Gift of Tongues

Date: 06/10/2012 
Polyglottism is the ability to speak several languages with a high degree of proficiency. Perhaps the greatest all time master of multiple languages was Cardinal Mezzofanti, born in Italy in the...
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Hello friends. This is Doug Batchelor. How about an amazing fact? Polyglottism is the ability to speak several languages with a high degree of proficiency. Perhaps the greatest all time master of multiple languages was Cardinal Mezzofanti, born in Italy in the 18th century. Mezzofanti could speak at least 38 languages and 40 dialects and he could understand most of what were said in more than a hundred tongues. The language that gave him the most trouble was Chinese. It took him 4 months to master it. Amazingly Mezzofanti could speak dozens of global languages; he never set foot out of Italy in his entire life. How sad to have such an uncanny gift of tongues and never venture from your native soil to use it. Perhaps sadder still is when someone thinks they have the gift of tongues and they don't. Stay with us friends. We're gonna talk about this as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.


Pastor Doug: Welcome listening friends to Bible Answers Live. And we're having a fresh installment of your Bible questions. We'll do our best to find the answers in God's book. If you have a Bible question, it's a free phone call. Lines are open. Here's the number one more time. It's 1-800-GOD-SAYS, that's 1-800-463-7297. We'll bring your Bible question in to the studio and then we have another number. We'll give away in a moment and that's for the resource line. It's a very busy program and so we've got actually 2 numbers to share. And tonight, Pastor Ross is in Germany but we're happy to have Brad Burnham sitting in. He's often volunteering in helping us stream our web and works with us in Amazing Facts. And welcome, Brad.

Brad: Thank you, Sir.

Pastor Doug: And we're gonna begin the program with a prayer. Loving Lord, we just thank You again for the privilege of knowing You and being able to know what is truth. We believe Your Word is truth because that's what Jesus said. And so tonight we would like to exalt Christ, exalt His Word. We pray that all that is said and done here will bring people to Christ and everlasting life. We ask in His name. Amen.

Pastor Doug: Well tonight, we were talking a little bit about a word I had never heard before and that's polyglottism. A polyglot is somebody who can speak not just a couple of languages, that's bilingual; or you speak 3 languages, you're trilingual; and (inaudible 03:18) and you're up that if you speak one language, you're American. But a polyglottist is somebody who can speak multiple languages. And this Cardinal Mezzofanti actually started out as a carpenter and end up becoming a priest and ultimately a cardinal. He got to work where he could understand a hundred different tongues but he never left home with all these gifts of tongues and he never used it. And then I close that fact with a little teasing thought saying, "Sadder still if somebody thinks they have the gift of tongues and they don't." You know, there's a lot of confusion regarding the gift of tongues in the Christian Church and it's a very common misunderstanding. The gift of tongues is one of the gifts of the Spirit. It's listed in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 and 1 Corinthians 14. As a matter of fact, 1 Corinthians is mostly where you’re gonna hear about the gift of tongues but otherwise if you go to the Book of Acts and there's 3 examples of people receiving the gift of tongues--it was always for the purpose of preaching the gospel in the language of somebody present there. And Acts chapter 2, you can read about this in the verse... Well, let's start with Mark 16:17, Jesus said before He ascended to heaven, "These signs will follow them that believe in My name they'll cast out devils and they shall speak with new tongues." In other words, He had 12 apostles and He said I want you to go to the world and while they were bright men, they probably mostly speaking (inaudible 04:54) and maybe a little Greek, how are they going to go to all the world? Well on the day of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2, it tells us theres about 16 different language groups who represented there near the upper room in Jerusalem when the disciples received the Holy Spirit and they began to preach in the tongues of those listening, visiting Jews from other countries who would come for the festival of Pentecost. And they were pretty clear. They said “How is it”--and this is Acts 2:8--"How is it we hear every man in our own tongue wherein we were born?" And it lists all these different language groups and it says we do hear them speak in our tongues of wonderful works of God. So the gift of tongues was given for the purpose of preaching the gospel when this language barrier from the Tower of Babel was getting in the way. The Lord basically reversed the curse of Babel when the languages were confounded so people could understand the gospel. And this is the purpose for the gift of tongues. This is the way it's consistently used in the Book of Acts. Now, when some people begin to get involved in ecstatic utterances or what we sometimes called “glossalalia” or babbling in Church and we say what is that and we say, "This is the gift of tongues." Paul very clearly said that is not the gift of tongues. He said we should hold our peace in church if we are not speaking a language that others can understand. Unless the trumpet gives us a certain sound, how will he know how to prepare for battle?

If you've wondered about what's happening in the Christian world or how this gift of tongues maybe is being misapplied, we have a free offer for you tonight and it's a really good book. It takes all the Scriptures that deal with the subjects of tongues and addresses them in a very clear way. It's simply called, "Understanding Tongues." If you would like to understand what the Bible says about the gift of tongues, what it is and what it is not, we'll send you a copy just for asking. If you like a copy of this very informative book, Understanding Tongues, easy to read, lots of scripture, 1-800-835-6747. And our operators are standing by right now, just give them your address, we'll send you the book. It's a gift, 1-800-835-6747. And what I want to also mention that we are streaming live tonight. Brad is not only gonna help us with the phones; he's also switching cameras here on the internet. If you would like to join us via internet, the address is, but we need to issue a disclaimer. I just came from doing (ranch?) work so please forgive me.

