Prophecy Alerts

Prophecy Alerts

Part of our mission at Amazing Facts is to keep you up-to-date on world events that have scriptural significance. As news of prophetic importance happens, you’ll find relevant articles right here to enlighten your understanding of last-day events. Jesus told us to watch and be ready. Stay informed and look for updates from Pastor Doug!

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Program Listings for Prophecy Alerts

Climate Sunday Launches Across Britain and Ireland

An appeal was made by an Ecumenical group to Pope Francis in June, 2020, to lift the excommunication... 09/18/2020

How the Pope Plans to Save the Planet

It is looking more and more like the Pope plans to introduce Sunday laws cloaked as an environmental... 09/04/2020

Is Armageddon at the Door?

With everything that is happening in the world these days people are wondering if we are at the door... 07/24/2020

The Deadly Wound Continues to Heal

No Pope has made more vigorous efforts to heal the spiritual wound between Protestants and Catholics... 05/29/2020

Pope Condemns Christians Who Try to Convert Unbelievers

The Pope said Christians should not try to convert unbelievers. But didn't the Lord tell us to per... 12/22/2019

Historic Headlines - the Pope in Prophecy

How does prophecy address systems of belief that were foretold long ago?... 10/01/2019

Pope Summons World Leaders to Sign Global Pact

On September 12, the Vatican produced a YouTube video of the Pope reading a statement and issued an ... 09/18/2019

Islam and Christianity in Prophecy

ISIS of course stands for the Islamic state of Syria and Iraq because there is this desire among man... 12/09/2016

Pope's New Sunday-Keeping Appeal

Prior to his September visit to the United States, Pope Francis has laid bare his deep devotion and ... 08/14/2015

The Deadly Wound Healed? Pope Francis Calls for Unity

I thought it was important to come back in the studio and give a little prophecy update because ther... 06/07/2015

Antichrist Unity Agenda

The spiritual and political worlds are changing rapidly, just as the Bible predicted. Here is a rev... 01/12/2015

Pope Francis Superstar

A lot has been happening in the news lately and I thought it warranted us having a prophecy news upd... 06/12/2014

Pope's Video Fulfills Prophecy - Pt. 2

Friends, I thought I ought to come into the studio again because there's been a lot happening in the... 06/03/2014

Pope's Video Fulfills Prophecy - Pt. 1

Friends, I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about some very interesting events that have recen... 02/27/2014

Revelation: The Bride, the Beast and Babylon

Now you can understand the true identity of the two women in Revelation and better grasp the rest of... 09/01/2013