The World Trade Center

Date: 09/10/2006 
The World Trade Center in New York City, stood as the tallest building in Manhattan and the second tallest in the world. Since opening in 1975, 30 million people had been to visit the observation deck at the top.
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Hello Friends, this is Doug Batchelor, how about an Amazing fact? The World Trade Center in New York City, stood as the tallest building in Manhattan and the second tallest in the world. Since opening in 1975, 30 million people had been to visit the observation deck at the top. Each day, 50 thousand people would come to work and over 200 thousand people would visit the World Trade Center, that’s about half of all the people that lived in state of Wyoming. During its construction, 1.2 Million cubic yards of earth were excavated and placed in the Hudson River, creating over 23 acres of new land for Battery Park. The 425,000 cubic yards of concrete used in the building of the World Trade Center is enough to build a 5-foot wide sidewalk from New York City to Washington D.C. The World Trade Center was also the largest office building in the world, with 12 million square feet of rentable space.

Each of the twin towers had 99 elevators, but the 2 express elevators could travel a hundred and seven floors in less than a minute, that’s faster than 25 feet per second. The 43,600 windows were cleaned by an automatic window washing machine. Clean windows were very important to George Willig, who on May 26, 1977, climbed the south tower of the World Trade Center without ropes or nets. George suction cupped his way up the northeast wall to the top of the world lookout. The Mayor of New York City, fined him one dollar and ten cents. that’s one penny for each of the hundred and ten floors. There were more stunts, on August 7th 1974, Philippe Petit tightrope walked from the northwest corner of tower two to the rooftop of tower one. In addition several people have parachuted from the southeast corner, one was even successfully retrieved by friends waiting in a high power speed boat in the Hudson River.

The two towers of the World Trade Center dominated the vista of New York City and were the first thing that you noticed when approaching on a clear day. It was just such a clear blue day on 9/11/2001, when these magnificent American icons were destroyed. In a few years, the New York City Skyline will boast a new taller skyscraper called The Freedom Tower. This new mega building has proven to be one of the most challenging designs in architectural history.

Stay with us friends, we’re going to learn more as Amazing Facts brings you this edition of Bible Answers Live.


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Pastor Doug: Hello listening friends, welcome to a fresh edition of Bible Answers Live. We are very thankful that you could be a part of this program and we invite you to call in. If you have any bible related questions then give us a call, the number, toll free number to get into the program is 800-GOD-SAYS, that’s 800-463-7297. And we do have some lines open, so now is a good time to call if you have a bible question. I’d like to begin the program tonight with a word of prayer, Pastor Jëan has just returned from doing some mission training in India and so he’s taking the night off, but with God’s help we’re gonna do this together.

Father in Heaven, thank you for the opportunity to be involved in sharing the good news through this medium. We’re praying for the Holy Spirit to both, to guide and direct in every aspect both in the calls that will come in and in the nature of the answers and the questions that go out. And so Lord we pray for your blessing on the program and we thank you that we know that this belongs to Jesus, in his name we pray, Amen.

We’ll listening friends you heard the interesting series of Amazing Facts dealing with The World Trade Center in New York City and now is where on the boarder of the 5th Anniversary of that catastrophe. I thought it was appropriate to dedicate a little attention to talking about what a fantastic building this was. For me personally, it was a quite devastating event, not only because I grew up in New York City, but I had never been to the World Trade Center, even though I grew up in New York City. I was born in California, and still haven’t been to Yosemite yet. But in 1999, we did a series of live satellite evangelistic meetings in New York City and we took our team of evangelists to the top of the World Trade Center, 3 times and prayed over that City. And so when 2001/9/11 came, it was quite a shock. I think many people watching were wondering if this was just a special effects from some television broadcast, but it was real. Well now, they’ve cleared away most of the debris and they have worked for years in developing plans on an extremely complex architectural challenge, building the Freedom Tower. Trying to build something that would be as humanly possible, to resist a terrorist attack. The first 2 floors had reinforced concrete and titanium, in case someone would want to park a vehicle nearby and ignite an explosion. And of course the steel in the tower of The Freedom Tower, has been reinforced in this of as the strongest possible nature.

In any event friends, if you would like to know more about a building that God designed that has incredible architectural design, we have a free offer tonight. And it’s the sanctuary of the Lord called, “God Drew the Plans” the lesson is called “God Drew the Plans”. If you would like to know how you can get this free offer, this study guide dealing with the sanctuary, the number to call is 800-463-7297 and all you’ve got to do is call that number and we’ll give that to you. You know we’re having a couple of technical challenges here in the studio, so I’m gonna switch microphones real quick and hopefully this is a little better. There we go, ok friends, yeah we’ve redecorated in our studio a little bit and so I needed a change mics real quick. The whole thing is we need to make sure we can hear each other if we’re gonna communicate through radio.

We have a few internet questions that have come in, and one of the questions is coming from Chris, and he’s asking about the significance of blood “Why did God use blood to cleanse instead of water or other natural cleansing agents?” It seems that blood would stain more than it cleans.

Well you know, if you are gonna use blood to clean a white shirt that would be a mistake. But blood actually does clean, in a couple of ways. First of all, blood is the most important cleansing agent for living tissue. It’s the blood that brings the oxygen and it is also the blood that cleans away the waste. Even the people in ancient times recognize “The life is in the blood” the bible says, “The life is in the blood”. And if a person was wounded by a cut, they knew that if it bled freely, the blood would cleans away the infection. And so they understood that there was this vital cleansing property to blood. Now, there are some things that we don’t understand. When the bible talks about the righteous in Revelation washing the robes and making them white in blood of the lamb, it’s hard for us to relate to that because we can’t make anything white by washing it with blood. But its sin that we’re talking about and the blood of Jesus, is a detergent that washes away sin. I don’t understand it, but Billy Sunday used to say, “I can’t understand how a black cow can eat green grass and make white milk and yellow butter but I believe it.” And so, that’s good enough for me.