All right. We're gonna go to the phones with that Brad. Who is lined up first?

Brad: First caller is Craig, listening on the internet from Des Moines, Iowa.

Pastor Doug: Craig, welcome to the program.

Craig: Oh, yes. Can you hear me?

Pastor Doug: Loud and clear, Craig. Thanks for calling in.

Craig: Yes, I call you quite often. I love your programs. I love everything about your ministry. You guys are the ones that brought me to the Sabbath truth and many other truths.

Pastor Doug: Well, praise the Lord.

Craig: Oh, yeah. And, you know, ‘cause I was searching for the right Pastor to listen to because most of them were asking for money. You guys never did that. And you (inaudible 08:12)--

Pastor Doug: Well, we do a little bit but not very much. [Laughs]

Craig: Yeah. Well, anyway I could just praise you guys all night long. I got two quick questions on ??? in the Book of Nahum.

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Craig: I figured that Nahum 2:4 sounds like automobiles to me.

Pastor Doug: I've heard several people say that. Can I read that to our friends that are listening?

Craig: Sure. Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Nahum chapter 2: 4, it says that "Chariots are raging the streets. They shall justle one against the other in the broad ways. They shall seem like torchers," and some have wondered if that headlight at night--"They'll run like the lightnings."

Craig: Uhum.

Pastor Doug: Speaking of the speed, it is much faster than horses used to go. And so some have wondered did he get a vision of what the moderns cities look like with the... you know, the interstate, intersections in the (inaudible 8:54), all the cars raging by. Well, I don't know but... And what was the other verse that you were asking?

Craig: Oh yeah, cause that sounds like a very good description to cars to me but the other one was 3:4, it sounds like that's the Great Whore of Revelation. It seems like it is to me.

Pastor Doug: All right. Let me read it, Nahum 3:4, "Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the well-favored harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, that selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts." Absolutely. That's talking about Revelation 17: Princess Babylon, the Harlot, the mother of harlots; whenever God's people are unfaithful, they call it--it's like harlotry.

Craig: Yeah. (Inaudible 09:27), doesn't it?

Pastor Doug: Yeah, as a matter of fact, really, I Think the best way to understand a lot of the Old Testament is through revelation. Revelation, out of the 404 verses in Revelation, approximately 204 I think are almost word for word coming from the Old Testament. And this would be a place, it's talking about that Great Harlot that you find in Revelation 17 who is the culmination of counterfeit religion.

Craig: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: She's called Babylon, the mother of harlots.

Craig: Uhum.

Pastor Doug: Very perceptive. I appreciate that Craig.

Craig: (inaudible 10:05). Appreciate talking to you. I wish I could sit down with you someday but that probably never happen but...

Pastor Doug: Where do you live? You're in Iowa.

Craig: Yeah, Des Moines, Iowa. We...

Pastor Doug: Is that in North America? No, I'm just kidding. I’m just kidding.

Craig: I think so, kind of like that. [Laughs]

Pastor Doug: I'll come by someday. We'll sit down.

Craig: Yeah, it's just South from Canada. You can't miss it.

Pastor Doug: You know, I haven't been to Iowa lately but I have been there so we'll try to come by and visit you.

Craig: Well, I'm going to try to come to Sacramento someday.

Pastor Doug: All right. We look forward to seeing you. Thanks for calling. God bless, Craig.

Brad: Our next caller is Jerry in Medford, Oregon listening on the internet. Jerry, welcome to the program.

Jerry: Are you there?

Pastor Doug: Yes, we're there. Hi, Jerry.

Jerry: Hi. Hi. Pastor Doug, I thought I lost you there for a second. My question pertains to Romans chapter 11, as you know there's a lot of discussion about branches being removed from the olive tree to make room for new branches to be grafted in meaning the Gentile.

Pastor Doug: Uhuh.

Jerry: And then it talks about that the Lord can in fact graft back in the belief in Jews. And then in verse 26 it says, "And this is how all Israel will be saved." Now we know seven million Jews died during the holocaust and many have died since and many have died before. I presume it's safe to say there're at least probably 20,000,000 Jews throughout history who have died. How will they be saved?

Pastor Doug: Well, it's not the only the ones who died during the holocaust if we're gonna talk about the ones who died, every Jew from the time of Abraham, except those who are alive today, has died.

Jerry: Yes.

Pastor Doug: So when he says--and you're really asking an excellent question--when he talks about all Israel being saved, you've got to also factor that in to what Paul says "other places." There are two kinds of Israel: there are definitely literal Israelites that will be saved both today; but I think even Israelites agree you're not automatically saved because you are a Jew. There are good and evil Jews. There are good and evil Gentiles. You know, Jesus is pretty clear that nobody is saved by works; we're all saved by faith. Even Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness. Now the key is in the teachings of Jesus and the apostles and John the Baptist, they said--John the Baptist said, "Think not to say to yourself that we're sons of Abraham so God needs to save us." John said the Lord is able to raise up the children of Abraham from the stones and Paul said "Do not think to say--" you know or Paul said, "He is not a Jew which is one outwardly but he is a Jew which is one inwardly." And it is not circumcision of the flesh but circumcision in the heart. So a person really needs to first and foremost have the inner experience of faith. They may be a physical Jew that has that and they'll be saved or they may be a spiritual Jew that has it. But all those who have faith, they are the real seed of Abraham. And so that's a teaching that's consistent through the New Testament. People--God does not discriminate and save people based on their race. As a matter of fact, this was a very controversial teaching. And when Jesus began His ministry, He went to His home church in Nazareth and when He stood up and said, "There were many lepers in the land in the days of Elisha" but the only one who was cleansed was a Syrian, Naaman, and he said there were many widows in the land in the days of Elijah but the only widow that Elijah was sent to that had a miracle was a Canaanite woman from Sidon and they got so angry at Jesus, they wanted to throw Him off the cliff. And so Christ was saying, "Many will come from the East and the West and they will sit down in the Kingdom with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob," meaning these are people who have grafted in along with the spiritual Jew, a real Jew who are saved.

