Ten Commandments

Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments are suffering an identity crisis are they merely antiquated relic of an ancient culture, or do they still have meaning, purpose, and application for people living today? Pastor Doug Batchelor explores the amazing riches that can be mined from each and every commandment, revealing that God's law is still a treasure trove of wisdom that offers incredible, proven solutions to the real-world problems of everyday life.

Duration: 60 minutes
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Laws of Love and Liberty

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God's laws do not take away our freedom, they are there to protect our liberties. It is important t...

Worship Him Alone

Is it possible to be worshipping other gods and not know it?...

The Image of God

The second commandment forbids worshiping an image of God. Attempting to represent God by material ...

His Holy Name, Our Reverent Life

Why is it wrong to use God's name in vain? Why does He care about that?...

A Day to Remember

The fourth commandment is about the Sabbath. Keeping the seventh day of the week as a Sabbath was i...

Honor Within the Family

The fifth commandment is about honoring, respecting, and caring for parents. It is the first comman...

Matter of Life and Death

The sixth commandment is "Do not murder". Do not take another person's life in a pre-meditated, mal...

Adultery, Loyalty, and Love

The seventh commandment about adultery forbids not only acts of impurity, but also thoughts leading ...

Respecting Ownership

The eighth commandment about stealing is not only about never taking something that does not belong ...

Speaking Truth in Love

The ninth commandment forbids lying about people, or withholding truth or any other action that woul...

A Greedy Heart

The tenth commandment forbids "coveting". You are not to have an illicit desire for someone else's ...

Keeping Power

The commandments of God represent a perfect expression of God's will for our lives. The first four ...