Mad at God

“I was mad at God,” Peggy confesses. “I felt that He had let me down.”

Though she was baptized in 1986, Peggy had bounced around to different churches for years. Then when her family moved to Detroit, she despaired and became angry with God when her daughters got involved in destructive activities.

She says, “I turned my back on Him and began to look into the New Age movement.” Peggy started reading books on reincarnation, witchcraft, and out-of-body experiences. “I read a lot and started to believe in reincarnation and karma.” Eventually, the family moved back to Texas.

A few years later, Peggy’s husband began having health problems. Within a six-month period, he suffered through three strokes. He needed help walking, and lost the use of his right hand. On top of that, he suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure.

“Both my husband and I really began to battle depression. Life seemed to have come to a dead end. We felt like we were just hanging on, trying to survive on Social Security.” Peggy began to think a lot about death. “What was going to happen when my husband died?” And her daughters lived far away. “I felt so alone.”

Peggy’s husband felt hopeless too. He once lived a full and productive life, but now he was stuck sitting in a chair most of the day with nothing to do but watch TV. “That was Satan’s plan, to keep him in despair. But God had a better plan.” They both felt they needed God back in their lives and started searching for a church to attend. During this time they began listening to different preachers on TV.

A Seed Is Planted
“Early one morning, when my husband couldn’t sleep, he was flipping through the TV channels and ran across Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor. He liked him and recorded the program so I could hear him too. We both really liked listening to Pastor Doug preach, but didn’t know much about him or his church.” Peggy’s husband began recording Pastor Batchelor every time he was on so they could continue to listen to him.

One day while reading her Bible, Peggy was looking over the Ten Commandments. For some reason the fourth commandment kept standing out in her mind. She thought to herself, “God, what are you trying to show me?” She read the commandment over again, several times, and began to think she was not truly keeping the Sabbath. After attending church on most Sundays, Peggy would go shopping and do other things. Now she felt convicted that she should dedicate the whole day to God. “I decided I would start keeping the Sabbath right.”

Just a couple of days later, when she sat down to watch another presentation by Pastor Doug, she was taken aback when he preached about the Sabbath! Because she had just been reading about it, her interest was piqued. “After hearing Pastor Batchelor’s message, I realized I truly had been keeping the Sabbath wrong, in more ways than I had realized.”

Peggy and her husband were interested in knowing about Pastor Doug’s church. They liked what they were hearing! Peggy looked in the phonebook and found a Sabbathkeeping church nearby. They decided to attend the next Sabbath, but when Saturday rolled around, they got cold feet.

Questions Answered
Sometime later, Peggy was reading through the book of Revelation and was completely confused. She prayed for God to help her understand this book. A couple of days later, a flier came in the mail with, what she called, “crazy looking beasts on it.” There was a lion with wings and a four-headed leopard. But most eye-catching was a line at the top that indicated it was sponsored by Amazing Facts!

My husband said, “Let’s go!” They were thrilled to listen to Amazing Facts evangelist Jason Morgan, who they found to be a clear and fascinating speaker. Peggy says, “I was so completely excited by the things I was learning from Jason that I didn’t miss one single night. In fact, we came early for every meeting!”

Through the whole seminar Peggy knew in her heart that God led her to this church. “So many of my questions were being answered,” she shares. “I wondered about the second coming, and Pastor Morgan made things so clear, right from the Bible.”

On March 17, 2012, Peggy was re-baptized. She explains, “This time it meant so much more to me. Now I truly understood what it meant to be buried in death with Jesus and raised to new life.” Since this time, Peggy has shared her faith with her mother and other family members who see the Sabbath truth and also joined the church. She continues to pray for her daughters and their families, that God will open their eyes to receive the Sabbath.

Though at one time Peggy was mad at God, she is now so grateful for the way the Lord did not forsake her. “When I look back over how God led me, I am amazed.”


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