You know, I've got a book on this. It's a deep study but it's pretty clear. Jerry if you like, I’ll send you a free copy of the book. It's called, "Spiritual Israel." And I, who am half Jewish, wrote it with a friend of mine who is Jewish named Steve Wohlberg, and if you just call that resource number, we'll send you “Spiritual Israel.” That number is 1-800-835-6747. I hope that helps a little bit. Who do we have next, Brad?

Brad: Our next caller is Scott who is from Camino, California. Scott is listening on the internet. Scott, welcome to the program.

Pastor Doug: Hi, Scott.

Scott: Hey, Doug. How--

Pastor Doug: You're on.

Scott: Hey, how are you?

Pastor Doug: Doing well. How are you doing?

Scott: I'm doing pretty good. I'm just sitting here thinking about that book at Our Family Road in Translation. Would you go in to that a little bit?

Pastor Doug: Well, I'm not sure that I've read the book so you might have to help me. What is the book about?

Scott: It's about... It goes through various aspects of Daniel and it goes through out basically the whole Bible and he outlines everything. It's that ??? book.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, I've seen the cover. As a matter of fact, I think Amazing Facts carries it. But, my friend, my family's written several books and I confessed I haven't read them all. So is there a specific passage in the Bible you're wondering about?

Scott: Well, it's just a question ‘cause I wrote-- I read a few chapters and he went over in translation--I think it was before the 7 last plaques are poured out.

Pastor Doug: Okay.

Scott: I'm not really--

Pastor Doug: Yes. There--when the living things are caught up, it is not before the 7 last plagues. The 7 last plagues are what we sometimes talk about the great tribulation and anybody who reads Revelation 15 and 16, you can see that that is a great tribulation. It is at the end of the great tribulation and more specifically the end of the 6th plague, just before the coming of Jesus, when the dead in Christ rise--or the coming of Christ, it's sort of contemporaneous whether it happens simultaneous--the dead in Christ rise, those who are alive and remain are caught up or translated to meet them in the air. They get glorified bodies but that's not the coming of the Lord which is really the 7th plague cause there's a great earthquake that happened that time. So there's a lot of confusion among Christians about does the rapture or people being caught up, does that happen before the tribulation or after? I'm in the group--there are two big groups in the Christian Church, some believes the rapture takes place and then there's a time of trouble--I'm in the group that believes those that endure to the end will be saved, that we will be here during the plagues just like the children of Israel were in Egypt when those 10 plagues fell but God preserved them. We will be in the world during the 7 last plagues but God will preserve us. So...

Scott: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: You know, that's a quick answer because your question is really covering several chapters. It will be hard for me to...

Scott: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Answer all of them.

Scott: It's confusing to me. I'm just sitting here just thinking about all the spiritual worker out in the world and to be honest with you, I've been through hell. [Laughs]

Pastor Doug: You've been through it, huh? You know what?

Scott: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: You sound like you're a reader. I've got another book; I could send you to it. It's a simple small book that specifically talks about the sequence of the second coming and the tribulation. And if you like--

Scott: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Would you like a free copy of that, Scott?

Scott: Sure, I would love it.

Pastor Doug: The book is called, "Anything but Secret," and just call the number 1-800-835-6747. We'll send you a free copy of "Anything but Secret." Appreciate your call, Scott. Okay, Brad.

Brad: Our next caller is Tim listening on WMCA, Queens, New York. Tim, welcome to the program.

Tim: Good evening. How are you?

Pastor Doug: Doing well, Tim. And your question tonight.

Tim: This is (inaudible 18:11) that used to came out in the 60s, WMCA.

Pastor Doug: Oh, okay.

Tim: Yeah and will Christ come back before the nuclear attack or does He let that happen or He come before that?

