A Mother's Love - The Elgin Staples Story

Date: 05/14/2006 
On a hot August night in 1942 the U.S. and Japanese were preparing to engage in the deadly naval battle of Salvo for possession of Guano Canal. Young Elgin Staples seaman 3rd class on the USS Historia was awakened from an exhausted sleep by a loud explosion.
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Hello friends this is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? On a hot August night in 1942 the U.S. and Japanese were preparing to engage in the deadly naval battle of Salvo for possession of Guano Canal. Young Elgin Staples seaman 3rd class on the USS Historia was awakened from an exhausted sleep by a loud explosion. Jumping to his feet with his heart pounding he grabbed his life belt and strapped it on. Staples survived the first hail of the enemy shells and was tending to the wounded when a gun turret exploded and he was blown overboard plummeting 30 feet into the dark, shark infested waters. Wounded in his leg and shoulder by shrapnel he was kept afloat by his narrow life belt that he had managed to activate. For four agonizing hours he drifted in the open sea as large dark creatures brushed against his legs.

During the terrifying hours that passed he thought about his mother and he knew she must be praying for him. At sunrise Staples was rescued by a passing destroyer. And promptly returned to the floundering Historia, but his ship badly crippled from the previous night’s battle had begun to sink. As much as he hated to do it Staples still wearing the same lifebelt forced himself to leap back into the sea. He was soon picked up again by the USS President Jackson and evacuated to safety. On board the rescue ship Staples closely examined the life belt that had saved him. It was made by the Firestone Company and bore a unique registration number. He felt impressed to keep the life belt as a souvenir. Given thirty days home leave Staples told the story to his mother.

He was surprised to learn that she had taken a job at the Firestone plant in Akron, Ohio. Curious he grabbed the deflated life belt from his duffle bag and set it on the table in front of her. He asked his mother about the purpose of the number on the belt. She replied that the Company made many thousands of life belts, but insisted that each one be examined and given a unique number by the inspector. When she looked up from the belt her mouth and her eyes were opened wide with surprise. With her voice barely above a whisper she said son I am an inspector at Firestone and this is my inspector number. The Bible teaches that there are few things on earth as strong as a mother’s love.

Stay with us friends as “Amazing Facts” brings you this edition of “Bible Answers Live”.


Doug Batchelor: Welcome listening friends to a fresh edition of “Bible Answers Live” and we want to extend a special welcome and congratulations to the mothers who are tuning in today and wish you a happy Mother’s Day. This is “Bible Answers Live” and if you have a Bible question you have just found your way to a live, International, and interactive Bible study. And you can participate by calling in with your questions and you can pray for us as we search the word of God together and find our answers. And listen as we learn together and are edifying. The number if you would like to call in and we do have lines open right now is 1-800-GOD-SAYS. That’s 1-800-463-7297 this is the best time to pick up the phone and ask your Bible question and you have a good opportunity to get it on this evening’s program. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is Jean Ross. Good evening Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Good evening Pastor Jean.

Pastor Ross: And I was going to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, but I guess that would be more for your wife.

Pastor Doug: Yes. But, I will pass it on though.


Pastor Ross: Well all the listening Mother’s out there we wish you all a “Happy Mother’s Day”. Before we get into our free offer for tonight let’s have a word of prayer. Dear Father once more as we open up your word we need your guiding and we need your Holy Spirit to lead. So we ask that you would come be with us here in this studio and give Pastor Doug wisdom and myself as we look up the Scriptures and be with those who are listening in a very special way. For this we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Amen.

Pastor Ross: We opened up this program with the story about a young man whose life was saved by a life belt actually inspected by his mother.

Pastor Doug: Yes the chances of that knowing how many hundreds and thousands of sailors that were in the Navy and how many life belts were issued during World War II that is pretty remarkable. But, I think it is God’s way of showing that a mother’s tender care and faithfulness actually did react in saving her own son. I mean suppose that belt was defective; he wouldn’t have made it.

Pastor Ross: Right. That’s right.

Pastor Doug: So when we are doing something he that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much and you never know where it can come back and her faithfulness came back and saved her own son. But, it also makes us think about the faithfulness of a mother’s love and I am sure with every belt that she inspected she thought that could be my son’s belt; I am going to take good care of this one and it ended up being that way. You know the Lord says in Isaiah 49: 15 when He describes His love for us. “Can a woman forget her nursing child and not have compassion on the son of her womb?” You knee one of the strongest earthly attachments is that of one of a mother or parent of a child. And that is how Solomon was able to determine who the real mother of that child of the baby in question was. He knew about a mother’s love and the Lord answers this question by saying surely they may even forget. There are cases on earth where even a mother with that tender cord of love may forget or neglect her child. But, God’s love is even infinitely more tender than that of a mother.

The Lord compares His love for us to a mother hen who will stretch out her wings and sacrifice herself to save the chicks. And He says that I have inscribed you on the palms of my hands; I can never forget you. And so there may be some listening tonight and you wonder if anyone loves you. Maybe you are a little bit melancholy on mother’s day because you didn’t have a mother or a mother that you felt loved you or parents and we want you to know there’s a promise in the Bible when my mother and father forsake me the Lord will take me up. And God will take you up. He will love you more than any earthly father He is your heavenly Father and He says I’ll love you more than any earthly mother. And you can turn to that God and be adopted into His family. We have a special offer dealing with the love of God.

