The Origin of Life

Date: 04/16/2006 
Evidence continues to mount that the mystery of life can only be explained by intelligent, miraculous intervention. In the mid 1800s when Charles Darwin wrote his theory of Evolution many scientists believed in something called spontaneous generation.
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? Evidence continues to mount that the mystery of life can only be explained by intelligent, miraculous intervention. In the mid 1800s when Charles Darwin wrote his theory of Evolution many scientists believed in something called spontaneous generation. This is the belief that living things like maggots can spontaneously arrive from non living material. Many people believed this because they had observed worms and flies springing forth from lifeless material like decaying meat or fruit.

In 1859 the great scientist Louis Pasteur proved the absurdity of spontaneous generation. He demonstrated that when decaying material was insulated from the flies and insects do they couldn’t lay eggs that no larvae ever appeared. Now more than ever science confirms that life is extremely complex and can only arise from preexisting life. This is why even the best efforts of evolution scientists have not been able to produce even a single cell of life even in the controlled environments of expensive high tech laboratories.

Now with the marvels of 21st century microscopes scientists understand that even the simplest and smallest organism is a virtual factory containing thousands of exquisitely designed pieces of molecular machinery. Far more complicated than the International Space Station. In fact each microscopic cell is as functionally complex as a small city at rush hour.

Now as we delve deeper into the cellular world science reveals that it is a virtual world of enormous complexity that has pushed the theory of evolution to the breaking point. No doubt if Charles Darwin was alive today and could see a single cell magnified 50 thousand times through an electron microscope; he would utterly renounce his theory of evolution as foolishness.

Because it is increasingly evident that there is no scientific explanation for the origin of life on earth evolutionists are now playing the alien card. In other words scientists are now saying that life was introduced to our planet by a meteor or a comet or by some alien visitors. Of course that creates an out of this world argument that makes it virtually impossible to disprove their fantasy.

Amazingly in spite of the staggering amount of evidence that only a miracle can produce life; the modern world still refuses to accept the Biblical account that Jesus rose again.

Stay with us friends as we are going to learn more as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Pastor Doug: Welcome listening friends to a live edition of “Bible Answers Live”. And yes this is Easter Sunday and I want to especially thank our staff of volunteers that have come in on their day off so we can keep this program going and answer your Bible questions on this day when many people in the world are not only remembering the death and sacrifice of Jesus, but especially His resurrection.

If you have any questions about the Bible or any of these events we just mentioned give us a call. We have lines open and it is a toll free number in North America and that number is 1-800-GOD-SAYS. 1-800-463-7297 and that will bring you into our studio here for your question and keep a pencil handy because we also have free offers that we will be giving away later on in the program. My name is Doug Batchelor and my typical co host Jean Ross is in Africa right now doing some work for the Lord there, but we trust you will keep him in your prayers and also pray for me because I am going to have to work a little bit more like an octopus tonight to man both the phones and the computer. And do my best to answer your questions.

And that is all the more reason that we begin with a word of prayer. So let’s pray friends. Father in heaven again we are just so thankful for this privilege we have to come together as an International family to study your word and better understand what is truth. I pray Lord that you will be with each person who is listening and be with those who are calling in with their questions. And in a special way please be with me as I open the word of God and we search for the answers together. I pray that my mind will be quickened by the Spirit and that I can claim the promise of Jesus that He will bring to my remembrance the things that He has said. And so bless for your name’s sake. Amen.

Well friends for our opening amazing fact we talked a little bit about the miracle of life. And for me that is one of the best slam dunk arguments for the intelligent creation and the design of God is that the closer we look at the complexity of life and the intricacy of every little flower not to mention every cell of life when you think of just a single human reproductive cell has all of the information stored in that one cell of what the skin cells will be like and the bone cells and the brain cells and what color the eyes will be and all of the information is stored in one cell for that to happen spontaneously; it really is absurd. And yet there are very sincere and genuine people that are brain washed and are thinking that evolution must be true because so many people have echoed it.

But, in reality the evidence for evolution is continuing to crumble the closer we look at things that God made through a microscope or even a telescope the more our faith is reinforced that in the beginning God made it. And in a special way this ties into what many people remember today which is the resurrection of Jesus. And I have listened to a litany of religious broadcasts that try to explain away the resurrection by saying Jesus really did not die or He really did not rise or He was in a coma which is hard to fake when someone pushes a spear in your side and drains all of your blood, but it is so difficult for them to believe that something inanimate can be animate and yet many of these same people believe that life formed spontaneously. To me that is a mystery. But, you know in the Bible it tells us that there is a Christian ordinance that helps us remember the death and burial and resurrection of Jesus.

Many people believe that Sunday is a new day, a new honor in the Sabbath and the resurrection. And while that might be a beautiful sentiment; it is not in the Bible. In the Bible it tells us that god did give us something to remember His resurrection you can read about that in Romans Chapter 6: 4 it says “We are buried with Him by baptism into death that like as Christ was raised up from the dead by the glory of the Father; even so we should walk in a newness of life.”

