The Code of the King

Date: 09/15/2008 
Does God care whether or not we obey Him? Join Pastor Doug in this program from the Amazing Adventure Bible study series for kids.
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Good evening again, friends. Welcome to "Amazing Adventure: a journey for life with Jesus." Again, welcome all of those here at our local site. We're glad you're here. Are you glad to be here this evening? All right, we've been having a wonderful time studying God's word. We have another great lesson tonight that Pastor Doug will be sharing with us-- a very important lesson.

For those of you who are watching, for more information on the lessons, if you haven't ordered them yet, you'll need to go to the Amazing Facts kids web site and you can order the study guides right there on the web site and we'll be happy to send that out to you. Well friends, have you enjoyed singing our theme song from night to night, "life is an adventure"? All right, well let's stand together as we sing once more, "every day with Jesus makes us want to sing." [Music] Life is an adventure following the King every day with Jesus makes us want to sing walking in the Spirit He will lead the way with His Word to guide us flowing deep inside nothing can divide us following the King life is an adventure following the King every day with Jesus makes us want to sing conquering with kindness everywhere we go voices we are raising Jesus we are praising life is so amazing following the King life is so amazing following the King. Please remain standing for our Scripture reading and prayer. We've got Justin who will be doing our Scripture reading for us tonight. Justin, what is the Scripture reading tonight? I'm reading Revelation 22:14. "Blessed are those who do his commandments, that they may have the right to the Tree of Life and may enter through the gates into the city.

"All right, thank you very much. Our prayer is coming to us by Mike? Mickey, Mikey? Let's bow our heads as we pray. Thank you, lord, for the-- thank you, lord, for this good day. Please bless us all here. We love you, Jesus.

Amen. Amen, thank you very much. You may all be seated. Thank you. I'm gonna invite Pastor Doug Batchelor to come forward.

We have some Bible questions, and we have three video Bible questions tonight and then one written question. So if you're ready, we'll get started. I'm excited. We'll wait and see. Let's go with the first video question for tonight.

Hi, my name is gabriel, and I'm 8 years old and my question is: why didn't God let us have contact with other people in other solar systems? That's a good question. How many of you believe that there's life in other planets and other worlds and galaxies? There probably is. You know the Bible teaches that not only did Jesus make our world, the Bible tells us in the book of Hebrews and in the book of Colossians that God, through Christ, made the worlds. When you put an "s" on the end of a word, that does that mean? Plural. Worlds.

And then you can read in the book of job 1 there was a day when The Sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and it says satan came. And God says to satan, "where did you come from?" He says, "I came from earth." So this meeting isn't on earth 'cause he came from earth. So there are angels, we all know that, right? So God has other life in other worlds, probably in other galaxies. It's a very big universe. How come we can't talk to them? First of all, I don't believe that the ufos that people claim that they see are aliens from other planets coming to visit us.

I think most of those are optical illusions. I remember flying along, we got a little airplane in the Batchelor family with a little fan out front called a propeller. And my wife and I and the kids were flying one day and I saw a UFO. And it was this spaceship, red spaceship, out there in the sky. And I thought I gotta get a-- I didn't know whether to fly the other way and run for cover.

But I'm very curious, so I wanted to see what it was. So we started flying. I said, "what is it, dear? I gotta find out what this--maybe we can talk to these space creatures." Started flying over there, got closer and closer, and you know what it was? Someone had one of these big, red, mylar party balloons that was helium-filled and floating out there in the middle of the sky with the sun hittin' it, it looked like a spacecraft. I thought it was far away, but it was actually a little balloon that was closer. So I don't believe that they're ufos, but the reason we can't talk to the unfallen sinless creatures in other worlds is 'cause we have sin down here and it's a disease.

And it's like our world is quarantined. Y'all know what that means? You know sometimes you have a cold and your mom and dad want you to stay away from everyone else so they don't catch your cold? Well, this world's got a cold, it's sick. And so the reason we can't talk to the unfallen worlds is because we're sick. When you're in a hospital and you've got a contagious disease, the only one that you get to see is the doctors and the nurses. Well, God's the doctor and the angels are the nurses.

That's the only one we can see until we're healed from sin, then we'll get to visit these other worlds. All right, very good. We have another video question, and we're ready for that at this time. Hi, my name is jasmine. I'm 8 years old.

My question is: was Jesus really born on Christmas? Was Jesus really born on Christmas? I think she means december 25th or what we typically think of as Christmas. Probably not. Now how do I know that from the Bible? And you'll have to write some of these things down. In Luke 3 it tells us Jesus was baptized about his 30th birthday. As he began to be 30 years of age, that's when he was baptized and that makes sense because that's when you had to begin--you had to be 30 before you could be a priest.

King David began to reign when he was 30. Joseph was 30 when he began to lead Egypt. Christ began his ministry at 30. Then you can also read in the Bible that the shepherds were out in their fields with the flocks. Well, in Jerusalem around december 25th it's cold and the shepherds are not out in the fields with their flocks.

