God Never Gives Up on Anyone

Imagine a drug-dealing, mafia-connected thug — alone, frightened, friendless — rotting away in a prison cell for a multitude of crimes. It’s hard to see a lot of hope in that picture.

Aren’t you glad then that God never gives up on anyone? Aren’t you thrilled He is able to radically change lives, wherever they are in life?

If anyone ever needed to experience a wake-up call from God, it was Kevin. When he was just a child, both of his parents were addicted to heroin. By the time he was 14, Kevin’s father was dead and his mother was unable to support him. He was taken away by child protective services.

Alone, wounded, and searching for purpose, he did the only thing he knew how — deal drugs. His dangerous mafia connections and his criminal activity eventually landed him a five-year sentence.

But God’s miraculous intervention began in a hopeless, dreary prison cell when someone gave Kevin a Bible and a set of Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides.

As he read, Kevin felt as though each verse was speaking to him directly. He says, “I had always thought I was a pretty good guy. But God made me realize what a monster I was, selling drugs to people, causing them to be addicted — possibly even killing some by feeding their addiction. No one ever really sees their true condition until Christ comes into their life.”

He was so impressed with the quality of the lessons that he did all 27 in just two days! For the first time in his life, he felt God’s presence … and Kevin surrendered his heart to Christ.

After Kevin completed the studies from Amazing Facts, he became a different kind of Christian. In his words, “Jesus became more real to me. I was absolutely gripped with conviction about the soon return of Christ, and I felt an urgency to spread the Word to anyone who would listen.”
Kevin Sears
Compelled by the new amazing insights into God’s Word, Kevin started a ministry in prison! He even hand-delivered Amazing Facts Study Guides to other prisoners. After his release from prison, all he wanted to do was win souls. A local church impressed by his sincerity offered to pay his tuition to the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism, asking only that he return to do an evangelistic series for them, which he did.

Later, Kevin also worked closely with Pastor Doug’s church in Sacramento doing do door-to-door soul-winning. And now he coordinates a team of Bible workers, sharing Christ on a much larger scale.

Imagine! A former drug dealer who destroyed lives with drugs and violence — put away as a hopeless criminal — is now helping to give new life to thousands. From a life of crime to full-time evangelism … only through the grace of God!

This is just one of the ways God is using Amazing Facts to transform lives every single day …

(PHOTO: Right: Kevin also teaches others how to reach others for Christ!)

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