Well there you have it friends. Baptism is a memorial of the death the burial and the resurrection. And as Jesus was buried and then He rose when a person is buried in baptism like a burial they hold their breath they die and then they come forth like a new birth. Like a baby the first thing they do as a sign of a new life is they breathe. And it represents a cleansing and there might be some of you who are listening who would like to know more about experiencing a new birth and to know more about the subject of baptism. We have a free offer and a classic written by Joe Crews that is entitled “Baptism: Is it Really Necessary?” and it goes through the Bible fundamentals in a beautiful way on the Christian rite of Baptism and if you would like a free copy of this book; get your pencil out. Here’s our toll free number for resources. It is a different number than takes our questions to the studio. If you’d like this free offer it is 1-800-835-6747 tell them you are listening to Amazing Facts and you would like to ask about the free offer on baptism. And keep your pencil handy because we have some other addresses and other offers we may have for you available and we want you to know about those things.

Also at this time I want to take a moment and welcome a new Station that is joining us to the family of over 150 stations. I lose count and this is KDSF 1450 AM in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. And I hope I said that right Belle Fourche and I tell you what we want to welcome you. If you are listening form that station you call and tell me how to day it. But, we’re glad that you’re tuning into “Bible Answers Live”.

Also we like to take a couple of the internet questions before we go to the telephones. And I’ll tell you what someone has emailed us and they are asking is it wrong to form a circle holding hands with others when you pray? I have seen this done in church, but also in spiritualism.

Pastor Doug: Well that is an interesting question. And every broadcast we have a few repeat questions. And we always have some new ones that I have never heard in the ten years of doing this broadcast. This is one of those questions. There isn’t anything in the Bible that I can think of where people gathered in a circle and held hands. But, there is also not anything in the bible to lead us to believe there is any mandate against holding hands when praying.

It doesn’t mention holding hands in prayer, but it does mention support. And I remember when Jehu said to Johannadad if you are with me if your heart is with me; take my hand. But, I don’t see anything wrong as a sign of support and affection if people hold hands in prayer in our family sometimes we circle and hold hands. Obviously you don’t want a pentagram on the floor as you are doing that it would not be a good sign. Or don’t be circled around candles or any of these spiritualistic things. But, there is nothing inherently wrong with dong that.

Pastor Doug: Next question someone is asking and this is connected to our offer on baptism. How am I to be baptized is it in the name of Jesus, as in Acts or as a triune formula as in Matthew 28?

Now we get this question frequently. If you look in Acts Chapter 2 Peter said “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ.” Well that is clear enough. Then you go to Acts Chapter 8: 16 it says, “They were baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus.” A little different than Jesus Christ. Then you go to Acts 10: 48 and it says, “They were baptized in the name of the Lord.” And then of course Matthew 28 says and these are the words of Christ Himself “Be baptized in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” And so people are wondering what the exact utterance for baptism is? I think that sometimes people—it is almost a thing of legalisms to think that if you do not say it a certain way that God I not going to respect the baptism and it will not be honored.

The point that the disciples are making is that when a person is baptized they are baptized in the name of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Jesus Christ it’s a true God. And so sometimes at a wedding as a Pastor because I do weddings frequently and the couple will stand before me and I will say, “Do you John Smith take Jane Doe?” Sometimes they ask if we can simplify it in the vows do you John take Jane. Sometimes I will say their whole names and they can have four or five names for each party and it is very formal. In all of those cases no matter how they say their vows and how they say their name when they make the promises in front of witnesses those vows are valid.

Baptism is a public commitment to Christ and when I baptize people to cover all of the bases I say in the name of the Father and the name of His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. And so I would not think that God is so exacting that the utterance at baptism is some kind of magic formula or abbra cadabra that is you don’t utter it right that God is not going to honor. But, the point is to make a covenant legal the parties involved need to know who they are making the promise to and that is the main point.

If you have an internet question you can submit those by going to the “Amazing Facts” website and that is very simply “Amazing Facts dot org” matter of fact if you type in “Amazing Facts dot com” or even “Amazing Facts dot net” praise the Lord we registered all of those years ago and you will get to us either way. Now I have got some other things to share with you, but I want to go to the phones because we have people waiting. So why don’t we start out by talking with Cindy who is calling from Brinton, Canada and listening on the internet and welcome to the program Cindy and thanks for waiting.

Cindy: Hi thank you very much. How are you?

Pastor Doug: Good. What’s your question tonight?

Cindy: My question is I am doing and putting together workshops for my church to teach people basically how to look for work and how to do an interview. So these are employment type workshops. So I wonder if there are any Bible references that would give them guidance in God’s will for their lives or guidance as to what kind of work they should do or be looking for or anything like that? And even if they are feeling frustrated what they can refer to in the Bible that can say something about God hiding them.

Pastor Doug: You know there is a whole book in the Bible called the book of “JOB” no I shouldn’t have said that. That wasn’t very nice I am sorry for it.


Cindy: No I didn’t even get it at first.


