A Life Transformed

Dankin knocked on the door and waited; the sun was hot on his back. He heard movement, and then something bumped against the door.

“One moment!” a woman called. 

Soon the door cracked open, revealing a sick woman in a wheelchair. Dankin watched her struggle to maneuver her chair so she could open the door fully.

Dankin greeted the woman cheerfully, but it wasn’t long before her sad story came pouring out. Her husband had left her, and then she became sick. Finally, an accident that resulted in two broken legs led to her confinement in the wheelchair. She felt completely alone.

Dankin looked down at the book in his hands—At Jesus’ Feet by Doug Batchelor. Though neither knew it then, this book would change her life. 

Staying in Touch

Dankin thought about the story of the woman in the book. Mary Magdalene’s life had been difficult because she had no one who truly loved her. But meeting Jesus had changed everything.

“Please take this book,” Dankin urged the woman, hoping she’d discover the same love that transformed Mary’s life. Before leaving, he also left his phone number with her. 

Not long after, he received a call. The woman had finished reading At Jesus’ Feet and loved it! “Where can I get more books by this author?” she asked.

Unfortunately, this was the only book by Pastor Doug published in her language, but Dankin promised, “I’ll do my best to get you another book.”

Meanwhile, Dankin directed her to the Hope Channel, where Pastor Doug’s sermons are often broadcast. As the woman listened to the messages, she learned about Jesus’ love, the Sabbath, and the Bible’s end-time prophecies. She and Dankin also became good friends.

Partnering Together

Today, Dankin’s friend belongs to a Sabbath-keeping church. Her husband eventually returned, and they’re now happily married.

Dankin shares, “It is a very good thing to lead someone in a simple way to the information that saves their life.” His friend now invites others to her home to watch Pastor Doug and the Hope Channel. “She’s equipped for ministry,” Dankin says with a smile.

As a master’s student in India, Dankin often uses Amazing Facts resources in outreach. He reports that another contact has studied their way into Christianity and Sabbath-keeping just from the resources on amazingfacts.org!

Amazing Facts International’s work across the globe can only be accomplished as we join together for the salvation of others. Thank you for being a fellow laborer in ministry!

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