Sabbath School Study Hour

Sabbath School Study Hour

Quarterly: Education. You’ll get fresh and in-depth biblical insight from our popular Bible school program in time for your weekly lessons! (60 minutes). Get into the Bible and grow in your faith.

Duration: 60 minutes
Program Listings for Education

Education in the Garden of Eden

This program is closed captioned
True education will lead to true knowledge, the knowledge of Christ, and thus not only will we becom...

The Family

This program is closed captioned
What does the Bible say about education in the family, and what principle can we take away from it f...

The Law as Teacher

This program is closed captioned
This week we will study the role of God’s law in the whole question of Christian education. As part ...

The Eyes of the Lord: The Biblical Worldview

This program is closed captioned
As human beings, we never look at the world from a neutral position. We see it, always and only, thr...

Jesus as the Master Teacher

In sending His Son to this planet, the Father sent the Master Teacher on a mission: to show humankin...

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