They're all huddled up inside their sheepfold. So that probably wasn't the right season. And then there's another reason, Caesar Augustus issued a census so that the whole world could go to their hometown to be taxed. No king or Caesar would do that at the coldest time of the year when there was no food in the fields for the people. They usually did that during the harvest time.

Jesus was probably born sometime in the fall, but since we don't know the exact day, December 25th is probably as good a day as any to celebrate his birthday, right? Are we commanded, in the Bible, to celebrate his birthday? No, there's no command in the Bible. It says in Romans 14, if one man regards a day, do it to the Lord. If you don't regard the day, you don't. No command that you have to remember his birthday. But there are some things he commanded us to remember.

We'll talk about that later. All right, we have a question that someone is asking. Is it wrong to pray or talk to your guardian angel? Well, there's no example in the Bible of someone being told to pray to their angel. We're told to pray to God. Matter of fact, even Jesus said, when you pray, say our father which art in heaven.

We address our prayers to God. God often uses the angels to answer our prayers and it's good for you to be conscious that God has angels around you, but I don't think too many of you know the name of your guardian angel, do you? So you'd probably have to give him a nickname or say, "hey you" or something like that. So, that wouldn't be very nice. But so there's no real command or example of anyone talking to the guardian angel. Balaam talked his donkey, but the angel of the Lord appeared to him.

So there are angels that appeared to people in the Bible but I don't think we're encouraged anywhere to pray to them or talk to them. Our last video question for this evening. My name is kiana washington. I want to know is the animals going with us to heaven? Are animals going with us to heaven? Well, you might be wondering more specifically will our pets that we love go to heaven with us? How many of you have some pet that you love? How many have a dog? Cats? Hamsters? Boa constrictor? I've had all kinds of pets. We've had in our house, horses and dogs and cats and birds and mice and snakes.

We caught a little, bitty baby rosy boa that big. He looked like a worm, but he was a snake, very cute and had him for a pet for a little while. So we had a lot of pets and we had this one dog, it was just a great dog. We named him spot. Took us forever to think of that name, not really.

And he protected the kids for years of loyal--wonderful pet. And of course you know dogs get old and they die. They don't live as long as people, it's very sad. So you might wonder, will they be in heaven? There's no Scripture that says our pets will be in heaven, but there are Scriptures that say there'll be a lot of animals in heaven. In Isaiah 11 and other places and in the new earth, God's gonna have the animals just like when he first made the world.

Did God make animals? Is he gonna have animals again in the Garden of Eden in the new world? Sure he will. Will your pets be there? The Bible doesn't say, but don't be surprised. God can surprise us. He's gonna make everybody happy. Talking about pets, Pastor Doug, I found something today.

I drove by a field and I found a pet cemetery. You know that there's pet cemeteries out there? And I went in there, I didn't steal this but I asked the person there if I could borrow this stone and this is in loving memory for cocoa. Now I don't know who cocoa is whether that's a dog, a cat, a bird. And it's got a date there. I think that's probably the date cocoa's decease.

Yes, 1997. About 10 years ago. So you think God in heaven could create a cocoa, whatever that might be, a dog or a cat for this person? A new glorified cocoa. Okay, very good. He could do it.

All right, well thank you again for bringing in your questions. Those of you who are watching, if you'd like to e-mail us a question, you can do so. Go to the Amazing Facts kids web site and there is a link to e-mail your questions to us. I'm gonna invite the Amazing Adventure singers to come forward. They have a special song they're gonna sing, "wait on the Lord.

"[Music] Ask and it shall be given seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you opened in God's time ye have not because ye ask not so ask and seek and find for the Lord gives good things in his time wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait, I say wait on the Lord thy God wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait, wait, wait upon the Lord ask and it shall be given seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened unto you opened in God's time ye have not because ye ask not so ask and seek and find for the Lord gives good things in his time wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait, I say wait on the Lord thy God wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait on the Lord wait, wait, wait upon the Lord Amen. Beautiful job. Thank you so much to our singers. How is everybody tonight? Good to see you. I want to welcome our friends that are watching all different parts of North America and the world, and we are having an Amazing Adventure.

Tonight we've got a very important study. Our lesson is talking about the Code of the King, the Code of the King. And tonight I'm gonna tell you where the most important treasure in the world is located. You think I'm kidding. I'm serious.

It's the most valuable treasure in the world. Now when you think about a code, I'm not talking about like a spy secret code. I'm talking about a code that a person lives by, it's a set of guidelines. Some of the features are prominent statements that guides them. You know during the time of the medieval knights, the knights had this code of honor that they would live by.

Matter of fact someone had a little list here of what some of the code statements of those knights from the time of king arthur would live by. Defending those who could not defend themselves. Caring for the orphans and the widows. Showing respect for God. Obeying those in authority.