Pastor Ross: The offer is dealing with the love of God and called “Love without an If” and it talks about God’s great love and His sacrifice that He made for us. And you know Pastor Doug it just struck me that there might be mother’s listening tonight whose heart might be heavy on this Mother’s Day because maybe they lost a child. And they don’t have that child wishing them a “Happy Mother’s Day”. They can take comfort in God’s love because God’s love is constant and it never changes. And it does bring comfort.

Pastor Doug: Absolutely.

Pastor Ross: We have a few internet questions we’d like to address. But, before we do we want to welcome a new a new radio station joining us it is Killeen, Texas joining us on 104.5 FM radio station KHSP so if anyone is listening in Texas we hope you will give us a call and ask us your question. The first internet question is.

Question: I have often felt it was wrong for a Christian to complain about anything. Is it okay to complain to express sorrow?

Pastor Doug: Well and that is a good question and we chose to accept that because it is a practical question. Someone might be wondering is it inappropriate to register a complaint with something that is not right. And certainly it is not wrong to do that. If someone who gets a defective product at the supermarkets or somewhere if you go back and say you know I bought this and took it home and it was rotten or whatever it is you could be called a complainer. But, that’s appropriate because that is how standards and justices are taken care of. Should Christians whine? Well the whining and the gossip and the complaining are not adjectives that are a good witness or a good testimony for a Christian. And what was the second part of that/

Pastor Ross: Expressing sorrow.

Pastor Doug: Well it is very natural and we just talked about what you would do if you know you lose someone you love. And Martha and Mary wept for Lazarus and Jesus even wept with them even though He was going to raise him. So there are appropriate times for grief. There was a time in the Bible when Aaron’s sons were slain and God told him don’t rend your robes and because they were slain for their wickedness. And we should make sure that God is first in our lives. But, it is perfectly normal and natural for us to express sorrow. But, Christians should be positive people and folks should be attracted to our Lord by the advertisement of our attitudes.

Pastor Ross: Isn’t it true that you influence tour own thinking with the things you say. If you are always speaking negative things then it will influence you to be negative.

Pastor Doug: Right and if you are bad you do that and if you’re positive even if you don’t feel like it then when you articulate positive thoughts it does actually react on your attitude.

Pastor Ross: Absolutely. Our next question is about Matthew 27: 50 through 53.

Question: My question is about the resurrected saints spoken of in Matthew 27 aren’t they supposed to be resurrected at the second coming of the Lord as it says in 1 Thessalonians 4: 16? Can you explain?

Pastor Doug: Yes well this is evidently a special resurrection that is taking place and it is not telling us that every grave opened up. You can read in verse 51 after Jesus died “Behold the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to bottom. The earth did quake, the rocks rent and the graves were opened.” Now notice during the death of Christ and this earthquake there occurred at His expiring graves opened, but the saints didn’t come out yet. It says that many of the bodies of the saints who slept arose and came out of the graves after His resurrection and then went into the Holy City. It doesn’t say all there were Kings, patriarchs, prophets and saints perhaps that were local that were raised and ascended to heaven after Jesus rose and appeared unto many. Now this unique first special resurrection was something like a trophy of saint that Jesus took to heaven with Him upon ascending. And some have speculated and I think it is a safe speculation that the 24 elders that you read about in Revelation Chapter 4 & 5 they may be composed of some of those who were in this special resurrection. So this was a unique, special resurrection one reason we know it is not universal is because when you get to Acts Chapter 2 King David who was one of the special saints. He wasn’t raised because Peter said King David is dead and buried and his tomb is with us today and he is not ascended to heaven. So it was a small group maybe Abraham and maybe John the Baptist, but Jesus raised some of His faithful from that local area to also bear testimony to His being the sacrifice and His being the Messiah.

You know let me add--because anew thought came to me this week on this subject—I was preaching on this. There were 100 Roman soldiers that were bribed to lie. They were witnesses of the resurrection and they were bribed to lie about what they witnessed. And God said look if I am not going to have honest witnesses there I’ll resurrect some people that will bear testimony. And so He compensated by resurrecting some for their testimony for those soldiers who lied about it.

Pastor Ross: And then they did go to Jerusalem afterward so there’s nothing about them in the early Christian church and you would think that if they are still around they would play some part in the early Christian church.

Pastor Doug: They obviously made brief appearances and ascended into heaven when Jesus finished His earthly ministry and they are around the throne of God I would expect.

Pastor Ross: Well alright. And again thank you for your internet questions and if you would like to email us one you can go to the “Amazing Facts” website at “www dot amazing facts dot org” and then there is a link to “Bible Answers Live” and you can give us your quick question. We do appreciate it.

Well Pastor Doug it is time to go to the phone lines our first listener is Glen listening in Jamestown, New York. Welcome to the program Glen.

Glen: Hi thank you.

