05 Revive

05 Revive

Pastor Doug Batchelor breaks the Bread of Life in these powerful messages designed to bring revival and restoration to your church family and missing members. Learn about who Jesus is through astonishing Bible stories. Understand forgiveness, God and His love, living by faith, and the unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit.

Duration: 60 minutes
Program Listings for 05 Revive

Come Return

This sermon in the '05 Revive series called "Come Return" focuses on the Parable of the Lost Sons. I...

Touch Of Faith

This '05 Revive sermon is titled "A Touch of Faith" - the Bible story of Jairus' daughter being heal...

Rahab's Red Rope

This '05 Revive sermon is titled "Rahab's Red Rope." The story of Rahab in Jericho and her red rope ...

Day Of Good News

This sermon in the '05 Revive series is titled "Day of Good News." This talk on true revival revolve...

Saved From The Pit

This sermon from '05 Revive is titled "Saved from the Pit." Several stories in Scripture teach us ab...

Jonah: Stuck In Reverse

This '05 Revive sermon is titled "Stuck in Reverse" and ties in to the story of Jonah. We can learn ...

The Pride Of Life

This '05 Revive sermon is called "The Pride of Life." The story of Nebuchadnezzar being humiliated t...

Abusing The Spirit

This '05 Revive program is titled "Abusing the Spirit." This topic springs out of the story of Samso...

Pleading Our Poverty

This sermon from '05 Revive is titled "Pleading our Poverty." The Gibeonites pretended to be poor an...

Hanging On A Promise

This last sermon from '05 Revive is called "Hanging on a Promise." The cross is the axle upon which ...

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