I have a question on Luke 18:19 could you please clarify that for me?

Pastor Doug: Luke Chapter 18: 19; alright let me get there real quick.

Patricia: Thank you.

Pastor Doug: And here we go and Jesus said, “Why callest thou me good; none is good save one and that is God.” It is interesting that you would ask that because I preached on that this weekend.

Patricia: Oh I didn’t know that.

Pastor Doug: when this rich young ruler came to Jesus and he said good master; he didn’t really know who Jesus was. Jesus was more than just a Rabbi, a Master. He was God incarnate. And so Jesus said to him no one is really good except God. Now Christ was not denying His goodness He was saying do you recognize who I am, if I am really good? He said no one is really good, but God. Do you know who I am?

And so I believe He was appealing to this young man’s heart. A matter of fact if you read that same story in the gospel of Mark it says, “Jesus looking at him loved him.” And He called him to follow him the same way He called Peter, James, John and Matthew. He said follow me and be an apostle in effect, but this young man either postponed or never did, but there is no record that he ever decided to follow Jesus.

Patricia: Okay great that clarifies it. Thank you so much.

Pastor Doug: Thank you. Good question.

Pastor Ross: Thanks for your question Patricia. Our next caller is Mary from Fresno, California listening on KARM. Mary welcome to the program.

Mary: Yes thank you. I was wondering what the Bible says about God choosing to send Jesus to the earth to us from the time He created Adam and Eve until the time Jesus appeared on earth. It was how many years? And why was it at that time?

Pastor Doug: Well that’s a good question and I don’t think I have ever thought about that before and I am sure I won’t have the last word, but I’ll tell you what I came up with. If you go by the dates in the Bible from Adam to Jesus there are about four thousand years. And then of course we are here now about two thousand years after Jesus. There were two thousand years from Adam to Abraham that was the age of the Patriarchs. Then you’ve got two thousand years from Abraham to Jesus and Abraham was born in 2004 B. C. and Jesus was born about 4 B.C. and that was the age of Israel. God preached the gospel through the Jews. Then Jesus came and now we’re in the last two thousand years and of course we will spend a thousand years in the millennium living and reigning like a Sabbath. That’s a seven thousand year period.

Moses when he was eighty years old and at the end of his second generation, you see Moses spent forty years in Egypt, then he spent forty years in the wilderness, then he spent the last forty bringing people from Egypt to the Promised Land. Jesus came about the same time in history as Moses came to save people in his life. Moses’ life was three sets of generations. Now I don’t know if what I am saying is making sense. You’ve got two thousand from Adam to Abraham, two thousand from Abraham to Jesus. Jesus comes to take them from Egypt to the Promised Land and we’re in the last two thousand now. So you have three sets and the world was really ripe for salvation at that time in the world’s history when Jesus came.

Pastor Ross: In Galatians Chapter 4: 4 it says, “But, when the fullness of time had come God sent forth His son.”

Pastor Doug: That’s right. Good point.

Pastor Ross: It was a prophetic element that also had to be fulfilled before the coming of Christ. You can read about that in Daniel chapter 9. And Jesus came right on time and when He began His ministry He said the time is at hand and prophecy is being fulfilled.

Pastor Doug: Yes good point and I hope that helps you a little Mary.

Mary: Yes thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Alright. God bless and thanks for your question.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Diane listening on KSMD from Minot, North Dakota. Welcome to the program.

Diane: Thank you. And thank you for what you do. My question is if we are donors and once we die we donate some of our organs and then I am wondering when Jesus comes back when the dead in Christ are resurrected to meet him in the sky. What is going to happen then? I mean if you are missing an eye?

Pastor Doug: That is a good question. Well if you are a good Christian and donate your heart or something like that of organs; are you going to be handicapped in heaven? Are you going to be missing and eye or an arm or something? Are you going to be heartless in heaven? God has given us new bodies you read in 1 Corinthians 15 that it is a miracle; we don’t know how it works, but from one kernel of corn you get a whole new plant. And God Is not going to take any part of our old bone to raise us up; He’s going to actually make us all new. The Bible says all things are new. He’s not using any of the old parts. Don’t know how God does it, but somehow the Lord downloads who we are into His heavenly hard drive. And when Jesus comes again we’re resurrected and He is going to give us a whole new body and He’ll download the information of who we are. Our character, our essence, into this new body and I personally on my driver’s license have a little sticker that indicates if I should be terminally injured in an accident that they can have any good parts they want. Because what happens to our bodies when we bury them? It turns to dust and it won’t do me any good and so by all means is my opinion.