Pastor Ross: Hi your question?

Glen: My question is about Leviticus 19: 27 my question is; are men supposed to shave or not?

Pastor Doug: Is a man supposed to shave that is a good question because you can read—let me read it for our friends. Leviticus 19: 27 “You shall not round the corners of your head neither shall you mar the corners of your beard. “ And then you need to read the next verse to understand the context of the command. “You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead nor print any marks upon you I am the Lord.”

It was a common custom among the pagan nations that when they were in mourning they would mutilate their body and sometimes cut off fingers. They would cut off their beards or cut them into a point to accent the sad look on their face. And so do this as a sign of mourning. Now one reason we know this is not a command against shaving or manicuring ourselves the Bible tells us that when Joseph a good representative for God when he came, but before he got out of prison he shaved himself before he came before Pharoah. He was coming to meet the greatest leader of the civilized world and he cleaned up, shaved and went to meet the Pharoah. When Melthilichek was mourning David’s was having been kicked out of the kingdom. He said to show my mourning I did not trim my moustache or my beard. So there is evidence they obviously did trim and groom themselves.

One reason I don’t think this is not a Bible doctrine Glen is because in the New Testament you’ve got the Romans and the Greeks who most of the men shaved you can just see this by the statues and the art that they did and a lot of the Jews did not. And in the teaching of that if it was a context that converts to Judaism should not shave somebody in the New Testament would have said that because there would have been a big issue and it is not even addressed and the word beard does not even appear in the New Testament. So we are inclined to think it obviously is not an important teaching.

Glen: What about during David’s time when David sent some men to comfort a king?

Pastor Doug: Yes he went to comfort the new king of the Ammonites and he cut off their beards and he cut their garments halfway and they were humiliated by this.

Glen: Why didn’t he say cut the rest of your beard and wait for your beards to grow back?

Pastor Doug: Well because evidently the way he cut off their beards was a humiliating pattern. But, I am not questioning that the style of wearing a beard was in the Bible in the time of David. Moses said when he talked about it said don’t shave your beard for the dead. That was the teaching and I hope that helps a little Glen.

Pastor Ross: Okay thank you for your call Glen. Our next caller is on a cell phone Pedio listening from Houston, Texas welcome o the program.

Pedio: Hello thanks to you.

Pastor Ross: Hi your question?

Pedio: I wanted to know about getting married. Now as person who is looking for a wife it says in Genesis that it is not good for a man to be alone and yet in 1 Corinthians 7: 8 it says “To those unmarried and to the widows I say that it is well for them to remain unmarried as I am.” And I don’t understand the instruction.

Pastor Doug: Good question. That is a good question. You know you read in the beginning when God makes Adam He says it’s not good for man to be alone. And for one thing anything you read there in Genesis they are very broad comprehensive statements. But, God is not just saying that marriage is good. God is saying that man is a social creature. And that we become eccentric when we become hermits and we isolate ourselves. So it is good for us to be social creatures, but He is also speaking of marriage there. And then why is it that Paul says it is good for them to be as I am? Paul is speaking of the persecution in the Roman Empire when it was forbidden for people to be Christians and they were imprisoned and tortured. Then if you were married and have children and the father is put in prison it creates a lot of stress for the family and for their support.

And so Paul was addressing and he said especially during these times of persecution if you are going to be preaching the gospel it is easier to remain unencumbered if you remain single. Jesus said the same thing speaking of times of persecution. He said “Woe unto them who are with child and those that are nursing.” There are times in history when it was very difficult to have the peace and stability of a family because of great persecution. So that is the difference between those two statements.

Pedio: Okay then so just trust in the Lord and do well and then the Lord will give me the desires of my heart then right?

Pastor Doug: That’s right you can pray for what God’s will is for you and there’s a good chance He has got someone out there, but He may be testing your patience though.

Pedio: Okay that will work then.

Pastor Doug: Alright. God bless.

Pastor Ross: Alright and thanks for the call. Our next caller is Robert listening on the internet from Alaska. Welcome to the program Robert.

Robert: Good evening Pastors.

Pastor Doug: Good evening.

Robert: My question has to do with what is the difference between natural talents and spiritual gifts? I mean you see spiritual gifts like teaching and government, but you see people using these that are not even for the glory of God. Is there a difference between these natural talents and a spiritual gift?

Pastor Doug: Well that is a good question. The way I think I would draw the line is some of the natural talents may be gifts that you have inherited and you may have and it is not because of supernatural intervention of the Spirit in your life. Some people have a natural ability to sing on key. Then there are those that are given a gift of music given them in a special way and it may just come later in their life. I don’t know how to say this other than just to say that up until I was seventeen years old I was a musical dud. I mean I didn’t play anything and I don’t even think I knew how to play the radio. After I gave my heart to the Lord my father bought me a recorder that is when I was up in the mountains in my cave. Then I learned to play that and I wanted to learn to play the flute and then I learned to play the guitar and then learned to play the piano and I was astonished that I could learn to play these instruments and I just felt like that the Lord gave it to me. And it has been a real blessing and I don’t know if t has been a blessing to others, but it has been a real blessing to me. I enjoy it. So there are some things that you’ve got that God seems to supernaturally give you that are enhanced.