Always telling the truth. Being fair and honest with everyone and never turning from the enemy. This was a code of honor that they would die to defend and they had it memorized. Do you know that God has a code and God's code, it's the Christian code of honor is the most important code in the world. Now I told you a few minutes ago that I was gonna give you the most important or tell you where the most important treasure in the world is, and it's closer than you think.

Let's get into our lessons tonight and I'm gonna tell you where some gold is located. Question number one in your lesson, "how did the law or the Code of the King come to us?" Now if you've got your lessons I hope you're following along. That's question number one. It says in Exodus 31:18, and this is talking about when Moses went up Mount Sinai and he received the Ten Commandments. It says, "and when he had made an end of speaking with him on Mount Sinai, then He gave Moses two tablets of testimony, tablets of stone, written with the finger of God.

" This is talking about what? What was written with the finger of God? The Ten Commandments. This was the most important code in the world, 'cause most of the time when the Lord spoke to us, he spoke through angels or he impressed men with his Holy Spirit and they wrote some things down, but what's different about the Ten Commandments? You know what's different about the Ten Commandments? God wrote them with his own finger. God spoke them with his own voice. You can read this, Exodus 32:16, "and the tablets were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God graven upon the tablets." This was written with the very fingers of the Lord. Now that's very important.

So he declared to you his covenant which he commanded you to perform, even Ten Commandments and he wrote them on two tables of stone. Now there's no other time in the history of the world when God audibly spoke to a nation, when he wrote something with his own finger. Of course Jesus one time wrote in the dust of the temple floor. But when God gave the Ten Commandments, he wrote it with his own finger and he cut out these stones and he gave them to Moses. Now what did Moses do with the Ten Commandments, who knows? What he'd do? Brought them down the mountain, and where did he put them? He put them inside the ark of the covenant.

This beautiful, golden box that was made. Now do you know what? I'm gonna tell you where that is right now. Do you know that ark, that golden box has been missing for 2,500 years, and a lot of people have wondered where it was and people have gone on expeditions looking for it, maybe even made movies about it talking about where is the ark? If you found this, you wouldn't be a millionaire, you'd be a billionaire. It would be the most valuable treasure in the world if you could have this ark of the testimony. Want me to tell you where it is? The Bible says back in the days of Jeremiah, king Nebuchadnezzar was getting ready to come and to conquer Jerusalem.

God told Jeremiah the prophet that the city would be destroyed and the temple where the ark of the covenant was kept was going to be destroyed also. And Jeremiah, knowing that, knowing that the temple and everything was gonna be destroyed, at night he, with some of the loyal priests, they took the ark out of the temple and they hid it in a cave somewhere underneath Jerusalem, and they sealed the opening and only a handful of priests knew where it was. Only a few people knew what had been hidden there. Well, then Nebuchadnezzar came. He destroyed the city.

He burned the temple. It tells in the Bible about all the articles of the temple that he carried off, but it never mentions the ark of the covenant and that tells us that it's still there somewhere hidden but it's even--that treasure is even closer than you think and I'm gonna tell you tonight how you can know how to find the treasure. Would you like to know that? Okay, well, you keep listening, I'll be tellin' ya. Question number two, why did God give the Ten Commandments? The answer is in the Bible. If you look in Galatians 3:24 it says, "the law was our tutor to bring us to Christ.

" The purpose of the law is to help us get to know the Lord and to bring us closer to him. Now we're gonna talk about the Ten Commandments tonight 'cause this is the Code of the King, and it's a very important lesson. Are the Ten Commandments something that should make us happy or sad? Happy. The Bible says that, Proverbs 29:18, God says in the book, in the Bible, "happy is he who keeps the law." Now if I go out there on the street and I steal from somebody and I'm in jail because I stole, am I gonna be happy in jail? Or if I go out there and, you know, I break one of the laws. If I were to kill somebody and I'm in jail maybe on death row in Texas, would I be very happy? The people who break the law are not happy.

The devil wants you to think, ah, you're gonna happy if you break the law. Obeying the law is too hard so just break it. No, the Bible says happy are those that obey God's law. But we can't do it without his help. Proverbs 3:1-2 it says, "keep my command for length of days, long life and peace will they add to you.

" Not only will you be peaceful, not only will you be happy, it says length of days. What does that mean? Long life. When you obey the Lord, you stay out of a lot of trouble. Chances are you're gonna live a lot longer too. And again, Exodus 19:5, "now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice," God says, "and keep my covenant," meaning the commandments, "then you will be a special treasure to me above all people.

" Now we're talking about treasure tonight. There's not only a treasure in the ark of the covenant, there's a treasure in this room. There's a treasure right there. Those of you who are watching, you are a treasure to God. How do you know what makes gold valuable? You know why diamonds are valuable? Why are rubies valuable? Do you know? 'Cause they're rare, they're precious.

