Sharing Hope in Troubled Times

From Rage to Peace

All his life, Dwight was a fighter.

He had to be. He’d been through so much—living with an abusive father who drank all the time, being bullied by his peers, and struggling with suicidal thoughts. He had even attempted to hang himself when he was just ten years old. 

By the time he was 12, Dwight was filled with rage fueled by his excruciating home life. He used sports to fight back and was soon known on the football field for breaking bones, even those of his teammates. After high school, he took that rage with him and enlisted in the Army. 

But by God’s grace, his life began to change dramatically when, because of compassionate people like you, he discovered Amazing Facts.

In his early 20s, Dwight accepted an invitation to an Amazing Facts prophecy seminar. Each night, the Bible truths presented blew him away. He says, “The mark of the beast, 666, the Antichrist—it all made so much sense. It was incredible. The presentations were so well laid out, there was no way you could deny the truth of God, of Jesus, of the Bible.”

At the end of the seminar, he was baptized.

A Peace Beyond Understanding

However, just as he was welcomed into a new church home, he lost his job. Soon he was living on the streets. He shares, “I was sleeping under bridges. I’d take showers at the gym and show up for church clean and dressed in a suit. No one knew that just a few hours before, I’d been sleeping next to a dumpster.”

Yet even though he experienced such hardship, Dwight still felt blessed. “I was growing closer to God through those trials, learning to trust Him even in the worst moments of my life.”

Dwight even became active at church and, all along, he continued praying, growing in faith, and studying the life-transforming Amazing Facts materials that you helped provide to him. “Amazing Facts gave me a new understanding of the true gospel.”

Today, Dwight has a job and he and his wife also have a door-to-door ministry handing out Amazing Facts Study Guides! He says, “Once you realize just how powerful God is, the unlikely becomes possible—even probable. Thank you for changing my life!”

And we thank you, friend, for allowing the Holy Spirit to use your gifts to bring hope to a hurting and downtrodden man. In turn, he is now sharing his new hope with thousands more!

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