Unloading a Heavy Burden

Kevin had more than sand and gravel to unload from his life.

Most dump truck drivers unload sand, gravel, and dirt as part of their daily work, but Kevin Paige had more he needed to unload. As his life spiraled out of control and his marriage headed for divorce, he stumbled across the Amazing Facts Bible Answers Live radio broadcast on WJPL-LP 92.1 FM in Barre, Vermont—and his life took a turn for the better.

Both Kevin and his wife Jody traveled down difficult roads in their early years. Though each had a moderate connection with church, both of their parents divorced when they were young. Kevin lived with his father and learned from an older sibling about some roads not to travel. Jody’s parents divorced when she was 12 and her older siblings were already out of the home. She tried to live with her father, but he was caught up in a new marriage and didn’t really want her around. Jody struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts through much of her teen years.

After getting married, Kevin served in Iraq and was deployed for 18 months. When he returned home, Kevin shares, “Our lives were a mess. Divorce was on the horizon. Depression was taking over my wife. We were arguing frequently.”

First Steps
Kevin had plenty of time to listen to the radio while driving a dump truck for the paving company in Vermont. One day he came across a program that caught his attention—Bible Answers Live. He tuned into the program often when he was in range of the low-power FM station. Some of the topics so intrigued him that he wrote Bible verses on his hand while at work. Then he would call Jody to cross-check the Scripture references.

Jody was not easily convinced of the truths Kevin was learning until they ordered the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides and began to carefully go through each lesson. She grew up with great fear about hell and was tormented about what could happen to her and her loved ones. Two lessons, "Is the Devil in Charge of Hell?" and "Are the Dead Really Dead?," brought new light and deep peace to her heart.

Slowly Kevin and Jody began unloading things out of their lives that were weighing them down—collections of worldly music, cigarettes, and more. Friends suggested to Kevin that he sell some of the movies and music he was throwing out, but he wouldn’t do it. “I don’t want to cheat anyone else out of discovering the gift of salvation.”

Sharing and Giving
The Paiges continued to learn new truths. Kevin shares, “I never knew about the Sabbath and didn’t even know which day of the week was God’s holy day. As we grew and the Lord led us along, we changed how we lived. Our marriage became stronger and it really impressed our oldest daughter who witnessed the improvements made in our lives.” The messages that especially led Kevin and Jody to prepare for baptism into the church was The Prophecy Code series.

Today Kevin still unloads materials from his dump truck, but he is now distributing more than sand and gravel. As the Lord opens doors for him to share his faith, he refers people to the Amazing Facts website and radio broadcasts. Two of his favorite resources to hand out are The Final Events and Cosmic Conflict DVDs.

“Thanks to Amazing Facts, our lives have changed so much. Jesus has brought us peace that passes understanding. Trials still come, but God sustains us as we trust Him. We just keep moving forward in faith.”

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