When someone pays a lot for something, that means it's valuable. You know there was a painting that van gogh painted and back when he was alive, nobody paid anything for it, but afterward someone started paying millions of dollars for his paintings and a van gogh painting now is worth millions of dollars because they're so valuable. So much is paid for them. What was the most expensive price ever paid for anything in the universe? Do you know? Now problem is if I call on you here in richardson, Texas, they're not gonna hear you on my microphone. I'll ask some of you, what was the most expensive gift? In the back.

No it's not Leonardo da Vinci. That's right, the price that Jesus paid for us. What's more valuable: a mountain of gold or a person who can make a mountain of gold? What's worth more the mountain of gold or the person who can make it? The person who can make it. So what's worth more, diamonds or the person who can make diamonds? The most valuable gift in the world is when God, who made everything that's worth anything, gave himself. He paid the highest price ever paid for you, so how valuable are you to God? And he says that when we trust him and we're willing to obey him, we become a very great treasure to him.

He's looking through this world for people who will trust him. Question number three, you might be wondering, "why can't we see God?" Well, I think you can see God in the things that we made, but after Adam and Eve sinned, they couldn't see God anymore. The Bible tells us in Isaiah 59:2, "but your iniquities--" you know what the word iniquities means? It means sins. "Have separated you from God. And your sins have hidden his face from you.

" Remember we showed the illustration with the light last night and I had that very bright light? Do you remember when I shined the light on a girl's face up here? Even though she couldn't see the light, she felt the heat. God is so bright and God is so glorious, if God were suddenly to appear in this room right now, what do you think would happen? Even Moses who was a holy man said he couldn't talk to God face-to-face. God said, "if you look at my face, you won't even live." So the reason that we can't see God is 'cause he loves us and his brightness would destroy us, but when we're cleansed from our sins and he gives our new bodies, we'll be able to see him face-to-face, the Bible says. But right now we can't. So his law is there to protect us.

In Romans 3:23 it tells us that we have all sinned. How many is that? Everybody. How many people in the world today? Over 6 billion. I think it's like 6.7 billion, so you know how many of those have sinned? Six point seven billion. Everybody in this room, everybody who's watching, we've all sinned.

And what is the penalty for sin? It's very serious, it's death. And God wants to save us that's why Jesus died on our behalf. But after he died for us he says, "look, I'll give you power and I'll give you new heart, but you must trust me and be willing to obey me." The law is not there to restrict our freedom, the law is there to keep us safe and to protect us. Some children went on a school trip. You ever gone on a trip with your school? They went to the zoo.

Any of you ever been to the zoo? And at this zoo, they had the lions cage, this is a few years ago. And then they had a barrier, they had a hedge that separated the path from the lion's cage and there was a sign there that said, "don't cross the hedge. Don't get near the lion's cage." But some of the boys looked and they said, "that old lion, he's just laying there snoring. I'm not afraid of that lion." And so a couple of the boys they said, "I'm gonna go get up to the lion's cage, and I'm gonna look at him through the cage. I want to get closer.

" So they snuck through the little hedge of leaves and bushes and they went up over by the lion's cage and right then the zookeeper was watching. He said, "you boys, get away from that cage." And right when the zookeeper said that, the lion jumped up, he saw them. He snapped like a bolt of lightning. He ran for the cage. He stuck his paws and his claws through the cage and he swiped at the boys, and they just got away from him by a hair's breadth.

They thought that they could play there by the lion's cage. Let me ask you, were those kids glad that there was a cage to stop the lion from reaching them? Should they have listened to the sign that says, "don't cross the hedge"? Was it there to keep away their happiness or to protect their happiness. The devil is like a roaring lion. He's going around wanting to see who he can devour, and he doesn't want you to obey God's law. But God's law is there to protect you and to keep you safe.

Now you trust God and you obey him. You're gonna save yourself from a lot of heartache and lot of people get in trouble 'cause they think I'll just disobey this once. And Jesus is very merciful and he'll forgive us, but when we disobey the law of the king, it makes the Lord sad, it makes the angels sad and it makes the devil mad when you obey. So what do you want to do? Do you want to make the Lord happy or do you want to make the devil happy? Obey the Lord. You can't do it without his help, but with his help, you can do everything.

Now we gotta go back and talk a little bit about a definition. Number four, "what is sin? And why did we need a law?" Well, it tells in 1 John 3:4, "sin is lawlessness," that means when we sin, we are breaking the law. Sin is the transgression of the law. Whenever we talk about sin, it means we're breaking God's law. Do you know it's very sad.

I'm gonna tell you something right now that it just makes me ashamed to even say it. There are some Christians who believe that we don't have to keep the Ten Commandments anymore, that God doesn't really care, that because Jesus saved us by his grace, it doesn't matter. That's not true. It is true we are not saved by keeping the law, but if we love the Lord, we will keep his commandments, we'll want to. We're not saved by the law, but you cannot get to heaven deliberately breaking God's law.

