Heroes Of Faith

Heroes Of Faith

In this fun, inspiring, and educational 10-part series for the whole family, Pastor Doug Batchelor presents the real heroes of His-Story, the Bible, in a time when good heroes are so hard to find. Heroes of Faith will introduce you to some of the greatest heroes of Scripture—including Joshua, Mary Magdalene, Elijah, Rahab, and many more. You will be inspired by imperfect men and women in the Bible who kept their eyes on our ultimate hero, Jesus Christ.

Duration: 60 minutes
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Broken Chains

Why would a loving God make a devil and how can we be protected from evil?...

Prison Break

The Bible is filled with encouraging stories of how God can radically transform a life from bondage ...

At Jesus' Feet

The touching story of Mary Magdalene. As she spent time learning and praying at Jesus feet, wonderfu...

Rahab's Red Rope

With the blast from the trumpets and a mighty shout, Joshua delivered the people hiding in Rahab's h...

Washed in the Jordan

Naaman the Syrian general had a terminal case of leprosy until he followed Elisha's instructions and...

A Double Portion

Elisha closely followed his Master Elijah and received a double portion of his spirit. Jesus promis...

The Glorious Mount

Jesus led the apostles Peter, James and John up a remote mountain to pray and they watched as Jesus ...

Giant Faith

Faith is the crucial essence of what we need for salvation. It is more than simply believing God ex...

The Unsinkable Ship

The remarkable story of some of the passengers on the ill-fated Titanic and how their lives reflect ...

The Storm of Jonah

What happens when God's servants run from the will of the Lord? And what happens when they stopped r...