Evolution and the Body - Part 1

Scripture: Genesis 1:20, 1 Corinthians 15:38-39
In either creationism or evolutionism, both are based on faith since no one was around to watch first hand the making of our planet. Evidences in creation point to an Intelligent Designer.
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Today we want to look at one of the most fascinating evidences of creation as opposed to evolution. In no other area is so much heated conviction and dogmatism revealed. Now the reason for this is because we're dealing with a doctrine that cannot be proven scientifically, or by any of the commonly applied laboratory methods. After all, no one was here when the earth was made and when life was first created. Our belief in this matter must be based on faith. In the case of the creationist, his faith is placed in the Bible. But the evolutionist puts his faith in philosophy. Since there is no scientific evidence, certain theories may be propounded in seeking an explanation of the physical world around us, but they must not be presented as scientific truth. Believe me, friend, it's a world of miracle and marvel. The evolutionist and creationist all look upon the same intricate pattern of life and organization, but their explanation of the world is entirely different. From the microscopic to the immense, tremendous wonders are revealed in both form and function.

I don't think any should stir us with more astonishment than the body itself. How can the evolutionist explain the existence of such a delicate, complex machine as the human system? There is only one answer, really, and that is a Mighty, Infinite Intelligence is behind it. The evolutionist says, "No, nature did it. Blind chance and time produced every organ and developed every function of the human body.''

Now this position is one of the most amazing that we can imagine, friends. Because only a fraction of the wisdom and mystery of our body is even understood by the greatest scientists of the day. Is chance and blind nature able to baffle the keenest intellects of the human race? Could mere happenstance produce the highly complicated functions of both body and mind of a human being? Utterly fantastic, we can't believe it for a moment. Every cell of the body is a miracle by itself. By the way, this is the only machine that can repair itself. Man can hardly duplicate even the simplest processes of our bodily functions. Of course, some of them could be duplicated, but what would it require, dear friends, for man to perform some of the simple functions of our body? It has been estimated that it would require machinery and electronic equipment to fill a building as large as the empire state building. Then it would take all the electrical energy of Niagara Falls to operate the equipment, and all the water of Niagara Falls to keep it cool. Yet substances are produced in the body by a few microscopic cells in just a fraction of a second that would require weeks to produce by giant machinery that would cover acres of floor space.

According to the evolutionist, of course, man's origin goes all the way back to a little one-celled amoeba. Proof for this? of course, there isn't any. The fact is, that until the invention of a microscope, there was no scientific evidence of the existence of an amoeba. There were no fossil remains, of course, because they're made out of pure protoplasm (which is just like jelly). Now don't misunderstand me, friends, I do believe that these one-celled forms of life were in existence from the very beginning of creation as Genesis 1:20 reveals: "God said let the waters bring forth the moving creatures that hath life." But I do say that there was no scientific proof about the existence of those things long before man appeared, this is what the evolutionist claims. Yes, there are multitudes of those one-celled forms, paramecium, protozoa, etc. By the way, the zoologist observing these cells through the microscope can see just as much difference between them as we see between cows and horses. Their methods of moving, of eating, or reproducing are different but, friends, there is always one thing in common with these one-celled forms of life, they only reproduce after their kind. There is no reason to believe that an amoeba ever changed into any higher form of life. Now here is a question the evolutionist can't answer: How is it that the dinosaurs and some of the other great creatures have perished from the earth, literally disappeared from the stage of history and yet the one-celled ancestor remains here by the billions, and not one of them is in the process of changing after countless of generations of being observed?

Yes, another interesting fact too, the cells are all different in these different families or species. You take chromosomes, for example. These are found in all cells, of course, and they determine the characteristics and the family lines. There is a different number of chromosomes for all species. This makes cross-breeding impossible, by the way. Cats and dogs can only reproduce after their kind, they can't form any kind of unholy mixture between the different families of animals. Now this is interesting because it actually fits in exactly with what the Bible teaches. In 1 Corinthians 15:38,39, we read: "But God giveth it a body as it hath pleased Him and to every seed his own body. All flesh is not the same flesh but there is one kind of flesh of men, another flesh of beasts and another of fishes and another of birds." In other words, friends, no matter how much alike they might look on the outside, they're all different. It's a different kind of flesh as the Bible puts it. How often a man and a monkey may look alike as far as the external form is concerned! The hand of a monkey and the hand of a man may be very similar. Now friends, does this prove that there is any kind of relationship between the two forms of life? This is looking at the morphological evidence which is only the external evidence. But we're more concerned with histology which deals with the minute internal make-up of cells, etc. Now if there is going to be any scientific evidence, we insist on it being more than just mere external form and shape. It must be based upon some very careful scientific examination, a histological approach, in other words.

