God Makes a Way

God’s promise that He will help His children through times of difficulty and uncertainty when they are faithful to His calling can clearly be seen in the lives of the Coursey family, who were blessed through the ministry outreach of Amazing Facts and our faithful supporters.

After the birth of their second child, Nick and Mary Coursey settled their family in Phoenix, Arizona, but the fast pace of city life often distracted them from their spiritual growth. But after discovering Amazing Facts, they watched the Pastor Doug’s Millennium of Prophecy series and soon realized that they needed to make serious adjustments in their lives. They believed that raising their family in a quieter, nature-filled environment was their best option for raising a wholesome family.

At the time they made their decision to find a better environment for their children, doors opened that allowed them to move to Canada. While their hearts weren’t exactly ready to move so far away from family, the two felt that God had opened those doors and that they should go.

Yet after settling into their new community, one of their sons, Nico, developed a large cyst. Their doctor suggested they take Nico to a surgeon to have it removed, but during the procedure, the surgeon realized that the cyst was actually a dangerous cancer. He then explained that treatment for this particular cancer was aggressive and would, at the very least, require 43 weeks of chemotherapy and 28 days of proton radiation treatments.

To make matters worse, Canada’s healthcare system lacks machines capable of administering proton radiation. That meant costly trips back to the United States and expensive bills. A diagnosis with limited treatment options would usually spell sleepless nights and financial ruin, but God was leading the Courseys. Amazingly, just weeks before treatment would begin, the family qualified for healthcare coverage in Canada, including proton radiation treatments in the states.

A Church Home

Not having to face a financial hardship spared the family a lot of strain, but that didn’t mean they were no longer challenged. During Nico’s treatments, his immune system was compromised, so the family had to avoid taking their child to places where he might come in contact with a virus or bacteria, and, sadly, that included church.

What could they do to maintain the family’s spiritual growth? They prayed for answers, and once again, God sent them Amazing Facts. Through the gifts of faithful partners, the Courseys were able to watch Amazing Facts programming in the comfort of their home. They were able to avoid crowds of people at church while still feasting on the Word of God. Of course, being forced to stay at home would be disheartening to any young boy, but Nico found solace by watching his favorite program: Amazing Adventure: An Adventure for Life with Jesus. Nico loved watching Pastor Doug present the gospel in a way that he could understand, and he developed a deep connection with the Amazing Facts president.

One day, Nico learned that Pastor Doug would be presenting an evangelistic series nearby. While he wanted to go, chemo treatments were scheduled for that very week and his parents knew that their son would be subject to dangerous diseases. When they told Nico that he could watch the program at home, Nico wasn’t happy—and his heartfelt pleas won over his parents. Special arrangements were made to journey to the series, and Nico was able to sit in the front row and even meet Pastor Doug!

Because you cared enough to give, God empowered Amazing Facts to fulfill a family’s need for spiritual refreshment and teaching in a time of great difficulty. Thank you for providing the Coursey family the opportunity to grow in faith when going to church simply wasn’t an option. Amazing Facts wants to be a pulpit to everyone who can’t go to church, and our global, soul-winning broadcasts are just one way you’re making it all possible. Thank you for your kindness!

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