The Power of the MAP

Candice received a fascinating flyer in her mailbox for something called Most Amazing Prophecies. Normally, she tossed these sorts of advertisements into the garbage. Moreover, her faith at the time had been waning under the pressures of daily responsibilities, distractions, and bad experiences at churches with questionable doctrines.

But this ad really grabbed her attention. She had never seen anything like it, and the Bible topics it advertised were intriguing because she had been wondering if all the disasters in the world were pointing to something significant. She was determined to see what this Doug Batchelor fellow had to say about Bible prophecy!

Despite her many other commitments, Candice decided to go to a distant local church hosting the event when suddenly she caught a terrible cold. In fact, her whole family came down with the illness, and Candice says she hadn’t felt that bad in years. Even worse, the weather that week was particularly bad. It was as if the devil was doing everything he just could to keep her away.

Candice determined to go anyway, but it didn’t get much better. Just as she was beginning to feel even worse, the church presentation was inundated with technical problems of every sort. Candice struggled to stay for the program to begin — more than an hour after the scheduled start time. When she finally saw Pastor Doug on the screen and heard him begin talking about the book of Daniel, she says she started to feel as if she was floating on happiness. The way this man winsomely discussed the Bible was actually making sense.

But soon after, Candice became so sick she could no longer attend the nightly meetings. And not long after that, her life once again became consumed with busyness. Yet God had another way of keeping her search for truth going.

Another Path to Truth

About a week later, Candice was browsing the internet when she came upon the official Most Amazing Prophecies website. She quickly discovered that she could download each night’s meeting and watch them whenever she had time. Although it saddened her she couldn’t go to the warm and welcoming church, she was thrilled to watch the entire series online.

Candice especially remembers the afternoon in her bedroom watching the program when she first learned about the Sabbath. She says, “It was a huge enlightenment. The Sabbath became a reality through Pastor Doug’s message.” Indeed, the information she learned that day was so liberating to her soul that she wept for joy.

That moment, she committed to following the Sabbath truth — even though it was very much contrary to what she had learned in other churches she had gone to in her life. And there were many other things she watched online that week she had never heard before, such as the truth about Christ’s second coming, God’s plan for good health, and the Bible truth about hell-fire.

Says Candice, “Today I feel like I have an answer for everything, and it comes straight from the Bible. I realize now that the Bible backs itself up, and that it can be trusted and understood.” Once confused and burdened with questions about her faith, she was able to get real answers through the prophecy series with Pastor Doug.

For her, it was truly an eye-opening revelation and discovery of God’s last-day church. “No one had ever witnessed to me about the Sabbath. But Pastor Doug witnessed to me. It proves that the Word is being preached in this world, and you don’t even have to live in an area full of truth to get that truth.”

A Remnant Transformation

Today lifelong fears have melted away as a result of Candice’s newfound joy in Christ. As a child, she was abandoned by her biological father at an early age, and in her adult life this led to worry and anxiety about others. At times, she had trouble just answering the front door. Now she is very confident and eager to share with others what she has learned through Amazing Facts.

Still, she knows that the devil’s attacks will only get stronger as she tries to witness to her family and others around her. Candice already feels an opposition toward her faith that is much stronger than when she was feeling apathetic and backslidden as a Christian.

But studying her Bible every day and watching Amazing Facts programs is arming her for any challenge that comes her way. In fact, even when she’s folding clothes, she seizes on the online resources available at “I listen to Amazing Facts a lot to get fed. I watch Pastor Doug’s sermons online and Central Study Hour. And members of the church I go to invited me to a weekly Bible study, which has made a big difference.”

In addition, she has completed the Storacle lessons online and is completing our regular study guides with her daughter. She also enjoys visiting our many other truth-filled websites, like For Candice, the Bible is much more real to her today than it has ever been.

“I have rediscovered my first love through Amazing Facts and Pastor Doug. I have learned about a love and a law that are worth holding onto. And I want to share that with people. I am a totally new person — the truth has really set me free.”

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