Pastor Doug: But, well that really is a legitimate question and I should have not been so trite with it because a lot of people do struggle with work issues. But, first of all many people think about the Sabbath and they talk about the day of rest, but that same commandment says six days shalt thou work. It not only tells us what not to do on the Sabbath, but it tells us what to do the other six days. So work is part of God’s plan and it is a blessing. God intended us to be active with our bodies and our minds. Now God gives different gifts to different people. And some who might prosper with cerebral work there are others who proper doing something that is more physical using their hands. In pastoring I miss that kind of work.

The reason I mention this is because we know it is God’s will for us to work. If we are willing to work and we pray Lord lead me into a field where I can grow and help others to grow. So we want to be in a field that helps others in a humanitarian way.

Cindy: Well then I am in the right field.

Pastor Doug: Well absolutely because that is the most rewarding. Jesus said bless the gift men receive so sometimes these jobs may not pay the most, but those jobs where you go to sleep at night and you know that you have done something to help your fellow man and blessed the work of God that makes for a soft pillow. Those who just make a lot of money, but don’t feel they are bettering the cause of God or the world; well while you exist it might be frustrating.

Cindy: Yes.

Pastor Doug: And for our friends that are in those kinds of positions pray that if God will want you to move that He will open the door. Here’s the most important thing that I can tell you about work Cindy. A willingness to do what God wants us to do is the most important prerequisite. I f a person is willing to do no matter how demanding or demeaning of whatever God calls us to do.

Cindy: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Then if we are willing God becomes responsible to help us open the doors. That doesn’t mean that we pray God helps us find a job and we lay there and watch TV and wait for the phone to ring.

Cindy: Oh I know that.

Pastor Doug: Jesus said knock, ask, and seek.

Cindy: Okay so where can I find references like that? Like what you just said?

Pastor Doug: Matthew Chapter 5.

Cindy: Yes thank you.

Pastor Doug: And well—actually read Matthew Chapter 5 & 6 and you will find references about the seeking, the knocking, and the asking. A willingness to do God’s will.

Cindy: And is that also in Matthew?

Pastor Doug: Yes well willingness is in Matthew and also when a person looks in Proverbs they can find a number of references about slothfulness and how important it is to work. Hang on a second and I think I mentioned to everybody that Pastor Ross is gone and so I need to type my questions into my computer. Proverbs Chapter 12 talks about being industrious. Proverbs Chapter 15: 19 says 19 “The way of the slothful man is as an hedge of thorns, but the way of the righteous I made plain.” The Bible tells us in Proverbs that the diligent will be made rich and those that are diligent in their work usually prosper. Proverbs has a lot of references about contrasting diligence and faithfulness with slothfulness and you will find a little bit there. Hey I hope that helps a little bit Cindy.

Cindy: I hope so, too, and thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Alright. God bless you and thanks for your question. Now we are going to talk with Antoinette who is calling from Fort Lauderdale, Florida also listening on the internet. Welcome to the program Antoinette you are on the air.

Antoinette: Thank you. Hi Pastor Doug. How are you?

Pastor Doug: Good. How are you?

Antoinette: I’m doing well. My question is could you please explain Hebrews Chapter 4: 4-10?

Pastor Doug: Hebrews Chapter 4: 4-10 4 “For he spoke in a certain place on the seventh day on this wise, And God did rest the seventh day from all his works.” 5 “And in this place again, if they shall enter into my rest.” 6 “Seeing therefore it remainth that some must enter therein, and they to whom it was first preached entered not in because of unbelief.” Now when it talks about entering into His rest Antoinette it’s talking about the Promised Land the children of Israel did not enter into the rest of the Promise Land. They wandered constantly wandering and no rest because of unbelief. So Hebrews here is referring to the Hebrew people, who were wandering because of unbelief. And then it says in Hebrews Chapter 4: 7 “Again, he limiteth a certain day, saying in David.” Now in David there it means in Psalms of David. 7 “To day, after so long a time, as it is said, To day if ye hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” And “To Day” he is referencing here Psalms 95: 7. 8 For if Jesus (Joshua) had given them rest, then would he not afterward have spoken of another day.” So what the writer is saying here that if when – and you’ll notice that in the King James Version it says “where Jesus had given them rest” Jesus is the Greek way of saying Joshua it is the same name. That confuses people sometimes. Hebrews 4: 8 are you with me?

Antoinette: Yes.

Pastor Doug: King James says “where Jesus had given them rest” is actually Joshua because Jesus is the Greek way of saying Joshua. When Joshua led them into the Promised Land they had the rest of the Promised Land. But, Paul is saying that David spoke after Joshua so obviously the rest that David is referring to is a spiritual rest. But he says in verse 9 “There remainth therefore a rest to the people of God.” And very specifically it says therefore it remains a keeping of the Sabbath of the people of God.

Antoinette: Okay.

Pastor Doug: 10 “For he who entered into his rest, he also ceased from his own works, as God did from his.” And that is a double meaning first of all we not only rest every week on the Sabbath to commemorate the salvation, recreation, of the rest of God, but it is also talking about we rest in the finished work of Christ. So I hope that helps a little bit.

Antoinette: it does.

