Most Amazing Prophecies

Most Amazing Prophecies

Pastor Doug delivers an amazing step-by-step picture of fulfilled prophecy in the Bible, proving that Scripture can be trusted. He also shows that Jesus is the ultimate MAP for understanding the future.

Duration: 60 minutes
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Program Listings for Most Amazing Prophecies

The Final Kingdom

The Bible speaks of great kingdoms of this world that will come and go. There is only one kingdom th...

Solving the Messiah Mystery

A lot of people question whether Jesus really is the Messiah. Was He the Messiah? Many people say He...

Armageddon Countdown

What is the battle of Armageddon? The Bible speaks about this great battle in Revelation 16. Is it a...

The Dragon and the Woman

This sermon focuses on Revelation 12 and a woman and a dragon. What does this apocalyptic prophecy m...

The Millennium of Peace

This sermon covers three subjects in one: the millennium, death, and hell (the lake of fire). There ...

The Bride of AntiChrist

Who is the antichrist? This sermon delves into Revelation 12, 13, and 17 along with Daniel 7. The an...

Elijah's Return

What does the last Old Testament prophecy of Elijah returning mean? The Bible teaches that John the ...

Bowing to Babylon

The story of Daniel's friends in Daniel 3 teaches us historically about a spiritual truth: someday w...

The Tree of Life

This sermon speaks about the tree of life in both Revelation and Genesis. We once had access to the ...

The 144,000

The Bible speaks of God sealing 144,000 at the end of time. Who are these people? They are sealed by...