When Moses laid hands on the leaders in Israel the Spirit came upon them and gave them the gift of Administration. They may not have had that gift before. So do you see what I am saying you have a gift that you may not have had from a natural gift given at birth?

Robert: But, if you have natural talent God can enhance that?

Pastor Doug: Yes God can enhance that. Some people may have ability like a natural ability for language. But, then they can get a gift of tongues and speak a language they have never studied. Do you see what I am saying; it can be enhanced?

Robert: Let us say; could you comment on it and somebody had a gift of musical ability and before they came to Christ that God can use it more now to touch peoples’ hearts for Him and make a good influence?

Pastor Doug: Yes absolutely. You can sometimes tell when someone is preaching in the Spirit or if they are just manufacturing their own sermon some people are Spiritual when they preach and others are just reading a sermon it is painful. And some people sing in the Spirit. And they are singing from their heart and it is blessing and ministering to people and for others it is a performance and they are advertising their abilities and not from God. So that’s the way I see it and I hope that helps a little bit Robert.

Pastor Ross: Thank you for your call Robert. Our next caller is Justin listening in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Welcome to the program.

Justin: I am a Sabbath keeping Christian from Tulsa, Oklahoma. And we had our young adult spiritual support group meeting yesterday and we got on the topic of confessing faults or potentially sins to one another to help each other out and that’s found in James Chapter 5: 16. It says, “Confess your faults one to another and pray for one another that you may be healed.” And one of the question at least that I have is how far does that go? Is it appropriate t be confessing your sins before the group when you may not have actually sinned against a brother? It may be a person dealing with adultery or maybe something more sever.

Pastor Doug: Well now let me help and that is a good question. I am glad you’re asking that. In James 5: 16 some people use this verse to justify confessing your sins to a priest, but that doesn’t say confessing your sins the word is different. It is confessing your faults. Now you can read in Hebrews Chapter 12 where it says that we are to lay aside the sin and the weight that does so easily beset us. Some things are sins and some things are just weight and it would be appropriate in a Bible study group to say. I struggle with my temper. I wish you all would pray or struggle with gossip or whatever. You wouldn’t want to be too specific because there are sins against man and then there are sins against God and there might be public sins that should be publically confessed and private sins that should be privately confessed to God. So when James is saying confess your faults to one another I think he is talking about the general category of weakness and we shouldn’t get into the specifics of confessing our sins to man.

Pastor Ross: Maybe I could just add something there Pastor Doug as well. If you read the whole context there in James it is talking about that is somebody is sick that they are to call the elders in the church. They are to pray for him and as part of that work of special prayer and the anointing of someone that is sick is this admonition to confess faults. Now this is part of the process of receiving the healing for that person that is sick so I think that bearing this in mind as well that this is not just an admonition to openly just complain and confess your sins to anyone and everyone who you might come across.

Pastor Doug: That’s right and good point. I am glad you mentioned that. Hope that helps a little Justin.

Justin: What about accountability partners? I am sure you have heard about this.

Pastor Doug: Well yes it is a fact that those who do find recovery in drug treatments or alcohol treatment; there’s a lot of strength by having a support group and they aren’t supposed to go into all the nitty-gritty of their lives, but when they are struggling with their specific problem with alcohol or drugs getting with others who have had the same struggle to help and support one another. There is nothing wrong with that. I think that is one reason that God sent out the disciple s two by two that they might be a support to one another. And be praying for one another. And again it is not to transition into confessing your sins before a man because that was a big problem in the Dark Ages.

Pastor Ross: 1 John 1: 9 tells us “Confess our sins to God.” and He will forgive us.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Pastor Ross: Thanks for your call and our next caller is listening on a cell phone. Peter is listening from New York, New York. Welcome to the program Peter.

Peter: Thank you for taking my call. My call is about the book the Da Vinci Code and the release of that movie. Is there anything in the Bible that predicts the coming of works like this? Given the magnitude of it and how they have shaken the Christian world an when you listen to the radio or TV most preachers or teachers are turning their attention to rebuking the book and rightly so.

Pastor Doug: Well that’s a good question. I am not trying to cut you off, but we don’t have much time before the break. In last days Peter says scoffers will arise in 1 Peter Chapter 3 questioning the Lord’s coming. Now these scoffers will be mocking the veracity of the Bible. And the Da Vinci Code the central teaching of the book is that the New Testament has been altered to hide the prominent role of women and that Jesus had an affair with Mary Magdalene. Matter of fact Pastor Jean just reminded me that we have a website. It is getting a lot of interest right now. There is a book that I have written called the “Truth about Mary Magdalene” because the Da Vinci Code the big secret in there reveals that Jesus was married to Mary and had a child and it’s this whole manufactured story that is totally not in alignment with history or the Bible. This book really clears that up so if you want to know how to get this book single or in quantity for a cost that is very low. It’s “Mary Truth dot com”. Peter it is phenomenal what is happening and the Da Vinci Code has got a dangerous impact on people’s faith and it should be addressed. But, we are seeing more and more these days that there is a spiritual battle raging. The Bible is under attack with the gospel according to Judas and just so much documents and things challenging the truth of God’s word. That is what the Bible talks about.