Pastor Doug: And you know we do have a Bible study lesson that does deal with the subject of the Sabbath and we’ll be happy to send that to you. Of course that is talking about the rest of God and if you’d like that it is called “The Forgotten Day of History”. You call the resource number 1-800-835-6747 and ask for “The Forgotten Day of History”. And they will send that to you and thank you very much for your question.

Next we are moving on to Cory who is calling from Seattle, Washington. Also listening on the internet and your question Cory?

Cory: Hello Doug.

Pastor Doug: Hi how are you?

Cory: I am a member of a Sabbath keeping church. And our Pastor he told me that there is nothing wrong with visiting our brothers and sisters at Sunday churches. And I just wanted to know your input on it.

Pastor Doug: Well whenever you visit any church a lot of it has to do with what is the purpose. I woke up this morning and I told my wife –you know it has been a while since I visited another congregation—I am thinking of going to visit another congregation today. My purpose in going is not so much to fellowship as it is to understand. And I am always happy also for an opportunity to witness and to visit. But, I don’t think there is anything wrong with doing that periodically. But, if a person is habitually going to another church they could give the impression that they are lending their support to a series of teachings that they don’t endorse. Do you see what I am saying?

Cory: Oh okay.

Pastor Doug: See whenever you start attending a church as though you are a member and start supporting the church with your attendance, your influence and your giving then you are basically endorsing and supporting their doctrines and you want to make sure that you are going to a church where you embrace and support their doctrines. But, to visit another denomination for the purpose of fellowship, witnessing and understanding; periodically doing that I don’t see a problem with it.

Cory: Okay, okay, okay, yes. I have an understanding. Alright thanks.

Pastor Doug: Alright thanks very much good question. Moving on let’s see if I can get a couple more questions before break talking to Dora in Cleveland, Ohio listening on WOCG welcome to the program Dora.

Dora: Hi Pastor Doug. How are you?

Pastor Doug: Very well and you?

Dora: I am doing well myself, too. My question was I am originally from Ghana West Africa and I want to know like long before the missionaries got to Ghana and told the people there about God and I am sure they didn’t know about God because they were all worshipping idols. How is their salvation accounted for because they didn’t know about God?

Pastor Doug: Well that is a good question. There are references in Romans Chapter 1 that seem to indicate that—and I am trying to remember the exact verse—that God writes his law in the hearts of even the pagans. And some listen to the Spirit that speaks to them. Let me give you some quotes from Jesus. Jesus told the religious leaders and if you read Romans 8 verse 18-22 you’ll get that reference there. It is a whole passage of thought. Jesus said to the religious leaders if you did not know you would have no sin, but now you say that you see your sin remains. And that is reiterating that God judges people according to their understanding. Now keep in mind there is no name given among men whereby we must be saved, but “Jesus”. Nobody is going to heaven except by virtue of Christ’s sacrifice. But, there are some who maybe were in remote countries who were instructed by the Spirit and by angels. Do you see what I am saying? Because did angels go to the wise men who came to the birth of Jesus?

Dora: Yes they did.

Pastor Doug: They were not in Israel. They were in a foreign country. Jesus began His ministry by reminding people that Naaman had his prayers answered and his leprosy cleansed even though he was not a Jew and that during a famine Elijah performed a miracle for a Canaanite woman. And the Jews got very upset with Jesus and wanted to toss Him off the cliff in Nazareth for saying that, but Christ has made clear that His Spirit has worked with men all over the world. So there will be people I believe from every Nation, tongue and people and every age who listened either to the guidance of the Spirit or they found God through the things He has made in nature. Or angels deliberately visited him. I remember reading a very moving story about an angel that visited a bushman in the remote Kalahari and directed him to salvation. And so we cannot make a flat out statement that people who are in a far off country who had not heard the gospel until the Christian era are all lost. I mean I think that is a reckless thing to say. God is going to have His people who lived up to the light He gave them that will surprise us in heaven. Okay?

Dora: Alright thank you.

Pastor Doug: Thank you and I hope that makes sense and helps you a little bit. I wonder whether I can squeeze in one more question. Let’s see what we can do with Phillip in two minutes. We are going to go to line 6 and Phillip is calling from Spokane, Washington also listening on the internet your question Phillip?

Phillip: Hello Pastor Batchelor my question has to do with a sin and a verse in the Bible that says all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. And even after Adam and Eve sin it was passed down to their proceeding generations. So my question has to deal with was the Virgin Mary sinless? And if she was a sinner how can Jesus be sinless?

Pastor Doug: Alright a good question. The question is as our Catholic sisters and brothers believe that not only in the Virgin birth which we agree with as Protestants, but Mary was sinless. Well you know the argument for that can keep going back for almost indefinitely. They are saying that in order for Mary to bear a sinless child she had to be sinless. Well in order for Mary to be sinless she had to be sinless by that logic and you can just keep on going back on that all the way. God is able to do all things and can God bring a clean thing out of an unclean? Well that is what He does with salvation. He creates within us a clean heart and He was able to create in Mary although she was under the same sin as Adam and as all people the Bible says; that no one has not sinned except for Christ. All have sinned except Jesus. You can tell by the music we are getting ready for a break. I apologize Phillip if we had to cut you off a little early, but if you go to the “Amazing Facts” website and look at our Bible study course. In our second study guide we have some lessons that talk about the entrance of sin into the world and some of those dynamics. Listening friends we are going to take a break here in a few moments with some announcements and I would like to remind you that there is a lot you can find and even these archived questions at the “Amazing Facts dot org” website. As well as a plethora of free Bible study material. We’ll be right back.