Pastor Doug: All right. Will Jesus come back before the nuclear attack? Is He gonna allow it to happen? You know the Bible doesn’t say--some people have read one of the prophecies in the Bible and you know I'm not... I don't wanna say the wrong thing, it might be Zachariah where it talks about the wicked and the false prophets, "they will have their eyes consume away in their sockets, and their tongues in their mouths," and some have wondered if this was a nuclear holocaust that accompanies Armageddon just before the coming of the Lord. Well, and others have wondered if the coming of the Lord itself with the earthquakes and all the turmoil in the world will trigger some of the nuclear weapons that are stored around the planet. whether or not there's gonna be a nuclear contest, I frankly think that Jesus is coming before that, and I'll tell you why, He said "in such an hour as you think not the Son of Man comes in. when they say peace, peace then sudden destruction happens." I don't think that the... And Christ again said, "Except those days be shortened. No flesh would be saved." In other words, men would self-destruct if we got in to a nuclear contest. So I personally think that the Lord is gonna surprise everybody. He said as it was in the days of Noah as it was in the days of Lot. It will seem like life is going on, we're building, planting, marrying and its just gonna take most of the world as an over welcoming surprise. So Christ coming is not going to be on the heels of a mountain nuclear war. I think it's gonna surprise everybody that are all involved in their regular day to day life. I appreciate your question, Tim. You might also enjoy that book, "Anything but Secret." It talks a little about the scenario of the last days. All right, Brad.

Brad: Our next caller is Valentina listening on the internet in Los Angeles. Valentina, welcome to the program.

Valentina: Hi, Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Hi. How are you Valentina? And your question.

Valentina: My question is what is your understanding from the Bible for female dress for Christians for nowadays? What about (inaudible 20:37) woman dying her hair, makeup, hair extensions?

Pastor Doug: Well, you're asking several things there. First of all [Valentina laughs], I think that the best thing is let me give you some Bible principles. In Deuteronomy, it tells us, "A man shall not wear that which pertaineth to a woman. And a woman shall not wear that which pertain to a man for all that do such, it's an abomination." There should be a clear distinction in the garments and the styles of men's clothing and women's clothing. Now styles change with every culture a little bit. And every country you go to, they may have a little different but you'll almost always notice that the men wear different clothing than the women. Well, it used to be that way but now more and more, there's this unisex idea of clothing going around. So one principle is there should be distinction and especially when all of the campaigning of the homosexual agenda that is trying to basically make everybody kind of gender neutral in our dress, in our style, in our hair. I think it makes... It confuses children. I think there should be clear distinction between the way that men walk and dress and talk and the way that women do that. and, you know, we're different creatures and I think those things should be celebrated not blurred. So one principle is a distinction between the clothing of men and women. Another principle is there should be modesty. The clothing should not be so tight and revealing that it turns into nudity and I think everyone knows the reason pornography sells is because people get very distracted and attracted to the naked body. That's why the pornography business is gone into the stratosphere is because modesty, first thing when Adam and Eve discovered they were naked, God gave them robes to cover up. They try to cover themselves up. They knew it wasn't right. Well, in our culture today, if people are dressing so it's revealing in accentuate every curve and you know, showing all the skin, I think people need to make sure there's a modesty that would... they would not blush if the Lord should appear. And then of course, the clothing should, you don't want the clothing to be so expensive or ostentatious. Paul talks about it "not with costly array." Some people will pay $300 for a shirt. [Laughs] I can't believe the prices that people pay for clothing because it's a designer. So modesty, it should be distinctly different and between the men and the women. And also, it shouldn't be flamboyant and expensive.

Now, I have a book I can send you that talks about Christian apparel and it also even talks about--you asked about jewelry and I think jewelry and makeup and hairstyles-- this is a book that's called, its actually written by the founder of Amazing Facts, called "Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry." If you would like a free copy of that, Valentina, we'll send it to you, "Colorful Cosmetics and Jewelry." And it talks about Christian principles for dress. All you do is call the phone number 1-800-835-6747 and we'll send that to you. Appreciate your call. That will free up another line. And we got 3 minutes for another call. Brad, who's next?

Brad: Stephanie listening in WZIN at Illinois. Stephanie, welcome to the program.

Stephanie: Hi.

Pastor Doug: Hi, Stephanie. Thanks for calling.

Stephanie: Hi Pastors.

Pastor Doug: And your question.

Stephanie: Yes.Well, I've listened to you guys for several months now and I’ve been so inspired. My question tonight is about angels. I have so many questions. I would love to be able to have you here and talk to you for hours. My question tonight is about angels and since you believe that-- and I think that I also believe and have for many years--that like my mother passed away in December, my brother in 1989, I believe they're asleep and waiting for the resurrection; but you know how you hear many people, "Oh well, they're at peace now and they're angels in heaven," and I've kind of never really thought about it but so if the people that die are not angels, which I--

Pastor Doug: Where do they come from.

Stephanie: --believed they are not. Yeah, are angels created beings that were already there and they were already in place? That's my question, I think.

Pastor Doug: Okay. Good question. Yes, and we're gonna run out of time so let me give you a quick answer. Angels are a completely distinct creation from humans. Angels are created and Jesus tells us that the angels are created as ministering spirits. You can read in Ezekiel about--it talks about Lucifer and his fall. It says "you were perfect in the way, in your ways from the day you were created," and I think that's Ezekiel 28. And you can also read more about Lucifer and his fall in Isaiah in chapter 14 but angels are created. And they are the army, the host of God. People don't die, go to heaven and become angels. They may live with the angels. They may be able to mingle and talk with the angels but people don’t turn in to angels. They're a completely different order, a creation. The angels, the Cherubim, the Seraphim, these are the attendants, the ministering spirits of God, which were completely unique and distinct from the... people, humans that God made and put here on this planet. You know we do have, you said you like to talk to us for hours, we've got a lot of information at our website, Stephanie. If you go to, there are a lot of Bible questions that people have asked and I think we've got more information in there on angels as well. And I hope that would be a blessing.

