From Atheist to Child of God

Santosh grew up in India’s upper caste in a mixed religious home. His father was agnostic, while his mother was a devout Hindu who regularly taught him about Shiva, one of the principal deities of her religion. Santosh even attended a Catholic-run school, but he never learned about Jesus.

The first genuine encounter Santosh had with Christianity happened when he took his mother to a doctor for an illness that left her partially paralyzed. When the doctor told her he had never seen anyone with her condition walk again, Santosh was distraught.

But before leaving the office, the doctor said, “I do know someone who can help you walk again—Jesus Christ.” Santosh never forgot these touching words, and it would later help to awaken something within his heart.

Santosh was living as an atheist at the time, but he admits he was troubled about spiritual matters. Some of his encounters with Christians left him confused as they seemed to lack a deep commitment to their religion. But one day, a group of friends invited him to a church function. He says, “I didn’t think it would cause any harm to attend.”

On a Wednesday evening, these Sabbathkeepers played the video testimony of Pastor Doug Batchelor—“The Richest Caveman.” The message gripped Santosh and moved his heart like never before. While watching, he recognized that he was not in a good place spiritually.

Then, while visiting a local Internet café, he found the Amazing Facts website. He resisted going back to the site but began having troubling dreams. Afterward, as he visited the site again and discovered more truth, his sleep improved.

Santosh eventually found the Amazing Facts Bible Study Guides online, and each day he would complete a lesson. He soon finished all the studies and found that the truths he learned brought him peace. Santosh says, “When I first studied the Study Guides, I didn’t think they would lead me to baptism.” This was a turning point in his life, and within three weeks he was baptized!

Staying Strong in Faith

When Santosh gave his life to Christ, it did not go over well with his parents. Though his family was close-knit, he recalls, “I was thrown out of the house.” To this day, he is still not on good terms with his family, but Santosh is at peace and finds strength in his walk with the Lord.

In 2015, Santosh was diagnosed with leukemia and was given only a year to live. After some treatments, he felt impressed to put his illness completely into God’s hands, praying, “Lord, I have this one year to do ministry for You.” He accepted whatever outcome God had in store for him.

At the time of this report, Santosh is teaching at a Christian university in India. He has a desire to equip more people to share the gospel with those in non-Christian religions. He shares, “I am thankful to the Amazing Facts team for the helpful information they provide on the Internet, for reaching people in places like India, and for leading people like me to personally know God.” He is especially grateful for the role Amazing Facts played in giving him a new identity in Christ.

"I am thankful to the Amazing Facts team for the helpful information they provide on the Internet, for reaching people in places like India."

Of course, his gratitude truly belongs to you! Thank you for making it possible to provide soul-winning resources to millions of people like Santosh in India!

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