Prophecy Alerts

Prophecy Alerts

Part of our mission at Amazing Facts is to keep you up-to-date on world events that have scriptural significance. As news of prophetic importance happens, you’ll find relevant articles right here to enlighten your understanding of last-day events. Jesus told us to watch and be ready. Stay informed and look for updates from Pastor Doug!

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Program Listings for Prophecy Alerts

Islam & Christianity in Prophecy

The religions of Islam and Christianity are drifting toward "critical mass" events that are actually... 12/09/2016

Pope's New Sunday-Keeping Appeal

Prior to his September visit to the United States, Pope Francis has laid bare his deep devotion and ... 08/14/2015

The Deadly Wound Healed? Pope Francis Calls for Unity

Pope Francis pleads with Christians from all denominations to help heal a wound of discord through t... 06/07/2015

Antichrist Unity Agenda

The spiritual and political worlds are changing rapidly, just as the Bible predicted. Here is a rev... 01/12/2015

Pope Francis Superstar

Over the last 18 months Pope Francis has become a superstar around the world. However, some of his l... 06/12/2014

Pope's Video Fulfills Prophecy - Pt. 2

Pope Francis over the course of one year has become a major world personality. Many Bible prophecy's... 06/03/2014

Pope's Video Fulfills Prophecy - Pt. 1

A recent video from Pope Francis appealing for unity with Protestants in America has gone viral. Man... 02/27/2014

Revelation: The Bride, the Beast and Babylon

Now you can understand the true identity of the two women in Revelation and better grasp the rest of... 09/01/2013

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