Pastor Ross: Yes the Bible does talk about it in 2 Thessalonians 2: 3 where it talks about a falling away from the truth. And indeed we see that happening even in Christian circles.

Pastor Doug: That’s right. Well I think we will take our break and then come back for more questions. We encourage you to go to “Mary Truth” and “Amazing Facts” websites. There you will find that tree of life that just keeps branching out to more and more Bible studies and resources. You can listen to the TV programs online and you can listen to this program archived. We’ll be right back.


Pastor Doug: We’re back friends and if you have just tuned in you have found your way to “Bible Answers Live” and interactive, live, International Bible study. WE are broadcasting from the capital of California and bouncing off of satellite sand land lines and via the internet going around the world right now. I had lost track, but somebody told me we are on 250 stations. I always see us adding stations not taking them away. So we praise God for the growth and if you have a Bible question give us a call we have one line open. That toll free number 1-800-GOD-SAYS that’s 1-800-463-7297. We also give out another number so keep a pencil handy; we give out some websites and a lot of free study materials. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Pastor Ross: My name is Jean Ross. We’d also like to remind our listeners about a free offer tonight called “Love Without an If” that is dealing with God’s great love for us. If you’d like this free book just call our resource number at 1-800-835-6747. That’s 1-800-835-6747 we’ll go to caller on our phone lines and the next caller is Mr. White on a cell phone calling from Queens, New York welcome to the program.

Mr. White: Yes hi how are you doing Doug Batchelor?

Pastor Doug: Very well. What’s your question tonight?

Mr. White: My question is concerning board games and most likely dominoes. I would like to know what Scripture or the Bible says about playing dominoes in a church?

Pastor Doug: Well obviously there is no Scripture that talks specifically about dominoes or board games. But, we do find that the soldiers gambled for Jesus’ clothing so especially gambling there may be some times where family and recreation you play a board game. Where it is a time of socializing and that can be healthy. Some people are preoccupied with games whether it is cards or chess and I used to play chess by the hours because it is a very time consuming game. And that’s the problem.

Pastor Ross: You can become addicted almost.

Pastor Doug: Yes you can and I think the same thing happens with video games which are the life games and Paul tells us redeeming the life of days is evil and we only have so much time. And it is important that you have a little time reserved for recreation where you just kind of let off the steam, but it should be as productive as possible and you don’t want to be doing something habitually where you are just wasting a lot of time on these games. So I hope that helps a little Mr. White with that question.

Pastor Ross: Alright our next caller is Joe and he is calling from Fort Worth, Texas. And listening on KCJD; welcome to the program Joe.

Joe: Well thank you Pastor and praise the Lord.

Pastor Ross: Alright well what’s your question?

Joe: Yes I have a question of from a friend asking whether we can be drunk with the Holy Spirit. She said one time when she was attending church she was in a real good mood and just laughing and giggling and couldn’t stop because she was just overwhelmed by it.

Pastor Doug: Yes well you know there is a verse in Ephesians 5: 18 that says be not drunk with wine which is excess, but be filled with the spirit. And then some people look at Acts Chapter 2 where the Holy Spirit has been poured out and some of the listening crowd when they heard the apostle speaking in tongues they said well they are babbling because they are filled with new wine. Well the disciples weren’t really babbling they were just speaking in the languages of those visiting Jews from other countries. So the Holy Spirit when you are filled with the Holy Spirit it does not make you lose control. What the Holy Spirit does is it helps us gain control. In 1 Corinthians 14 it tells us “The spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.” So when God gives us the Holy Spirit He doesn’t make us start acting undignified. There are some Pastors that say when you are filed with the Spirit you lose control and you flop around on the ground and you start to tremble and shake. You can’t walk straight and I know there are people who have been filled with the Spirit and been overwhelmed by the power of God’s spirit and maybe have cried like Hannah, but the idea of them acting like they are drunk and shaking that’s not true. They thought Hannah was drunk because she was filled with grief and praying a Spirit filled prayer. That’s different than those who are supposedly slain in the Spirit and start to tremble and shake and fall down.

Pastor Ross: You know we also find in 1 Corinthians 14:35 and actually all the way through as Paul is talking about how they need to do things in the church. He finishes talking about gifts and prophesying and so on and says “Let all things be done decently and in order.” That’s in 1 Corinthians 14 so the church is supposed to recognize that the Holy Spirit works in a way that is decent and in order.

Pastor Doug: Right. Okay Joe hope that helps a little and we do have a book we can send you on the Holy Spirit which is brand new. “Holy Spirit the Gift” if you like to know more about that call the resource number and we’ll send it to you a free copy of the book I just wrote and it just went to print.

Pastor Ross: Let me give you the resource number Joe it is 1-800-835-6747. And the free offer is “Holy Spirit the Gift” so all you need do is call that number and ask for that book. We’ll be happy to send it out to you and thanks for your call. Our next caller is Lisa listening in South Lancaster, Mississippi welcome to the program.