Pastor Doug: Welcome back listening friends and for anybody who may have just joined us you have found your way to “Bible Answers Live” this is a live, International, interactive Bible Study and yes we are here with you on Easter Day and we invite your phone calls. If you have a call we have one or two lines open. That number for the toll free call in North America is 1-800-GOD-SAYS or 1-800-463-7297. And if you don’t get through don’t give up and we will try to plough through the questions as quick as we can. Pastor Jean Ross is in Africa right now doing a little mission work over there. And so I am trying to wing this on this side of the glass with the phones and with the computer. And I want to thank our engineers and volunteers for coming in on this Holiday and helping us with the program.

We’re going to go to the phones in just a moment and before we do I’ve got just something very important to share with you as most of you probably know there is a sort of a stir about this new book called the “Da Vinci Code” soon to be released as a major film. And it has all the earmarks of being a record breaking, runaway best seller; a blockbuster. The problem is that the central message of this book and the film is that the Bible untrue and there’s a big cover up that Mary Magdalene actually had a child with Jesus and it is a total distortion of the Bible record. You know I think it is providential that I spent 8 years writing a book. I was never more stirred about anything I have written than the subject of Mary Magdalene. It just so touched my heart and this book is being re-released now in a special edition to especially witness to people who might be exposed to the Da Vinci Code deception. Either the read the book or they are going to go to the movie or both and I have already met people who have begun to doubt the word of God because of the influence of this very cleverly written book and the movie is going to be the same way. If you would like to get this book it is called” The Truth about Mary Magdalene: The Woman at Jesus’ Feet” and it s a special edition. It says what the Da Vinci Code doesn’t tell you. Everybody is going to come out of the theatre wondering about Jesus and Mary.

This is a heart-warming book that really goes through every reference to Mary in the Bible and explains what her relationship with Jesus was and what it was not; the purity there as well as a number of very profound lessons. You know 7 times in the Bible you find Mary Magdalene at Jesus’ feet. There is a lesson there. Mary is a microcosm of the whole plan of salvation. And it is simple to understand and is a great witnessing tool and the book will encourage you.

If you want to know more information about how to buy these books and give them away it is being done very affordably. Go to the “Amazing Facts dot org” website and there will be information there and you can do a little search on the Mary Magdalene book.

We’re going to go back to the phones now. Let me see who has been waiting the most patiently. I think we are going to talk to Rare who is listening on the internet from Nantucket, Michigan welcome Raze your question.

Raze: Hello Pastor Doug how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Good. Thanks for waiting. Get real close to your phone I can barely hear you.

Raze: No problem. Okay.

Pastor Doug: That’s better.

Raze: My question is about Satan himself. In the book of Job it says that at one point he went to the business of God or to heaven and he had some conversation with that. Now in the book of Revelation it says he is the accuser now what is up with that; does he still talk to God?

Pastor Doug: Well I believe that there are several examples in the Bible where Satan is identified as the accuser. In the book of Job he is accusing Job before God. He is saying the only reason Job serves you is because you set a hedge about him and he’s an accuser of the brethren there. In the book of Zachariah the devil Satan is accusing the high priests. He is standing there pointing to the dirty garments of Joshua the high Priest. And then of course in Revelation he is the accuser of the brethren. Satan is constantly accusing. When Jesus was coming to resurrect Moses in the book of Jude it says that the devil is there to resist Him. He is accusing that you can’t take Moses because he’s sinned. And so all through the Bible you have the devil fighting over the souls of the redeemed. That is what it means the accuser of the brethren. And so can the devil talk to God? Evidently there are some lines of communication between them. And how exactly that happens I don’t know. Satan has been cast out of heaven, but keeps in mind that nobody can run from the presence of God Raze. God could near Jonah’s prayer at the bottoms of the mountains right?

Raze: Right.

Pastor Doug: So yes Satan is still accusing God and he is accusing the brethren. And that part of his character hasn’t changed. I don’t think he can enter heaven anymore because he has been evicted. That’s Revelation Chapter 12. Okay?

Raze: Yes thanks Pastor.

Pastor Doug: Oh by the way we have a Bible study that will answer that in detail I always forget to give the follow up material. “Amazing Facts” has a Bible study and when you get this colored lesson I want you to look carefully at it and it is free because you are going to see a hand on the cover and it is Pastor Doug’s hand. And it is called “Did God Make a Devil?” so friends if you want to see what my hand looks like it is in the picture. And there is a lot of information there in the Bible study on where Satan came from and where Satan came from. Would you like a free copy of that Raze?

Raze: Absolutely.

Pastor Doug: It is 1-800-835-6747 okay and a free call and lesson.

Raze: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Thank you and God bless. We appreciate your call. Moving on to talk to Derk who is calling from Minneapolis, Minnesota listening also on the internet and your question Derk?