It's so important you understand that. The purpose of the law it says in Romans 3:20, "by the law is the knowledge of sin." It's the law that shows us what our sins are. Now I need a couple of volunteers to go into the mystery chest for me tonight. All right. Here's a young lady, you can come up.

And what's--you can come on up here, all right. Hey, we're not done. We're gonna give some more of you a chance tonight. All right, let's start with you. Is that ash? Ashton? Why don't you reach in the chest and see if you find something that reflects in there, okay? And you can come over here bobo and just stand.

You can turn around and face the people. Is there something that reflects in there? I hope there is. Okay. Let's see what we got going on here. All right, now would it bother you if I went through the rest of the meeting with this on my forehead? Would that distract you a little bit? Some of you say, "no, it doesn't bother me.

" You know what I used to do is I used to take a pen and I'd draw something on my head to illustrate this. And one day I grabbed the wrong kind of pen and it was a permanent Marker, so now I use tape for this. Do you know that I have no idea what I look like right now? Have you ever talked to somebody and while they're talking to you, they just got done with lunch and they haven't brushed their teeth yet and they got a big piece of like parsley on their teeth and they're smilin', got a big green leaf there? And you can't hear what they're saying, all you can think is, oh, you got a big ol' green thing on their teeth. And I remember I had a meeting with a man during lunch one time, and he had a white shirt on and he'd had spaghetti for lunch and he spilled a big ol' blob of spaghetti sauce here on his shirt. And the whole time I'm talking to him, all I'm thinking is I kept looking at this big spaghetti sauce on his shirt.

It was distracting 'cause it just didn't look right. So if I were to teach the rest of the lesson like this, you wouldn't hear what I'm saying 'cause you'd say, "why's he got that big ol' spot on his head?" And just in case you're wondering, this is not the Mark of the beast that Pastor Doug has on his head right now. Now there's something wrong with my appearance, but I don't see it. Did you know that? I can try... But I can't see it.

What do I have to do if I want to see it? Okay, ashton's got something here for me. So when I look in this mirror, oh my, that's bigger than I thought. Big black square on my forehead. You wouldn't go out to school like this, would you? This is not appropriate. Now someday, this--i might start a new fad the way things are today, anything's possible, right? So I felt okay until I looked in the mirror, and so since it was the mirror that showed me the big spot on my head, then it would make sense that the mirror would take it off, right? So.

.. Still there. Didn't help. The mirror's gonna show it to me, but it's not gonna help. That's not very nice, it's just being critical.

So if I felt okay until I looked in the mirror, the answer now would be just to throw the mirror away or to put it down and to break it. Is that the answer? And then everything's okay. I don't have this mirror anymore, I don't see the spot, right? You enjoying this, huh? Okay, bobo in the box you're gonna see something red. You want to get that out for me. So this is gonna show me my problem, but it's not helping me with my problem.

I need something else to help me, don't i? What do you got in there? Very good, okay. Let's pretend this is a spot like dirt. The mirror might show you the dirt on your face, but it's not gonna wash it away. You need something else to wash it away. Matter of fact you might even use something like this and you go up and there and you say, "all right, I'm gonna clean it off.

" Ah, isn't he handsome? What does this represent, who knows? This is the blood of Jesus and this is the law of God. The purpose of the law of God is to show us our sins, but it doesn't take our sins away. It's Jesus and his blood that takes our sins away. Thank you very much. Let's give 'em a hand for their helping.

So you see this picture of the little girl up there on the screen? You look in the law and see that we've got sin in our lives, but the law can't take our sins away. It's only Jesus that can take our sins away. Psalm 19:7 says, "the law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul. When we look at the law of God we say, "oh, I need some help. I have not been honest.

Maybe I've been stealing. Maybe I've been using bad language." And you realize I need Jesus' help. The devil doesn't want you to know about the law of God because when you know about the law of God, then you realize you need Jesus. You know about your sin, you need a Savior from sin. Matter of fact it says that in Romans 7:7, "I would not have known about sin except through the law.

For I would not have known about covetousness unless the law had said, 'you shall not covet.'" So the Bible is telling us that the law is there to help us realize we need Jesus. In James 2 you know everybody's ultimately judged by the law. The law of God is a mirror that shows if your face is clean. See, once I washed my face, I looked back in the mirror to see if everything was okay. Ultimately everyone is judged by the law.

James 2:12, "so speak and so do as those who will be judged by the law of liberty." It's called the law of liberty because when you obey the law, you're not in jail, you're free. Those who disobey the law, where are they? They end up in jail or prison, right? Romans 3:31, even though Jesus forgives us from our sins by his blood, the sacrifice of Jesus did not give us permission to break God's law. Paul says in Romans 3:31, "do we then make void the law?" In other words, do we break the law through faith? "Certainly not! On the contrary, we establish the law." Some people think, "well, since Jesus died, he's given us permission to break the Ten Commandments." Is that true? No, but there are even Christians who think that now that Jesus has died, we don't need to obey the Ten Commandments anymore. That's a dangerous thing to teach. Matter of fact, Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived, he said this, last thing he said in his book called Ecclesiastes, "fear God and keep his commandments for God will bring every work into judgment including every secret thing whether it be good or evil.

