Amazing Facts Documentaries

Amazing Facts Documentaries

Amazing Facts Documentaries

Duration: Varying minutes
Program Listings for Amazing Facts Documentaries

Pastor Doug Sells His Airplane

Pastor Doug and Karen Batchelor talk about their decision to sell their airplane.... 12/01/2017

Country Living with Pastor Doug

There is something about the country that brings peace and serenity. Pastor Doug Batchelor gives pr... 09/01/2016

Amazing Facts 50 Years of Evangelism

Amazing Facts - 50 years of evangelism. Started in 1965 with a God-inspired concept to preach the go... 12/01/2015

Revelation : The Bride, the Beast and Babylon

Going to the very heart of the Bible's most challenging book, this documentary decodes the visions o... 12/31/2014

Cosmic Conflict: The Origin of Evil

How could sin invade a perfect world made by a loving God?... 12/31/2009

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