Derk: I appreciate everything you and everyone does at Amazing Facts. It is a lot of hard work and I see that God has really helped you guys with your ministry.

Pastor Doug: The Lord has been blessing and we are just trying to be direct and faithful.

Derk: My question is I am sort of stuck in a dilemma. I kind of came out of I go to Sabbath church and I got baptized and I have been in it since like a couple of years. But, it just seems like the secular or contemporary music is making me sick to my stomach. And I have shopped around for other Sabbath churches that are more traditional, but when I went there with my wife it was an uncomfortable situation because some of the females dressed like really short skirts. And it was just an uncomfortable situation and they were even doing traditional music. So I am like stuck and I don’t even want to go to church anymore and I feel like I.

Pastor Doug: Wait a second now. Let’s talk about this together and first of all the ideal would be that you are living in a city big enough where you have got some options. Find the best church closest to the Bible. Now you are never going to find a perfect one. You are aware of that?

Derk: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Find the best one and then when you go if you see apostasy in the church then if there is apostasy in the church there is worldliness in the church. You cannot clean a house from the outside can you?

Derk: No.

Pastor Doug: By staying home then what ends up happening if only worldly people go to church then none of the people who love the Lord and have standards go to church the church is full of worldly people. You need the influence of salt even in churches that are sleeping. So go and ask that God will have you to be a positive influence because if you are in a boat that is sinking you can’t bail it if you are in the water. You had better be in the boat right?

Derk: Okay yes. Do you think that contemporary music is affecting a lot of the churches?

Pastor Doug: Oh yeah. There is a whole kaleidoscope of issues right now that are ear marks of worldliness that is undermining the weakness of the church. A lot of the things you have mentioned are the dress, the entertainment and the music. There is so much compromise with the world and the church that you can barely distinguish a line of demarcation. It used to be that when you walked from the world into the church there was this atmosphere both you sensed and you saw that was different. But, now it is getting harder and harder to see the difference. And that is all the more reason we need people in the church praying for revival and being an example.

Derk: You would suggest like one of the churches the members that I am friends with he was kind of confrontational the pastors and the staff and they almost couldn’t stand him anymore. And I agreed with him on a lot of points because I didn’t like the contemporary music and he often said that he doesn’t agree with it and he almost became like a thorn in their side.

Pastor Doug: And you know that is the way it was in the days of Jeremiah is when he took a stand against what was happening to God’s people and he was not very popular and keep in mind Derk Jesus said woe unto you when all men speak well of you. And when you are popular, but of course you want to be as winsome and kind as you can and if you speak up on these issues. But, you don’t ever want to be obnoxious in the name of Jesus. But, at the same time you may be asked to speak up against things that are obviously against God’s principles.

You know we have a book at the “Amazing Facts” website that deals specifically with the subject of Christian music and some of these trends. If you go to the “Amazing Facts dot org” website we cannot give this one away, but it is very affordable and a book that is called—well there is a couple of them. One is called “Why I Left the Contemporary Christian Music Scene” and then we also have one called “Drums and Rock” and we have another called “Notes on Music” because music is a very controversial thing in many denominations right now. I hope that helps a little bit Derk and thanks for your patience. Moving on to talk to Mike who is calling from Atlanta, Georgia and listening on the internet and welcome to the program mike.

Mike: I had a question for you about Lazarus and our neighbor passed away and we have tried to share with her our views on death and it being a sleep and really that a person doesn’t go to hell or heaven right away.

Pastor Doug: They don’t go to heaven or hell or anything until the resurrection and judgment. People are mixed up on that.

Mike: Yes exactly. So she brought the Bible up and said well what do you think about Luke 16: 23?

Pastor Doug: The parable of the rich man and Lazarus.

Mike: Yes and I didn’t have a good answer for her. You know I felt bad about that, but you know.

Pastor Doug: But, the key is let me give you a quick answer and this is free. I’ll send this to you free. I’ve got a book called “The Rich Man and Lazarus” and I also have one called “Are the Dead Really Dead” because when people lose loved ones and the preacher says at the funeral that oh they are up in heaven singing with the angels and then they read in the Bible that the resurrection hasn’t happened yet. You know it can get them confused. And so this lesson will actually comfort them. We’ll send you either one of those resources. But, a quick answer to your question is that the very fact it is a parable tells you that you’re not to take—I mean there are parables about Jesus looking for lost sheep—right?

Mike: Right.

Pastor Doug: And we know that, that is looking for lost people. But, we are not like sheep and every way it is an illustration. When Jesus told the parable about the rich man and Lazarus, He drew upon Greek mythology and talked about what everybody in Israel knew. The story of Pluto and Hades was as common to the Jews as Alice in Wonderland is to English speaking people. And as soon as Jesus started that story and said and the rich man went to Hades people knew that He was drawing on Greek mythology to tell a parable. The fact that it has got Abraham going to heaven and they can talk to people in hell and who believes that people in heaven and hell can see each other? Wouldn’t that be awful?

Mike: Yes.