We’ve got another internet question here and someone is asking, “The Ice Age, did it come after the flood? I’ve not heard anybody say there was an Ice Age or does the bible address this?” Well the bible doesn’t use the phrase Ice Age that’s true, but it’s believed by most bible scholars that The Ice Age was part of the convulsion of what happened to the planet, when the whole ecology was radically altered through the catastrophe of the flood. Keep in mind the flood was not just rain, it talked about the windows of heaven being opened up and the water seemed to be coming out of the earth in cataracts as well pouring down from the sky. Many scientist believed that there was an envelope of vapor around the entire planet something like the stratosphere that actually polarize the rays of the sun, which for one thing made many creatures lived longer because there’s less radiation and the oxygen levels were much higher and that goes along with what we find in the fossil record. Because the fern forests, the incredible amount of living matter that’s needed to make the oil and coal fields that we live on in the world today, was just absolutely astounding. And so there’s water vapor when it collapsed basically, and you had this tremendous flood. The tectonic plates were floating around on the surface, that’s maybe when we had the continental shift. And there was a great age, an Ice Age, and that could be when a lot of migrations of different animals took place to the various continents as that water melted, many of the continents became more isolated. So, that was happening probably a few centuries after the flood, that was all going on. But, hopefully that helps, if you do have an internet question, you can contact us by going to the Amazing Facts Website which is very simply, If you go to the media link at our website you’ll find more information there.

We’ll I bet our friends who are calling in on the phone would like to ask their question’s now and so we’re going to start up by talking to Hector. Who is calling from, oh, Connecticut, how do you say that Naugabuck, Connecticut, Hector?

Hector: Naugatuck

Pastor Doug: Naugatuck, Connecticut. I’m sorry and your question tonight?

Hector: Yes Sir, God Bless you first of all. My question is on the book of Genesis chapter 9,

Pastor Doug: Yes.

Hector: I think it is about Noah and one of his son, I guess this son saw his father nakedness or he saw him naked, and later on Noah curse him for that. And I was wondering, wait a second, if I see my father naked that means about the same?

Pastor Doug: No.

Hector: Later on I was…

Pastor Doug: Go ahead.

Hector: I’m sorry, later on, so I was reading on Leviticus and I saw that nakedness in the bible can mean something else. Something like, something sexual. I’m sorry to say that

Pastor Doug: No that’s true, in Leviticus, Moses says that, “a father shall not look upon the nakedness of his daughter, and it says a son shall not look upon the nakedness of his mother, and that we understand. There is evidently more to it, is when Ham saw his father in this compromised situation, the appropriate thing to do out of respect in honoring his father would be to do what his brothers had done, cover his father’s nakedness. Evidently, he came out of the tent and he mocked his father to his brothers. His brothers Shem and Japheth, would not even look upon their father’s nakedness, so they’ve put a shawl or cloak over their shoulders and walked in backwards and laded over their father. And so, some have you know, suggested that Ham did something carnal with his father. There’s not enough evidence in the text to support that, what he did was very inappropriate in mocking his father or you know, he may have been looking and you know, we don’t know all the details because there’s just not enough in the text. But he was cursed because he mocked him evidently, and his son Canaan was cursed with him. Because evidently, his son had engaged in the mocking along with his father.

Hector: Who are the descendant of this son, of this son of Noah? ‘Cause this curse goes not only to him, but to his descendants.

Pastor Doug: Well at the tower of Babel, many of the children of Noah, their descendants intermarried and there wasn’t a clean dispersion. It’s not like all the descendants of Ham went to one continent, all the descendants of Shem to another. Because at the tower of Babel, when all the languages were confused, people sort of gathered in groups that could understand each other and I’m not sure that was divided based on the sons of Noah.

Hector: Ok.

Pastor Doug: But there is in the Genealogiesof Genesis, you can trace out some of the peoples and nations that sprung from Shem, Ham, and Japheth, but in some areas they commingled.

Hector: I see.

Pastor Doug: So it’s not a very distinct line, you can’t say that you know, everybody from Japheth went up to Asia or something like that.

Hector: So I don’t have to worry today about the curse, because that may not apply to me directly?

Pastor Doug: Well, the curse upon Ham is still in effect for all that disrespect their parents.

Hector: Ok.

Pastor Doug: Let me give you another example, in the bible it talks about a curse that went on to Gehazi and his seed. Well the seed of Gehazi are the covetous, Gehazi was the servant of Elisha who was greedy for Naaman’s money and Elisha said that “There’ll be a curse on you and your seed”. The seed of Abraham is not just a Jew, as the bible says anyone who believes in Christ is the seed of Abraham. So in the bible when it talks about the seed of somebody it not only means physical blood, it can also mean “Those who are their children by faith”, who share in their characteristics. K?

Hector: Ok. Thank You Pastor.

Pastor Doug: Alright, Thank you Hector. Good Question. That frees up that line, if you’d like to call in the number is 800-GOD-SAYS. And we’re gonna talk next to Joseph, who’s calling from New York, New York. Joseph, your question?

Joseph: Hello Pastor.

Pastor Doug: Hi.

Joseph: Pastor, we referred to our bible as “The word of God” Do I need the other religions refer to their holy books by the same name?

Pastor Doug: I believe so, I think that Muslims refer to the “Quran” as the word of God. And I’m not sure that they all address it that way, but I think I have heard that terminology used. I’m trying to think of what the “Bagda Vita”, some of the people in the…

Joseph: Upanishad, is that it?

Pastor Doug: Well, of course the Jews believe that the scriptures or the word of God. The Jews would also, (Inaudible 15:57) Jews would also believe that the Torah, which is the first 5 books of Moses and some of the other Rabbinical Writings are the word of God. So, it’s not uncommon to have a number of religions refer to their sacred writings as the word of God.

