John D. Rockefeller

Date: 03/19/2006 
John D. Rockefeller Senior was strong and husky when small and was raised as a devout Christian, but he was determined early in life to earn money and he drove himself to the limit. At age thirty-three he earned his first million dollars.
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? John D. Rockefeller Senior was strong and husky when small and was raised as a devout Christian, but he was determined early in life to earn money and he drove himself to the limit. At age thirty-three he earned his first million dollars. At age forty-three he controlled Standard Oil, the biggest company in the world. At age fifty-three he was the richest man on earth and the world’s only billionaire.

Then he developed a sickness called alopecia where the hair on his head dropped off and his eyebrows and eye lashes disappeared. He became depressed and compounded by his appearance he looked like a shrunken mummy. His weekly income was one million dollars, but he could just eat milk and crackers. He was so hated in Pennsylvania he had to have body guards both day and night. He could not sleep, had stopped smiling long since, and enjoyed nothing in life.

The doctors predicted he would not live more than a year and gleefully anticipating his demise the newspapers had written his obituary in advance. Those sleepless nights set him thinking because a Christian friend had told him that if he did not begin to share his mounting wealth it would crush him like an avalanche. He realized with new life that he could not take one dime into the next world and money was not everything.

The next morning found him a new man. He began to help churches with his amassed wealth. The poor and needy were not overlooked. He established a Rockefeller Foundation who’s funding of medical research led to the discovery of penicillin and other wonder drugs.

John D. began to sleep well and to eat and enjoy life. The doctors had predicted he would not live over age 54, but he lived to about 98. The Bible says a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. But, a broken spirit dries the bones. The Bible also teaches that what it would profit a man if he gains the whole world, but then loses his soul. Or what would a man give in exchange for his soul. Stay with us friends we are going to learn a lot more as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Welcome once again listening friends to another installment of “Bible Answers Lines” and if this is your first time tuning into the program as you can tell from the name of our program; this is a live, interactive Bible study. We are broadcasting around the world on via the internet and across America on over 150 stations. And now is a good time to pick up your phone if you have any Bible questions. We’ll do our best to get you on the air and trying to give some preference to new callers. If you call the toll free number 1-800- GOD-SAYS that’s 1-800-463-7297 and then we’ll do our best to take your question. My name is Doug Batchelor. And tonight Pastor Jean Ross is preaching up in Canada. So with the help of the team here in the studio I will be winging the computer and the phones to the best of my ability. And I solicit your prayers and that is a good time for us to pause right now and I invite you to pray with me and let’s ask God to bless this program.

Loving Lord we thank you for the technology that makes it possible for us to communicate and broadcast to the world, around the country and virtually every corner of the planet. I pray that through your divine providence and the interaction of your angels and that people will find this frequency and in so doing will find principles of truth that will touch their hearts and change their lives. We commit this program Lord to Your glory and ask that you bless it in the name of your son Jesus. Amen.

Well listening friends I trust you were as intrigued as I was reading about this famous multi-millionaires and indeed one of the first billionaires, John D. Rockefeller senior. The one who started the Rockefeller legacy and it is interesting that though he was raised a dedicated Christian; he became obsessed with amassing wealth and evidently had a gift for it because he was the undisputed richest man in the world, but he was miserable. What would it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? And Proverbs tells us that a little bit of property with contentment is better than great revenue with strife and turmoil. A man’s life; Jesus tells us, does not consist in the abundance of things he possesses and He also told us that it is easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.

And still many churches still teaches that the evidence of God’s blessing is wealth. And the Bible doesn’t teach that. The evidence of God’s blessing is love, joy, peace, the attributes of Christ in life. Now the Lord might bless some with money. Most of us can’t handle it or manage it. If we are faithful in that which is least He is more inclined to give us more. But, that’s the key and we have a free offer that we’d like to send you if you would like to know more about what the Bible principles are about wealth, prosperity, and being faithful with what God has given us from a Biblical perspective. Then we’d like to send you our color study guide. It as color on every page and illustrated going through all of the Bible Scriptures, sprinkled with amazing facts and it is called “In God We Trust”.

It’s free and all you have to do is call that toll free number in North America. 1-800-835-6747; 1-800-835-6747 and tell them you are listening to “Bible Answers Live” and we will send you tonight’s free study guide. And keep a pencil handy because through the program we are going to give you some other resources. As people ask questions you may want to write those down and capitalize on those things. Matter of fact you can even go to the “Amazing Facts” website and request a catalog of the hundreds of Bible study materials and witnessing materials that we carry to enhance your Christian life and your witnessing and that website is “Amazing Facts dot org”.

Pastor Doug: As our custom we like to go to the internet to take some of the questions that people have sent to us. Our first question is asking about the 24 elders that are found in the book of Revelation. Are they Old Testament Prophets or where do they come from?

First of all I would direct you to 1 Chronicles 23: 4. I think the key to understanding these 24 elders around the throne of God that praise the Lord in heaven is very similar to the 24 thousand that David had assigned to praise the Lord in the earthly temple.