You know that last question, Brad, that she just asked about--angels and what happens when you die--it just jogged my mind and reminded me there's a website that we'd like to recommend for our friends. And a lot of people wonder what happens when you die. Do you turn into a ghost? Do you turn in to an angel? Do you get reincarnated and come back to Earth as some kind of other being or another person or another critter? You know what happens when you die? And there were so much interest in this that Amazing Facts worked with our team, we developed a new website and it's called "Ghost Truth." We were shocked at how many people searched the internet looking for information for ghosts. And like the whole program is dedicated to ghosts and I think it's all because people are trying to communicate with the dead. But it's a really easy website to remember, And go there friends and you'll find out a lot more information about death.

Hey, friends, you're listening to Bible Answers Live. When you get on the internet, don't forget you can also go to and there at Amazing Facts, we have, of course, Bible studies, we get video of our TV programs; we get this radio program. We've got books for sale, all kinds of evangelistic material in many different languages and so we encourage you to go to You're gonna find [background music playing] that it branches out and streams in to so many different areas that it will be a blessing. Hey, when you go there, we'd love to also hear from you. You can just click "contact us" at that site. Send us a letter and tell us if the program has been a blessing. Now, we're not going away yet. We're gonna have more Bible question. Lines still open, 1-800-GOD-SAYS, 1-800-463-7297.


Pastor Doug: Welcome back listening friends to Bible Answers Live. And if you have a question once again the number 1-800-463-7297. My name is Doug Batchelor.

Brad: And my name is Brad Burnham.

Pastor Doug: And Pastor Jean Ross is in Germany so he is over there teaching an evangelism training program. He should be back with us next week and so we're gonna go back to the phones. We have a few people lined up. Brad, who's next.

Brad: Our next caller is Phil in Grand rapids, Michigan.

Pastor Doug: Phil, welcome to the program.

Phil: Hi, thanks for…

Pastor Doug: Thanks for your patience.

Phil: Thanks for... Hi.

Pastor Doug: Hi, Phil.

Phil: My question is where is the Israel and the Jewish people and untimely death, can you explain what replacement theology is?

Pastor Doug: Yeah, I'll do my best. Replacement theology is coming from the perspective where people, they looked at the Old Testament prophecy about the future of Israel and they say that was all eclipsed and replaced by Christianity, they are all now spiritual Israel so there's really no role for literal Israel anymore. and somewhere between that in the other extreme which is the literalist view that everything in prophecy is all talking about the literal state of Israel. I think is where you're gonna find the truth. There is a role for Israel obviously. The Lord called Abraham and His reason was that through your seed, all the nation of the world will be blessed. Now the seed of Abraham, that would bless all Nations and later it was the seed of David. So the Messiah came, of course, and God said "the seed of the woman"-- that was Christ-- in Genesis 3:15, "would bruised the serpent's head." God told Abraham, "It's through your seed the Messiah would come." And then He repeated that to Isaac and then to Jacob that through your seed and then to David, "It would be the son of Jesse, the branch of David that the Messiah would come." So it was through the Jewish nation that the Messiah was introduced to the world. At Pentecost, all twelve apostles were Jews. They introduced the Messiah to the world. Well, eventually as the gospel was spreading, Paul would go from synagogue to synagogue and he preached to the Jews and many of them plugged their ears. They didn't want to hear it. He said "Well, seeing you judge yourselves unworthy of everlasting life, lo, we turn to the Gentiles." And then the gospel was opened up to the both Jew and Gentile. Now, I believe the Bible teaches that in the last days, Israel would be trodden down from the Gentiles until the time of the Gentiles be fulfilled. And I think when the Holy Spirit is poured in latter rain power, there is going to be a revival among the Jews were many people will turn to Christ. And they're gonna have a prominent role in the last days in proclaiming the truth. That doesn't mean every Jews is gonna believe. And it doesn't mean of course every Christians is gonna be saved but there will be a true people composed of both Jew and Gentile that have accepted Jesus. Now, would you like... Did that make sense Phil?

Phil: Yes, it does. You know what? Once more real quick question about something you mentioned earlier. Is there anything that's going to signal the beginning of the tribulation period?

Pastor Doug: Yes, I think so. I think when you look in Revelation, it tells us in chapter 13 that this beast power is he builds his confederacy, he will seek to control people's worship by making religious laws that if they don't accommodate, they can't buy and sell. Now, for one thing, it happens a little bit with economic sanctions? right now but you know, it's gonna be so easy with electronic finances that if you’re flagged and you don't cooperate with whatever this international worship is, they control your buying and your selling. You know, removing more and more of it. The cashless society that would becoming increasingly dependent on you know having our credit approved by the electronic banks. So when they start to dictate how are we supposed to worship and when we're supposed to worship and what we're supposed to worship; and our freedoms, our religious freedoms are taken away, that's I think a precursor to the 7 last plagues. I appreciate that, Phil. You know from your first question, it sounds like you might enjoy the book that we offered earlier tonight, "Spiritual Israel." It's a great study. Spiritual Israel written by yours truly and Steve Wohlburg and we'll be happy to send you a copy, just call 800 free phone call, free book, 800 8356747, we'll send it to you. Next in line.

Brad: Our next caller is Bella listening in on the internet from Miami, Florida. Bella, welcome to the program.