" Have you ever done something you didn't think anybody saw you? Did someone see you? You know something you gotta be careful about today, we're living in a day where there are video cameras everywhere. I mean, we got lots of cameras here in this church right now broadcasting the series. But even when you're driving down the street, when you're walking down through the supermarket, when you're going to the bank. You look up everywhere you look, there's little cameras watching you everywhere now. And a lot of people have done some really silly things and they didn't know someone was videotaping them.

But you know video cameras recording what you're doing is not new. Ever since the beginning, the Lord has videoed everything. You have never really got away with anything, whether it was a cookie that you took that you weren't supposed to take or something that you said you weren't supposed to say. God knows everything. That's why it's important for us to confess and be honest with God about our sins.

He'll forgive us everything because that's why Jesus came, to provide mercy and a new beginning. Number five: "why did God choose these special laws?" The Ten Commandments. Answer, psalm 40:8, "I delight to do your will, o my God, your law is within my heart." You see, the law of God reflects what God's plan is, what his will is. Matter of fact the law of God tells us who Jesus is. The law is a perfect reflection of Jesus, his character.

Let me give you an example, and you might want to write some of these verses down. The Bible tells us God is good. It says the law is good in Romans 7:12. The Bible says that God is holy, it says his law is holy. God is just, his law is just.

God is perfect. God is love. God is righteous, God is truth. God is pure. God is spiritual.

God is immutable. God is eternal. Everything it says about God, it says the very same things about the law. So those who say, "I don't like the law of God, I don't like the Ten Commandments," who are they really rejecting when they reject the law of God? God. When you reject the Code of the King, you're rejecting the king, that's why this is the most important treasure.

What was the law of God written on? Stone. You know what Jesus is sometimes called? The rock of ages. Jesus is the rock of ages. He is something that is enduring and durable. Matter of fact that's our next question, question 6.

"Does God ever change? Or do his commandments ever change?" The Ten Commandments. Oh no, the Bible's really clear, Malachi 3:6, God says, "for I am the Lord. I do not change." You know why some people change is 'cause they've made a mistake. Does God ever make mistakes? He's perfect, he never needs to change. If something's wrong in this world, does God need to change or do our hearts need to change? The purpose of the plan of salvation is to change us and make us new creatures.

It's not 'cause God's changing. Matter of fact Isaiah 40:8, "the grass will whither, the flowers will fade, but the word of our God stands," for how long? Forever. And "Jesus said, 'even heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away.'" All right, I need a couple of more volunteers. Young lady right here, is it emma? Yeah, you come on up and let me see, get some from-- what's your name? Alexia? Alexa, you come on up here. Who hasn't--okay-- you're right here.

You're close to the aisle. I got three up here now I'm doing the best I can. Okay. Look in there and see if you find something pink in the chest. Who wants to go first? There's three, so one of you can reach in.

Wave to the camera when you go in there. See you're on camera again. Everything's recorded. You see, get all three of them out of there. There should be three, okay? And you share them your friends right here.

Let me see if I can borrow this. I'll get a couple more volunteers real quick here. Let me see here. All right, come on up here, buddy. What's your name? Johnny, want to hold this for me? Okay, all right.

We got something written here. You know what I like about these boards? Who knows why these boards are neat? Used to be if you wrote on a piece of paper, you could take a rubber eraser like that and you could erase things a little bit. But let me see. Make a muscle here. Make a muscle for me.

You know how to make a muscle? Pretty good. All right, let me see if you're strong enough to erase that. Go ahead. Look at that. Let's get it all clean.

You can make it all disappear just to spare my thumbs, okay? All right, very good. Look at that, just it's easy to erase. All right, girls, you need to stand aside just a little bit for a second. Right behind you here. All right, here we go.

Now stand back, stand back. What do you think that's made of? Okay, now this is a spare from the cemetery. No, we didn't take it without permission, but that is an engraving in granite. All right, you girls have some erasers there? I want you to see if you can erase that, go ahead. I haven't tested it, it may work, I don't know.

Let me know how you're doing. Have you ever used those erasers before? I bet Johnny, he's pretty strong, he can probably do it. You want to try? You want to try with one of the rubber erasers? I mean that's not a bad idea, it worked on the other board. All right, what do you think? How long you guys gonna have to work on that? It's not gonna go away. You guys want to keep those erasers as a memento? You can sell them on ebay, it might be worth something someday.