The number twelve in the Bible is a number that describes the church. In Revelation twelve you have a woman and not that the chapter means anything, but in Revelation Chapter twelve you have a woman with twelve stars above her head and that’s the church of God. Then you have the New Jerusalem where the church will live. Twelve gates, twelve foundations, twelve different kinds of fruit on the tree of life and these are all symbols of the church.

Who are those 24 elders? Well probably mostly from Old Testament patriarchs and prophets and kings who were resurrected when Christ rose from the dead. And that is one reason that John saw them around the throne. They were leaders from God’s work across the span of time. I hope that helps with that one. Oh by the way the book the 144,000; if you wanted to ask for a free copy of that book “Who Are the 144,000?” that also touches on the same principle as the 24 around the throne.

The next question is asking. Is the book the Song of Solomon allegory between Jesus and His church? If not can you explain?

Pastor Doug: The Song of Solomon and I just taught a lesson on this a couple of months ago is a beautiful, beautiful story in the Bible. And it appears to be a love story between Solomon and a young virgin named Abashag who was a Shonomite. The Bible tells us that she ministered to David before his death and nurtured him, but she was still a virgin and some believed that Solomon may have fallen in love with her she was supposed to be very beautiful. But, she was from the country of Shodom and something of a Sheppard’s girl. And so it is a story about the context of a wedding—what is the word; it is not a play, but a song that they play back and forth between the groom and the bride. Is it an allegory of Christ and the church? Yes absolutely. You read about Christ loving the church as a husband loves his wife. And protecting the church and the whole context of salvation is in the imagery of a wedding.

Jesus said I go to prepare a place for you that where I am there you may be also. He is making that honeymoon mansion and then He is going to come and receive us unto him. So yes the Song of Solomon talks about the frankincense and Myrrh that you later see brought to Jesus in the same symbols in His life. I hope that helps a little bit.

Pastor Doug: Well once again if you have a Bible question keep calling and your call will get through. That number into the studio is 1-800-GOD-SAYS that is 1-800-463-7297 and this is probably a good time for us to pick up the phones and see who’s calling in. Alright why don’t we start with Michael who has been waiting for a little while calling from Lake Placid, Florida and welcome t the program Michael?

Michael: Hi Doug.

Pastor Doug: Hi thanks for your patience.

Pastor Doug: And your question tonight?

Michael: Okay my question is whether it is true that Jesus Christ appeared to Judas after His death according to 1 Corinthians 15: 5?

Pastor Doug: 1 Corinthians 15: 5 and you know I am surprised by your question because I don’t ever remember reading that Jesus appeared to Judas, but let me see what we are talking about here. 5”And then he was seen of Cephas and then of the twelve.” The word Cephas there is a term for Peter. Is that the one you are talking about?

Michael: No that he appeared to the twelve.

Pastor Doug: Oh and then the twelve. Well keep in mind that Judas was replaced by Matthias. Jesus did not appear to Judas because Judas killed himself the same day that Jesus was executed so it is not possible that Jesus appeared to him. This was after his resurrection he couldn’t have because Judas was dead at that point.

Michael: Well that’s what got me so funny about it, but I know that Judas was replaced after the Pentecost.

Pastor Doug: That’s true.

Michael: Which was …?

Pastor Doug: Well keep in mind that Luke, I’m sorry, Paul is writing here in general terms. And it is true that when Jesus appeared to them there were only eleven of them left, but Paul referred to them as the twelve. And so I wouldn’t be hung up on that saying well who was that twelve. That was a name applied to the Apostles the inner circle of twelve. You know—even if one of them weren’t there—they were still called the twelve. Do you see what I am saying? It was a title. So I wouldn’t get hung up on a number because the Bible is really clear that Judas died. He committed suicide the same day as the crucifixion. Does that make sense?

Michael: Do you think it was a mistake from the writer?

Pastor Doug: No it’s no mistake; it’s just if you are looking at the word twelve as a numerical value it seems like a conflict, but if the number twelve is used for a title of the Apostles and for that group then it’s not a problem. I can even show you in the Bible where it refers to the twelve tribes of Israel speaking of writing a letter to Jews when technically ten of those tribes had been carried off captive and they can’t be accounted for. But, it refers to them as the twelve tribes of Israel. In the New Testament when Peter and James they send their messages to the twelve tribes of Israel; there’s not twelve of them anymore. A lot of them had been absorbed and intermarried and so I wouldn’t get hung up on that Michael. So I hope that helps and hey by the way that lesson on the 144,000 talks a little bit about spiritual Israel and the twelve tribes in that lesson, too. Moving along here let’s talk to Keith who s calling from Winder, Georgia and listening on the internet. Welcome to the program and your question?

Keith: Hello Doug I have a question for you. How exactly would a Christian lose his or her salvation?

Pastor Doug: Well I believe that salvation is gained by a choice and surrender. Salvation can be lost by retracting that choice and rebellion.

Keith: Okay so let’s say I am struggling with something diet related or say I keep on eating cheese burgers when I know it is bad for me, but I go oh gosh I know I shouldn’t have done that. Lord please forgive me. Sometimes I kind of waver back and forth especially when you’re talking about the diet. If I question—I don’t think any Christian in their right mind wants to die and go to hell. I just want to make sure I am still on the right path even though I struggle with sin sometimes.

