Iced to Kill-- Melted for Christ!

Michael’s marriage was on the rocks…

Even though he grew up in a Christian home that enjoyed outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping, these family outings often included alcohol, which frequently led to other substance abuses and family strife.

Unsurprisingly, Michael soon began experimenting with cigarettes, chewing tobacco, beer, and even marijuana. When his high school sweetheart caught him smoking pot at school, she gave him a look he’d never forget. She turned her back and walked away. He got out of the car and ran after her, and she gave him an ultimatum. She said, “It’s me or the drugs.”

Michael says, “I chose her.” At the young age of twenty, they got married. They  eventually had three beautiful kids, but Michael could only wish they lived “happily ever after.” Long work hours and a cross-country move led to serious and constant fighting. Even worse, as their relationship deteriorated, he began to wonder if she was cheating on him.


“Show Me What to Do”

Friends contacted Michael, hinting that something was going on with his wife, but he lived in denial. “I tried to stay together with her, mostly for the kids. I started drinking alcohol, but numbing the pain just didn’t work.”

Michael eventually discovered that, indeed, his wife was having an affair. “I also knew of God, but I didn’t have a relationship with Him,” he admits. “I didn’t know what to do at this point. I got down on my knees and prayed, asking God to show me what to do.”

Two weeks later, Michael arrived home to find a strange man in his living room, watching TV with his wife, while their daughter was playing nearby. Michael’s anger and rage welled up inside him as he went to their bedroom, found his rifle, and loaded a shell. He contemplated loading one for himself. 

As he left the bedroom with the intent of ending the life of the stranger, he stopped in front of a picture of his children, hanging just outside the bedroom door. He loved the photo of his beautiful kids all dressed up in western-style clothes. He suddenly heard a voice in his head say, “Don’t do this.”

Michael fell to his knees, still holding the gun, as he began to sob. He knew his marriage was over. He prayed and asked God to forgive him for what he almost did—taking another man’s life. “God stopped me from ruining my kids’ lives.” Michael and his wife soon divorced, going through a long and painful custody battle. He eventually moved back near his parents, found work, and began drinking heavily, all the while missing his kids.

A New Journey

During this difficult time, Michael found encouragement in his relationship with his uncle—a Sabbath-keeping Christian. He had witnessed how the gospel had transformed his uncle’s life. One day, his uncle invited Michael’s parents to an Amazing Facts seminar, presented by Tyler Long.

“My folks invited me to go, but I refused.” Michael was angry with God for his broken family and for his failure as a father. “I’ll stay here and drink,” he told his parents. He also prayed, “God, how could you allow all this happen to me and my family?”

The Lord was working on his heart, however, and Michael felt an impression to go to the meetings. “So I went,” he remembers, “And God spoke to me at the presentation.” One verse he heard Tyler share pierced his heart: “He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it” (Matthew 10:39). These compelling words convicted him to surrender his life completely to God. Immediately, peace flooded his mind; he then began a new journey as a disciple of Christ.

Michael spent hours studying the Landmarks of Prophecy Bible lessons as he searched for answers and sought to understand the life-changing truths taught in Scripture. He watched many presentations by Pastor Doug Batchelor on the Amazing Facts website. “Pastor Doug explains things in such a way that they’re easy to understand,” Michael recalls.

He was especially impressed by Pastor Doug’s comment in one of the many sermons he listened to online: “If you choose to follow Christ, you need to stop dating the devil.” As Michael put this advice into practice, he found his life was transformed in amazing ways.

A Way Out

Today, Michael enthusiastically shares the Amazing Facts website, along with Landmark of Prophecy materials and other literature from Amazing Facts, with those in his community and even with his own children when he sees them. His life since finding Christ has not been easy, but he continues to find peace, comfort, and hope in the Word of God.

Michael remembers praying when he was baptized that God would make him a true disciple. He realizes that he had to lose his old way of living in order to find true joy. “My love for Christ has grown and has become number one in my life.”

At the lowest point in his life, Michael once believed “there is no way out.” But, thanks to supporters like you, Michael now can say, “Amazing Facts showed me the way out. I am forever thankful.”

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