Bella: Hi.

Pastor Doug: Hi, Bella. Thanks for calling in.

Bella: You're welcome.

Pastor Doug: Now, how old are you?

Bella: Seven.

Pastor Doug: It's 10:30 out there, what are you doing up? Okay. your question tonight.

Bella: Well, how come God the Father has a Son but He didn't get married like He just didn't get married. Why didn't He get married? Wasn't He supposed to get married?

Pastor Doug: All right. That's a good question. Well, you know, Jesus was the Son of God and Jesus really kind of married the Church. The Bible tells us that when God's people, when the new Jerusalem comes from Heaven down to the Earth that's made new, it's coming like a bride. In Revelation, it talks about the wedding supper of the lamb; Jesus is the Lamb of God. And the special wedding is Christ is really, He's gonna love and marry all of His people. In the Bible, it says husband loves your wife as Christ loves the Church. And so the Church is really the bride of Christ in the Bible. So Jesus didn't marry one woman, he really married all of his people. He loves us all more than any husband loves their wife. And that's a good question. As a matter of fact, we have a lesson, we'll send you. Its got pictures in it, Bella. You'll enjoy it. It's called "Clothed with White." It talks about the bride of Christ. Actually, it's called "Clothed with Light." And it talks about the bride of Jesus. We'll be happy to send that to you. And don't stay up too late. Okay?

Bella: Thank you.

Pastor Doug: All right. You're welcome. God bless and you have a good night. All right.

Brad: Our next caller is John listening on the internet from Saint Cloud, Minnesota. John, welcome to the program.

John: Well, thank you Pastors. I appreciate it. I'm going to do this rather rapidly because I know you have other people. But my question basically is who is the "I AM" of the Bible. And I know that in John, it's written that the Bread of Life, the Light of the world, the people, the Good Shepherd, the Resurrection and the life, the Way, and the Truth to eternal life, the 2 vines; and then it says in John 8, that were first it is but before Abraham was I am and that (inaudible 37:51) Abraham or Moses and then Moses with the burning bush says ,"I am the God of the (inaudible 37:56)."

Pastor Doug: Yup.

John: So is Jesus and then of course Revelation "I am the Beginning and End, the Alpha and Omega."

Pastor Doug: Right

John: Is Jesus is the "I AM" of the Bible?

Pastor Doug: Yes.

John: Are you sure?

Pastor Doug: That's the shortest answer I have ever given.

John: Are you sure? Because here's my problem.

Pastor Doug: Well, let me give you my reason and then tell me your problem.

John: Okay. [Laughs]

Pastor Doug: In Exodus, you know, Christ appears sometimes even before His incarnation. And that's why Jesus said before Abraham was I AM. And the phrase I AM when God says in Exodus 3:14, God said to Moses "I AM that I AM." That means He is the eternal self existent one. We always wanna know where someone comes from. Well, there is one who is always been there and that's Jesus. Christ in Revelation refers to Himself as the everlasting from everlasting to everlasting. And the fact that you mentioned, you gave several verses. Jesus always says, "I am the bread, I am the door. I am the Shepherd. I am the vine." And at one point they took up stones to stone Jesus ‘cause He says before Abraham was “I AM.” And they understood. The enemies understood. He was claiming to be God the Son, the eternal self-existent One. So now that’s what I believe, you're gonna tell me your problem with that.

John: Here's my problem, many of, I guess, the 10 commandments that are printed. It says that God spoke the 10 Commandments, correct?

Pastor Doug: Yup and He wrote them both.

John: And the first commandment really starts with 'I Am.' the Lord thy God that brought you out’ would say paganism is sin, "Thou shalt..." Anyway, if that is true, that point forward to the Lamb of God on the cross and the past-over land so the Old Testament, the 10 Commandment the first commandment points to our Redeemer, right?

Pastor Doug: Well, I think all the commandments point to Christ in some way.

John: Well like I'm saying is that--

Pastor Doug: But why is that a problem with Jesus the Great I AM?

John: Well nothing because most and I won’t say any churches but a lot of them just start out and say "Well the first commandment is thou shall have no other Gods before ME." They missed the very secret in a sense of that first commandment because it says I Am.

Pastor Doug: You know you've made an excellent point is it is true that sometimes when people list the 10 commandments, they leave off half the first commandment. It says God spoke all these words saying then the commandments begin the writing on the stone begins with “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage.” He's basically saying I showed you that “I love you; I died for you and if you love me, keep my commandments.” It says Christ says there in John 14 so you're right, that is part of the commandment. But I think you can find Christ in all of them. Hey, John we do need to move on to another caller. We do have a book that talks about the law and it's called, "Written in Stone." "Written in Stone" and it talks about the Commandments of God and how we apply to our lives today. Thank you very much for your call but we need to go to the next caller.

Brad: Our next caller is Ken listening on the internet in Whitewater, Wisconsin. Ken, welcome to the program.

Ken: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Hi, Ken. You're on the air.

Ken: Thank you. Thanks for taking my call. You started the program on tongues and... in Genesis 1:27-28, it talks about God making a man, male and female and allowing them to be fruitful. Anyway in 1:31, it talks about Genesis 1:31, it mentions evening and morning towards the 6th day.

Pastor Doug: Uhum.