Joseph: There’s no telling where that began, that term?

Pastor Doug: No, but you know what is different though, is in the Christian Religion they say that Jesus is the word of God incarnate, in other words he was the embodiment

Joseph: Yes.

Pastor Doug: of the utterances of God.

Joseph: Beginning with the word, yeah.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. Christianity is really the only religion that takes it to that level.

Joseph: Thank You very much Pastor.

Pastor Doug: Ok. Thank you Joseph, good question.

Joseph: God Bless You.

Pastor Doug: You too. Ok, we’re gonna talk next to Bisrah. Who’s calling from Claremont, California, welcome to the program Bisrah, you’re on the air.

Bisrah: Hello Pastor Doug, how are you?

Pastor Doug: Good, how are you doing?

Bisrah: I’m doing fine, thank you sir. I have a question in 1 Samuel 16 I believe, it said that King David is the number 8th in the family. And then when I read another chapter it was I believe in 1 Chronicle verse 2, it says number 7. I just wonder, is this gonna be a problem or which one is the right one or it’s got that big deal at all or what?

Pastor Doug: Well, you know, part of the problem comes in, Jesse may have had 8 children. Keep in mind, 3 of those boys went into battle with the Philistines. One of them may have died, and then when they talked about how many sons Jesse hashad, it may have been 7 at that point. I had 6 children, we lost one in a construction accident. Now, when people come to me and say, “How many children do you have?” I hesitate. Because I don’t wanna leave out the one that we lost, but at the same time I don’t have that many now. And so, apart of the reason for the discrepancy between Samuel and Chronicles could be, Jesse may have lost one of his son’s in the battle.

Bisrah: Isn’t that, when is this, when I believe that Samuel said look for, you know, try to find a King for the Israel people. He went to see Jesse first, and after that, after what happened, after the Samuel (Inaudible 18:19) David’s dead and after he went to war, if I’m not wrong?

Pastor Doug: Well, I’m not sure what your question is. You’re talking about when they picked Saul as King and then Samuel went to anoint David…

Bisrah: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: and it talked about the sons of Jesse.

Bisrah: Mmm-Hmm.

Pastor Doug: And at that…

Bisrah: Cause when a... I’m sorry…

Pastor Doug: No, you go ahead.

Bisrah: Alright, Sir. ‘Cause here’s the thing, I think when Samuel sees Jesse, is when (Inaudible 18:51) trying to find a, (Inaudible 18:53) he asked like, “Is this all your sons?” and he said, “Yes, it is.” I mean he has one more, which is you know, he went out or he went to do something. But in the last of 1 Chronicle, he was doing something that he become, I’m not sure how that in a connection because I thought he was somewhat, speaking as a king that time right away or just like he went to war first, and he put him as a king. Or how’s that work, that’s what I like…

Pastor Doug: Well, it was quite a while from the time that Samuel anointed David as son, until he actually got to serve as King. Because for a while he was the armor-bearer of Saul and then he was pursued by Saul and he ran for his life for probably 7 years that he was somewhat of a fugitive. Now the verse you’re talking about I think, is 1 Samuel 16:10 and it says, “and Jesse made his 7 sons to pass before Samuel”, David wasn’t there that means he must have had at least 8 at that point and then the other verse that you’re talking about is 1 Chronicles chapter 2 verse 13, it says, “The sixth and David the seventh”. Now, part of the reason for the discrepancy could be, could have lost the son by the time they’re numbering them. Sometimes the father will adopt one of his nephews and his counted sometimes and he’s not counted other. I know when I lived with the Navajo Indians, it became very confusing, ‘cause it said, we all this brothers and one was really a nephew and they had adopted 1. So I wouldn’t let a discrepancy like that, bother you. Thanks for the question Bisrah, I appreciate that.

Alright let’s see here, whose next? We’re gonna talk to May, who’s calling on line 7 and calling from Sacramento, California. Welcome May. You’re on the air.

May: Hi, thank you. My question is, is there any bible verse that says “You can’t marry your first cousin?”

Pastor Doug: No, probably now it’s not a good idea.

May: Right.

Pastor Doug: But in bible times keep in mind, originally it was ok to marry your sister.

Mae: Right. I noticed that too.

Pastor Doug: Adam, married his sister. Matter of fact, what do you call your wife when she comes from your rib? That’s even closer than a sister. And then Cain and Abel, and the sons of Adam and Eve, they married their sisters. You read in Genesis 5, Adam and Eve had sons and daughters. There’s nothing wrong with it, by the time you get to Abraham, Abraham married his half-sister.

Mae: Right.

Pastor Doug: Isaac married his first cousin.

Mae: Right.

Pastor Doug: Jacob married his first cousin.

Mae: Right.

Pastor Doug: But by the time you get to Egypt, the Lord knew that you lose genetic vitality through too much inter marriage within one clan. And then they started making laws about not marrying brother and sister. With the degeneration of the human genes through sin, and as we get further and further away from the genetic vitality of Adam and Eve, it’s a less of a good idea

Mae: Right.

Pastor Doug: to marry close kin. I mean most of the time, you’ll probably not have problems but I’ve been on islands in some of the pacific islands that are isolated, where the tribe pretty much has to intermarry with cousins and third cousins and they end up with a lot higher percentage of genetic problems. I’ve seen kids that have got 6 fingers and 6 toes and they tell me that’s because of too much intermarriage.

May: Right.

Pastor Doug: So,

May: Ok, that was good to know.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. There’s no command in the bible though about first cousin.

May: Right. Ok, Thank You.

