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New Revelation
New Revelation
This groundbreaking prophecy series will forever change how you look at the Bible and your future. Follows the Amazing Facts Study Guide series. Understand the book of Revelation and the end of the world in more depth.

Duration: 60 minutes

Program Listings for New Revelation


Is There Anything Left You Can Trust

What is the Bible? Can we trust the Scriptures? Are they are reliable source of information and dire...

It's Still There

Does God truly love you in a personal way? Does the Lord know you and care about you? He demonstrate...

What You Don't Know Will Hurt You

Who is the devil? Where did he come from? Is ignorance bliss on this subject? There is a battle goin...

You Are Responsible

This lesson focuses on the law of God. What is it? Are the ten commandments still binding? Weren't t...

It's Headed Straight Towards You

What does the Bible teach about the 2nd coming of Jesus? Christ promised to return to receive His pe...

Don't Be Fooled

What does the Bible teach about God's day of worship? Many believe in ideas that are followed by the...

A Colossal City in Space

Is heaven for real? What does the Bible teach us about heaven? It is a real place, the dwelling plac...

Has Holy Wedlock Become Unholy Deadlock

The family unit is the basic building block of society. When the sacred institution of marriage is n...

Are the Dead Really Dead?

What happens when you die? Does your spirit live beyond your body in a conscious form? Is the soul i...

Buried and Forgotten by God

The Bible teaches that baptism marks a turning point in our submission to God. You change masters. I...

Is the Devil in Charge of Hell?

What happens to the wicked when they die? Do they go directly to hell and burn for eternity? The Bib...

Coming World Blackout

What does the Bible teach about the millennium, the thousand years spoken of Revelation 20? It begin...

God Drew the Plans

God made a visual illustration of salvation through the sanctuary. There were three physical temples...

You Wouldn't Do This?

What does the Bible teach about health? The Lord wants us to be in good health as a way to glorify G...

Angel Messages from Outer Space

Should we study the book of Revelation? Isn't it a sealed book? And what does the message of the thr...

The Big Radar Has Caught You

This sermon speaks about complete surrender to God and following Jesus in obedience. A Christian is ...

Who is the Antichrist

Who is the antichrist? Is he alive today? We learn that beasts represent kingdoms. Waters represent ...

God Sets a Date for the Judgment

What does the Bible teach about the judgment? God uses many different analogies to teach us about tr...

Facing the Judge

What does the Bible teach about a coming judgment? There are three phases of judgment. The first pha...

The Mark of the Beast

This lesson focuses on Revelation 13 and two beasts (the Roman Catholic Church and the United States...

The USA in Bible Prophecy

Revelation 13 speaks of two powers that will persecute God's people. The first has been identified a...

What's Wrong with my Church

This lesson focuses on Revelation 17 and the immoral woman who represents the fallen church. She sit...

God's End Time Church

What does the Bible say about God's end time church? There are so many different denominations. Is t...

Does God Inspire Astrologers & Psychics

What does the Bible teach about prophets at the end of time? Has the gift of prophecy stopped with t...

Worldwide Embezzlement Scandal

What does the Bible say about money? In the judgment God will look at not only who we are but we do ...

The Word That Transforms

This lesson the Word that transforms. We want to live for God because of our love for Him. Commitmen...

No Turning Back

Is there a sin which God cannot pardon? What is the unforgivable sin? Is there such a thing? This se...

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