All right, you gotta it, Johnny. You give your eraser back to that lady right there. You guys know what I'm gonna say now? You can go down, thank you very much. We appreciate their help. Was the law of God written on paper? Was the law of God written on a scroll? Was it written on an erasable board? What was it written on? When God wrote it on stone, did he plan on erasing it or changing it? It's eternal.

It is never to change like his own character, and that's one of the biggest lies. It's a doctrine of devils that God's law is gonna be done away with. All of his commandments stand forever. Jesus said, "do not think that I have come to destroy the law or the prophets." This is Matthew 5:17, "I did not come to destroy but to fulfill." So the law of God is something that he wants to last forever. And I want to go on to our next question 'cause I'm running out of time here.

Even Jesus--now what is a Christian? A Christian is a follower of Christ, isn't that right? Did Jesus keep the law? He did. He said, "I kept my father's commandments." Number seven, "what are the Ten Commandments all about?" How many of you have memorized the Ten Commandments, any of you know them by heart? Could you do all ten? That's pretty good. Do you know it used to be that a good Jewish boy, he not only knew the Ten Commandments, he knew every chapter in the book of Deuteronomy, and we should at least know how to memorize the Ten Commandments. I put an abbreviated list of the Ten Commandments up here so that you can get the preview. There's more to it and you can find this in Exodus 20 and you read through the whole chapter there.

You'll also find it in Deuteronomy 5. It says for the first commandment, "thou shalt have no other Gods before me." First four commandments deal with your love for God. "You shall not make any graven image. You shalt not take the name of the Lord your God in vain. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.

" Then the last six commandments deal with our relationship with one another. "Honor your father and mother. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not steal.

Thou shalt not bear false witness. Thou shalt not covet." That's a summary of the Ten Commandments and let me get some--you mind coming up here for just a second? I need someone close so I just called you up, all right? And your name is? Samson. Samson, okay, good name. You strong also? You get teased probably about that. Okay, you got two arms, just want to check how many fingers you got.

You got ten fingers? All right, the Bible says the law of God is summed up in love, God is love, right? Love to God, that's this arm. Love to your fellow man, that's this arm. You got ten fingers. I can do this myself, it's much more fun doing it with him. You got ten fingers, each one of these does something because this does something.

If I take his arm away, how much do his fingers do? Nothing. Without love for God, can you keep those commandments? And without love for your fellow man, you can't keep these. So you've got these two arms, love God, love your fellow man and when you really love God and your fellow man, you'll demonstrate it then in your actions. Thank you very good--much, samson. I appreciate that, good job.

Matthew 19:17, "Jesus said--" who said this? Jesus. "If you want to enter into life, keep the commandments." A young rich ruler came to Jesus, he said, "what must I do?" He said you need to keep the commandments. But you don't keep them to be saved, you keep them when your heart is changed. No matter how hard you try, if you're trying to keep God's law without God inside, it's impossible. You need to have the Lord in you living through you, and that's you're able to keep his law of loving him with all of your heart and loving your neighbor as yourself.

When you love the Lord with all your heart, you're gonna keep the first four commandments. When you love your neighbor as yourself, you'll keep the last six. Isn't that right? 1 John 2:3-4, "now by this we know that we know him if we keep his commandments." A lot of people say, "oh, I know the Lord," but they're not obeying God. It goes on to say, "he who says I know him, and does not keep his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him." You're gonna meet people who say, "oh yes, I love the Lord," but they don't obey God or keep his commandments. And I think that's a dangerous thing to say.

You know, I told you I was gonna tell you where the treasure is. You listening? In the middle east in the land of Israel. It's called the holy land. There's a city called the holy city and in that city, there was a place, years ago, called the holy temple and in that holy temple there was the holy place. And in the holy place of the temple, you went in and then you went to the holy of holies and there was one thing in the holy of holies.

Who knows what that was? The ark of the covenant, that golden box. How many of you would like to find that golden box? Why, would the gold be valuable? Yes. But what's the most valuable thing about the ark of the covenant? What was inside the ark of the covenant? The Code of the King. You know what? I have the Ten Commandments. I've got the treasure.

Everyone wants to find the golden box and they're not interested in the rocks in the box. The valuable thing was not the gold, it was the words in the box and you've got that treasured. How many of you have a Bible? You got a Bible? You've got the Code of the King right here. The most valuable thing that God ever gave to this world was his word, and the most valuable part of the Word of God is the law of God spoken by his voice. It's an expression of his love for us and how we should love our fellow man.

And if you want to be his child and his warrior, he wants you to live by that. You know they've got these shrimp that swim in the ocean and when the shrimp live close to the shore and the waves are crashing, they keep spinning around but there's a way they can figure out which side is up when they get spun around. When they shed their skin, they molt. They shed their skin several times a year. They swim down to the bottom of the beach there and they grab one little rock, a little stone and they put it in a crevice that they got in their head.