Pastor Doug: Alright. Thank You. Good Question. Alright, we’re gonna talk here to, let me see, be patient with me I’m doing this without Pastor Ross here right now. Alright, we’re gonna talk to Bruce on line number 8. Bruce, you’re on the air.

Bruce: Pastor Doug, how are you?

Pastor Doug: Question from Hidden Valley Lakes, California.

Bruce: That’s my front yard. How are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Good.

Bruce: God Bless you.

Pastor Doug: I’d like to see your front yard, that’s sounds pretty nice.

Bruce: Let’s go swimming tonight.

Pastor Doug: (Laughing)

Bruce: Edwin and Sacramento are pretty close together. Is that where you are?

Pastor Doug: Well we’re in Sacramento, you’re not too far away.

Bruce: Ok. But you could use some more water, American River’s too cold you know. Hey so, my question is…

Pastor Doug: Question?

Bruce: (Laughing) Ok, the question is this, now, chapter 13 starting at 13 and through 14 about The Mark of the Beast being you know

Pastor Doug: Revelation then, you’re talking about.

Bruce: Yeah. Revelation uh-huh.

Pastor Doug: K.

Bruce: And now first of all, we’re talking about angels going through the earth shouting and through the heaven’s shouting. And do you think the church has also been prepared, I mean this persecution will be great and do you think a lot of people would accept The Mark of the Beast instead of dying in Christ and for Christ during this persecution and ending up going to the place that is described in chapter 14 of Book of Revelations, that sounds just like an eternal hell? And who are these angels? And do you think people have been prepared properly to…

Pastor Doug: Well, wait slow down, you’re asking lots of questions and big questions. Alright, first of all, we have a lesson, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but we have a lesson on the angels of Revelation 14. And it’s “Angel Messages From Space” if you’d like a copy of that, we’ll send that. But let me take a crack at answering your question. If you are to (Inaudible 24:23) your question in just one sentence, what would be the most important part you want me to answer?

Bruce: I fear for the church, Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego, went in to the furnace not during death. Do you think the church has been properly prepared, when Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego’s fate have been prepared?

Pastor Doug: No, I think very few Christians right now, have the kind of dedication that Daniel had, where he would rather die, than miss his devotions with God. I think very few Christians have the faith of the church of Smyrna, where Jesus said, “Be faithful unto death, and I will give you a crown of life.” That’s the time when the church was you know, being tossed to the lion’s and slaughtered in the coliseum. Will there be many in the church that have that fate when the time comes? I believe there’s going to be a great shaking in the church and the Holy Spirit’s gonna be poured out and you’re going to see a revival. If you had asked, “Does the church have faith, just before Jesus went to the cross?” We’ll what did the disciples do? They all forsook him and fled, they didn’t have that courage. Peter denied Him, rather than be mocked. But after the Holy Spirit was poured out, all of those apostles and disciples were willing to die, rather than deny. And so, the baptism of the spirit and thorough conversion, is gonna make a big difference in the church. In these last days when we have to choose between Mark of the Beast, and Death on Mark on the Beast, and you can’t buy or sell. So, we desperately need the baptism of the Holy Spirit Bruce.

Bruce: I agree with you.

Pastor Doug: Does that answer your question?

Bruce: Alright, God bless you and I agree with you.

Pastor Doug: Alright, Yeah and send for that lesson dealing with, The Three Angels’ bible study, “Angels From Space” and that will help answer more of that. Ok, we’re gonna try and take a quick one here, line 6, switching back and forth. Orith, is that the name? From Groton, Connecticut, you’re on the air.

Orith: Yes.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, and your question?

Orith: My question for tonight is, I believe that marital unfaithfulness is much more than just sexual in nature. What’s your opinion on this point?

Pastor Doug: Well, my opinions probably not worth a nickel, but Jesus said that in Matthew Chapter 5 that, “There not to be divorce, saving for the cause of fornication.” And you know if we take that the way that Jesus says it, fornication would be of course a violation of marital intimacy within 3rd party. And I’m sure that there are people who in their marriages do things that are very inconsiderate, cruel, but I’m not sure that that’s grounds for divorce and remarriage. And I think this is what Jesus is talking about in Matthew chapter 5 and Matthew 19.

Orith: Ok. Thank you very much. Have a great night.

Pastor Doug: And you know, well, Thank you. And we’ve got a bible study guide that deals with the subject of marriage and if you call and ask for that it’s “Keys To A Happy Marriage”, it goes through some of the biblical grounds for divorce. You know, I failed to mention of course there’s that verse in first Corinthians chapter 7, that says if someone’s baptized they become a believer, they’re married to a pagan who says, “I don’t wanna be a Christian” and they are abandoned, that, that person is not under bondage in such cases. And many scholars believe that Paul is basically saying that they are free to remarry under those circumstances. So, I hope that helps a little bit.

Listening friends, couple of things I wanna mention, first of all, tomorrow night, this is for those who are listening to the live Sunday night broadcast, on the iNetwork formerly Pax TV, Amazing Facts is going to have a primetime broadcast on the West Coast that would be right after President Bush’s announcement. We talked with the President, he was kind enough to move the time of his address to accommodate us and we thank him for that. (Laughing) It’s actually going to be 7 o’clock Eastern and Pacific and then the staggering times in the Central and Mountain Times, it’s called “The Final Events Of Bible Prophecy” and so, go to your TV guide, and we hope you’ll tune in to that. It’s gonna be giving away a free DVD that will help people to understand, what is happening in this last days. And that of course is gonna be 9/11 Monday night and on the Pax Network or iTV. You can find out more by going to the Amazing Facts Website, We’ll be right back.

