From Confusion to Confidence in Christ

For nearly three decades, Lily worked as a pharmacist on Saturdays. But after listening to Pastor Doug Batchelor during Bible Answers Live on a Christian radio station, she became convicted that the seventh day was the Sabbath—all because of giving people like you.

And when she prayed for a miracle, God answered …

Tensions and Turmoil

Confusion best describes Lily’s upbringing. “I was raised a Roman Catholic,” she explains. “We went to church every Sunday, but we never read the Bible. We didn’t even have a Bible at home. My parents were in constant quarrels.”

Those tensions filtered down to the children. One of her brothers bullied Lily so much so that she twice attempted to end her life, thinking it would be better than ongoing beatings. As you might imagine, she suffered low self-esteem, and was, she says, “pretty much hopeless.” On top of this, her language was “foul,” Lily admits, and she couldn’t break the habit.

Despite the turmoil between her parents, Lily believed that her father was a good man. He encouraged her to go to college. In 1987, both Lily and her younger brother arrived in the United States for higher education.

But Lily found a great deal more!

Discovering God

At school, Lily was invited to go to church, and she began attending. She also read a New Testament Bible that was given to her before she came to America. While her classmates went out partying on Friday nights, Lily stayed in her room reading and praying.

The result? Lily accepted Christ at age 18 on a Good Friday. She knew she belonged to Jesus because, she recalls, “The first evidence that I am His was that my foul language was gone. I’ve never spoken another foul word since. It’s a miracle!”

But after years of being a Christian and worshiping on Sundays, Lily faced a challenge of faith. And it wouldn’t go away.

A New Challenge

Lily had started listening to Pastor Doug on a Christian radio station at work. What he said was new to her, but it all lined up with the Bible, including the question of the Sabbath day.

“I made sure to listen to Amazing Facts every day,” she says. “Unfortunately, after a few times, Amazing Facts was no longer on the radio.” So she went to YouTube to listen to Pastor Doug’s teachings. “I couldn’t get enough! So many of my questions were being answered.” Lily and her daughter began listening to Amazing Facts every night. She even downloaded the Amazing Facts app so she could listen to Pastor Doug while she was at work.

But Lily’s job as a pharmacist required work on Saturdays. And while it’s true that her work helps other people—dispensing prescription medicines that can treat disease and make living better—she also felt called to observe the Sabbath day. A conflict rose up in her heart. What should she do?

God Makes a Way

“All my 27 years as a pharmacist, I had to work some Saturdays,” Lily explains. “For the past few years, I worked every sixth Saturday.” But her newfound faith, truths she learned through Amazing Facts, convicted her to honor the Sabbath every Saturday.

Lily prayed to God to help her know how to obey Him. Then she went to her supervisor and offered to work every Sunday so that she could have Saturdays off. Her supervisor brought the request to the manager—but he denied it.

Later, a new supervisor was hired, so Lily made the same request and was again denied. Had God ignored her prayer? Should she quit her job? She continued to pray.

Not long after, out of the blue, Lily’s manager approached her and said, “No Saturday work.” When she heard his words, she fought to hold back tears of happiness. “God made a way for me to obey Him!”

Confusion to Confidence

Today, Lily’s faith is strong, thanks to the Bible knowledge she gained from hearing Pastor Doug’s messages on Amazing Facts. Your support brought truth into her life that has helped her meet many work and family challenges. She is now a confident believer and isn’t afraid to meet challenges head on.

Amazing Facts has answered many of her questions about the Sabbath, Bible prophecy, and the afterlife. “I learned more about the Bible in one year with Amazing Facts,” she tells, “than all the years I had been in other churches.” And she’s not keeping all these special teachings to herself. “I am sharing the light given to me with my Christian friends,” she adds.

Lily is now optimistic about the future because of the things she has discovered through Amazing Facts. “I am hopeful,” she affirms, “I know Jesus Christ.” She is also at peace about her father’s death and is grateful for hope beyond the grave.

Thank you for helping to lead Lily from confusion to confidence. Though she was once far from heaven, through your support of Amazing Facts, she now “longs to be close to God.”

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