So you could say they got rocks in their head. And they put that piece of sand in there and it's called the status stone, and it helps them keep their balance. But, you know, a scientist did an experiment. It's kind of funny. He took a bunch of shrimp and put them in an aquarium, and he put little iron filings, little iron sand in the bottom of the aquarium.

And when the shrimp were ready to molt and they went down to the bottom, they picked up a piece of iron and they stuck it in the crevice so they all had little pieces of iron sand 'cause that's all they had. Then the scientist put a magnet on top of the aquarium and he turned it on. So the shrimp wouldn't know what was up or down anymore. And the shrimp, when he turned on the electric magnet, they were all swimming like this, they flipped around, starting swimming upside down. And then the scientist took a shrimp from another aquarium that didn't have iron in his head, he had a regular rock in his head, and he dropped him in and he was the only one swimming right side up 'cause he had a real rock in his head, well, then he had the outside forces.

You know a lot of people in this world are swimming upside down, aren't they? Because they don't have the law of God in their hearts. The Bible says, "thy word I've hidden in my heart that I might not sin." God wants you to have his word in your heart. How can we keep--number eight-- the Ten Commandments? Without Jesus, how much can we do? Nothing. But how much can we do through Jesus? Through Jesus, could Peter walk on water? Through Jesus, could David kill Goliath? Through Jesus, could Samson slay a whole army by himself? Through Jesus, all things are possible. Through Jesus, can you obey God? Is the devil stronger? Or is God stronger? If the devil can tempt you to sin, the question is can Jesus keep you from sin? If you ask him, he can.

If you love him, you can. The penalty for sin is very dangerous, it's death. And that's why it's so important that we trust the Lord. But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus. He's offering you all that gift of everlasting life.

A man was driving down the road one day and he was going a little too fast, and you know pretty soon he saw the police car behind him and he pulled over. And when the policeman got out and he started to walk over he thought, "oh no, here I go, another ticket. Oh, this policeman." And he looked in his rearview mirror and he could say, "oh, the policeman, well, that's bob. He goes to my church." The highway patrolman went to the same church as John, who was speeding. And bob came over and he said, "hi, John.

" And he was real embarrassed. He said, "oh, he's probably gonna give me a ticket anyway." And he said, "oh, you know I'm sorry I was going so fast. See, I was in a rush to get home. It's been such a busy day and I've got so much to do and the football game's on." And bob walked away from the car and began to write and John was thinking "oh, he's gonna give me a ticket anyway, but why didn't he ask for my license?" A few minutes later, bob the policeman came back. He said, "thank you very much.

" He handed a note through the window and John drove away. He was a little bit mad and then he pulled over and he said, "wait, this isn't a ticket." And he opened it up and he looked and it was a note from bob the policeman and it said, "John, I used to have two children. I had a little girl 6 years old and she was hit by someone speeding, and I lost her. The man who was driving too fast, he just paid a fine and he spent a few months in jail." He said, "I'm having problems forgiving him. Maybe by forgiving you right now for speeding, it'll help me a little bit.

Would you please slow down?" Oh, when John read that, he thought that man lost his child 'cause someone was speeding, and I've got children at home that I love. When he pulled back out on the road and he drove away, was he speeding? He saw how much his sin of speeding hurt somebody and because of love for his friend and because of his friend's mercy for him, he said, "I'm gonna slow down." Our sins and our disobedience, does it hurt Jesus? Did it cost Jesus something? He wants to save you. He wants you to have everlasting life. The last question is, don't you want to be like Jesus? Jesus obeyed The Father and he says if you follow him, you can be like him too. He'll give you a new heart.

How many of you want that new heart? To be able to have the power and the Holy Spirit to do God's will. He'll help you tonight. We're gonna ask him. Matter of fact, let's pray right now. And those who are watching, you in your groups, let's pray together.

Father in Heaven, we're very thankful that you've sent us the Code of the King, the greatest treasure in the world in your word and the greatest amount ever paid was paid for our lives. You paid for these children, you love them, lord. Help them to invite Jesus into their hearts and to know all of their sins and disobedience can be forgiven. Give them joy. Help us be ready for your return and continue to bless these meetings.

We ask in Jesus' name, amen. All right, friends, now you know what the Bible says? In Revelation 22--I'm ending with our Scripture reading. It says in verse 14, "blessed are those who do his commandments, that they might have a right to enter through the gates of the city and to eat from the Tree of Life." Blessed, last thing it says in the Bible, and I want that blessing on each of you. Don't forget to tune in. When's our next meeting? Tomorrow night our lesson is dealing with only one lifeboat.

You're really gonna enjoy it, and so you can still bring your friends. Y'all coming back here in richardson, Texas? You want everyone to come? Let's invite everybody. God bless you until tomorrow night. In a world surrounded by darkness, there is a voice that whispers to every young heart urging them to find the treasure of truth. Those who follow the path will discover eternal riches beyond their wildest dreams.

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