Lisa: It is Massachusetts. My question has to do with Genesis Chapter 1: 27 where it says that God created man in His image. And then it says He blessed them and then it says they were fruitful and in Chapter 2 and it says that god created man and He placed them in the garden, but it says He put the man whom He had formed. And then it goes on into Chapter 4: 16 &17. My question is it seems like God created others before He created Adam and Eve. Why is it that He planted a Garden of Eden and then placed that specific man there and then later on it went on to say that Cain found his wife outside? I mean I know a lot of different people have an interpretation of who was Cain. Was he his sister or what, but would it be that God created somebody else before?

Pastor Doug: No. There is nothing in the book of Genesis that implies that there were any men on the earth prior to Adam and Eve. Both the New and the Old Testament always refer to Adam and Eve as the first humans. God did not have any other humans that He made, but all humans on the planet can trace their genealogy back to Adam. And Pastor Ross I think I read a report from National Geographic that they agree that all of the DNA in the world can be trace back to an original source of humans. And that there are certain elements in the DNA that humans share in common and they can trace that back and see the tree going back to the ancient cradle of civilization over there in Mesopotamia.

Pastor Ross: The Bible tells us their names Adam and Eve.

Pastor Doug: Yes that’s right. And as far as Cain, Cain obviously took hi sister and it doesn’t say Cain found his wife outside of the Garden. Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden before Cain killed Abel. So everybody was outside of the Garden then. They were evicted because of their sin before Cain and Abel were born.

Lisa: So the Land of Nod was in Eden itself?

Pastor Doug: No. The land of Nod was east of Eden and Cain went there and it was already named Nod. And Moses who wrote Genesis said it was the Land of Nod where Cain went. It wasn’t named until Cain got there.

Lisa: Okay thanks a lot.

Pastor Doug: Okay. Thank you.

Pastor Ross: Our next caller is Irving listening from Irvine, California. Welcome to the program.

Pastor Doug: Let me tell you a story. I know somebody who got on a plane and they thought they were going to Oakland, California and the got on a plane to Auckland, New Zealand. Alright your question.

Irving: Hi Pastor how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Good.

Irving: My question is regarding salvation and children. I have an eight year old son who is turned out to live with me. And the time he was living with me he always would as I tried to teach him the law of God and everything and he asked to be baptized when he was seven. But, then now he is living with his mother and unfortunately she is not a Christian woman and she doesn’t teach him the same values. So besides train what else can I do to help him?

Pastor Doug: Well that is a heartbreaking situation. You can claim the promise that if you raise up a child in the way he should go when he is old he will not depart from it. In other words pray that the seeds that were sewn during your time of influence will bear fruit. Also what you can do is be a good example because obviously you must have your son at some point; you probably are sharing custody?

Irving: She doesn’t want to give it to me. She doesn’t live in the U.S.

Pastor Doug: Oh. So you have very little weekly influence. Well there are two other things you can do. Hopefully you can write and indicate your interest in his life or her life.

Irving: She hasn’t shown him the letters. I send them. It breaks my heart.

Pastor Doug: The other thing is pray and it doesn’t sound like you can share information because if your x-wife is not willing to communicate with those letters and that information that really is tough. But, God can intervene. He hears those prayers.

Irving: His favorite song is Psalms 23 and I always tell God that If He only fulfills that promise in his life that he will get him and deliver him from anything. But, he has gotten some suffering since I left.

Pastor Doug: Well we will pray for you that God does intervene and watch over your son and it is like the promise in the Bible that Lord watch over me and thee while we are separate. God can watch over him where he is. And He will hear your prayer Irving and I hope that helps encourage you a little bit.

Pastor Ross: Thanks for calling. Our next caller is Cheryl who is calling from East Greenville, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the program Cheryl your question?

Cheryl: Yes hi a very simple question. Does God make people sick?

Pastor Doug: Does God make people sick? Well sickness is an enemy and when Jesus came He spent His time healing disease. There are times where because of a person’s sin the Lord allowed them to be stricken with a plague. An example would be when Aaron and Miriam were ridiculing Moses for marrying an Ethiopian God struck Miriam with leprosy. Now you’ve got the example in the Bible where King Herod was struck by the angel of the Lord and he was eaten of worms and that certainly is making someone sick. So sometimes it occurs. God has allowed a plague to come and God sent a plague on the whole Philistine nation when they captured the Ark.

So how that happens; if I could pull aside the spiritual veil and say is God actually making them sick or is He afflicting them. He is removing His protection and the devil makes them sick. I am inclined to believe that the devil is always trying to bring sickness and death. But, God simply removes His protection and the devil does it. In the case of Job the devil had to get permission to smite Job from the crown to the foot with boils. And so that is my theory that God simply withdraws His protection and preservation and then the devil brings the sickness.

Cheryl: Okay well what about in the New Testament? Same concept?

Pastor Doug: Well yes you know Ananias and Sapphira dropped dead when God withdrew His protection. And when God withdrew His spirit from them you get pretty sick when you die.

Cheryl: I would look at that differently than sickness.