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Pastor Doug: Thank you Pastor Ross and we are back this is Bible Answers Live. And if you have any bible question, call the toll free number which is 800-GOD-SAYS, that’s 800- 463- (Laughing) I tried to switch microphones again it’s not working, 7297. Alright, we’re back to this microphone and if you have a question, just give us a call. We’re going to also remind you of something exciting that’s happening, if you got a pencil handy, you might write this down. It’s a website we’d encourage you to visit which is, Friday night we’re going to be having a satellite broadcast, beginning next Friday that will be going for 9 nights. It’s 10 presentations from the campus of Andrews University and they’re gonna be talking about some of the most amazing prophecies in the bible. Time to go back to the phones and we’re gonna talk now to Efrank, who’s calling from New York, New York. Your question Efrank?

Efrank: Yes this is Efrank from Australian Queens, New York City. My question is this, based on what happened 5 years ago in the terrorist attack of 9/11, do you think this is a prelude to what’s going to happen in the great treble? Is this a prelude? Is this what is stated in bible as the great Babylon, where JudaismMessianic Cults and (Inaudible 31:59) Cults take over through the Antichrist?

Pastor Doug: Well I’ll tell you what I do think, is I think that these kinds of attacks little by little are eroding our freedoms in creating religious division. Obviously, people become more entrenched in the religious beliefs, when they’re persecuted for those beliefs and on all sides. And I think that as people become afraid they’re willing to sacrifice freedoms for an illusion of security. And it’s gonna get to the place where it becomes easier and easier for the governments of the world to start making religious laws. And one thing that is not happening now, is the people in government are being very careful to say that this is you know, this is an isolated group of extremist and that may be true, but they’re avoiding saying this is a religious issue. It is a religious philosophy that is at war here and we’re gonna see more and more of that I believe, as the time gets closer to the end. By the way, we do have a bible study that talks about Babylon and you’d like a free copy of that Efrank, you can go to the Amazing Facts’ Resource number and that’s 800-835-6747 and ask for the bible study on Babylon, the “Mystic Harlot, Babylon”.

Alright, next we’re gonna be talking to Rudy, in College Place, Washington. Rudy, you’re on the air with Bible Answers Live.

Rudy: Hi Pastor Doug, thank you very much for taking my call. My question is about the fourth commandment and I’m not sure why is it us, I mean, if you shalt not labor on Sabbath, what about doctors, what about nurses, what about guards that worked in prisons?

Pastor Doug: Alright, that’s a good question. First of all, the commandment, the fourth commandment about resting on a Sabbath day, whether a person believes that day is Saturday or Sunday, the dilemma is still there it’s God’s idea. So, what happens? Do people who have 24/7 responsibilities like those in hospitals or someone who’s guarding somebody, do they just abandoned their post? If somebody’s in a hospital and has walked away and say, “Well, see you in 24 hours.” obviously not. Part of Christian Ministry, Jesus said “It’s better to do good on the Sabbath Day.” And so people that need service, protection, those things need to be dealt with, but those of course are the extreme. Now my wife has her degree in the medical field and she would serve people, when she was scheduled to be working and administering on a Sabbath, she would say “I’ll be there and I’ll serve, but I’m not going to accept my paycheck or I would dedicate my paycheck to God’s service.” And so you know she worked for a hospital where she would get her paycheck, they couldn’t control that. But she could chose to take that money and just donate it to God somehow. So, there’s a lot of ways to deal with this, but obviously we’re all thankful that there are people that a manning the hospitals, I think we’re all thankful, that police don’t all go on a holiday once a week, the criminals would take advantage of that. Now I think if you’re a bible Christian, you should try and schedule where you don’t have to be on a hospital for every Sabbath, because obviously it will erode your faith if you can’t gather together, with brothers and sisters. So you should try to arrange the schedule to avoid that.

Rudy: Ok.

Pastor Doug: Some people don’t believe in Jesus, and doesn’t matter to them whether they work on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. So, let them have that time. You know what I’m saying?

Rudy: Yes. Alright. Thank you very much.

Pastor Doug: Ok, hope that helps a little bit. Thank you for your question Rudy. Ok, next we’re gonna be talking with, Frank, has been awaiting patiently. Frank, Queens, New York, your question?

Frank: Hey Pastor Doug, how are you?

Pastor Doug: I’m good, what’s your question tonight?

Frank: Yeah, my question is a question of curiosity. Jesus said, and I’ve read in the bible that He is now in His glory form. What does that mean exactly, does that mean that He’s not barely man anymore? Or if He still gonna be a barely man? Because, He also said that we’ll be able to see the mark in his hands, when it hasn’t. So, I’m just curious about that.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, Jesus is going to still have his human identity in Heaven. Because, I think he’s been permanently aligned with the human race. One of the terms that Christ used to identify himself more than in any other is “The Son of Man”, “The Son of Man”. Jesus, I believe forever, embraced humanity and the human race that is redeemed are going to be his ambassadors through eternal ages, the Lord is going to have moved the capital of the universe to this planet and we will live and reign with Him. And so, Jesus did have a human form when he came forth from the grave. He meant for forty days, He is before the father now, pleading in our behalf and He said I am now your brother. So, I do believe that he will forever retain a human likeness. Of course, keep in mind man was made in the image of God. So, is just like us or are we like Him? It’s sort of a circular question. Did that make sense Frank?

Frank: Yeah. It’s really amazing, it’s like God is our brother forever now. That’s incredible.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, it’s interesting because it says, “Unto us a son is given, He is called the everlasting father and He’s our brother, and He’s our friend.” So, and He says, “He love’s us more than a mother love’s her baby’s” so, any earthly relation, Jesus said, “I love you even more than that” so, hopefully that will give us a little courage there.

Alright, let’s talk now to David. Who is calling from Richmond, California listening on KDIA. Welcome David, you’re on the air.

David: Hi Doug, how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Good and your question tonight?

David: I was wondering, what is God doing in heaven right now?

Pastor Doug: What is God doing in heaven right now? You mean like is he croshaying or you mean, what is He busy doing?