Ken: And then in the next chapter Genesis 2:19-20, Adam is naming the animals.

Pastor Doug: okay.

Ken: And then in Genesis 2:21-25, he's put in to a deep sleep and a woman was made

Pastor Doug: right.

Ken: And then 2:13, Adam was saying--he's quoted as saying it--“This is my flesh and one of my bones and she shall be called woman.” So anyway this means that on the first day was in 24 hours, Adam has learned the language and a little bit about anatomy, I'm talking about bones of my bones and so if you take, into literal day and then it's within 24 hours that he's talking already and so it is kind of like tongue thing or he just--or with, yes supernaturally educated within 24 hours or...

Pastor Doug: Yeah, you know what? The way I understand it is you know if I buy a new computer, you can load a lot of software on the computer. You can build your own computer and you have to program everything. Well if I buy one from the factory it comes pre-programmed from the factory with a lot of running software as soon as you press the power button. And God made Adam because he was made a full grown man. He wasn't made a baby. And since he made him a full grown man, he had to make him with built-in knowledge and that came through inspiration. And so he was made in the image of God. And I'm sure that Adam's mind and capacity and you know he came with some knowledge of communication and in language and coordination that we developed slowly, he was obviously coordinated on his first day. He can walk and talk and probably run without training.

Ken: So kind of like animal instinct type of thing where its--

Pastor Doug: Yeah, it's a miracle how a butterfly understands aerodynamics the first time it flies and many birds do. So God made Adam and right away, he was made pre-programmed with knowledge and language among other things because God put part of His own self in to Adam. He was made in the image of God. So anyway, hope that helps a little bit, Ken. And that's a good question. All right.

Brad: Our next caller is John listening on KKXX in Chico, California. John, welcome to the program.

John: Hello.

Pastor Doug: Hi, John. You are on the air

John: Hey. Okay. Thank you. Pastor Doug, in the Bible where it says Jesus was baptized, they said they heard a voice from heaven saying this is my Son who I am well pleased. So did God speak to them or before to Noah, it was His voice?

Pastor Doug: I think it was probably just such a majestic voice and you can find that in the Matthew 3:17, a lower voice from heaven saying this is my beloved Son. So they heard a voice coming from the sky that was probably such a majestic, powerful, booming voice that they knew was a voice of God. Not only did they know it was a voice of God because it came down from heaven and they had no helicopters with bullhorns back then...

John: Okay.

Pastor Doug: I think they also knew it was the Father because of what He says, this is my Son. So He's not talking about Himself, He’s talking about Jesus who had just come out of the water.

John:Yeah. I was just, you know, I just wanna hope in God keep blessing you're the ministry and thank you

Pastor Doug: Well thank you. I appreciate it. And by the way, you'll also find more about that voice from heaven if you look at that at John 5:37. Anyway, appreciate your call, John.

Brad: Our next caller is Marie on KSOH on Yakima, Washington. Marie welcome to the program

Marie: Hi, thank you for taking my call. I appreciate it.

Pastor Doug: Yes and how can we help you tonight?

Marie: Well, I know a young couple. They've only been married less than a year. The husband is waking up the wife at night wanting to have intercourse. And she's usually not in the mood. They both work--as she has to be at work by 4 or 5 in the morning--and he says she has to because the Bible says she has to submit to her husband. And I was wondering if there is any other verses that would help her out with...

Pastor Doug: Yeah, let me read the verse that he's probably referring to and try to shed some light into that.

Marie: Okay.

Pastor Doug: Well and it says in 1 Corinthians 7:2, "Nevertheless to avoid fornication let every man have his own wife and let every woman have her own husband." In other words if they're gonna be using this gift that God gave them, they're gonna use the context of marriage. It says, "Let the husband render to the wife do benevolence and likewise the wife to the husband. The wife does not have power over her body but the husband and likewise, the husband does not have power over his body but the wife. Defraud ye not"-- in other words do not withhold from one another except it would be with consent that you might give yourself to fasting and prayer and come together again unless Satan tempt you; in other words, when people are married that you know they should be considerate and loving and accommodate with each other. It doesn't mean that the woman or the man should demand their spouse and say, "All right, hey, I'm in the mood whether you are or not." There should be sensitivity. You know, you want to be considerate. You don’t wanna wake somebody up and not let them get their sleep.

Marie: Right.

Pastor Doug: But at the same time if one spouse--and it doesn’t matter whether it's the man or the woman--if they're getting so busy with their life and career that the needs of their spouse are not being met, you know, at least some kind of an appropriate basis then you know they need to schedule something. [Laughs] they need to just come to terms and talk about it. They might need a little bit of marriage counselling but it's a common problem.

Marie: Right.

Pastor Doug: That one partner is more interested more frequently than the other or they can get their clocks coordinated and you know, it's part of a healthy marriage that people should come together, Paul said. And they you know sex is often in marriages used as a reward or punishment device.

Marie: Right and they shouldn't do that.

Pastor Doug: And that's not appropriate. You know husband and wife says don't let the sun go down on your wrath. So they should kiss and make up and take care of that. And hopefully that helps a little bit. You know we do have a book that's dealing with the subject of marriage and it addresses this a little bit in there. And it's called a "Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage" written by yours truly. It just came out this last year and if you call Amazing Facts, we'll be happy to send you a copy "Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage" 1-800-835-6747. Thanks for your call Marie.