Pastor Doug: Well it is that every Christian struggles with sin. Do you know what I think the key is Keith? And I have thought a lot about this, too. We need to avoid legalism and legalism can be where our focus is so much on ourselves that we are going from day to day saying oh Lord I just entertained an impure though I guess I am lost now and I’ve got to get re-baptized and it is like this up and down roller coaster through the day where as in reality it is not the occasional good deed or the occasional misdeed that is going to determine whether we are a Christian. It is the direction and the trend of the life. I like the way Paul puts it. He said do not let sin reign in your flesh. Now reign means sitting on the throne.

Keith: Right.

Pastor Doug: When we accept Christ there is a new master on the throne. And if there is some area in your life which sin has dominion, sin should no longer have dominion; Paul says.

Keith: Right.

Pastor Doug: Dominion it doesn’t mean where you have general peace and security. It doesn’t mean that there are no burglars in the empire. It means that the dominion is held by a good king. If Christ has dominion in your life, then sin does not have a clutch on you. If a person is addicted to a practice then you need to worry about your relationship to the Lord because you should be liberated.

Keith: Sure.

Pastor Doug: If a person is a practicing alcoholic or a homosexual or whatever the temptation might be; they can’t tell everyone that Jesus set them free.

Keith: Right.

Pastor Doug: I mean Peter followed the Lord and still he fell, but I don’t believe he lost his salvation and he repented and his relationship with the Lord was intact. Do you see what I am saying?

Keith: Do you have like a study or something I could be referred to?

Pastor Doug: You know the best study yeah is a good question. We actually have several and I am trying to think of what the best one would be. But, among our study guide series we have got a study guide on salvation that talks about the relationship between law and grace. And I would recommend that if you were to read “Rescue from Above” if you call our resource line and ask for “Rescue from Above” and that I believe would be a real blessing for you Keith. Thank you a good question.

And now we are going to talk with Ezekiel who is calling from Lake Placid, Florida and listening also on the internet. Welcome to the program Ezekiel.

Ezekiel: Yes thank you Doug. I have a question about Revelation Chapter 17 and it talks about a woman riding on a scarlet beast. This woman does it refer to a church? And is it a literal woman?

Pastor Doug: Well you can ask this question. Have you ever seen a real woman riding on a beast with seven heads and ten horns?

Ezekiel: No.


Pastor Doug: Okay so alright. I mean right away the whole thing is filled with symbolism. For one thing the woman has a paragraph etched into her forehead. I mean it is a virtual paragraph calling her mother of harlots and so forth.

So it is a symbol and there are two primary women in revelation. The first woman is in Revelation 12; she is symbol for God’s true church she is clothed in the sun, the moon, and the stars. Now Jesus said you are the light of the world to the church, right?

Ezekiel: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Then you have got this other woman in Revelation 17 and she is contrasted with that first woman because she is clothed with earthly beauty. Gold, precious stones, pearls and she is called the harlot. The first one is symbol of the bride of Christ and she is bringing forth the man child. The other one is called a harlot and a mother of harlots. And so one is the true church and one is the false church and the mother of all false religion.

Ezekiel: Okay. So like I believe these two women represent actual literal churches is that true? They are actual literal churches in today’s time?

Pastor Doug: Well the daughters of Babylon are actual churches. They represent the varying factions of apostate Christianity. You know there are so many different divisions of Christianity that are not Biblical. But, they call themselves Christians. You know the best thing I can recommend Ezekiel is that we have a lesson that is called “The Other Woman” and the whole lesson is on Revelation 17 and I am even going to take the regular price and give it to you for half of free whatever that is. And read that and I would like to know what you think because the whole lesson is on Revelation 17. You can’t go wrong there.

The next call let’s see who is in line here. Rose is calling from Huntington, New York listening on WMCA. Welcome to the program Rose your question?

Rose: Yes hello brother Doug. Can you hear me?

Pastor Doug: Yes loud and clear.

Rose: This question has been causing a lot of controversy in our church yesterday. A woman is converted, but not her husband. The husband insists that the woman continue to cook the things that are detestable in the eyes of God; things like pork, etc. Should she continue to cook that food or not?

Pastor Doug: Well I can change that by changing the scenario because the scenario seems like such a gray area. It might seem so harmless. If a husband now I believe that wives should respect the priestly authority of husbands in a marriage, but that does not mean that a wife should submit herself to break any of God’s commandments. And if that husband says to her I want you to go to the supermarket and bring me home some beer and some cigarettes. Well she is not obligated to do that because why would she want to support the habit that is destroying him? If her husband says look I want you to go down to the corner and buy some crack, cocaine for me and if you really love me and respect me you are going to do this. I have seen husbands who have manipulated their wives this way. Some husbands mistreat their wives and say well you have to submit to whatever I ask you to do.

June: Right.

Pastor Doug: And they are very despotic and tyrannical in the way that they apply that. And if his wife has a conviction that it is against the word of God then whether it is a drug habit or some other bad behavior she is not obligated to submit to that.

