Saved Through the Storm

Sitting at her desk, Lindsey was overcome by the oppressive weight of fear. Where had the anxiety come from? After all, she was married to a wonderful man, was pregnant with their first baby, and had a great job. But now, she sat terrified in the middle of a slow, eerie night shift. Days passed, and she felt increasingly haunted. Even though she hadn’t attended church in years, she knew only God could help.


Growing up, Lindsey attended a Catholic school and faithfully went to catechism classes and Sunday worship. But as she grew older, she became more secular. Her husband had also been raised a Christian, and they’d have interesting conversations about the Bible. 

Now faced with growing fear, Lindsey remembered hearing about Pastor Doug Batchelor and searched YouTube. After viewing a sermon about evil angels and fear, Lindsey felt peace flow into her heart. “I knew what he was saying was the truth,” she shares. 

One night, at the end of another message, Lindsey sat with tears in her eyes and promised God she would be baptized. She and her husband soon started attending a Sabbath-keeping church and a class that prepared them for baptism. She says, “I was so hungry for the Word. I watched Amazing Facts videos every night.”

Soon Lindsey was baptized, and her loving family, including her husband and their beautiful 19-month-old daughter, Maci Rae, came to support her. Lindsey felt she had everything she’d ever dreamed of—a family, a home, a great job, and now a personal relationship with Jesus.


Just two months later, their world shattered. Maci Rae was diagnosed with Stage-4 neuroblastoma. Doctors told them that this aggressive cancer had filled 99 percent of her bone marrow, with tumors spread throughout her tiny skeleton and a mass on her left adrenal gland.

Lindsey and her husband felt totally dejected—as if Jesus had suddenly forgotten them. Maci Rae began an intense treatment regimen, and Lindsey left her job to care for her. She recalls, “The amount of sadness I felt is indescribable. In an instant, my life was crumbling.”

But even though she felt scared and wondered where God was in their pain, Lindsey fell back on the foundational Bible truths you provided through Amazing Facts. God used these messages to help Lindsey guard her faith.


Lindsey says, “Without Pastor Doug communicating so well, and in a way that really captured my attention, I would be a lost soul. In his sermon about the storms of life, he said that Jesus would not call us to follow Him and then forsake us.

“I remembered this as I faced the biggest storm of my life. Jesus will not forsake us. He will save us through the storm—as long as we fix our eyes on Him.” 

Today, Lindsey praises God that He has grown her faith through her unimaginable trial. Surrounded by an outpouring of prayers and support from family and friends, Maci responded well to treatment and was declared cancer-free.

Lindsey shares, “We know what it truly means to love and to fully put our lives, and our daughter’s life, in Christ’s hands. We have surrendered completely to the will of God, and we pray every day that He continues to keep Maci healed.”

Through your loving gifts, Lindsey and many others around the world continue to find freedom from fear, comfort in sorrow, and the good news of grace, salvation, and our soon-coming King.  

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