Landmarks of Prophecy

Landmarks of Prophecy

What significance does a prediction given thousands of years ago have for you today? What recent world events are harbingers of the end? Are you ready for the coming crisis? Join Pastor Doug Batchelor for an exciting, contemporary Bible study adventure that not only offers clear answers to these pressing questions, but also gives you keen insight into what lies next in human history and the practical tools you need to thrive and survive in the here and now!

Duration: 60 minutes
Study Guides
0x5B1. Dream of the Ages - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B2. Return of the King - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B3. The Prince of Pride - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B4. Ultimate Sacrifice - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B5. The Devil's Dungeon - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B6. The Unchangeable Law - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B7. The Rest of Our Work - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B8. Bewitching Spirits - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B9. The Final Firestorm - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B10. Cleansing the Sanctuary - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B11. The Magnificent Kingdom - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B12. Born in a River - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B13. Bowing to the Beast - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B14. Marked for Death - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B15. The Woman of Truth - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B16. The Daughter's Deadly Dance - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B17. Babylon's Buffet - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B18. The King's Ambassador - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B19. True and False Prophets - English | Spanish 0x5D
0x5B20. The Goal of the Godly 0x5D - English | Spanish 0x5D

Program Listings for Landmarks of Prophecy

Dream of the Ages

There are a number of landmarks in the Bible that give us points so that we can know where we are in...

Return of the King

The climax of history will be the Second Coming of Christ....

The Prince of Pride

God does not force us or the angels to love Him. Lucifer brought evil into the universe when he let...

Ultimate Sacrifice

The story of Abraham and Isaac represents how God loves us so much that He was willing to sacrifice ...

The Devil's Dungeon

There will be a thousand years where we will live and reign with Christ. During that time the devil...

The Unchangeable Law

The day is coming when laws will be passed regarding worship which go against God's laws. Those who...

The Rest of Our Work

God set aside a day in every week to spend time with us and develop a relationship with Him. We do ...

The Richest Caveman

Happiness does not come from fame or fortune. Pastor Doug Batchelor shares his life story and how he...

Bewitching Spirits

What does the Bible say about death?...

The Final Firestorm

What is the truth about hell? Does it burn forever?...

Cleansing the Sanctuary

The sanctuary rituals of washing and sacrifice are examples of the steps to salvation....

The Magnificent Kingdom

What promises are in the Bible about Heaven?...

Born in a River

Baptism is a sign that we are humbling ourselves, obeying God, and having sin washed away....

Bowing to the Beast

When you follow Jesus you might go through some very difficult times, but you don't go alone. Jesus...

Marked for Death

What is the Mark of the Beast?...

The Woman of Truth

Is there absolute truth? How do you know what truth is and which church is right? Religions can be...

The Daughter's Deadly Dance

It is important to know what the Bible really says. Some churches teach deceitful theology that can...

Babylon's Buffet

We worship God with both our mind and our body. When our mind is clear and our body is healthy it i...

The King's Ambassador

What kind of life should we be living?...

True and False Prophets

Does God still speak through men and women? Does He still use people to prophesy?...

The Goal of the Godly

How do we really follow Jesus?...