June: Yes because they believe that they will do it and continue to cook the food in order to keep their marriage together.

Pastor Doug: Well you know what I would do if I were that wife I would—you want to as a Christian bend over as far as you can—to meet people and to serve, but if he says you know I would like you to continue eating unclean meat for me well she should do t and she doesn’t have to eat it if she doesn’t want to. A lot of wives cook things for the family they may not like because the family likes it, but if he is asking her to do something that the Bible calls an abomination then she—well God comes first right?

June: Right I believe the Bible says you are to remain faithful until death.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

June: Alright. Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Thank you for your question. We are talking next to Leo calling in from Anderson, Indiana. Also listening on the internet I think and your question Leo?

Leo: Yes my question was on 10 verses 16 and on.

Pastor Doug: Well say that one more time because you cut out there. Are you on a cell phone or a cordless phone?

Leo: Yes I apologize my cell phone. Daniel Chapter 10 verses 16 and on when the appearance of the son of man appears to Daniel.

Pastor Doug: Well let me read verse 16 because if I read too many verses it takes more time than the three minutes we have to do the call so let me read 16 “And one behold like the similitude’s the son of man and I touched my lips and I opened my mouth and spoke and said him that stood before me, ‘Oh my Lord.’ By my vision my sorrows had turned upon me and I have retained no strength; for how can the servant of this talk with this my Lord? For as for me straight way there remains no strength in me; neither is there any breath left in me.” Now there are several things in this verse. First of all an angel is taking to him and he is overwhelmed with awe as all of the prophets were. John when he saw the Lord in a vision and Isaiah when the saw the Lord in a vision in Chapter 6 and all through the Bible when angels or the Lord appear to these mortals the brilliance was so awesome it overwhelmed them. But, at the same time Daniel had a vision and it is common for prophets to be in a trance and they did not breathe although their eyes were open. And some have wondered here where he says there is no breathe left in me that he is in a trance and he is not breathing. He’s in supernatural vision. And he is also overwhelmed by things he had revealed in chapters 8 & 9 about the persecution that would happen to God’s people. That is why he said that my sorrows have turned upon me and I retain no strength. He was overwhelmed with what he saw was to come upon God’s people. In Daniel Chapter 9 he is praying about God forgiving His people because these judgments were going to come. So I hope that gives you a little insight. Does that help?

Leo: Yes well really my specific question was why did he call him lord?

Pastor Doug: Do you have a Bible there in front of you?

Leo: That was my question because it was a lower case.

Pastor Doug: Yes exactly. And you will find sometimes that even King David was called Lord sometimes by his subjects and it was very common to call someone of authority lord. It is a term of respect and that doesn’t necessarily mean that was Jesus because they called angels that as well. Okay?

Leo: Can you quickly reconcile verse 21?

Pastor Doug: 21 “But, I will show thee that which is noted in the Scripture of truth that there is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince.” Yes Michael is another term that is used for the Lord Jesus. He is one of the Old Testament appearances of the Lord how He appeared and sometimes called Michael. You know there is a book we will send you and it is called “Who is Michael the Arch Angel”. It touches on these verses right here. It is free for the asking if you just call 1-800-835-6747 you can tell them you are listening to “Amazing Facts” and ask for the book Leo called “Who is Michael the Arch Angel”. Going next to Unus calling from Carmichael, California listening on KAIFR our flag station here in Sacramento. Unus welcome to the program.

Unus: Hi Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Hi how can we help you tonight?

Unus: I have a question. Luke 12: 32 it says, 32 “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” The kingdom is salvation and is other things a part of that like gifts of healing and things like that?

Pastor Doug: Well ultimately, that is a good question. But, I think ultimately what Jesus is promising here when He says, “Fear not, little flock; for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. His followers were living in a time when it looked like the Romans had the kingdom. And that they were oppressed and Jesus says it doesn’t look like you are winning, but the meek will inherit the earth. That is why He calls them a little flock like meek sheep; you are going to inherit the kingdom. Even though it looks like that Caesar is on the throne right now it is going to belong to you.

Unus: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Now in connection to that the Lord gives varying gifts with that to spread the Spiritual Kingdom because the Spiritual Kingdom is at hand now. Do you know what I am saying? There are two aspects to the kingdom. We’ve got the kingdom of God that is within us now that reigns in our hearts now, but someday the literal physical kingdom will reside here on earth. The New Jerusalem will come down from heaven and this whole world will be recreated as a New Heaven and a New Earth and wherein righteousness dwells.

Unus: Ah huh.

Pastor Doug: That is still future. So I help that helps a little bit.

Unus: Yes it does. Thanks.

Pastor Doug: Okay thank you very much for your question. And that opens up a couple of phones and if you would like to call in with a Bible question now is s a good time. The number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS that’s 1-800-463-7297. In the meantime you may also want to check out the “Amazing Facts” website that has just a broad spectrum. I called it last week a tree of life and I really can’t improve on that description because once you go to the homepage it is like a trunk and it branches out from there and you can click on all of the various links and you can listen to a lot of Bible questions from this program that are archived there; some of the more popular questions. You can listen to the sermons and we have on our National and International Television programs that are streaming and a lot of free books that we offer here on this broadcast they are all available at “Amazing Facts dot org”. So that is kind of hard to forget and if you write down “dot com” or “dot org” it will take you there. Stand by friends we are coming back with more after these announcements.