Brad: Our next caller is Hollister listening in (inaudible 49:20) TLN in Orlando, Florida. Welcome, Hollister.

Hollister: Hey. How you doing tonight?

Pastor Doug: Doin' well. How can we help you?

Hollister: I'll give you a mental handshake.

Pastor Doug: Okay. [Laughs] Yeah, likewise.

Hollister: (inaudible 49:33) several times. Yes, you too. My question tonight is I write fantasy novels and I wrote a children's book and I wanted it to be part of a children's book series and it's actually on angels and it's written from the world of heaven to Earth. And they're like you know little angels so they have their abilities and their job and they mostly do with children. And they deal with children dealing with divorce and all kinds of stuff. It's designed this way and it's actually written to our, it talks about the world and all its uniqueness of it and then going to school and then everything. How do you think that...

Pastor Doug: So these are like guardian angels?

Hollister: Well, yeah, I guess so but they're, you know, I have it all done up. And like I said it's fantasy so I’ve created their world; I created all kinds of stuff to go with it. And I love it. And it actually like it was inspired by, you know, the Holy Spirit in doing it. I just wanted to see what your view was on creating something that's basically a fabrication that's gonna inspire children?

Pastor Doug: Well, you know of course, you wanna dwell on those things that are true. I think that sometimes a story or a parable can be used as a teaching illustration. Jesus you know you use some parables that obviously were symbolic to teach. You know best thing I can do is to tell you that we do have a lesson that talks a little bit about angels that you may or may not have seen. It's called "Angel Messages from Space."

Hollister: Sure.

Pastor Doug: And if you like, we can send you a free copy of that, Hollister. It's hard for me to comment on your book but I think you're really asking me about you know, if there's something inappropriate about writing a children book.

Hollister: It is something that you can actually give to pastors and have them look at it before I...

Pastor Doug: You know that would be a good idea. Why don't you give it to a couple pastors. And have them look--

Hollister: I have (inaudible 51:35) copy of it.

Pastor Doug: I'll be happy to take a look. Give it to a couple pastors and let them look at it. You know there's a place where you can cross a line in fiction and where it's--

Hollister: Right.

Pastor Doug:--It's not healthy.

Hollister: I basically I think I wanna get the views of people like yourself and Pastors and probably a good collection of them and see what they think.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, well there, you know, in good teaching and preaching sometimes you need to draw out a story to teach biblical truth and you know you may be doing that. I don't know. So I'd love to take a peek. You can just send that to Amazing Facts and if you'd like the study guide Angel Messages from Space then you can just call 1-800-835-6747. Anybody who would like a copy of that "Angel Messages from Space," call that number 1-800-835-6747 and by the way, it's not too late, we are still streaming live. It's And who do we have next?

Brad: Our next caller is Bob listening on WDNX in Lobelville, Tennessee.

Pastor Doug: Bob, welcome to the program.

Bob: Thank you. I have a question regarding Zechariah 14 and I wish you would comment on the city Jerusalem, you know, being ??? and half of the city going in to captivity but then my question is in verse 4 and 5 when it talks about in His feet you know, our Lord's feet that'd be on--

Pastor Doug: Standing on the Mountain of Olives, yeah.

Bob: And then there'll be a great Earthquake and then the people will flee, you know his valley to safety to a (vail?) and I can't find the (vail?) yet in Israel so my question is the Lord is back. He's standing on the Mount of Olives, you must think everything would be--

Pastor Doug:-peaceful.

Bob: okay for the people of God but yet apparently they're still fleeing because the conquest is not over yet and is it perhaps the Lord's gonna give the Nation time to repent before He go down and fight against them or what the delay in other words.

Pastor Doug: Well He is--

Bob: The problem is in modern days, is the city gonna be half taken and again in captivity.

Pastor Doug: Okay. First and I think this is the most important thing to understand. Zechariah not only Zechariah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation, these prophecies are not written in a chronological order. An example would be, we just read a verse from Genesis where in that passage it says in chapter 1, God makes man and He makes woman; but then chapter 2 says Adam's naming all the animals and he was no wife. Now wait a second. He just say he made a woman. Now, it's saying Adam does not have a wife and he's looking among the animals, how's this going backwards? The Jews did not think chronologically. They would tell a story and then they would give, you know, a little history, they might give background, headlines, and then you have details. A lot of prophecies are written that way. In the prophecies of Daniel in chapter 2 and chapter 7, chapter 8, it gives an overview of history from one perspective then it comes and give it from another. Zechariah chapter 14 is not written in chronological order. Do not let the verses in the chapter numbers confuse you on that. Many of the apocalyptic prophets such as Zechariah and Ezekiel, Daniel, John, they would give some bites of what's gonna happen during this prophecy and then they would stand around the other side of it and give you another perspective. And so that I think is the key. Everything happening here in Zchariah 14 in Jesus standing on the Mount of olives, when He comes back, the struggles of Jerusalem, all those things are going to happen or some maybe have happened but they're not necessarily in chronological order. Hey I hope that helps Bob. I talk fast because I knew we would run out of time.

Friends, before we're gone, remember, got a lot of information there. And we would love to hear from you. We give away free resources every night but we need your help to stay on the air. God bless you and look forward to talking next week.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ END ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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