Ripples of Influence (Ron and Marta)

Date: 10/05/2011 
We were living in our fifth-wheel trailer and had about four channels that we could get in. Better Life Broadcasting Network, it was one of those stations.
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Narrator: In the sleepy little town of Grants Pass, Oregon, there is a truly inspiring story, of which your support has helped Amazing Facts accomplish. Located behind the local Seventh Day Adventist Church is a remarkable television ministry. It's here we caught up with Ron and Marta Davis to hear their amazing story.

Ron Davis: Marta and I moved from Southern California in 1995 up to Southern Oregon. We were living in our fifth-wheel trailer and had about four channels that we could get in. Better Life Broadcasting Network, it was one of those stations. I happened to turn it on there one day. I hadn't seen it before, and there was this fellow on there who was talking about, I'll never forget, the topic Is the Devil in Charge of Hell? It caught my attention and that was Doug Batchelor.

Marta Davis: I was not one to watch television much. I hardly ever watched it. And when Ron started watching Amazing Facts and said, "Marta, you have to see this. You have to see what this guy is saying. It's not what we have been taught." Then I just got glued to the set and all these truths that were coming out that I have never really understood before. I had my bible with me and spent a lot of time in the word.

Ron: The Lord has worked miracles with Marta and I in leading us into the truth. In my bible studies before I was Seventh Day Adventist Christian, there was a lot that I didn't understand.

Marta: As we were watching Doug Batchelor teach these sessions, we would find that he would say something and we'd say, "Well, that's not in the bible that way." Then we'd look and sure enough, it was.

Ron: After watching and studying for about a year and a half, we did join the local Seventh Day Adventist Church up here in Grants Pass.

Marta: We had no idea that when we came into the truth by watching Amazing Facts, Better Life Tv, and 3ABN, how that would all lead us into a position where we were actually in his ministry working for him.

Ron: It worked out to where we became station managers. In 2000, we thought, maybe that would be for six or eight months until they found someone who's really qualified to do this work, but it just worked out to where it continued on.

Marta: We get calls all the time and I can refer people to the websites like Sabbath Truth or to Amazing Facts website to watch other programming. They just love Doug Batchelor and the programs that are on in the Sabbath Schoool lessons and all the different things that are there. We have given out over 10,000 of the Hidden Truth magazines at our camp meetings and at our fair booths and the different things that we do.

Ron: We get a lot of phone calls here at Better Life. Every phone call from people who are new viewers or are calling for the first time always mention Amazing Facts and Doug Batchelor.

Marta: The people who call in just love Amazing Facts. They love watching it. They are so blessed by the truth that are presented there by Doug and how sincere he is and how friendly and how easy it is to understand what he's saying and how clear the truths are. They are like we were, and they wonder why they never saw it before.

Ron: It's a fulfilling thing to do, to be involved in a ministry like this that reaches out throughout all of Oregon now and other parts of Northern California. We have that joy that God gives us to continue on every day.

Narrator: Isn't it amazing to see how God touched Ron and Marta's hearts through the ministry of Amazing Facts? Now, they, in turn, have taken up the work of God at Better Life Television. The signal they help transmit continues to impact others as it reaches out to a potential audience of three million throughout the state of Oregon.

For more than 40 years, Amazing Facts has been reaching out to people like Ron and Marta right where they are through our many Bible study resources, internet web pages, print publications, radio and TV programs, as well as public prophesy seminars. Won't you consider partnering with us by sending your tax-deductible donation to Amazing Facts? P O Box 1058, Roseville California, 95678 or donate securely online at

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