Pastor Doug: Welcome back and to those who have just tuned in; this is a live International, interactive Bible study in progress where you can call in your Bible questions and we will do our best to answer them by searching the blessed book together. The toll free number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS that is the acronym and the number is 1-800-463-7297. We do have a couple of lines open so why don’t you help me with that if you have a Bible question; pick up your phone and if you have never called before now is a good time to do it.

We’re going to go back to the phones and we’re going to talk to Dora who is next and is listening in Cleveland, Ohio on WOCG welcome to the program Dora.

Dora: Hi Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Hi and your question?

Dora: My question is where in the Bible does it say that we cannot wear jewelry?

Pastor Doug: Where in the bible does it say you cannot wear jewelry? Well you can wear jewelry and what I mean by that is that obviously a lot of people do wear jewelry. I think what you are asking is whether the wearing of jewelry is discouraged in the Scripture? There are a number of places where I think the principle of humility and simplicity are taught in the Bible. Do you have a pencil Dora or something to write with?

Dora: Yes I do.

Pastor Doug: Alright if you write down this number I have got a book that I wrote on the subject and then I’ll do my best to give you at least a brief answer. It is 1-800-835-6747. And you could go a lot of places in the Bible. You could talk about of course where the children of Israel when they made the golden calf. What did they make it out of?

Dora: All the gold jewelry they had.

Pastor Doug: Jewelry they bought form the Egyptians and you know what Jacob told his family when they were going to go meet with the Lord; he said put away the foreign gods that are among you and to bury your jewelry. He took the jewelry from them and he buried it when they went to meet with the Lord. They didn’t just bury it because they were trying to hide it; they buried it because they were trying to put away the paganism. So often in the Bible the external adornment and of course it says in 1 Peter Chapter 3 “Let it not be the outward adorning” speaking of the Godly women “the putting on of gold and wearing of apparel.” And there is a similar verse there in 1 Peter so there are many verses in the Bible that talk about the jewelry not being something that is a blessing for the Christian. And let me give you the other one 1 Timothy 2: 9 “And like manner that women also adorn themselves in modest apparel with shame facedness” that means humility “and sobriety; not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly array.” Not only should Christians no t be punching holes in their nose and their ears and their eyebrows and hanging minerals off of their body, but I mean obviously the Bible says you shouldn’t pierce your flesh as the heathen do. And it was a common practice in Bible times where the heathen would mutilate their bodies. The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. And we’re going to walk on gold someday and I don’t think He wants us wearing heaven’s asphalt right now.


Pastor Doug: So I know that may sound kind of radical, but what I am teaching is actually an old doctrine. In Christian churches for hundreds of years they never wore jewelry. And it is just with the introduction of Hollywood and all the flamboyance that the—you know things have just gone bonkers with fads and trends and I mean –let’s face it the kids are not even kids. People are piercing every ting you can imagine and some things you do not want to think about. And that is not form the Lord. Would Jesus do that?

Dora: No.

Pastor Doug: Yeah so no one ever looks at a person who is not wearing jewelry and thinks they must not be a Christian because they don’t have jewelry on. But, sometimes people do look at those that are bedecked and they say are they supposed to follow Jesus? They sure don’t look like it.

You know a few years ago some televangelists got into a bunch of trouble because of some scandals. And the world had a blast making fun of them and imparticular they made fun of flamboyance of their attire. Some of these same tele-evangelists they got into trouble when they were wearing a lot of big rings and their wives were being teased for their make-up and Christians should be known for modesty and simplicity and peacefulness. And so jewelry is just one aspect of that. So why don’t you send for that book?

Dora: You never told me the title.

Pastor Doug: Oh I am glad you asked me again. Well you could ask for Pastor Doug’s book on jewelry, but it is called “Jewelry: How Much is Too Much?”

Dora: Okay.

Pastor Doug: You just have to ask them for the book on jewelry and they will send it to you.

Dora: Alright thank you so much.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Thank you and good question Dora. Next I think we are going to be going to Arlene calling from New York City and listening on WMCA and welcome to the program Arlene.

Arlene: I would like to know where this is located in Isaiah 42: 4 it talks about the lands beyond the sea and in Isaiah 41: 1 & 5 the lands beyond the sea; where this is.

Pastor Doug: Okay Isaiah 42: 4 and Isaiah 41: 1 & 5 and that is the one I was missing Isaiah 41 verse 1 & 5. “The isle saw and feared the ends of the earth were afraid and drew near and came. And your question is you wonder where these ends are; the isles of the sea are?

Arlene: Yes. My Bible says the lands beyond the sea.