Diane: Umm-hmm. You would get new name, too?

Pastor Doug: Yeah the Bible says you get a new name when you are in heaven so all things are new.

Diane: Okay.

Pastor Doug: You don’t need your old body. I tell my wife if I die before her she can do whatever she wants with the leftovers because I don’t want any part of this because if I go buy new car I don’t want to take a bumper off my old car and try to staple it to the new one. I want a new car and no part of the old car.

Diane: Well thank you. God bless you.

Pastor Doug: Thank you.

Pastor Ross: Thanks for your call. Our next caller is Fernando from Fort Worth, Texas listening on 3 ABN radio. Welcome to the program.

Fernando: Hello and good evening.

Pastor Doug: Hello and get real close to your phone Fernando.

Fernando: Okay. My question is from Daniel 2:34 and it is concerning the rock. Who is the rock?

Pastor Doug: Well let me ask you this question. Who is the rock of ages we sing about in church?

Fernando: Well my understanding and maybe I am wrong that the rock is the 144,000.

Pastor Doug: Who is the rock that brought down Goliath in David’s sling?

Fernando: Jesus.

Pastor Doug: Yes. And this rock that Moses was placed in the cleft of the rock that was Christ as the symbol of the rock. The rock that destroys the idol is talking about God’s kingdom and it is not even just Jesus it is His laws. It is hard to separate Christ from His law because it’s—do you remember in Matthew when Jesus gives a Sermon on the Mount Fernando He said whoever hears these words of mine and does them is like a wise man—and what does he build on?

Fernando: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Are you with me? He builds on the rock right? The word of God and Christ; that is the rock that knocks down the idols of Daniel 2, Daniel 2 is a vision of a big idol. Gold and silver and bronze and iron and clay and all of it is pulverized by the rock of God’s kingdom and by the Christ and His coming. And so I don’t know why it would just be the 144,000. Where do you get that?

Fernando: Actually there is a website called “Three Angels” that are quoting it from “Three Angels” it is on a disc; actually it was given to me at ’05 revive.

Pastor Doug: Yeah well the website that has that information on it I think that is suspect. If I am not mistaken that is kind of a Branch Dravidian teaching and either Sheppard’s Rod or Branch Dravidian. And it is sort of an offshoot teaching and there is nothing in the text of Daniel 2 that says that the stone is the 144,000. So I would avoid that website because you can’t find Bible support for that interpretation. Hope that helps a little bit Fernando. Oh wait a second. And I have a book—pardon me I didn’t mean to interrupt you Pastor Jean.

Pastor Ross: No go right on ahead.

Pastor Doug: I’ve got a book on the 144, 000. If you are still listening Fernando and I didn’t want to send you away empty handed and we will send it to you for free. If you would like our free book on the 144,000 just call the number.

Pastor Ross: The number there is; 1-800-835-6747 and ask for the book. You know talking about the rock that struck the image and the feet. Jesus said in Mathew 21: 24 “And whosoever falls upon this stone will be broken, but whom so ever it falls on it will grind into powder. And Jesus is the stone and the rock we need to fall upon.

Pastor Doug: Yeah that is what happens and we fall upon Him and Peter went into the Garden of Gethsemane and he fell down on the stone and he wept and he was brokenhearted and saved, but you know what the stone falling on you in judgment; you get pulverized like that image.

Pastor Ross: That’s right. Our next caller is David listening in California in Victorville and listening on KTIE. Welcome to the program.

David: God bless you fellows.

Pastor Ross: Hi David.

David: Listen real quick watching a Biblical show this morning on television talking about the triune god or the Trinity.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

David: Am I to understand that God and Jesus are two separate individuals?

