Doctrines That Divide

Doctrines That Divide

Christian churches often hold vastly different views on key Bible teachings. While there are many Christ-like people across a wide range of denominations, for one to be right about a major Bible issue usually means that others must be wrong. This program covers five of these most contested beliefs. Learn about Christian doctrine from the Bible.

Duration: 60 minutes
Program Listings for Doctrines That Divide

Justice and Mercy

Because there is mercy does that mean we do not have to obey the law?...

The Time of Your Life

How important is it to keep Sabbath?...

The Apex of History

The Apex of History will be Jesus' second coming to Earth....

Cleansing the Temples

Our body is the temple of God. How does He want us to treat it?...

The Afterlife

What really happens when we die?...