After spending time on social media, do you ever feel not good enough? You’re not alone. Many youth and young adults just like you have lost their identity to the world's ideals, but you can reclaim the only identity that will fulfill and empower you—the one you have in Christ! At the 2023 Amazing Facts Youth Conference, EYEdentity: Changed by Beholding, the purpose of your life will be brought into deep focus. Come reclaim your identity so that you can experience lasting joy and peace!

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Program Listings for EYEdentity

How to Escape the Pleasure Trap!

People are in love with technology! By beholding media, we are changed and our brain is re-wired. It... Scott Ritsema

How Low Would God Go?

Jesus sees you, and knows your sorrows. Jesus does understand and relates even to our deepest pains.... Other

Transformation Starts Here

A relationship will only grow if there's intentional connection. Find peace, comfort and refreshment... Other

Conformed or Transformed? Part 1

How exactly and to what extend is media transforming our minds? Do actors/actresses attribute their ... Scott Ritsema

The Search for Identity

It looks hopeless. Does my life even matter? What if I am who they say I am? These and so many more ... Other

Beholding Truth or Lies?

Negativity, is cancerous. When the mind attacks the body, we might even die from a lie. What lies am... Other

Dare to Change the Game

Satan's playing, for keeps. Are you just going to sit back and let him steal your soul? With Jesus o... Dwayne Lemon

Conformed or Transformed? Part 2

Your brain's been taken captive! With honed and sharp skills, technology traps us and media is used ... Scott Ritsema

Going to Hell in a Ferrari!

I want to have fun! I want to be popular. I want the American Dream. So Calvin lived his best life,... Other

How to Be Human Again

Do you have a shorter attention span than a goldfish? Media minds are indeed being conformed and tra... Scott Ritsema

Who Do You Think You Are?

Am I a man, or a monkey? "The Girl with No Name" was raised by monkeys. After being kidnapped, isola... Pastor Doug Batchelor

How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth

What is faith? How can I become a soldier of faith? Faith involves knowing and depending on God's wo... Other

If It Is to Be, It Is Up to Me!

Are you in or out? It's your choice. There's no neutral ground in this spiritual war we find ourselv... Other

Question and Answer Segment

Answers to your common questions are presented in this panel of Biblically grounded speakers.... Various

God's Secret Weapon

History repeats itself. Will I learn from the past? Will I falter? Or will I be found faithful? Look... Dwayne Lemon