Pastor Doug: Well that’s still accurate—it is telling us when the Lord came—Isaiah is pretty much of a messianic prophet in the Old Testament. A lot of Isaiah’s prophecies are talking about when Jesus would come in the first time and with the coming of Christ the message went throughout the world. And people across the seas who did not know the truth heard it from the apostles and disciples who spread the message. So these were the prophecies that the gospel would go to other lands and other countries; it would not just be from Israel. At one point the gospel went to the Gentiles and that’s the isles beyond the sea.

Arlene: Umm-hmm thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Alright thank you and a good question Arlene. I appreciate your patience. Alright then let’s—I’ve got to check here and see who has been hanging on and we’re going to talk with Daniel who is calling from San Diego, California listening on KTRZ. Welcome to the program Daniel.

Daniel: Hi.

Pastor Doug: Hi and thanks for your patience and your question?

Daniel: I was just going to ask could you give me Scriptures from the Old Testament that show or reveal the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Doug: Do you have a Bible handy?

Daniel: Yes let me get that.

Pastor Doug: Well that is okay you don’t need to necessarily look it up with me I just wanted you to maybe find some of these. In Psalms 51 you can read in verse 11 “Cast me not away from thy presence and take not thy Holy Spirit from me.” Well that is one example. And you have lots and lots of Scriptures you can read in Job 29: 2 and it talks about all the times that the Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson and then in Genesis it says “The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” So there’s no shortage of references in the Old Testament to God’s Spirit and I am wondering why you asked the question.

Daniel: Oh I have a Bible class and I was curious about that.

Pastor Doug: Oh you wanted me to do your homework for you?

Daniel: No.


Pastor Doug: Okay.

Daniel: I was a little lost there.

Pastor Doug: Well that’s okay. You know another thing I’ll point you to; you’re invited to go to our “Amazing Facts” website and plagiarize some of our material there. We have some study guides on the Holy Spirit and booklets where you can get a number of references. Do you have a computer?

Daniel: Oh yeah. What is it?

Pastor Doug: “Amazing Facts dot com” or “dot org” it will take you there.

Daniel: Well thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Okay. God bless. Let me see here, we’re going to be talking next to line 6. It takes all of my brains to figure out how to run the phones and get the questions. Teresa is listening from Huntsville, Alabama on 9.1 welcome to the program.

Teresa: Hi. Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Thanks for calling.

Teresa: Yes. I know in the Bible it says that when God puts trials and tribulations do not fear and to overcome the law and when is the great tribulation date; before or after the rapture?

Pastor Doug: You know that is a very important question. I’ll tell you just something I wasn’t sure whether to mention during our broadcast or not. But, since you raised the question I will. Over the past month I have done three interviews with National Geographic and they are going to put this on their television channel and I am one of several people they have interviewed. But, one of the big questions that they are asking that a lot of Christians disagree on and they are asking why do so many Christians disagree on when the tribulation will happen? Will it happen before the second coming, will it happen in the midst of it or after? Most Christians through history have believed that the tribulation is going to happen first and then Jesus comes. Scriptures for that are where Christ said He will be hated of all nations for my namesake. He that endures unto the end shall be saved. Well endures what? Well endures the tribulation. Another reason is in Daniel Chapter 12 it says there will be a time of trouble such as there never has been and that’s the great tribulation. At that time thy people will be delivered. Not before that time. And then of course the great tribulation when you read in Revelation is really the seven last plagues of Revelation. You know they are the same thing. The seven last plagues are like the plagues that fell on Egypt before God’s people were delivered. And here is the million dollar question. Did the children of Egypt Teresa --were they in Egypt when the seven plagues fell--how well do you know your Bible? Were the children of Israel in Egypt when the ten plagues fell on Egypt?

Teresa: I don’t know that.

Pastor Doug: Yes they were. But, God saves them through the plagues.

Teresa: Okay.

Pastor Doug: And He delivered them at the end of the last plague. In the same way when Jesus comes in the second coming; in the term people use the rapture, the second coming to catch the church up at the end of the great tribulation. We are saved and God never saves His church from tribulation; He saves them through tribulation.

Teresa: Okay

Pastor Doug: He did not save Daniel from the lion’s den He saved him through it. He saved Noah through the storm. He saved Joseph through his trials and Job and just all through the Bible. Paul says it is through great tribulation that we enter the kingdom. Do you have a pen Teresa?

Teresa: I do.

Pastor Doug: I’ll send you a book that I have written on the subject for free. It’s not a big book so don’t be scared. It’s easy reading and it is called “Anything but Secret”. It talks about the rapture and how it is not a secret and where the tribulation fits. And anyone out there if you want to understand the subject of the rapture and the tribulation and how they fit in the last days scenario and ask for the book that I am offering to Teresa. Call that number 1-800-835-6747. You’ll hear that given throughout the program and but, call them right now and ask for the book “Anything but Secret”.

Teresa: Okay. Thanks.

Pastor Doug: You’re welcome and thank you for the good question. We are going to the phone line 3 and talk now to Anita who has been waiting patiently calling from Nathan, Illinois and listening on the internet. Welcome to the program and your question.

Anita: Yes I have a question on the Sabbath and education. I heard you saying that they have some professions that need to keep going like health care professions and stuff and I was just wondering if it is okay to perform those on the Sabbath sometimes if you don’t do it all the time.

