A Sudden, Urgent SOS!

An Amazing Fact: When the wooden steamer SS Kentucky developed catastrophic leaks during a storm 110 miles off the coast of North Carolina in February 1910, 46 lives were at stake. Fortunately, using a radiotelegraph, the crew was able to send out the distress signal SOS to a nearby ship just before they lost power. The SS Alamo immediately responded—and all on board were saved! This was one of the first times a “wireless” radio was used to communicate this distress call.

How would you feel being trapped aboard a sinking ship on a dark, stormy night in the middle of the ocean—with no way to call for help? It had happened thousands of times before the invention of radiotelegraphy. But ever since, thousands of lives have been saved through SOS distress calls.

Well, I have received an urgent SOS call from our friends in Southeast Asia—and with your help, we can respond. Heartfelt pleas to minister next month in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, and Dubai came all at once. I had the unshakable impression that these invitations were of the Lord and that I was to minister in these countries where Christianity is often suppressed.

Like Paul’s vision of a man pleading, “Come over to Macedonia and help us” (Acts 16:9), our friends in these Muslim and Hindu lands are calling you and me to help them. And your support is truly needed now to provide for this outreach, training, and revival trip to minister to millions who urgently need our encouragement and resources.

Supernatural Guidance

After I received news that a previous appointment had changed, opening up my April calendar, I prayed, “Lord, is there somewhere you want me to go?” That’s when the Holy Spirit brought to my mind urgent invitations I’d not been able to accept before. Since my overseas evangelism is often planned years in advance, I thought, “How can we pull something like this together on such short notice?”

I should know—never underestimate the Lord! With God’s blessing and your help, in just a few days, complicated plans came together to minister for Jesus in four countries in three weeks.

Trust me, these are places yearning for Bible truth. Imagine looking into the hungering eyes of the young and old attending our meetings in places where people have been jailed for accepting Jesus, family members have been disowned, churches have been burned down, and some have died for their faith. When we proclaim God’s truth in such places, it is like rescuing people from a sinking ship!

God calls us to preach Christ even in difficult places, including extreme locations like the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Evangelists are sometimes tempted to stay in comfortable and safe places, but we must be willing to respond to the distress signals sent out from difficult areas like Pakistan and Indonesia. Jonah didn’t want to go to Nineveh, but what a revival he had when he finally obeyed!

You can respond to this SOS call by supporting the worldwide evangelistic work of Amazing Facts. Let me tell you a little more about this trip to the Eastern Hemisphere …

Preaching Truth in Indonesia, Pakistan, and India

The first Muslim country Karen and I will be ministering to is Indonesia. With over 277 million people, Indonesia is the world’s fourth most populous country and hosts the largest Muslim population on the planet. The vast majority there have never heard the everlasting gospel!

We will hold a five-night evangelistic series in Indonesia, and if it’s anything like the last time I spoke there, thousands will crowd in to hear last-day truth. We have many AFCOE graduates working carefully in Indonesia to prepare the way. Please pray for them and the safety of all the attendees. Satan will try to disrupt God’s work!

From there, we go to Pakistan, where Christians make up only one percent of its 244 million souls. And only a fraction of these faithful have heard the three angels’ messages. I have never been able to go there in person, but we have recently translated our Cosmic Conflict DVD into Urdu—a language spoken by millions in Pakistan. And we’re almost done translating our Amazing Facts Study Guides.

While in Pakistan, I will preach the remnant message several times at large Christian convocations and train pastors. I am also told we will need to have security escorts with Karen and me at all times.

From Pakistan, we will fly to one of the wealthiest cities in the world, Dubai, to proclaim Jesus Christ. Yes, it’s a beautiful city, but the open proclamation of the gospel is still severely restricted.

Then from Dubai, it’s on to India to meet with our evangelism team, preach the gospel to large assemblies, and invite seekers to accept Christ. Our team there is doing a great work in translating our TV programs, Bible lessons, and magazines into Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, languages spoken by 1.4 billion!

Whether it is through satellite evangelism, printed resources, local evangelistic series, Bible studies in homes, Internet evangelism, radio programs, or social media, we must do everything possible, for Jesus’ sake, to bring light to all of Southeast Asia!

Save Our Souls

Some say that the SOS distress call stands for “Save Our Souls.” Whatever the case, that’s the cry coming from our friends in Southeast Asia. So I’m urgently asking you to join me today in not only making this special trip to preach freedom in Christ, but also to provide ongoing support to our teams in creating and sharing resources for reaching those in bondage to Islam.

Your caring gift today of $25 will help translate an Amazing Facts Study Guide into Urdu to win hundreds of searching hearts. A sacrificial gift of $100 will help translate a sharing magazine, raining down God’s truth into outstretched hands. And an SOS-sized gift of $250 will help dub a video to be broadcast to hearts seeking eternal hope. Whatever size gift you send this month, I know that God will bless your co-laboring ministry and multiply the impact it will have on lives through all our outreach programs.

A couple of years ago, I asked you to pray that God would open the door for me to speak in Pakistan. Praise the Lord—He has answered your prayers! Please pray now for our safety and give generously for those having second thoughts about following Islam—and thank you for answering this SOS plea for truth with your special gift today.

Answering distress calls for the kingdom,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, Amazing Facts International

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