Pastor Doug: Well dead is the ultimate end of sickness. Most people when they get old they get sick and die.

Cheryl: Right.

Pastor Ross: But, I think it is also important for us to remember that just because somebody is suffering from some sickness and it is not that God is angry with them or even that they did something wrong we have Elisha for example who suffered an extended sickness before his death.

Pastor Doug: Yes he was spirit filled with a double portion of God’s Spirit and David has an illness and it seemed like he had heart failure before he died; he couldn’t get warm. And so some of it is because of sin in general and do get sick because of their sin and some people get sick because of their bad living habits. And they can’t shake their fists at God.

The Bible says that God is not mocked that what we sow we are going to reap. But, there are cases in the Bible where I named that the Lord has either stricken someone or allowed them to become ill. And I hope that helps to answer the question.

Pastor Ross: Alright thanks for the call. Our next caller is Roger calling from Fort Hood, Texas. Welcome to the program Roger your question?

Roger: How are you doing Pastors?

Pastor Doug: Good.

Roger: Well my question is pertaining to the Ten Commandments and being a soldier in the army is it sinful to engage in combat? Even though in the commandments it says thou shalt not kill?

Pastor Doug: You know that is one of the most complex questions that have affected the church over time through its history. The Ten Commandments in the sixth commandment where it says thou shalt not kill I just preached a sermon on that about a week ago. That really is translated thou shalt not murder. That means the premeditated taking of another life unprovoked or innocent life. A person who is involved in executing a criminal is not called a murderer because God executes justice. Matter of fact right after the Ten Commandments are given God says that a person who breaks certain commandments was to be killed. So here God is not committing murder it is justice being meted out. When soldiers defend their country they are not considered murderers if they are doing it in defense of the country. Now the best thing for a Christian soldier in my opinion is to avoid the moral dilemma by avoiding the military as far as possible and try to serve your country in some non combatant capacity. There are a lot of areas in the military that need service and support where you don’t actually bear arms. And it could be maintaining aircraft or doing medic work. That avoids the moral dilemma of going through life saying you know I had to pull the trigger and take another life even if it was self defence.

But, at the same time I will tell you I had two of my adult children be in the armed forces the Army and Marines. And I am very thankful for those who have gone into battle to defend freedom. And so those of us who are in it as Christians have to stop and realize that where would we be if those didn’t serve that had to pay the ultimate sacrifice and go into battle and bear arms? So Jesus talks about loving your enemy, but at the same time in the Bible there is a story about time to take action and make a defence and you’re going to have to pray about how the Lord is guiding you in your convictions okay Roger?

Roger: Okay thank you Pastor.

Pastor Doug: Thank you and if you go to the website “Amazing Facts dot org” there is a sermon I preached called “Does God Believe in War?” and I think you can listen to it for free and just go to the media link.

Pastor Ross: Alright thank you Roger for your call. Our next caller is Sam and he is listening from Dallas, Texas. Welcome to the program Sam and your question?

Sam: Good evening yes my question is John 21: 15.

Pastor Doug: That’s where Jesus is talking to Peter right?

Sam: Yes. It says that the occupation of the other disciples is the occupation of fishing and that Peter had just gone to. So I don’t know which one and I don’t know the clue that tells me the real one that this is of value to. Peter and Simon God know it is a modern piece.

Pastor Doug: Okay that is a good question and let me tell you why Jesus said that. And for our friends listening this is in John 21: 15 After Jesus rises he meets with Peter and now Peter had denied Jesus three times and keep in mind Sam that when Peter denied Christ Peter specifically said though all men forsake you; I won’t forsake thee. Peter was comparing himself to the other apostles and saying some of these guys might betray you and they might forsake you, but not I and that is why Jesus now is challenging Peter by his own words and saying so you love me more than these and He is pointing to the other ten apostles because Judas hung himself.

So that is why Christ said that. And so now Peter has learned the lesson he is not going to boast and say I love you more than these I am just going to say Lord I love you. I am not going to compare myself anymore. Does that make sense Sam?

Sam: Yes that makes sense.

Pastor Doug: Alright good question thanks.

Pastor Ross: Thanks for the call Sam. Our next caller is Hector listening on the internet and listening from Connecticut.

Pastor Doug: Nantucket, Connecticut; I’ll help you with that one.

Pastor Ross: Alright and your question Hector?

Hector: Yes sir and God bless you Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: God bless.

Hector: I am talking about the 144,000 I understand, but what I want to know is that are they preaching already and when they are going to start preaching? You and others that I have been listening to lately have got the gospel so intense.

Pastor Doug: Well I pray I am one of them. But, I don’t have any numbers on my back like a Marathon runner that tells me I am. I do believe that the 144,000 that many of them are alive in the world today; just because of the time in which we live. They are going to do the work of modern day Elijah’s and apostles. In the same way that the twelve apostles prepared the world in the time of Christ first coming and in the last days they did it specifically in Israel. In the last days God is going to have 12 times 12,000 spiritual Jews that will be leading a great Pentecostal revival and the spreading of the message in the last days. Now Hector I’ve actually written a book on this because we have so many questions on the 144, 000. If you’ d like a free copy of that all you have to do is call the free phone number and say that you want Pastor Doug’s book on “Who are the 144,000?” Would you like that?