Pastor Doug: Yes. Let me see if I can give you some Scriptures that I think support that because I think that is right.

David: Well I think I have a couple here, but if you’ve got—I’ll tell you what I’ve got and then you can and if you can add some more to that it would be great.

Pastor Doug: Well go ahead and I will let you start.

David: Okay John 17: 1-6 and it is interesting the lady that just called in a few minutes ago with Luke Chapter 18:19 it says one God is one God.

Pastor Doug: Right.

David: And then lastly I have 1 Corinthians Chapter 8: 6.

Pastor Doug: Alright so your question is not so much are Jesus and God separate individuals, but I think is your question; is Jesus God?

David: Well I—no—yes. In a sense because now I obviously to me—God and Jesus are two different things.

Pastor Doug: Well that is even a bigger question because at the baptizism of Jesus and when Jesus is in the water God the Father speaking from heaven and saying, “This is my son.” I mean there are very clearly two separate beings there. So your question is really is Jesus God the son?

David: No, no, no—well I guess—to me Jesus is God also. Ugh.

Pastor Doug: Well let me back up to something you said earlier. This is a common question and it is a good question. The Bible says there is one God and people read hat and in the western culture we think in terms of what one means in numerical value. But, in the eastern mind; one often meant unity. And that is why Jesus said a husband and wife get married and they become one flesh. John 17 as you quoted Jesus prayed that the disciples would be one. Well He didn’t expect them to fuse together into one monster. So oneness meant unity so when the Bible says there is one God; our God, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit is one God. And that is why it says one God in Genesis and then later it says God said, “Let us make man in our image.” It is plural.

David: But, it if somebody was to say who is God and they said that God is simply the Son, Father and Holy Spirit that would be incorrect. In other words, for one thing all three is one. Does that make sense?

Pastor Doug: Yeah well—you know this is one of the—I know what you are asking—and this is one of the deepest questions, but what I am doing right now is measuring how much time I have got to answer it.

Could you let me do something David? I’ve got a book called the “Trinity” and I wrote this because we get this question a lot. I will give it to you for free and it is simply called this “Is the Trinity Biblical?” and if you ask for that call the number and we will send it to you right now. Please read it and call me back and let me know what you think.

Pastor Ross: And that number is 1-800-835-6747 and I think we have time for one more question and Jeff is listening on the internet from Toronto, Canada. Jeff your question.

Jeff: Hey thanks for taking my call. Yes I guess I’m what you’d call a new Christian and I’m really looking at everything and I am wondering if Pastor Doug if you have ever heard of the Sumerian clay tablets and I heard someone speaking on the radio about it last week and saying a lot of the Old Testament was taken out of the clay tablets. Have you ever heard that?

Pastor Doug: Yes I think that and it is not the Samaritan it is the Sumerian. Yes it is the Sumerian and they’re; for instance, if I am not mistaken, they have an Epic called the Epic of Gilgamesh which is very similar to the flood story. And some have wondered since these Sumerian Tablets seem to date back before Moses; did Moses copy his story of Genesis from the Assyrians or the Sumerians? And I would say definitely no and all that really does is it proves that the flood story is a real true story and Moses got it right. Moses got it directly from the oracle records that came from Shem and the Sumerians had embellished the story when they put it on the tablets, but the similarities for instance of the flood stories from around the world—so just because you find a document that seems to be older it doesn’t mean that one copied the other.

Jeff: Right because they are saying these clay tablets are older than the Old Testament and that they…

Pastor Doug: Well that is true, but they are not older than the record that the Jews have. They used to pass it down orally. You know I apologize Jeff as you can hear that we have run out of time and reached the end of the broadcast. That’s the music and I have got to tie this off and you know I hate doing that to a person. And that’s why we try to budget that time and we don’t cut anyone off. Well listening friends you can tell that we are reaching the end of tonight’s allotment and we want to thank you for tuning in. Please don’t forget if you’d like more information on this upcoming Ten Commandments Day; then you can request the free study guide called “Written in Stone” by calling our free resource number 1-800-835-6747 and then read it and pass it on to your Christian friends and to your Pastor and it will help him prepare a good message. Remember Jesus is the truth that will set you free.


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