David: (Laughing) Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Well God, in my understanding, now keep in mind, His ways are higher than our ways like the heavens are higher than the earth. And the bible says, “He is past finding out”. God is so powerful that he could probably maintain and sustain all of the life in the cosmos without getting up. He doesn’t even need to reach for a remote, I think God can sit on his throne and do everything. And so, when you say, “What is he doing?” God knows everything, He never reads to learn because He knows everything. Can you learn if you know everything? He’s Omnipresent, so He is everywhere. So He’s not travelling, because He is everywhere. That’s one of the characteristics and He’s all powerful. So, God is in heaven now, He sits on His throne that sometimes is referred to as “The Holy of Holy’s of the Universe”. Christ is before the Father, interceding for the lost race down here and those who have claimed His blood. And the Father is of course hearing that intersection and Jesus and the Father together, are acting out their part in the great controversy in the plan of salvation.

David: Yes.

Pastor Doug: That’s probably the best tab I can take at what He’s doing now.

David: Ok. Thank you Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Alright, thank you and thanks for your patience. Next we’re gonna talk with David, who is calling from Prairie Chien, Wisconsin or Du Chien, Wisconsin and listening on the internet. Your question David?

David: Hi, my question was basically, is baptism required for salvation? Because I’ve already been saved and like I’m a pretty strong Christian. I do a lot of stuff for my church and everything but I’ve always had this feeling about baptism because I haven’t been baptized and I was wondering if that was necessary or what?

Pastor Doug: Well, let me read you a few verses and then we’ll talk about it real quick and I’m just gonna quote this for you. The last words of Jesus before he ascended to heaven was to the disciples, “Go ye therefore, teach all nations, baptizing them.” That’s Matthew 28, “Teaching them to observe all things I’ve commanded you.” Then you have in Mark 16, Jesus said, “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved”. In the Book of Acts 27, Ananias said to Paul, “Arise, and be baptized and was away your sins, calling on the name of the Lord.” So, if Jesus put this kind of emphasis on it, unless you’re born of the water and born of the spirit, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You’re asking kind of a loaded question, is baptism necessary for salvation? There’ll be a lot of people who are not baptized that will be saved. I’m not sure you can be one of them if you know better.

David: Oh Ok.

Pastor Doug: Now what I mean by that, if you know that the bible teaches baptism and you resisting a very clear command of God, why? See baptism is as important to a Christian as a marriage ceremony, as a wedding is to a marriage. Baptism is the public declaration that I have accepted the blood of Jesus to wash away my sin, this water is a symbol of that washing, this waters the symbol of burial, I am being buried, I’m coming out like a baby out of the water being born, new breath, new life. And so, all the symbolism of baptism it’s a ceremony that represents a public confession, commitment, cleansing, why wouldn’t a Christian who’s able to be baptized do it?

David: I see.

Pastor Doug: Now, just to keep prospective David, I sometimes go to a hospital, persons on their death bed virtually, they’ve got all this tubes and machines attached to them, and they accept the Lord and you know, wanna be forgiven. They can’t get baptized thus their physical condition won’t allow it.

David: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: Does that mean that’s an obstacle to their salvation? No, I think the Lord Jesus will give them credit for his baptism. Christ was baptized, he didn’t need it for His sin, He did it as our example. And Jesus I think was baptized in behalf of those who can’t be.

David: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: So, but if you can be and you don’t, it seems like there’s neglect or disobedience.

David: Ok. Thank You.

Pastor Doug: Hey! I’ve got a study, let me tell you, there’s a free study we’d like to send you on baptism. And all you’ve got to do is call this number, we’ll send it to you. Nobody’s gonna knock on your door and bother you. The number is 800-835-6747, tell them you’re listening to Amazing Facts and you would like the free study guide on baptism.

David: Ok.

Pastor Doug: Ok. Thanks a lot David, appreciate your question. Ok, that then takes us to Maxine, who’s listening from Tallahassee, Florida and you’re on the air Maxine.

Maxine: Good Evening, how are you doing?

Pastor Doug: Good.

Maxine: Good. Well I’m interested in the sixth commandment, which says, “Thou shall not kill.”

Pastor Doug: Get real close to your phone,

Maxine: Yeah.

Pastor Doug: I can barely hear you.

Maxine: Oh, can you hear me now?

Pastor Doug: I can hear you now.

Maxine: Ok. I’m interested in the sixth commandment that says, “Thou shall not kill” what is your opinion on a Christian having a permit to carry a concealed weapon for protection?

Pastor Doug: Well that would depend, first of all, I think there are probably a lot of Christians that do. Keep in mind just because a person carries a firearm, doesn’t necessarily mean they plan on using that against another person. They may also use it a deterrent meaning that you know, maybe they’d be assaulted with a knife, they could pull out a gun, fire in the air and the assaulter would run and they really haven’t done any violence. Then there are good Christians I respect, who would say, “You know, if I carry it, it means a lack of faith in God and I might be tempted to use it, and so I’m just not gonna carry one.

Maxine: Right.

Pastor Doug: I think there are good Christians of both sides of that equation. And so, I don’t condemn a Christian who carries a firearm. Now I’ve got some firearms, ‘cause we got a cabin up in the hills and you know, quite honestly we got everything from rabbit, skunks, to rattle snakes up there and it’s not for humans, it’s more of a tool. But I think that the best thing is that we trust God for our defense. There may be occasions where you know, a person feels led by the Lord that it’s a prudent thing to have some protection, but keep in mind Jesus told Peter, “Put away your sword, those that live by the sword, will die by the sword.” So, there’s a balance there that I think a person needs to ask himself, what would they do? I mean if some of you have heard the wonderful story of the missionaries in South America, it was made famous by the book Elisabeth Elliott’s husband Jim Elliott called, “Through the Gates of Splendor” where they were doing missionary work among a very violent tribe. They did carry guns but they had vowed not to shoot the natives, but they would fire into the air. A part of the reason they carry their guns is there’s a lot of dangerous creatures. So, there is that balance, I hope that helps a little Maxine.