Pastor Doug: And further more it says that the poor beggar Lazarus dies and he goes to Abraham’s bosom. Is that implying that everybody that has ever died the billions of people that all the saved go to Abraham’s bosom? Where else in the Bible is that taught and then it says that the rich man says give me a drop of water and it cool my tongue. Can a drop of water really cool a person’s tongue that is burning in hell? So there are so many symbols in there that are obviously not to be taken literally. And so for people to believe from that the people who die go to heaven or hell instantly is a leap of logic so I would just emphasize that He is sharing a parable. The bottom line of a parable is not that component; the bottom line of a parable is usually the last few words. And Jesus said if they believe not Moses and the prophets they will not believe the one who will rise from the dead. Jesus actually rose someone from the dead by the name of Lazarus and the religious leaders still did not believe. They wanted to kill Jesus and Lazarus. That was the message that they did not believe Moses and the prophets that He was the Christ. It had nothing to do with the parable aspect of whether people in heaven and hell can talk to each other. Do you see what I am saying that people always emphasize the wrong part of it?

Mike: Okay thank you.

Pastor Doug: anyway send for that book it gives you a lot more detail than what I can share in my allotted three minutes. Appreciate the call Mike and that then brings us back to line 2. We are going through the server and talking to Coatesville, California and Ron is on the line listening on the internet. Welcome Ron.

Ron: Hi Pastor Doug. He is risen.

Pastor Doug: Hi. Amen.

Ron: Amen. Here’s my question today we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. I have a good friend who is a messianic Jew; a Jew that has accepted Jesus as his Savior. He challenged me on something and it is in the Scripture and I’ll try and tell you where it is at here. In John 10: 22 & 23 it talks about when Jesus went to the feast dedication in Jerusalem. And he asked me a question and I am kind of stuck here. He said we celebrate the last supper with the Lord and we do that in remembrance of Him. You know some churches wash feet. Also with baptism Jesus got baptized so we get baptized. So my friend asks me why we don’t celebrate Hanukah because Jesus went to the temple to celebrate the feast and I didn’t have an answer for him.

Pastor Doug: Well my answer would be first of the feast that he is speaking of he is making an assumption of found in John 22: is Hanukah; it doesn’t say that. There were several feasts in the winter and the idea that it was Hanukah is a stretch. Furthermore Hanukah does not spring from any Biblical book that Protestants believe. It is something that springs from the age of the Macabees, the era of the Macabees and there is no reference in the New Testament from any writer asking us to remember that day.

The other thing you might say –and I don’t know if you know and keep in mind that I am a messianic Jew--.

Ron: Yes that is why I am calling you.

Pastor Doug: A messianic Jew is just somebody who is Jewish by blood and believes Jesus was the Messiah. But, the Jewish feasts such as Passover and Day of Atonement anyone can keep them there is nothing wrong with a Christian keeping them and observing Hanukah. I have no issue, but there is no Bible command for us to do that. This is a place where you apply Romans 14 where it says “One man regards a day unto the Lord and another man regards not the day unto the Lord. If someone is going to regard the day; do it unto the Lord.”

And but, the only thing that we’re asked to remember from Christ He asks us of course to remember the Sabbath Day as He did by His example and that’s part of the moral law the Ten Commandments. The ceremonial Sabbaths the Bible made it very clear in Acts Chapter 15 that the Gentiles were not required keeping the ceremonial Sabbaths and it is succinctly clear. Christ is now our Passover. That’s why the veil ripped in the temple. And all of Hanukah was about the seven lamps in the temple not burning out rather, but the candles kept burning. So when the veil ripped exposing the Holy of Holies all of the ceremonies dealing with the temple were transferred to the Spiritual Temple which is the body of Christ and His church.

Ron: Okay did Jesus tell us to keep the Passover?

Pastor Doug: I believe He did, but keep in mind and it tells you that in Luke Chapter 22.

Ron: Right so it is Christian and as Christ’s followers shouldn’t we do the same?

Pastor Doug: We should keep it the way Jesus did. Jesus He transferred the Passover form the Jewish fulfillment where you remember the lamb to where you remember—we don’t kill lambs and eat them like the Jews did do we?

Ron: No.

Pastor Doug: Okay so obviously it went through a transition from the Old Testament to the Lord’s Supper. And so there is nothing wrong with people celebrating that aspect of it. There are very valuable Spiritual benefits to each one of the Jewish feast days that I think every Christian can count on. But, to mandate the Christians should keep all of the Jewish feasts I think is going against the teaching of the New Testament. I think Paul argued that in his day. You know I have a free offer I will send to you Ron. It is called “The Jewish Feast Days and Sabbaths” if you want I will send that to you. Another one is “Spiritual Israel” it talks about how Christians can enjoy the Jewish heritage. It is written by two Jews and I am one of them.

We’re moving on now to talk to Belva who is calling from Belton, Oregon welcome to the program Belva.

Belva: Thank you. And welcome to you I enjoy your program very much.

Pastor Doug: Well praise the Lord and your question?

Belva: My question is I had two, but he told me I can only have one. But, anyway I read where when we get to heaven they’ll know one another by our character.

