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Millennium of Prophecy
Millennium of Prophecy
An eye-opening series with Doug Batchelor about the end-times that will strengthen your faith and give you hope for your future. Follows the Storacles of Prophecy lessons series.

Duration: 60 minutes

Program Listings for Millennium of Prophecy


The Millennial Man

Many people are concerned about what the future holds. We can find only one source of prophecy that ...

Back to Jerusalem

Revelation is a book that reveals Jesus Christ. We understand the prophecies of this book is through...

The Coming King

The Coming King speaks about the Bible's teaching about the soon coming of Christ. Though we cannot ...

The Rebellious Prince

What is the origin of sin? Did God create a devil? Where did Satan come from? The story of Absalom l...

The Supreme Sacrifice

Who is the central figure of the book of Revelation? It is not the beast. It is Jesus Christ. The st...

The Law of the King

Are the Ten Commandments important and relevant today? What is the purpose of God's law? Were they d...

Bricks Without Straw

Moses is a type of Christ who delivers us from slavery. As in the days of Moses, God is about to do ...

The Glorious Kingdom

The Glorious Kingdom begins with a study of Solomon and the zenith of Israel's history. God has prep...

The Witch of Endor

What happens when you die? There are many different ideas about what happens at death. This sermon l...

Cities of Ash

What does the Bible teach about hell? Is there really a hell? Where is it located and who is in char...

River of Life

This message is on getting a new beginning and how to be clean before God and begins with the story ...

Resting the Land

The Bible speaks about a millennium of time on this earth. What will happen when this black out come...

Bowing to Babylon

What is the first beast of Revelation 13? This sermon speaks about Babylon and what it represents in...

The Mark of Cain

This is the second of a three part sermon on the mark of the beast. It begins with the story of Cain...

A Heavenly Model

What does the Bible say about the sanctuary, a place on earth where God and man could meet? The sanc...

Cleansing the Temple

The longest time prophecy in the Bible is the 2300 day prophecy. Jesus cleansed the sanctuary when H...

A Tale of Two Women

The Bible speaks of a true and false church using the illustration of two women. You can determine w...

Windows of Heaven

This sermon speaks about the stewardship of everything we have, recognizing God owns all. It speaks ...

The Daughter's Dance

There are more than one mother-daughter teams in the Bible that persecuted the people of God. Jezebe...

Ten Times Wiser

What does the Bible say about health? What was the original diet of mankind? Are there clean and unc...

Voice in the Wilderness

This message on how to live a holy life is for those who have accepted Christ and are seeking to gro...

Proving the Prophets

What is prophecy? Are there prophets? Can we believe what the Bible says about the future? People ar...

A Jar of Oil

This sermon is about the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. The story of the widow in Elisha's...

Above the Crowd

This sermon on the apostle Peter teaches us to live above the crowd. A sincere disciple, he did not ...

Pastor Doug's Testimony

Here is the personal testimony of Pastor Doug Batchelor and how God brought him from a life of despa...

The Unsinkable Ship

The story of the sinking of the Titanic provides the backdrop for us as we near the end of time. The...

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