Maxine: Ok. Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Thanks, good question. Ok, now we’re gonna be talking next to Ethylene, who’s calling on line 7 and listening from WMCA in New York, Manhattan, where I used to live. Hello Ethylene you’re on the air.

Ethylene: Yes Pastor, good night.

Pastor Doug: Evening, and your question?

Ethylene: Yes, at the crucifixion of Jesus, was it one earthquake or two?

Pastor Doug: Well,

Ethylene: the whole thing

Pastor Doug: evidently, at the death of Jesus there was one earthquake that opened up

Ethylene: Yes.

Pastor Doug: the graves, and that’s Matthew 28.

Ethylene: Right.

Pastor Doug: But then about the time of the resurrection, when angel came to roll away the stone, some felt that was an earth quake. Because, it was the massive nature of the stone or I’m not sure. But, if you’re talking about at the actual crucifixion, there was one earthquake,

Ethylene: Right.

Pastor Doug: at the death of Jesus.

Ethylene: So that was one earthquake and at the resurrection, when the angel comes the bible said, it was the great earthquake then.

Pastor Doug: Yeah. That was when the angel rolled away the stone. But that was a different earthquake, I thought you were asking about the crucifixion.

Ethylene: Oh ok, I think it was two. (Laughing)

Pastor Doug: Yeah, if you do that one they’re two separate ones, because you’ve got many hours between them.

Ethylene: Yes. Ok,

Pastor Doug: Alright.

Ethylene: I might want to know about that. Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Thank you, good question. Going next to line 3, talking to Douglas, who is calling from Stockton, California, listening on our mother station here KFIA. Your question Douglas?

Douglas: Hi Pastor Doug, I just wanna know, I heard you speak that (Inaudible 47:49) like for after we die, (Inaudible 47:54) there’s nobody in heaven now, and I heard you speak that. And I know (Inaudible 47:58 to 49:00) when everything’s (Inaudible 48:01) right, the heaven represents the Lord you know what happens to us right after we die?

Pastor Doug: Alright, just for clarification, there are most people that die of course there sleeping waiting for the resurrection. It doesn’t seem like a sleep for them, because to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. They’re next conscious thought is a resurrection, as far as the time in which we live, we all know that judgment hasn’t taken place yet and the resurrection hasn’t taken place yet and everything in the bible says, people get the rewards after the judgment and the resurrection. Others have developed a doctrine that there’s this kind of this waiting area called, Abraham’s Bosom.

Douglas: Right.

Pastor Doug: But there’s really no bible support for that, other than a parable where it’s mentioned one time.

Douglas: I’m glad you said that.

Pastor Doug: So, but there are a couple of people in heaven now, just for clarification, Elijah went to heaven in a fiery chariot, Enoch was translated without seeing death, and then at the resurrection of Jesus we just talked about in our former question, there was an unnumbered group from around Jerusalem. There was a partial resurrection of some of the probably prophets and patriarchs and kings that had foretold and supported the coming of the Messiah. And Jesus took them to heaven sort of like the first fruits, they could be the 24 elders that are around the throne there in Revelation chapter 4. But the general resurrection, the bible says, “When the Lord descends from heaven with a shout, (Thessalonians 4) then the dead in Christ will rise.” Jesus said to Martha, that Lazarus would rise the last day. Actually she said to Jesus that she knew He would rise in the Resurrection at the last day. So, you know the evidence in the bible is overwhelming that the general Resurrection of the dead is still future. So, was there something specific about this question you wanted me to focus on?

Douglas: Right. That was like right when you said and cause whenever you speak you said, everything’s that go through Bosom of Abraham and you had said one time before that, that they all went to the Bosom of Abraham. Abraham must have a big Bosom you know. (Laughing)

Pastor Doug: Yeah that’s obviously, and in the parable that’s Luke 16, in the Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus Abraham there represents the father of the Jews, and the parable was about the Jews who were rich in truth that were neglecting the gentiles that were starving for the crumbs of truth. And Jesus was trying to explain that there are some of the gentiles that surprise, surprise are going to the Bosom of Abraham, meaning that they are going to be sharing in Abraham’s reward. While some of the literal members of the family are in outer darkness. So in other words, God does not save people based on their race or DNA, they’re saved based on faith.

Douglas: Right, we have to have believe and have faith in God and

Pastor Doug: Right.

Douglas: and I understand it now, you’ve re-enriched me by saying, “I know that when I die I’ll go to my sleep and then when God comes back, I’ll be raised for my judgment.”

Pastor Doug: Yeah. All through the bible, David was told, you will sleep with your fathers. Peter in Acts chapter 2, this is long after the resurrection, he says, “David is dead and buried and not ascended to heaven.” I mean how much more clearer can it be?

Douglas: Right.

Pastor Doug: King David, good King David, dead, buried, not yet in heaven.

Douglas: Right.

Pastor Doug: And so some will say, “Well yeah, but his soul is up there in Abraham’s Bosom” well there’s no scripture for that. It’s… (Laughing)

Douglas: Yeah, like I just listened earlier, when you said, as for the mind present of the Lord you know, and we’re not really.

Pastor Doug: Yeah, well now if a person is saved and they should die, there next conscious thought is a twinkling of the eye and they’re caught up to meet the Lord in the air at the second coming. So for them to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord. But we here on earth living this dimension of time and according to the time in which we live, this hasn’t happened yet.

Douglas: Right.

