The Road to Bible Truth

When Judy was a girl, she almost attended church. After her mom died of cancer when Judy was only six-years-old, her father gave her a nickel each Sunday and told her to go to the church around the corner from where they lived.

Well, she knew her dad really wasn’t into church, and she didn’t want to attend either—so she snuck out each week and spent the five cents on candy instead.

Hard times came when Judy’s father remarried. Being very independent, conflicts erupted in the blended home. But after graduating from college, she moved to Seattle where she met her husband. Eventually, they found their way to Sacramento, California.

After two daughters came along, Judy was working at a hospital when she found out that her husband was killed in a motorcycle accident. She was devastated—and afraid knowing she’d face life and work as a single mother. “My life nearly fell apart,” she says …

But God, through Amazing Facts, was waiting with answers to point the way to Jesus.

First Contact
On a Sunday morning, while looking for a program to watch, Judy happened onto an Amazing Facts television broadcast. She says, “I loved it. As I listened, I found myself agreeing with what he said, except when he started saying that Saturday was the Sabbath. At this point, I didn’t know about Pastor Doug’s church, but I went to my Bible and discovered he was right!”

Soon Judy signed up for the Amazing Facts Bible School and began completing lessons and mailing them in. When she finished the introductory lessons, she quickly moved to the advanced lessons and was thrilled at all the new Bible truth she was learning. She found her understanding of Scripture growing tremendously.

Judy then discovered and once more found resources to strengthen her walk with God. When she came across difficult Bible passages that didn’t make sense, she’d type them into our search engine and found articles and sermons that cleared up her questions.

Getting on a New Path
Sometime later, two young AFCOE students, as part of their seminar series pre-work effort, knocked on Judy’s door. The young men provided her with more helpful booklets and DVDs from the Amazing Facts bookstore. She says, “Those young men taught me to pray in a meaningful way. I always prayed for my own needs, but they helped me to realize how important it is to give praise to the Lord in prayer.”

A few months later, the two AFCOE students invited Judy to attend an Amazing Facts prophecy seminar. Often, the young men brought her to the meetings because she was unable to drive herself. “I attended almost every session. God was speaking to me! He has been so good. I let go of coffee, cola drinks, and unclean food. The Lord took away my desire for these things.”

Judy was eventually baptized and says she loves her new church home. She says, “I’m so comfortable here. People accept you for who you are. It’s very multicultural without the gossip and cliques in most churches. I am learning so much and love helping out with the fellowship luncheon each week.”

Butterfly and flowersA Call to Boldly Share
More recently, Judy has been sharing her faith with her neighbor Donna and pointing her to the real gospel. Each Sunday they meet and study an Amazing Facts Bible study lesson. Donna’s best friend recently passed away, and Judy has been helping her grieve and face the pain. Judy says, “Donna wanted to run away, but I told her she needed to get God off the backburner and study her Bible.” The first time Judy took Donna to church, there was an altar call, and before Judy knew what was happening, Donna was upfront committing her life to Christ. Praise the Lord!

“Where would I be without Amazing Facts! They basically saved my life.” Judy shares. “I have found so many answers to my Bible questions. They have led me to my church family. They continue to provide resources so I can witness to my neighbors. If there is one thing Amazing Facts taught me, it was to share my faith. You can’t just sit in front of a television and say, ‘Amen.’ Amazing Facts has helped me get out into my community and witness to others.

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