Liberated by Truth

As a young girl, India learned to cast her troubles and fears onto God. While she knows now that she didn’t really understand God in those days, she says His mercy toward her has always been apparent throughout her life.

India attended a Catholic school in Louisiana, but when her parents separated, and the tuition dried up, she and her mother moved to California, where India attended a public school. Despite this, she attended church faithfully every Sunday and learned from her mother's devout example. “I always loved the Lord even when I did not understand His Word,” she says. “If I had questions about the Bible when I was little, I would keep it to myself, because I did not want to look like I was challenging the Lord. I never really got into the Bible much because I did not understand it, and I did not have anyone to help me understand.”

Although she had an active prayer life and relationship with God, India struggled in middle school and high school. “I still had anxiety attacks from hearing the conflict between my mom and dad. I also wanted attention and wasn't getting it at home, so I rebelled. I was the troubled child. I was lost. If you said go left, I went right.” India's academics suffered, but she was able to get into a good college anyway.

It was there that India had her first experience with the Sabbath.

Sabbath Seeds
“My roommate, Jennifer, would go to church on Saturday, and she would read her Bible the entire day on Saturday, and she wanted quiet time to herself on Saturdays,” India remembers. “I thought she was weird.” But India also recalls that it was Jennifer's warm spirit that drew her in the first place, and that was enough to overcome the 'weirdness.' “I just liked my roommate so much. I loved her spirit.”

But it wasn't until years after they stopped living together that they ever discussed the Sabbath or issues of faith. India graduated and moved to the Bay Area, where she found Pastor Doug and Amazing Facts on television one day. Doug was talking about the history of the Sabbath, and India's memories of Jennifer returned like a flood. India was captivated. “I was like a student all over again. I was taking notes; I was learning facts! It was all so new; it was the realest experience I ever had. I wanted to tell everyone in my family about the REAL Sabbath!” India called Jennifer when the program ended. “I asked her, 'How come you didn't tell me this wonderful news?’ ”

Jennifer, like many other believers, had been fearful to discuss the topic of religion because she didn't want to cause strife or division with India. But Jennifer had turned to a power greater than she; during her time with India, she had prayed to God many times that He would reveal Himself to her and draw her into a closer relationship. Christ honored that prayer, and now the two women freely discuss their beliefs with each other.

A New Perspective
India's life has changed in a number of ways, but mostly it is her perspective that has changed. “I feel new,” she says. “I feel alert, aware, and at peace. It's liberated me so much! I used to just want to protest and fight. But now it's different. Now I realize the real enemy is the devil, and culture is just a distraction from the real problem. After I learned the truth, I was asked by the dean of my department to speak on a panel about something I don't believe in. Before, I would have done it anyway. What an honor to be asked to speak by the dean! But now I turned it down. That's not who I am anymore.”

India is seeking God's direction in her life. She was recently diagnosed with lupus, but she is continuing to take her problems to the Lord and to trust Him for the solution. She finds encouragement by hearing testimonies of others whose lives and health problems have improved because of the health message.

She's also teaching the Bible truth to her boyfriend, and they are watching Amazing Facts together. India's goal is a marriage that glorifies God. She says her boyfriend is responding well to the truth. Describing his experience, as well as her own, she says, “You get your eyes opened so wide you can't close them!”

To those still on their journeys toward God, India offers encouragement. She remembers her childhood and her limited understanding of God because her religious experience was based on tradition and ritual without much explanation. “Question everything,” she says. “Look at the commandments. Question, why did God say 'remember' the Sabbath day? Question the Bible. You will find that it's truth!”

And she has deep gratitude for those at Amazing Facts. “Thank you so much, Pastor Doug Batchelor, for teaching the world the Lord's TRUTH! Now I want to spread the great news to everyone!” India has tested Christ's words and found them to be true. And like like He promised, India has indeed found that “the truth shall make you free.”
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