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Belva: Okay. So I am wondering how my son will know me because he died when he was not quite 8 months old. And that has been ages ago like 40 years ago and I have changed and I am a Christian now and then I wasn’t.

Pastor Doug: Okay let me put your heart at ease Belva so you won’t have any problem and neither will he. You read in 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 “Now we see through a glass darkly, but now and then face to face, now know in part, but then shall I know even as I am known.” When you get to heaven your discernment ability will not be less they are going to be multiplied a thousand times over and both you and your son will have the instant supernatural revelation that will help you to know each other. Maybe you have seen some of these nature films where all of these baby penguins are separated from their parents when they go out feeding and then tens of thousands of parents return to the beach from the sea and go waddling around and how they ever find they ever find from all those squeaky little furry things and they know their very one. If God can do that for the penguins then He can do it for us when we get to heaven. Don’t worry. You have a way where God is going to supernaturally reveal your son to you.

Belva: But, he was very young.

Pastor Doug: Don’t you—are you worried about that?

Belva: Well I wasn’t for a while and then I started wondering how.

Pastor Doug: Let me give you some comfort. Do you believe you have a guardian angel?

Belva: Yes I do.

Pastor Doug: Do you believe your son did?

Belva: I believe everybody has a guardian angel.

Pastor Doug: Alright well your two angels will get you together and you don’t have anything to worry about. And I just hope we can put you to rest on that one and I promise you will not be disappointed. I just say Lord get me there and I promise I won’t complain.

We need to keep moving along and I know you had another question, but we are trying to get in as many as we can. Samuel is calling from San Diego listening on KPRZ thank you for calling and that is the first call we have had from that station and how are you Samuel?

Samuel: I have a question in Luke 9: 27 and it says that they won’t die, but it says “Truly I tell you some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God.”

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Samuel: And I didn’t understand how they will not taste death before the saw the kingdom of God.

Pastor Doug: Good question. I am glad you asked that and you will also find that reference in Mark Chapter 9 Samuel and right after Jesus makes this statement it tells us if you read on there in Luke that He then takes them up the mountain and they have this vision of Jesus glorified as He will be when He comes and they hear the Father and they see the glory of the Father. And Jesus was telling them that before you die you are going to get a little picture of the kingdom of God. And then it tells us exactly how that happens. So the fulfillment of that prophecy is in the next few verses.

And you know I wrote a book on that. And it is called “The Glorious Mount” or “The Two Witnesses” if you call the resource number 1-800-835-6747 Samuel I will send you a free copy of that book on the two witnesses.

Could I try and get a couple of more callers before I run out of time? We are going to talk with Cynthia calling from Huntsville, Alabama listening on WOCG welcome to the program.

Cynthia: Hi.

Pastor Doug: Yes thanks for waiting hi; you are here. Your question?

Cynthia: I was concerned about the text in Scripture about the sanctuary when Christ left this world and went back to heaven how can we prove from Scripture or is it taught that Christ went straight to the Holy place? Because He went to the right hand of the Father.

Pastor Doug: Alright I will do my best to answer that quickly even though we are running short on time. In the Bible Jesus when He first ascended He went before the Father and remember when He was talking to Mary Magdalene and He said do not detain me for I have not yet ascended to my Father. When Christ first ascended into heaven He ascended into the Holy of Holies and activated if you will the heavenly sanctuary.

When Moses built the earthly sanctuary and it was first built he went into the Holy of Holies and sprinkled blood and Hebrews tell us that and to consecrate all of the furniture. Jesus basically did the same thing when He ascended. Then He continued His work as the High Priest in the Holy place for the next eighteen hundred years. And that you can see in Revelation Chapter 1 Jesus appears in the first room of the sanctuary among seven candlesticks. So when Christ first went He went to the right hand and He was basically coronated into the presence of the Father and came back down to earth for 40 days and continued to meet with the disciples in various occasions to encourage and to teach them. When He ascended after just before Pentecost; 10 days before Pentecost when He ascended He continued the work in the Holy place as our High Priest. Does that make sense or do you understand what I am saying there?

Cynthia: Yes. I thought that the way Christ does things now is the way He did things before and the way He will do them in the future because the Bible says He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And so I thought the pattern of what He did in heaven would be done on earth and if so then He would have to have gone to the Holy place before He went to the Most Holy place.

Pastor Doug: Alright you know what I’d like to do is I am just about out of time Cynthia. Oops there is the music. I have two lessons and one is called “God Drew the Plans” and it is the best one and I will send you a free copy. It has beautiful pictures all through it and the copy explains the subject of the sanctuary. Friends a lot of questions about the Ark of the Covenant and if you want to know what the Bible really teaches then go to 1-800-835-6747 and ask for our free offer called “God Drew the Plans”.

Listening friends we are just about out of time and before we go off the air you have probably heard a thousand ministries say this before. We are listener supported. How can I say it differently so you will rally hear me friends? We could sure use your help and if you have been blessed by the broadcast and this program has touched a chord in your soul; drop us a line and you can even donate online and don’t forget to take advantage of what we’re doing at “Amazing Facts dot org”. God bless until next week.


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