It reminds me of a little boy who came in one day and told his dad very excitedly: "Dad, at last I know how horses are made." His dad said, "Well, how is that, son?" "Why," he said, "the blacksmith makes them." His dad said, "Oh, no, how did you come to such a conclusion as that?" "Well," he said, "I saw him.'' His father said, "What did you see? Really, you didn't see him making a horse.'' He said, "Well, he wasn't making it, but he was just finishing one up. He was just nailing his feet on as I came by.'' Well, that is a little bit amusing to us, friends, but really if we just take the appearance of things, we might be led to many false conclusions.

Now what do we find on close microscopic examination of these cells? Well, not only are cells different within families, but even the cells of different organs within the same body differ considerably from each other. Apparently there are certain elements in certain cells for certain organs and they will not function in or for any other part of the body, or any other organ of the body. Now why do I say that? Well, in a living body cells are constantly dying. Most cells can live approximately 28 days and the shortest about 7 days. So many of the 26 trillion cells of the body are replaced completely within every four-week period. Now that's a tremendous rate of cell replacement, of course, but what happens to all the dead cells? They make a complete circuit in the blood stream and return to the parent organ where they died. For example, the liver cells will enter the blood stream and make a complete circuit and come right back to the liver again but, friends, those liver cells will not be received by any other organ of the body. They will come back only to the liver. Heart cells will come back only to the heart, they would be expelled by the lungs or any other organ of the body. Now when they return, what happens to them? They're broken down into component elements and used again in the creation of new cells. Now that's very interesting, friends. They are almost like a fertilizer to produce other cells in that same organ of the body.

Well, these facts about cells prove beyond any question that man has no relationship to other animals because the bodies are different, the cells are different, and even the different parts of the body itself contain cells that differ from other parts of the body so there could be no question of one form of life turning into another form. They all have two things in common, bodies of dust and the breath of life but that ends the kinship. Man has reason and conscience which sets him apart as a different order of being entirely.

I read about one man who was trying to determine if monkeys had any human characteristics. This researcher was trying to get a monkey to put a few simple blocks together, but the monkey wasn't responding very well and the man finally thought that maybe the animal was a bit embarrassed by his presence, so he slipped out the door and bent down to look through the keyhole to watch the animal. To his utter amazement, he saw on the other side the monkey peering through the keyhole at him from the other side. So he found at least one human characteristic in the monkey, curiosity. No, the missing link is still missing, friends, and always will be. There's not one instance of animals crossing lines of own families in reproducing. One of the most unreasonable claims of evolution relates to the accidental development of the complicated human body. The marvel of this intricate machine furnishes the strongest proof against the claims of evolution. Only an Intelligent Designer and Master Engineer could have developed this miracle of form and function.

Consider the heart, for example, it's an amazing pumping machine, about the size of a human fist but it pumps all six quarts of blood through the entire body every minute. In a lifetime, forty one million gallons of blood will be pumped from each ventricle of the heart. That's a hundred and fifty thousand tons, by the way. And that little organ has no rest any longer than three-fourths of a second. Every twenty-four hours that heart does an amount of work equal to what the leg muscles of a man would perform in climbing a mountain thirteen thousand feet high. Think of that! The heart, in fact, is a powerful muscle which has a very powerful contraction, but what causes it to beat? Well, it has a kind of electrical timing apparatus called a pacemaker which generates a tiny electrical impulse 70 times a minute which sweeps across the muscle fibers of the heart causing it to contract.

Now, friends, they can call this a pacemaker if they like, but I prefer to call it the power of God. To consider this mysterious generator as a product of chance is just too incredible, we can't believe that , not for a moment.

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