Pastor Doug: Well Christ is our example. Well I am sorry I will let you finish go ahead.

Anita: Well my question is, is it okay to do the training for those professions on the Sabbath?

Pastor Doug: Well I think that would be an opportunity to witness by saying you could not. If—you know there is a great movie of history -–people have heard of “Chariots of Fire” about a very devoted Christian who actually died in the mission field. I think his name was Erick Liddle and that is spelled with two “d’s” not two “t’s”; Erick Liddle and he had the opportunity to run in the Olympics for his country and when he found out the practice meet was on Sunday, the qualifying meet he said I’m not going to run on God’s Sabbath and while he may have had the day wrong; he had the principle right, not even once would he do it.

Anita: Hmm.

Pastor Doug: And God honored him and he ended up running in a totally different meet. God honored him and he won and he had never even trained for it and so –the devil is always going to have opportunities to compromise. There are certain things like medical emergencies and stuff where of course Jesus healed people on the Sabbath day. But, Jesus never ran to the carpenter shop to make an emergency chair for somebody. Do you know what I mean?

Anita: Yes.

Pastor Doug: And so some things can wait. The educational training is not a life and death emergency like feeding somebody or healing somebody. And I would say write a letter and say because of my religious beliefs I can’t do it that day. And in North America we’re lucky because we will often accommodate people’s spiritual convictions. Hope that helps a little Anita.

Anita: Yes thank you.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Thank you and God bless. Moving right along here we are talking to Latisha and Latisha is calling from Los Angeles and listening on KTIE. Welcome to the program Latisha.

Latisha: Thank you. How are you?

Pastor Doug: Good and how are you doing?

Latisha: I’m okay I have been better.

Pastor Doug: Well how can we help you and what is your question tonight?

Latisha: I want to ask; how do I gain God’s peace?

Pastor Doug: Have you surrendered your life to the Lord?

Latisha: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Now the peace that Jesus offers us may not always feel like a constant ecstatic feeling because the devil is always working to distract us from that peace. But, there are several things in the Bible the Lord tells us we can do to help promote and to help rest in that peace and that takes a conscious effort to maintain that peace. I know that sounds strange and you would think that peace comes effortlessly, but that is not true. The peace that Jesus offers requires effort. For one thing pray. A lot of our interruption to peace comes from anxiety and anxiety is dealt with by confidence and faith. You know there is a story in the Bible about Peter where before his conversion Peter was so worried about what a little girl said about him that he denied Jesus. After Peter was converted he was in prison this is Acts Chapter 12 he was on death row and he was going to be executed the next day. I wouldn’t sleep and Peter is sleeping like a baby the angel had to wake him up because he’s got the perfect peace. Jesus slept through a storm because He had this perfect peace. And Paul says we can have a peace that passes understanding well that comes by abiding in Christ and abiding in Christ well that comes from praying without ceasing. Walking with Him and knowing He is with you.

Anita: Okay.

Pastor Doug: And by reading His word and claiming the promises in His word that will strengthen your conscientiousness of God’s presence in wherever Jesus is you will have peace because He is the Prince of Peace right?

Anita: Yes.

Pastor Doug: You know there is a booklet that I would be happy to send you for free. And it is called “When Days Are Dark”. And it talks about how we can have peace with the Lord and abide in the Lord even during some of these times of trouble. And if you call the resource number 1-800-835-6747 Latisha and ask for book “When Days Are Dark” I think you will find some peace from reading about that. Thank you for your question. Now we are going to be talking to line 9 with Mike listening from Brooklyn, New York on WMCA. Welcome to the program Mike.

Mike: Thanks Pastor Doug. It’s a great show.

Pastor Doug: Thank you and your question.

Mike: The question is why would God make souls that He knows will suffer perdition?

Pastor Doug: Why would God make a soul that He knew might openly be lost forever? Is that your question?

Mike: That is absolutely right.

Pastor Doug: Are you a parent?

Mike: No.

Pastor Doug: Well that always messes up my illustration a little bit. But, I think it will still work. I always ask why people choose to have children when they’re throwing the dice so to speak and then have no idea what that child is going to be like. Whether it is going to love them and obey them and what the health of that child is going to be and while they hope for the best; they are taking a risk. I mean a tremendous risk because some of these people when they grow up they turn into Jeffrey Daumer and Ted Bundy who came from good families. You think why have children if there is that risk and it is because of love. Love takes a risk and C.S. Lewis said something to the effect that the greatest demonstration of God’s love is a lake of fire. Meaning that God respects our freedom so much that He created us; knowing that even some would choose not to love. It’s a free choice and you can’t have preprogrammed love.

If God only made creatures Mike that were automated to say I love you God, I love you God that’s not really love is it?

Mike: No.

Pastor Doug: He makes intelligent creatures and He takes the risk that some of them will choose not to love Him.

Mike: I think there is a difference between a parent having a child and God creating because God knows that the person would be damned. The parent doesn’t know.

