05 Revive

05 Revive

Pastor Doug Batchelor breaks the Bread of Life in these powerful messages designed to bring revival and restoration to your church family and missing members. Learn about who Jesus is through astonishing Bible stories. Understand forgiveness, God and His love, living by faith, and the unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit.

Duration: 60 minutes
Program Listings for 05 Revive

Come Return

If we backslide or walk away from God, is it possible to return? We'll be examining the parable of t...

Touch Of Faith

What is the difference between a casual touch and a touch of faith? We'll examine the story of Jesus...

Rahab's Red Rope

We'll be examining the Old Testament story of Rahab in relation to faith and salvation....

Day Of Good News

When was the last time that you read your Bible? Does the term 'Christian' just denote a title or a ...

Saved From The Pit

Have you ever been stuck in a deep pit? Not necessarily literally but a pit of circumstances or the ...

Jonah: Stuck In Reverse

Is it possible to run from God? Can we ever really hide from Him? We'll be examining the story of Jo...

The Pride Of Life

The Bible has a lot to say about pride. Its what caused Lucifer to rebel in heaven and ultimately be...

Abusing The Spirit

Is it possible to mistreat the Holy Spirit? We'll be examining the story of Samson from the Old Test...

Pleading Our Poverty

Is God willing to forgive anybody? Regardless of how awful our past sins may have been?...

Hanging On A Promise

What did Jesus mean when He said, 'If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me'? We'll be examini...