Hector: Sure, sure!

Pastor Ross: Let me give you the number it is 1-800-835-6747 that’s 1-800-835-6747 and ask for the book “Who are God’s 144,000?” It was written by Pastor Doug. I think that will address many of the questions that you have and thanks for your call Hector. Our next caller is Barry and he is listening from Queens, New York. Barry welcome to the program and your question?

Barry: My question is what is the difference between a natural man and a carnal man if there is a difference?

Pastor Doug: Good question; the Bible tells us that that there is a war that rages between the spirit and the flesh. Everybody has the flesh of course we all have got the same desires ad needs that we share with many others in the animal kingdom. But, man is different in that we have the spiritual aspect of our nature where we are not controlled we don’t need to be controlled except by the spirit and a converted person is different than and unconverted person who usually is controlled by selfishness. A converted person should be mobilized by the Spirit and love. And Jesus said the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

So as long as we are in this world we are going to have our bodies, but a Christian should not allow the carnal nature—by the way the word carnal comes from the word carnae which in Latin or Spanish means meat. And I just talked about this yesterday a carnival was a Roman Coliseum where the Gladiators fought and they were so full of bloodshed and gore and carnage that is where you get the word carnival. It had to do with a lot of flesh and gore and slaughter. I know people don’t think about that when they go to the county carnival. But to be carnally minded means to be earthly and worldly minded and that is where John talks about the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. To be spiritually minded is to be focused on seeking first God’s kingdom and His righteousness. So I hope that helps answer what you are asking about Barry does that help.

Barry: Yes it helps me, but I went to my first carnival at age 14, but I don’t think I was looking after the things of the Spirit of God. 1 Corinthians 2: 14

Pastor Doug: Yes what about 1 Corinthians 2:14?

Barry: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Yes now the natural man and a person who is unconverted spiritual things are spiritually discerned. And so that is what that is saying and so when a person is walking and living in the flesh; spiritual things don’t resonate with in them. So they are carnally minded. Let us see if we have time for one or two more questions.

Pastor Ross: Let’s go to Gail go is listening in Milton Free, Oregon. Welcome to the program Gail your question?

Gail: Hi Pastors. When you have had induced head injuries several of them and you have done a lot of drugs and you have a learning disability how do I get there? How do I help or I don’t know how to say it.

Pastor Doug: How can you comprehend God and believe He is there and who isn’t challenged like that? Well if you are talking about yourself the very fact that you are calling us expresses an interest of seeking after God. The promise is that we will search for Him and we will find Him when we search for Him with all of our heart. And tell Him Lord I am trouble sometimes comprehending and processing spiritual things please compensate with your grace the things that I am just not capable of understanding. And it may be these drugs or medications you have to take that maybe you have had some surgery or procedure. Is that true?

Gail: No I’ve been beaten and I did a lot of drugs. Oh so you were injured and you have had some drug abuse. Well just come to the Lord and say Lord I have damaged myself and I pray that you will compensate.

Pastor Ross: You know Gail we have a promise in James Chapter 1: 5 where God says “If anyone lacks wisdom let him ask God and He that gives to all men will give freely.” And He will give it to you. So even so you might not understand everything, but at least you go to the Lord and say Lord I don’t understand please help me. And the Holy Spirit will be able to guide and bring things to your understanding. Thanks for calling Gail and let’s see if we can get one more caller in. We have Joseph who is listening from New York, New York welcome to the program Joseph. Your question?

Joseph: Are you there?

Pastor Ross: Yes we are here.

Joseph: King Solomon was married and he had concubines. Was he committing adultery?

Pastor Doug: well certainly by our definition. Solomon’s first wife was the daughter of Pharoah she was considered the primary wife, but it was the custom of the and back then that men often had multiple wives and polygamy was very rampant. We expect to see Solomon and David and Abraham and Jacob and many of them had more than one wife, but we expect to see them in heaven. Because God winked at their times of ignorance is it adultery to have more than one wife? Yes it is the Bible is clear about that. And Solomon had if I can get this right—he had 300 wives and was it 700 concubines? Yeah he just had a big group anyway.

I heard one kid say why did Solomon have seven hundred porcupines?


Pastor Doug: They lived in a time of darkness and God winked at their ignorance and it obviously would be a sin now we know better. So would slavery be a sin a lot of things he winked at their ignorance back then.

Pastor Ross: In Acts 17:30 there are words that say just that. God winked at their sin.

Pastor Doug: Thank you listening friends you probably have discovered by the music behind me that we have reached the end of the program. Don’t forget this Da Vinci Code movie is coming out before our next broadcast and go to the “Mary Truth” website. We highly recommend that you offer this book to people as they come out of the theaters. And it is the perfect way to help combat the misconceptions they are going to have it does describe the real historical and Biblical relationship between Jesus and Mary in a very, very fascinating read and truth. So “Mary Truth dot com” take advantage of it share it with your friends and God willing we will be back next week.


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