Pastor Doug: Well in a sense you are right. God has a dilemma and some people think that because God knows everything that He is making it happen. God knows everything, but He still gives us a choice that determines the future.

Mike: Yeah but, people who do choose it seems like you would not have to have creature s that do choose in order to have creatures that do choose so you could just make free creatures that could choose since God knows everything that will be happening.

Pastor Doug: Well you know you can really take your question back one step and you are asking; why does God make people that might be lost or turn on Him? Why did God make an angel who then turned into a devil named Lucifer? If He knew everything was there something wrong at the factory? Was Lucifer wired wrong so that he rebelled? Why did God still make him knowing that Lucifer would rebel? Would that be a similar question?

Mike: Well yes it would be.

Pastor Doug: you know I have a lesson that I will send to you. It is very short and well illustrated with amazing facts and it is called “Did God Create a Devil?” and it answers the same question you are asking about souls that are lost and the devil. If you will call the resource number Mike and that is 1-800-835-6747 and tell them you are listening to “Amazing Facts” and ask for the that book “Did God Make a Devil?”

And it answers a lot of the big questions about if God is love why did He allow sin to go on if He is all powerful. And these are good questions. I want you t have those answers so please send for that.

You know something came to me just between calls we had a minute ago. I mentioned this interview we have done with National Geographic. At the website I am reminded that we have an article and a video of the National Geographic who actually flew me up to the cave and did part of the interview where I used to live in a cave thirty years ago and in a helicopter so we’ve actually got some video of that if you have a high speed connection you ought to go to the “Amazing Facts” website and right on the homepage there is a button you can click on to get that. And pray for the outcome of the broadcast they are making because they are still editing that. And pray that God gets the glory from it.

Okay let us see now. Going next to line seven talking to Odette and calling in from New York, New York WMCA welcome to the program.

Odette: Thank you.

Pastor Doug: And your question?

Odette: Yes I am calling about Luke 14: 26. Why does it say when Jesus is talking if anyone comes to me in that day save his mother and father, brothers and sisters yes and his own life and if I read it to say in my own language it says he must hate his mother and father?

Pastor Doug: Well you know that word really confuses a lot of people and means that you need to be willing to turn your back on even your closest family relation and suing the word hate in a symbolic term. Jesus loved his mother right? I mean Jesus is hanging on the cross and one of His final words was commending the care of his mother to the apostle John. He loved His mother tenderly and so He is not telling us to do something different than the commandment; this is honoring your mother and father. But, Jesus is saying that your love for your earthly mother and father should be nothing compared to your love for me and you should be willing if your mother and father are going to turn you away from following me to hate them. So the Lord is not saying for everyone who is following me now to start hating your parents. Do you understand?

Odette: Right.

Pastor Doug: He is saying anyone who is not willing to turn their back even on their best friend or every earthly relationship and make me supreme he is not worthy in the kingdom. He is saying that I have to be first place.

Odette: I thought it was a typographical error or something in the conversation.

Pastor Doug: Well because you speak two languages Odette you realize that sometimes when you translate things from one language to another that certain phrases that they sound strange when they are translated. Like if I say in English “Can you please give me a hand”. Well I mean please help me, but in some languages they think I am asking you to cut off my hand and that seems really bizarre. If we look at it as the terms of the Aramaic language Jesus spoke when He says this He means if you are not willing to love them less than you love me.

Odette: Oh okay.

Pastor Doug: And they use the very strongest term which is hate.

Odette: Well when I read it I went Oh my God do they really say to us we have to hate out father and mother?

Pastor Doug: Yes well that is a good question because it can be confusing in translation, but of course Jesus said in the fifth commandment to honor your father and mother that your days may be long upon the land. I hope that helps you a little bit Odette and I thank you for your call and your question.

Let’s go to line 8 and this may be our last call we have Mckinsey calling from Queens, New York on WMCA. Quickly Mckinsey we have about a minute to go.

Mckinsey: Good evening Pastor Doug. How are you? God bless you.

Pastor Doug: Bless you.

McKinsey: Yes. I love the Lord very, very much ad I really believe that Jesus is the son of the living God. And because of that I love His people and we as Christians are not really standing up for the land if Israel because our fathers came from that land. Shouldn’t we defend it a little more? But, we are not doing it and what do you think about that?

Pastor Doug: Well that is a good question and I will try and not give you a biased answer Mckinsey because as our long time listeners know I am half Jewish. And I have been to Israel twice and I love my people and the land there and I think that we are commanded to pray for the people of Israel. I think the Lord has a special work not only for Israel, but I think our main burden should be for the people of Christ because I think the Lord has blessed them with the ability and power so we ought to pray they have a place in this world, but ultimately there’s going to be a New Jerusalem and Israel in the future, too. Oh we ran up to the end and you know what Mckinsey I have got a book called “Spiritual Israel” and I wrote and that tells you a lot about Israel and what I think on the subject. Listening friends we are about to go off the air and keep us in your prayers. And a lot of things are happening at “Amazing Facts” that it is all about your relationship with Jesus. Check out the website “Amazing Facts dot org” you can donate online to keep us on the air. And remember that Jesus is the truth that sets you free.


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