Artificial or Genuine Truth?

An amazing fact: A 24-year-old man in China used artificial intelligence (AI) to create a lifelike avatar of his grandmother after she died. The program looked and sounded just like his grandmother. The creation has sparked widespread curiosity, giving people hope of bringing their deceased loved ones “back to life” through AI. But could it be used to lead people into spiritual deception?

When Sarah lost her grandmother and father within a few months of each other, her heart was overwhelmed with grief. Questions swirled in her mind. “Where were they now? Are they suffering? Are they in purgatory?”

Has your heart ever ached for answers like hers did? But where can the sad, lonely, and confused find authentic truth? I can tell you one thing: Satan is waiting in the wings. That’s why so many people today are being lured into deception by false teachers, false religions—and yes, even artificial intelligence.

But, praise god, your loving gifts pointed Sarah to Bible truth!

In speaking about the last days, Jesus said, “take heed that no one deceives you” (Matthew 24:4). Satan is determined to trick us into believing lies about god. And he may have a new tool at his disposal!

There is no denying that the rapid advancement of AI has provided real benefits in our world, but the devil hasn’t ignored this powerful technology in his quest to deceive. And no deception is gaining more traction today than convincing people that they can speak with the dead. That’s why it’s so important that we guide people like Sarah to what the bible actually teaches about this topic.

Finding real answers

Sarah grew up catholic but had never thought much about her faith. Now, after so much loss, her broken heart was yearning for answers she could trust.

Yet Satan had already provided her illusory answers through distorted teachings about the afterlife. Remember his first lie? “You will not surely die” (genesis 3:4). He continues to pawn this counterfeit. It’s a doorway to deception through which he can supply even more soul-destroying falsehoods.

One day, Sarah spoke to a coworker about the loss of her father and grandmother. When he explained that death is “a sleep” and that people don’t go to heaven or hell right after they die, she was intrigued. And thanks to your kind gifts, the coworker was able to provide her with lifesaving resources that were crucial to her spiritual journey, including revelation: The Bride, The Beast & Babylon DVD.

In fact, your gifts help create a warehouse of materials—books, magazines, DVDs—that point people like Sarah to life-changing truth just for those moments when the holy spirit opens the door to seeking hearts!

Overcoming the artificial

Have you heard how deviously AI is being used by scammers? A mother received a phone call from her crying daughter saying she’d been kidnapped. Then a man came on the line and demanded a ransom. However, the mother did some checking and discovered that her daughter was actually safe and sound.

The scammers had copied her daughter’s voice from the internet and used AI to deceive the mother!

Christ likewise alerted us that “false christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect” (Matthew 24:24). Even the elect? That’s referring to god’s own people! How can we be safe from spiritual lies?

Sarah explains, “what my coworker said about the afterlife made sense, but I’m not the kind of person who just accepts what others say. I had to prove it myself.” That’s why she listened to amazing facts sermons again and again to really understand them. “Then,” Sarah says, “I’d go to the bible and look up the verses to double-check.” Because amazing facts teaches the bible truth, Sarah knew she’d found the answers she needed, and her new faith was solidified!

Many people seek easy and quick answers. They want an “AI Jesus.” But a digital savior can’t replace a personal relationship with the flesh-and-blood savior.

A fake angel of light

The apostle paul spoke of “false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of christ” (2 corinthians 11:13). It’s truly frightening how AI can use someone’s recorded voice and likeness to create a “deepfake” of something that looks real.

Did you know that one of the devil’s final tricks will be to imitate Jesus? It will look so real that the whole world will be scammed—only those who carefully study the bible will see through the lie. We must teach people to study the scriptures to find answers and reject artificial alternatives.

As Sarah explains, “reading scripture led me to Jesus. My search to understand death then turned into a search to know more about him.” Sarah’s newfound friendship with Jesus has changed her life—and it happened because you were willing to open the door!

You can now help transform even more lives when you send a gift this month for the worldwide evangelistic work of amazing facts. Through tv, radio, books, magazines, programs, and websites—like—you can expose the devil’s artificial substitutes with god’s genuine truth.

Presenting authentic bible truth

As I prepare to present the pinnacle of prophecy evangelistic series—which begins October 27—I feel as never before that the final events are upon us. Yet much of the church is asleep. Compromise is rampant. Artificial religion is everywhere. It’s time for us to wake up, stand up, and speak up. People don’t need an AI Jesus. They need the bona fide bible truth as it is found in the real Jesus!

So this month, will you please help present the plain truth to people searching for answers so they won’t be deceived? Your compassionate gift of $100 will provide 238 people with truth-filled literature. A generous gift of $25 will help 417 find truth through our tv broadcasts. And a substantial gift of $1,000 will spread the lifesaving truth to over 22,000 people searching online for genuine answers. But whatever size gift god places on your heart to give, he will multiply the difference it makes in eternity.[Al1] 

Even in this AI world, Sarah found real healing over the loss of her loved ones. Out of gratitude, she is now a regular co-laborer with amazing facts. Will you also join her in giving this month to help others find genuine bible answers to their questions?

Presenting nothing but the truth,

Pastor Doug Batchelor

President, amazing facts international

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