Pastor Doug: So that confuses people. Anyway, hopefully that helps. And if anybody wants more information on that, then we have a study guide called, “Are The Dead Really Dead?” we’ll send that to you just for asking. If you’d like a copy of “Are The Dead Really Dead?” call 1800-835-6747 and we’ll send that to you.

Alright, we’re gonna keep moving right along here and talk to Carmel. Who’s calling from Brooklyn, New York. Carmel you’re on the air, and your question tonight?

Carmel: Yes, good evening, good evening.

Pastor Doug: Evening.

Carmel: I like to know, did the bible said anything concerning blood transfusion?

Pastor Doug: No, the bible tells us that we should not eat blood. And because of that there are some Christian groups that believe that a blood transfusion falls into the category of eating blood, but that’s really not true. Blood when a person gets a blood transfusion, first of all they’re usually getting the same blood type they’ve already got in their veins and that blood transfusion is intended to save lives. So obviously it’s better for their health to get the transfusion. Eating blood, a lot of disease can be transferred from one animal species to another by eating their blood. Of course we already know, about a lot of these diseases and people are better off staying away from animal products. But a blood transfusion is a medical procedure and it’s not eating when you take something and inject it in the veins, by no definition is it called eating.

Carmel: Yes.

Pastor Doug: So, No, a matter of fact if you’re dying for lack of blood you can drink all the blood in the world, that’s not gonna help you with the transfusion.

Carmel: Yes.

Pastor Doug: They’re going in two completely different systems.

Carmel: Ok. Thank you.

Pastor Doug: Alright? Thank you, we appreciate your question. Next we’re gonna talk to is it Shamaira? In Bronx, New York, welcome Shamaira?

Shamaira: Praise the Lord.

Pastor Doug: Did I say your name right?

Shamaira: Yes you did. Praise the Lord Pastor Doug.

Pastor Doug: Amen. And your question tonight?

Shamaira: My question is, I wanna know if, what color Jesus is?

Pastor Doug: Well, if you go to Revelation, it says that He’s bronze.

Shamaira: He’s bronze?

Pastor Doug: (Laughing) and when John sees Him in vision,

Shamaira: Ok.

Pastor Doug: It talks about that His eyes are a flame of fire, His hair is white as snow, and His skin is of course emanating light and so John is looking for words to describe this. But if you’re asking what color was Jesus when He was on the earth, is that really your question?

Shamaira: In general, it’s just in general, just wanna know…

Pastor Doug: You mean like what color, how deep was His tan, or what race?

Shamaira: What race was He?

Pastor Doug: Well,

Shamaira: No I mean, I know He was Jew but I wanna know, what color was He? Was He white or was He black?

Pastor Doug: Well, what color are Jews?

Shamaira: Jews are white.

Pastor Doug: Well, and you know I actually cringe, pardon me, but I kinda cringe when I hear it that way, ‘cause I’m Jewish, I look at my skin, I don’t look white at all. I got a piece of white paper here and this skin is not that all white. Yeah?

Shamaira: (Laughing)

Pastor Doug: But, keep in mind you can look at the genealogy of Jesus and see that, not only was He related to king David and Abraham, Jesus also had a little bit of renegade blood in Him. Because, He also was related to Ruth, who was a Moabite, and He was related to Rahab who was a Canaanite, and He was related to Tamar, who was also a Canaanite, so Jesus had all of that in His blood. But, He’s probably olive skinned,

Shamaira: (Laughing)

Pastor Doug: like the Mediterranean’s are.

Shamaira: Oh ok.

Pastor Doug: So, you know, when I hear people try and identify the races as red, yellow, black, white, I’ve really met very few people that are white and very few that are red or yellow or black, black. So, you know, I think we accentuate sometimes the differences that way. Jesus was a Hebrew and the bible’s real clear, one reason you know that is because when He pass through the crowd,

Shamaira: Mm-Hmm.

Pastor Doug: He looked like everybody else in town they couldn’t even find Him. That’s why Judas had to say, “This is the one.”

Shamaira: (Laughing)

Pastor Doug: Ok?

Shamaira: Ok. Thank you very much. God bless you.

Pastor Doug: God Bless you and thank you for your question. Ok. Let me see here, we’re gonna talk to Belva. Who is calling from Maupin, Oregon on line 4 and your question Belva?

Belva: My question is, where is that in the bible that a person can pray for another person’s sins? Are they forgiven or isn’t?

Pastor Doug: Well, yes we can pray and intercede. You can hear the music Belva, we can pray and intercede for the sins of others. But, what you’re really asking for is for them to be forgiven of the sin against you. Jesus said, “Father, lay not the sin to their charge” when He was on the cross. Stephen when he was executed said, “Lay not this sin to their charge Jesus said, “Father, forgive them”. So, there they were interceding for others.

I am sorry friends, we tried to take as many questions as we could we’ve run out of time. Keep us in your prayers, be sure and tune in to the Final Events Broadcast, 7pm tomorrow evening on iTV, iNetwork and check out the Amazing Facts Website for more information on the upcoming evangelistic meetings, of Final Events Program, The Most Amazing Prophecies. In everything else we do, we want you to know that the most important thing is not so much the details and the facts but we want you to know a personal relationship with Jesus, the truth that sets you free.

Pastor Jëan Ross: This has been an encore presentation of Bible Answers Live, a Production of Amazing Facts Ministries. To order the materials mentioned on this broadcast call 800-835-6747 from 8am to Midnight, Eastern Standard Time, that number again is 800-835-6747. Have you missed an episode of Bible Answers Live? You can find it on our website at If you’ve enjoyed this program, let us know. Write to us at P.O. Box 909 Roseville, California 95678 or on the web at Remember it is your prayers and financial support that allow us to offer life changing truth to the world. Again, write to Amazing Facts, P.O. Box 909 Roseville, California 95678. Be sure to tell others and join us again next time for more Bible Answers Live with Pastor Doug Batchelor.

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